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Dev Note #86: 3.7 Update Preview #2 - Suggestion Reflection & QoL Improvement Notice

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #86: 3.7 Update Preview #2 - Suggestion Reflection & QoL Improvement Notice image 1

Greetings Heirs,   Today we will cover suggestions that will be reflected and QoL features that will be improved in 3.7 Updates.     ========================================================= 🔶Guaranteed Servant Shard Reward Added In Explore🔶 =========================================================   Many Heirs are farming shards of servants they want from Explore stages to transcend their servants. Since the servant shard drop is based on probability, Heirs could end up obtaining 0 shard on one day while obtaining 10 to 20 shards on the other. Some Heirs have been suspicious that we have been secretly adjusting drop rates of the servant shards. Also, other Heirs have been asking for system that guarantees acquisition of servant shards based number of battles.   Since rewards based on probability is a very common feature in mobile game in general, we were not too focused on various feedbacks regarding rates. It is also true that while many Heirs love the shard farming feature of Heir of Light, we wanted to give less presence to shard farming hoping that Heirs will focus more on summoning instead.   However, since many Heirs love and share feedbacks about shard farming aspect that allows Heirs to obtain servants that they really want, we concluded that we need to improve the shard farming aspect of Heir of Light rather than being stubborn about our direction in order to improve the strength of Heir of Light.   Therefore, in order to improve inconsistent amount of shards obtained from shard farming, we are fixing shard farming so that Heirs can obtain fixed amount of shards in 3.7 Update.   As it is notified in Update Preview, Heirs will be guaranteed 1 servant shard after playing a certain number of servant shard tiles.   3.7 Update Preview:

