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Dev Note #92: Update Notice (November 11th CST)

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #92: Update Notice (November 11th CST) image 1

Greetings Heirs,   For today's Dev Note, we would like to share some information about the next weeks update.   ========================================================= New Combine =========================================================   We are changing our element for Combine servants in the order of Fire>Water>Forest>. Next servant in Combine will be [Water] Blavatsky. As a SPD-Based DPS servant who is available for shard farming, [Water] Blavatsky is widely loved by Heirs in various contents such as Explore, Dungeon, and Party Raid.   If Heirs are looking forward to acquiring additional [Water] Blavatsky, we recommend Heirs to try out shard farming at Water Sanctuary [Door of Dreams 8-4]   [Water] Blavatsky is available for Combine until 12/9. [Water] Blavatsky can be combined only once during the duration.   Following servants are required to combine [Water] Blavatsky > [Fire] Executioner > [Water] Reynar > [Forest[ Koume > [Dark] Medjed (Nat 4★ can be combined 3 times during the period.)   Here are the list of combine materials for Nat 4★ servants: > [Fire] Executioner: [Fire] Sirucus, [Fire] Marat, [Water] Moira, [Forest] Gwyllgi > [Water] Reynar: [Fire] Mordu, [Water] Gretel, [Water] Medjed, [Forest] Dorrit > [Forest] Koume: [Fire] Rhamaan, [Water] Nutkin, [Forest] Moira, [Forest] Otik     ========================================================= Nat ★4 Servant Balance Adjustment =========================================================   In this update, we are finally bringing Nat ★4 Servant Balance Adjustment that many Heirs have been requesting.   Nat ★4 Servants are extremely useful for new Heirs aiming to clear Omen's Void 10F or 11F of all Awakening Dungeons. Heirs can clear 11F of various stages without rare Nat ★5 Servants as long as Heirs have Nat ★4 Servants with some transcendence.   Among the Nat ★4 Servants, we focused on improving DPS Class servants that were neglected due to their low skill damage ratio.     ⭕SPD-Based DPS Servants   Water/Forest Belladonnas: Damage ratio of Water/Forest Belladonnas will be increased. Also, to improve her performance as a SPD-Based DPS servant, we will change all her skills to do damage based on SPD.   Dark Reynar: With higher skill damage ratio, Dark Reynar will do about 30% more damage.Also, to improve her performance as a SPD-Based DPS servant, we will change all her skills to do damage based on SPD.     ⭕ATK-Based DPS Servants   Fire Mary: Skill damage ratio will be increased by 150%.   Light Torhino: Skill damage ratio will be increased by 150%. Also, to improve its performance as ATK Based DPS servant, its 2nd skill will now do damage based on ATK instead of enemy's Max HP.   Fire Bjorn: Skill damage ratio will be increased by 150%.   Fire/Forest/Light Rakshasa: Skill damage ratio will be increased by 150%.     ⭕DEF-Based DPS Servants   Dark Torhino: All skill damage ratio will be increased by 66%. Fire Hern: All skill damage ratio will be increased by 66%.     ⭕Enemy Max HP-Based DPS Servants:   Fire/Forest/Light Laura: Fire/Forest/Light Laura is a Max HP-Based DPS servant that was designed to specialize in damage over time. We are changing all her skills into enemy Max HP-Based skills so that she does greater amount of damage on top of her damage over time.   Dark Laura: To improve her performance as an enemy Max HP-Based DPS servant, we will be changing all her skills to do damage based on enemy's Max HP. We will also be increasing her skill damage ratio. For example, in Omen's Void 10F, she will do about 45% more damage.   Forest Enoch: To improve his performance as an enemy's Max HP-Based servant, we will be changing all his skills to do damage based on enemy's Max HP. We will also be increasing his skill damage ratio. For example, in Omen's Void 10F, he will do about 45% more damage.   Dark Hern: To improve his performance as an enemy Max HP-Based servant, we will be changing all his skills to do damage based on enemy's Max HP.   ⭕Ignore-DEF DPS Servant   Dark Enoch: Dark Enoch's 2nd skill will be scaling off ATK instead of enemy's Max HP so that he performs better as Ignore-DEF Dps Servant     ⭕Support Servant   Laura is one of the best damage over time servants among Nat ★4 servants with damage over time skill on both her 1st and 2nd skills. Unfortunately, since she is not a Support servant, she can't be used in Abysmal Dungeon 11F. Ultimately, it was very difficult for Heirs to clear Abysmal Dungeon 11F because there was no Nat ★4 servant that can be used in Abysmal Dungeon 11F with damage over time on both 1st and 2nd skill.   While some Heirs asked us to change the class of Laura, we did not want to hurt Heirs that were using Laura as DPS servant.   Therefore, we decided to buff two Nat ★4 servants with damage over time.   Water Reynar & Forest Koume: We will be adding Dark damage over time to their 2nd skill.     ========================================================= Reducing Number of Supreme Element Stone =========================================================   Many Heirs were hesitant to 5th Awaken Nat ★4 servants for greater usage because of the number of Awaken/Element Stones required to awaken Nat ★4 servants. In order to increase usage of Nat ★4 servants, we will be reducing number of Supreme Element Stones required for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Awakening by significant amount.     We are constantly buffing Nat ★4 servants because we want to see greater variety of servants being used in Heir of Light. While Nat ★5 servants are in fact better than Nat ★4 servants in terms of their performance, we believe that Nat ★4 servants are a great replacement when Heirs are having trouble enhancing Nat ★5 servants. Also, we will continue to add more systems that will provide more incentives to collect various servants.     ========================================================= AoE Servants Adjustment =========================================================   We have been adjusting AoE DPS Servants for the past 3 months, and we have already adjusted Combo Skill of all the AoE servants.   The AoE DPS Servant Adjustment process will be done once we adjust AoE skills of 1st and 2nd skills. Following servants will be adjusted with this update.   All Element Christine & [A] Leto & Leto & [A] Lucien Attack range of 1st and 2nd skill of these servants became generally wider. While these servants will still do 100% damage against the main target, they will do 20% damage to the enemies around.     ========================================================= Additional Changes =========================================================   ⭕Gear Dungeon Clear Gold Reward Buff   When new Heirs run short on gold, there were no proper content for new Heirs to farm gold. Therefore, we will be buffing gold reward for clearing Gear Dungeon 1F ~ 9F.     ⭕Party Raid Shop Item Change   We have been getting several feedbacks that Heirs are running extremely short on Potential Change Stones. We are internally discussing various ways to make changing Potential easier. Before we finalize our plan, we will be decreasing price of Potential Change Stone in Party Raid Shop. Heirs can purchase 10 Potential Change Stones for 1,200 Points instead of 30 Potential Change Stones for 4,800 Points. Ultimately, Heirs can now purchase 40 Potential Change Stones with 4,800 Points.     ========================================================= Responding to Community Feedbacks =========================================================   Heir of Light is trying its best to reflect feedbacks from community. We have compiled some feedbacks brought up by community to provide some responses.     ⭕About Abaddon Hell Mode Difficulty   We have received countless feedbacks about difficulty of new Abaddon Hell Mode. Abaddon Hell Mode is designed as the very final PvE content. It is extremely difficult to clear even 40F, and we believe that it is almost impossible for Heirs to clear 50F with current team. We can still recall the days when Heirs were clearing Abaddon Hard Mode stages one by one. In fact, we already have several Heirs that cleared 40F.   We believe that Heirs will slowly be able to clear Abaddon Hell Mode stages one by one as we add more contents and as Heirs improve their servants.   By the way, the rumor says the trick to clearing 20F is to take down Water Archangel first...   Also, please remember to participate in Clear Abaddon Tower! The event taking place right now.   Clear Abaddon Tower! Event:

