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Dev Note # 74: Summoners War Collaboration Notice

Dev Notes
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Greetings Heirs,   Today, we want to go over the Summoners War collaboration that is ending in September.   When we first started Summoners War Collaboration on March 6th, we initially planned it to last for 3 months. However, we decided to extend the collaboration period by 3 months due to popular demand, which is why it is ending in September.   We believe that the main concern from the community as we get closer to the end of collaboration is transcending the collaboration servants after the collaboration period ends. We promised in previous Dev Note that we will be providing a way to transcend collaboration servants even after the collaboration period ends.   We are here to provide a little more details regarding this issue so that Heirs could plan ahead.   Here are some details on what we are working on for 3.6 Update scheduled for early September:   1. We will be adding Transcendence Bun that would allow Heirs to transcend the collaboration servants. (Archangel & Valkyrja) You can only use the Transcendence Bun on collaboration servants.   2. There will be two types of Transcendence Bun: Fire / Water / Forest Transcendence Bun & Light / Dark Transcendence Bun   3. You can craft Transcendence Bun in Craft menu with Greater Soul Crystal.   4. While we considered making Transcendence Bun available through ★5 Summon Stone or ★3~5 Summon Stone, we thought that it would stress out Heirs even more by placing greater pressure to summon. Also, since not every Heirs want Transcendence Bun for Archangel & Valkyrja, we decided that it would be better to add Transcendence Bun through Craft.   5. Transcendence Bun can be crafted using same materials required to craft 5★ Select Summon of the same element. (Same materials for Fire / Water / Forest 5★ Select Summon & Fire / Water / Forest Transcendence Bun, same materials for Light / Dark 5★ Select Summon & Light / Dark Transcendence Bun.) Transcendence Bun can be crafted twice a month. (Transcendence Bun crafting will be separate from current 5★ Select Summon crafting.)   6. If crafting Transcendence Bun required less materials than crafting 5★ Select Summon, it would naturally reduce the difficulty to transcend, which would be unfair for Heirs that already transcended collaboration servants. This is why crafting Transcendence Bun requires same amount of materials as crafting 5★ Select Summon.   7. You can no longer acquire Archangel & Valkyrja once they are removed from all Summon Stones after 3.6 Update scheduled in early September. If you consider crafting Transcendence Bun too stressful, we recommend Heirs to summon the collaboration servant as much as they can before the 3.6 Update.   8. Transcendence Bun Craft is available until Update scheduled in early December. After the Update, even Transcendence Bun Craft will be removed.   We thank the community for showing so much love for our Archangel and Valkyrja.   We promise to come back with another amazing collaboration in the near future.   Thank you.  

Comment 1

  • gamer295682775 LV.4 Lurker Aug 15, 2019, 05:30 AM

    Biggest disappointment ever, the people who doesn't pay hundreds of euros in the game to get the characters they wanted will now never be able to have them...

    I play this game for nearly a year now and barely had the chance to get 5* dark/light characters... the light/dark angel and valkyrie are now out of reach FOR EVER!

    And on top of that the characters i have and won't be able to max out (from what i understood in the note and the requirements, i will need about 42 5 star characters to get one angel or valkyrie, so to max out 10 of them (1 of each element and 2 characters) that makes about 420 5 star characters to max them... i don't know if I will be able to get there until September's update 🤔... they will just become totally useless and barely be used as decorations or trophies to say "hey, i had the chance to got them!!" Yay....

    If this is suppose to happen in the next collaboration, just don't do it... it's just disappointing....

    But these things said, thank you sincerely for these two characters, they are among my favourites!