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Dev Note #71: Update Notice (Expected Date: 7/8 CDT) & Party Raid Schedule Notice

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #71: Update Notice (Expected Date: 7/8 CDT) & Party Raid Schedule Notice image 1

Greetings Heirs,   Today, we are going to go over Servant Changes included in the next Update expected to arrive next week along with progress with Party Raid schedule. First, let's go over some details of Update expected on July 8th.   New Combine   We have conducted polls among the communities in order to decide the next Combine servant.   The result was....   Drum-roll please....   KR Community: 1st Place: Ignis (138 Votes), 2nd Place: [A] Sphinx (82 Votes), 3rd Place: Valkyrja (24 Votes) Global Community(Discord): 1st Place: Valkyrja (160 Votes), 2nd Place: Ignis (127 Votes), 3rd Place: [A] Sphinx (24 Votes)   Ignis received the most votes both KR & Global communities combined!   Therefore, the next servant on Combine will be [Fire] Ignis.   As an AoE DPS servant, [Fire] Ignis is loved by many Heirs in both PvP and Party Raid. ([Fire] Ignis is available for Combine until 8/12. [Fire] Ignis can be combined only once during the duration.)   Following servants are required to combine [Fire] Ignis. > [Fire] Reynar > [Water] Usher > [Forest] Enoch > [Dark] Gretel (Nat 4★ can be combined 3 times during the period)   Here are the list of combine materials for Nat 4★ servants: > [Fire] Reynar: [Fire] Ashimov, [Fire] Gretel, [Water] Nuamaan, [Forest] Sirucus > [Water] Usher: [Fire] Nutkin, [Water] Ashimov, [Water] Moria, [Forest] Rhamaan > [Forest] Enoch: [Fire] Gwyllgi, [Water] Rhamaan, [Forest] Mordu, [Forest] Nuamaan.   Servant Changes   > All Element Father Hopkins: We have been constantly buffing Nat 4★servants. In this patch, we are buffing Father Hopkins of all elements by increasing Skill Damage by 150% to increase his damage output. We are also adding Relation Effect to Father Hopkins that [Increase damage dealt to dungeon boss Heide for all allies by 40%] so that Heirs can clear 12F Heide's Void using Nat 4★servants.   > [Fire] Leto, [Fire] Heylel, [Water][A] Lucien: Among the DPS servants that deal damage based on enemy's MAX HP, these three servants did not receive any damage buff until now. We will be increasing the effect of ATK on damage of these three servants so that they can do more damage against enemy with high MAX HP like 12F Omen's Void.   > [Fire] Valkyrja: In the 3.3 Update, we have moved [Fire] Valkyrja's [Revive] to the Combo Skill while moving [Debuff Removal] to her 2nd Skill. After the update, some Heirs that have been utilizing [Debuff Removal] of [Fire] Valkyrja have been requesting for additional adjustments. We will be adding [Removes 1 debuff from all allies upon skill use] to enhance [Fire] Valkyrja's ability to remove debuffs from allies.   > [Water] Lucien: We are finally delivering the [Water] Lucien buff that many Heirs have been constantly asking for. [Debuff Removal] from her 2nd skill will be moved to her Combo Skill so that debuff removal is utilized more frequently. Also, [Water] Lucien's passive that [Grants Immunity to all allies for 10 sec when an active skill lands as a Crit Hit] will be changed to [Grants Immunity to all allies for 10 sec when a skill lands as a Crit Hit] to increase presence of Immunity.   > Servant Balance Notice in 3.5 Patch (Expected Date: 7/22 CDT): In order to help Heirs prepare for upcoming Update, here is a very simple summary of 3.5 Update. > Lucrecia of all elements will be stronger against Multi-hit > DEF Based DPS servants will be buffed. (All DEF DPS servants will receive increase in damage ratio. We have additional buffs planned for [Forest][Light] Ezebell, [Water] Simone, and [Light][Dark] Carmilla.) > Relation Effect of [Fire] Leto which increases Crit Rate will be changed   Party Raid Notice   As we have notified in the previous Dev Note, we have opened Party Raid 24/7 for three days from last Saturday to this Monday.   After carefully studying the gameplay data of Heirs, we identified following patterns: 1. The participation in Party Raid of Heirs that were not able to participate in Party Raid before increased by very small amount. 2. The participation in Party Raid of Heirs that have been participating in Party Raid showed sharp increase. 3. While Heirs were able to find some matchmaking during regular Party Raid Schedule (12:00 ~ 14:00, 20:00 ~22:00), we found out that Heirs were having trouble finding Party outside the regular Party Raid Schedule.   As we were concerned, the data shows that opening Party Raid 24/7 only increased the gap between participating Heirs and non-participating Heirs rather than increasing overall participation of Party Raid.   Therefore, we came to a conclusion that 24/7 Party Raid is not viable, which is why we are moving on to trying out different Party Raid schedule.   Between 7/5~7/8 (Friday ~ Monday), we will be opening Party Raid between 12:00~23:59 server time. After studying data of the new schedule, we will be making changes in 3.5 Patch.   Also in 3.5 Patch, we will be decreasing the reward from Party Raid in each round, increasing Party Raid rewards from Daily & Weekly Missions in return. We are hoping that this would not only decrease the gap between Heirs that can participate in Party Raid and Heirs that can't, but also decrease the stress among Heirs to participate in Party Raid multiple times.   We are also planning on adding more methods to acquire Transcending Aura.   If you have any question, please feel free to ask through comment. We will try our best to respond.   Thank you.    

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