    ⭕Mysterious Jack-o'lantern Event Extension   Many Heirs have been expressing stress about the fact that Heirs cannot miss even a single day during the 21 days of event period to complete the event missions. When we first designed the event, we intended the ★5 Summon Stone to be the main reward. Heylel & Ankou Halloween Avatar reward was meant to be a very special reward for Heirs that logged into Heir of Light every single day.   While we were determined not to extend the event period when we first started this event, but we decided to extend the event period because Heir of Light is all about listening to community's request.   Therefore, the Mysterious Jack-o'lantern Event will be extended to end on November 18th instead of November 11th.   Mysterious Jack-o'lantern Event Extension Notice:

    ⭕Light/Dark Servant Balance Suggestions   We have been getting a lot of feedbacks about balance of Light/Dark servants recently. We are carefully discussing about Light/Dark servant balance because we believe that Light/Dark servants should be able to live up to their rarity. However, please understand that this process may take a while.   That's it for today.   Thank you.   Flynn  

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  • ikkigo kurosaki LV.3 Lurker Nov 8, 2019, 12:29 PM

    its deffinetly very good idea to buff nat 4 servants & add some relation buff for other nat 4 servants will be great too. don't forget to buff some nat3 servants too, honestly when I was start to play this games about one & half year ago I used to clear the game content with some nat 3 servants like water grissette,moira,dark dunkellhound, light gretel,its really help me out back there but now I dont even use them anymore. maybe dev know how to make them shine again.

  • EcchiKun LV.9 Nomad Nov 8, 2019, 01:37 PM

    Its good to see some nat4 buffs but i still don't see ophelia in the list
    I've been asking this since start of master removal and i'll ask this again please buff ophelia she's one of my fvts and one of the masters as well being unique but right now she is not strong enough to be used in a team as she bring nothing to the team others can't and other can bring all stuff she has plus more

    Plz give her a buff or some unique ability it's really sad to see old masters being so weak and never used even for fun building as she's pretty weak right now

  • LLCoolJ LV.5 Lurker Nov 9, 2019, 07:55 PM

    Didn't Ophelia already got a buff ? I remember seeing her in one of the last dev notes

  • EcchiKun LV.9 Nomad Nov 9, 2019, 11:33 PM

    nope she didn't they just said they're gonna buff masters and people said ophelia should get a buff but she never got one

  • jadern LV.2 Lurker Nov 12, 2019, 07:50 AM

    did she always block lenores passive or is that new. either way, she's pretty significant with that. also, her kit looks pretty decent, imo

  • EcchiKun LV.9 Nomad Nov 13, 2019, 03:02 PM

    she had that for a very very long time a lot of heroes block lenore's passive or give her 80% less speed and they have much better kit just that relation alone doesn't make her significant she's just for those who don't have any other hero to build right now unlike ishmael who is a great even if if you remove her relation to lenore
    bjorn who got dmg buff
    and saighead who got a small rework and dmg buff as well

    master miya and mast ophelia gets nothing so far she was pretty strong when she was a master but now she's just one of the weaker 4* heroes who needs a small rework like master saighead as dmg buff won't do her any good cuz she's a support

    i personally feel all previous masters should get a unique skill as their combo skill to set them apart from others

  • gamer505251339 LV.2 Lurker Nov 11, 2019, 07:07 AM

    I had to uninstall and reinstall the game but it didn’t transfer my lvl53 account. It started back at lvl 1. I tried linking to google and hive but the same thing happened, it only started a new game at lvl 1. I sent customer service a msg and screenshot of the account screen with my heir of light player ID. This happened yesterday and I haven’t gotten a reply from them yet.