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Dev Note #91: 3.8 Update Preview #2: Suggestion & Mass Invasion Improvement

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #91: 3.8 Update Preview #2: Suggestion & Mass Invasion Improvement image 1

  Greetings Heirs,   Heir of Light is a game that is made together with all the Heirs and we are striving to reflect as many suggestions as possible for each update.   Today, we would like to introduce all the suggestions that were reflected and also the revamp of Mass Invasion.   ========================================================= Abbadon Tower, Hell Difficulty ========================================================= Many contents, such as exploration (sanctuary) and dungeons, are already being cleared so easily and even all 100 floors of the Abaddon Tower (Hard Mode) which we saw as one of the final content of the game. Due to this, we have received much feedback regarding the new difficulty for Abaddon Tower.   Therefore, we prepared Abaddon Tower, Hell Mode, where new servants will appear as bosses which will be a tremendous challenge. You may be able to beat the 10th floor of Hell mode with Max Transcendence and Max Awakened Servants. Because they are powerful bosses, they will have an unimaginable amount of HP. Also,[Attack based on DEF] bosses will have unimaginable amount of DEF. We believe that those who challenge the Abaddon Tower Hell Mode will know exactly which servants to use and how to challenge them.   In addition, we have made adjustments where you will be able to challenge the next floor after clicking the "next floor" from the stage cleared screen. Also, to provide more convenience to reach 100 floors, we have added "team save" features for every 10th floor which contains floor conditions.   We look forward to your challenge.   We would like to thank all the Heirs who have provided suggestions regarding Abaddon Tower.   ========================================================= Mass Invasion Improvement ========================================================= Many have suggested providing a method to farm / obtain shards for servants that were not available in exploration after a certain period of time.   There are several ways to obtain servants that are not available for shard farming such as summon, fuse, combine, etc. However, these methods are not guaranteed ways to obtain them even with efforts but rather a chance to obtain them. Also, due to the low rate, they are more difficult to obtain.   As we have mentioned in the past, we are trying to provide more support and trying to make the shard farming more enjoyable as many heirs enjoy servant shard farming because it is a safe and guaranteed way to obtain servants with time and effort.   Also, the current Mass Invasion event allowed Heirs to obtain 2 4★ servants per month. However due to the high demand of 5★ servants, many have used 4★ servants as fuse materials. There was also a drawback that the event would end too early because it was not available again once it was cleared.   Therefore, we wanted to improve the Mass Invasion so that you can acquire 5★ servants that were not available for shard farming.   ========================================================= The highlight of the Mass Invasion Improvements ========================================================= 1. The Mass Invasion event will change every month and the invading servants will also change. (Sometimes there may be a difference of + -7 days from the date of update) 2. A total of 10,000 chances to attempt the Mass Invasion during the event period (approximately 26-33 days). 3. The level of Mass Invasion bosses are divided into 3 levels: 60 levels, 100 levels, and 110 levels. The initial plan was to add bosses with a level of difficulty of over 100 levels from the sanctuary. But we thought that the level 100 boss difficulty may be too difficult for the newcomers so level 100 boss will appear as level 60. 4. The Mass Invasion entry will only count and be deducted only upon victory. Defeat will not deduct the mass Mass Invasion entry count. 5. Auto-repeat is available upon clearing the Mass Invasion level and obtaining 3★s. (Same rule as exploration) 6. Mass Invasion battle will follow the same mechanics and rules as PvP.   ========================================================= Package Usage ========================================================= 1. 2x Shard Pack and All-in-One Pack Users can obtain double shards from the Mass Mass Invasion. 2. Auto-Repeat Pack II and All-in-One Pack users with 30% valor discount buff will be applied to valor used in Mass Mass Invasion   ========================================================= Level of Rewards ========================================================= 1. Upon defeating a level 100-110 boss (slightly higher difficulty than the sanctuary), you can obtain a similar amount of shards as Sanctuary (15 times repeat rewards and same shard drop rate as last tiles of Sanctuary) 2. Due to a difficulty difference, you can obtain 50% of the reward for level 60 Boss compare to the level 100~110 level boss. 3. The 10,000 chances are not an amount of entry per Mass Invasion stage but the amount of total entry for the Mass Invasion Event. So, you can devise a strategy to farm a variety of servants shards by dividing the number of Mass Invasion entries, such as 3000 entry for Mildred, 3000 entry for Ignis, and 4000 entry for Ezebell. Or you can use all 10,000 entries for Mildred Shards. 4. For 2x Shard Pack users can obtain on average of 1700 ~ 1900 servant shards by clearing 10,000 entries for level 100 bosses.   The development team will continue to introduce many features to make the shard farming more enjoyable. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Mass Mass Invasion, please feel free to leave a comment.   ========================================================= Added power-saving mode ========================================================= Many have suggested showing the auto-repeat count, battery life, and time on the power saving mode screen. So it will be finally be added in the next update.   Thank you to all those who have made suggestions.   ========================================================= AI Movement Improvement ========================================================= There was an AI in Ranged DPS Servants where it would make them distance themselves when they were close to their target and also an AI that would distant them upon being hit. This caused cases where Ranged DPS Servants would go back and forth which would not allow them to attack. Therefore, we have improved the distance upon being close to the target AI and removed the AI that would distant upon being hit. Ranged Servants now attack faster without any delay in its attack timing.   ========================================================= Other suggestions ========================================================= > Adjustment has been made to enhance the potential skills faster. +20 will allow 20 consecutive enhancements. > Auto-Repeat information tab location has relocated to allow Heirs to view the battle situation more clearly. > Increased the Buff / Debuff icon display from 2 lines to 3 lines to show a more accurate status of the enemy.   That's all we have for today's dev note.   We will continue to strive the make Heir of Light enjoyable to all Heirs.   Thank you

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