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Dev Note # 73: 3.5 Update Preview #2: Party Raid Notice

Dev Notes
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  Greetings Heirs,   After 3.4 Party Raid Update, there were several notices/experiments regarding Party Raid. If you have missed previous Dev Note covering Party Raid, we recommend you to check out the previous Dev Notes.   Dev Note #69 Notice About Party Raid:

Dev Note #70 Notice About Party Raid #2:

Dev Note #71 Update Notice & Party Raid Schedule Notice:

  Before we start, we want to thank all Heirs for showing their understanding and patience providing feedbacks about Party Raid.   The result of 2nd Party Raid schedule was very similar to result of 1st Party Raid schedule. While the number of participation increased by significant amount, the number of participant showed minimal increase.   After reviewing results of our experiments and feedbacks from Heirs, following changes will be made to Party Raid in 3.5 Update.   Party Raid Schedule Change   After trying out two different Party Raid schedules, we concluded that it is best to adopt the Party Raid schedule that reflects popular demands throughout the communities.   The Party Raid Schedule will be changed to following: Monday ~ Friday: 12:00 ~ 15:00 / 20:00 ~ 23:00 Server Time (3 hours each session, total of 6 hours a day) Saturday ~ Sunday: 12:00 ~ 24:00 Server Time (Total of 12 hours a day)   Reward Adjustment   In order to reduce the stress of participating in Party Raid multiple times, we will be adjusting Daily / Weekly Party Raid Mission Reward so that Heirs can claim significant reward just by participating in 1 Party Raid. As we change the Daily / Weekly Party Raid Mission Reward, we will also be adjusting reward per round.   Here is the summary of adjusted reward:

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*There won't be any change to Party Point reward   Instead of reducing the reward per round, we will be improving the Daily / Weekly Mission Rewards as the following: Daily Mission (1 Time): 600 Party Points -> 800 Party Points Weekly Mission (21 Times): 700 Party Points -> 2800 Party Points   Ultimately, Heirs can acquire up to 8,400 Party Points a week just by completing missions.   Heirs can participate in Party Raid just once during the busy weekdays to clear Daily Missions and participate during the weekends to receive Weekly Mission rewards.   Party Raid Shop Improvement   While we will be improving the Party Raid's Party Points reward, we will not change any pricing in Party Raid Shop items so that Heirs have more access to items. We expect this change to help Heirs purchase more items with Party Points even after Heirs purchase ★5 Summon Stone. Also, we will be increasing purchase limits on Transcending Aura and Potential Change Stone as the following so that Heirs can purchase more.  

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  Transcending Aura Shop Item Improvement   > As we make adjustments regarding Party Raid, we will be improving Transcending Aura Pack to give 160 instead of 80 Transcending Auras so that Heirs can acquire more Transcending Auras. (If you are planning on purchasing Transcending Aura Pack, please note that following change is expected to arrive on July 22nd with 3.5 Update.)   > You can now purchase 10 Transcending Auras for 300 Honor Points from Honor Points shop twice a week.   Party Raid Improvements / Bug Fixes   Along with the Party Raid Schedule & Reward changes, we are also bringing more Party Raid Improvements & Bug Fixes.   1. We believe that one of the most frustrating situations during Party Raid is when the Party Leader is AFK. Therefore, we will be adding a new function that notify the Party Leader of Party Members' status through vibration & effect. 2. We will be improving the Damage / Heal / Support Meter of Party Raid so that Heirs can identify the Top Contributor of the round. 3. We will be increasing size of the Retry / Leave button in Party Raid result screen. 4. We will be fixing issue that prevents Heirs from joining a party under unstable network connection. 5. We will be fixing synchronizing issue with Party Members' status under unstable network connection. 6. We will be fixing issue that Heirs enter the same Party multiple times using Quick Start in Party Raid   To summarize this Update, we will be reducing Heirs stress of Party Raid in general not only by reducing the pressure on Heirs to participate multiple times, but also by increasing the reward.   We will continue to fix issues with Party Raid until Heirs can enjoy Party Raid without any issue.   Thank you.

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