  Heirs will now receive 1 shard of servant of the stage after clearing the stage certain amount of time. For example, as shown in the Update Preview above, Heirs can obtain 1 shard of [Fire] Rem after clearing Shrine of King Derik 1-7 25 times.   One shard per 25 stages means that Heirs would receive 4 shards per 100 stages. The new drop rate from stage clear will become rate excluding the 4%(4 shard per 100 stages) from original shard drop rate.   The total drop rate of shards will not be changed after the update. Based on the stages, Heirs will obtain 60~80% of the shards from the guaranteed reward while obtaining the rest from reward based on drop rate.   In order to reflect the double drop rate for Heirs that purchased Double Shard Pack or All in One Pack, stage clear count will be doubled for those who purchased applicable packages. For example, clearing explore stage 10 times will count toward the stage clear count for guaranteed shard reward as 20 times. (The double stage clear count will not be applied to events or quests that involve stage clear mission.)   Required stage clear count for guaranteed servant shard is different based on the difficulty of the stage. Also, the last and the most difficult Sanctuary stage requires Heirs to clear the stage 15 times for Fire/Water/Forest Sanctuary and 60 times for Light/Dark Sanctuary for guaranteed reward. (As we promised, we are planning on implementing various features to support servant shard farming. In 3.8 Update, we are preparing event content of Sanctuary stage difficulty that would allow Heirs to farm shards for servants that are normally impossible to farm for.)     ========================================================= 🔶Displaying Team HP in PvP Content🔶 =========================================================   Currently, the result of PvP contents are determined by sum of remaining HP ratio of servants that were not revived. However, since there was no indicator that display such measurement, it was often very difficult to determine if my team is doing well in the fight.   Therefore, we are adding indicator that displays the sum of the ratio of remaining HP of the team in the battle screen, which will display the ratio of remaining HP in real time. Starting from 100% the measurement of sum of HP ratio of remaining servant will go down to 0% as the team loses HP.   We are also adding the indicator in result screen.     ========================================================= 🔶Potential QoL Improvement🔶 =========================================================   Since Potential of Normal Slot 3-5 involved 3 types of Potential, we have already made changes so that Heirs don't encounter duplicate Potentials. However, since the odds of encountering duplicate Potential for Normal Potential 2 and Special Potential 3-4 are not as high, we did not make such adjustment for the three Potentials.   There were many feedbacks from the community to remove the possibility of rolling duplicate Potentials, especially for Special Potential Slot 4 that requires more Potential Change Stones than other Potential Slots. (This feedback gained significant amount of support especially from the Global Discord community.)   With this update, Heirs will no longer roll for same Potential, and we expect this change to decrease consumption of Potential Change Stone. (For any Heirs hoping to change Potential, we recommend to do so after the update.)   ========================================================= 🔶Cult Training Ground Improvement🔶 =========================================================   Many Heirs have been expressing concern about the fact that Heirs can climb up to 1,500 Points simply by going against opponents in Cult Training Ground. While there weren't any serious issue since the required Points to be part of Top Ranks increased, we decided that 1,500 Points cap for Cult Training Ground is slightly too high.   We will be decreasing ratio of Points received upon Victory from 10 to 6 for Heirs above 1,300 Points. Also, Heirs above 1,300 Points will receive even less Points than before. Finally, Heirs won't be able to acquire more points after 1,399 Points.   ========================================================= 🔶End Battle Screen During Repeat Battle Improved🔶 =========================================================   While tapping any button in Battle Result Screen during Repeat Battle will stop the Repeat Battle, the "Power Saving Mode" button and Magnifying Glass button that don't even function in the screen were confusing Heirs. We are improving the End Battle Screen to minimize the confusion.   ========================================================= 🔶No Tank Servant Message Improved🔶 =========================================================   We are changing warning message about missing Tank servant in the team so that the message is not displayed for Heirs with Crusade Level 40 and higher.   ========================================================= 🔶Gold Boost Item Added🔶 =========================================================   There were multiple requests to add Gold Boost item that can be purchased with Karats like EXP Boost so that Heirs can farm gold fast. After 3.7 Update, Heirs can purchase the new Gold Boost with Karats from the Shop. Just like EXP Boost, the Gold Boost will be extended to compensate for 2x Gold Event period instead of stacking with 2x Gold Event. Also, the Gold Boost buff will be extended upon maintenance.     ========================================================= 🔶Bug Fix Notice🔶 ========================================================= We want to notify Heirs of several bug fixes that Heirs have been anticipating for a while.   - After multiple tests, we have confirmed that freezing issue in high-spec devices has significantly improved. We are expecting to see significant improvement especially in devices such as LG v30, LG v50, Xiaomi devices, and Galaxy Note 10. We want to apologize for the delay in bug fixes despite our effort to fix the issue as soon as possible. We also confirmed slight improvement with freezing issue in low-spec devices. We will continue to look into the freezing issue.   - Issue with World Battle Team Mark and issue that prevented Defense Team from changing Mark setting under certain circumstances will be fixed.     ========================================================= 🔶Feedback Regarding Dev Note Covering Mildred🔶 =========================================================   We want to thank all Heirs that left their feedbacks/comments after we released last Dev Note regarding Mildred balance patch. We will carefully go over and reflect feedbacks from the community about Tank servants. We also wanted provide some summarized responses for comments left about Mildred.     🔴Q. What about Mildred attacking only 1 unit instead of entire Ranged servants? 🔷A. Currently, all of the AoE attacks including Mildred's AoE attacks hit all enemies within the range, rather than hitting one additional random/specific target. Therefore, while we decided that it is possible to adjust the range or damage, we determined that it is not appropriate make adjustments such as "attack one additional random target." While some Heirs might think that we are being stubborn about Ranged AoE attack, the decision was made considering the characteristics of AoE attacks in general.     🔴Q. I am a new player, and I paid so much to focus just on Mildred. Isn't this nerf a little too brutal? 🔷A. First of all, the adjustment on Mildred is focused on her AoE attack. Therefore, Mildred is not nerfed in PvE contents like Explore or Dungeon where there is only one unit of enemy boss unit. Also, the nerf on Mildred is not as severe as many Heirs are concerned even in PvP. We believe that the circumstances will become clearer once Heirs start engaging with the adjustment after the update. While Mildred is currently literally "the most OP servant" in Heir of Light, we want to make Mildred "reasonably OP" with this adjustment.   🔴Q. Was it necessary to adjust 2nd Skill? 🔷A. As we mentioned in the Dev Note, currently the 2nd Skill of Mildred is capable of defeating Melee DPS servants that were meant to counter Mildred with Melee AoE skills. We determined that it is inevitable to adjust 2nd Skill of Mildred because Mildred who was designed to snipe Ranged servants are simply dominating both Ranged & Melee servants with 2nd Skill. While we will be adjusting 2nd Skill, we believe the adjustment is reasonable since AoE attack from Combo Skill is still powerful.   🔴Q. Isn't the nerf too late after so many Heirs invested so much to develop the new OP servant? How do you expect players to make purchases in this game if there is always a chance to nerf new servant like Mildred? 🔷A. We definitely agree with the comment. We have been trying our best to avoid direct nerf, and for the first time in a year and half, we made a difficult decision to nerf Mildred. We sincerely apologize about the delay in servant adjustment due to the depth of investigation that the issue required. However, we want to clarify that always releasing a new OP servant to nerf it 2~3 months later is not the direction we want to build Heir of Light upon. From now on, we will try our best to conduct various experiments to release a new servant with reasonable balance. If it is necessary, we are willing to even postpone the release of new servant for additional experiments for proper servant balance. (For the same reason, release of new servant in 3.7 Update has been postponed.) We want to remind Heirs that nerf took place for the first time in 1 year and 6 months of service, and we promise that we won't be recklessly nerfing new servants.     That's it for today's Dev Note.   Heir of Light went through a lot for the last 3~4 months, and we are constantly putting efforts to improve Heir of Light as we promised 2 months ago. We will try our best to improve Heir of Light along with our Heirs to provide enjoyable game. We would appreciate understandings from the community about the delay implementing suggestions that Heirs have been making.   Thank you        

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  • Avaricia Gaming LV.7 Nomad Sep 26, 2019, 10:03 AM

    they must reduce the time of the lerone leader skill because it lasts up to 8 seconds to make their attack while other assistants in 2-3 seconds make their attack.

  • MysticHLE LV.5 Lurker Sep 26, 2019, 10:58 AM

    Thank you again for the sincere and transparent engagement with the community!

  • Azrael DC LV.2 Lurker Sep 26, 2019, 11:41 AM

    With galaxy 8 devices the freezing issue still occurs regular. For now I have to completely disable the power safe feature, if I want to be able to farm for an extended period.
    This is kind of frustrating, because devices get rather hot when just sitting in an idle screen for extended time.

  • DevTeam Leo LV.5 GameManager Sep 26, 2019, 12:41 PM

    through our test, galaxy 8 's issue is also fixed. galaxy 8 devices will not be freezing after 3.7 update.

  • EcchiKun LV.9 Nomad Sep 26, 2019, 03:09 PM

    shard drop new system is great because it rewards people for playing the game before you might end up getting no shards even after a lot of runs demotivating people from farming (atleast me)
    with this new change people will be rewarded for being active in the game so this is personally a great change

  • gamer559822945 LV.3 Lurker Sep 26, 2019, 03:52 PM

    That sounds like a great new shard system! I want to suggest something like that for fusing since I'm on a current unluck streak of 0 nat5's after fusing at least 30 nat4 lvl 50s but that could be too strong. Any thoughts?

  • YoshioHaruki LV.22 Game Critic Sep 26, 2019, 05:30 PM

    I'm nearing my 5th month of playing this game and never have I gotten a nat-5 L/D servant from fusing two nat-4 units...I did manage to get 5 different nat-5 L/D units through fusing but I had to sacrifice an rgb nat-5 each time.

    It's all just rng-based though so if you don't want to risk your nat-5 rgb units, I would suggest you go with your gut.

    note: due to my terrible luck, I happened to gather a lot of xitas from those free 5* they give out during events and such so I don't regret sacrificing them one bit