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Dev Note #68: 3.4 Update Preview #2: Party Raid & 12F Gear Dungeon

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #68: 3.4 Update Preview #2: Party Raid & 12F Gear Dungeon image 1

Greetings Heirs,   We are back with 2nd part of 3.4 Update Preview, featuring Party Raid improvements and new 12F Gear Dungeon.   While we are trying our best to reflect all the feedbacks from the community and to create new contents, it is always difficult for us to decide on which issue should take priority over others. Also, some well-developed feedbacks represent conflicting interests, which is why we are being very careful with reflecting certain feedbacks. We apologize about the delay with reflecting some feedbacks. We appreciate the patience from the community. We will continue to try our best to reflect all feedbacks from the community.   Let's start today's Dev Note with Party Raid.   Party Raid   The community has been actively discussing about the Party Raid. We have gone through various feedbacks from the community such as: "The Party Raid needs to be developed again from scratch." "Is Party Raid even something that fits into Heir of Light?" "Party Raid only added one more thing on my Heir of Light chore list." We are aware of all these feedbacks, and we are internally discussing about possible improvements.   As we mentioned before, we launched Party Raid as a Beta Content. We are planning on gradually improving Party Raid over the 3~6 months period. While the current Party Raid might not be satisfying for many Heirs, we are still determined to create a completely new type of fun by creating a "cooperative" content. Heir of Light currently has various contents each providing different fun, such as stress-free farming contents like Explore & Dungeon, single player challenge contents such as Abaddon & Boss Raid, and competitive contents such as Infinite PvP, Tower Invasion, and PvP. We believe that it is necessary to add cooperative content like Party Raid where Heirs communicate & cooperate.   We will continue to improve Party Raid through Heirs' feedback. However, we want to emphasize that a content where Heirs can simply play Repeat Battle to progress is not a direction that we want to take with Party Raid.   In 3.4 Update, we have chosen some feedbacks from the community to address some functions that we think are crucial to Party Raid.   1) Mini Chat will be added to Party Raid Prep Screen

HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #68: 3.4 Update Preview #2: Party Raid & 12F Gear Dungeon image 3

> How you form your team for Party Raid with your Party Members is determining factor in Party Raid. We believe that it was very difficult to communicate with Party Members in Party Raid, making it difficult to strategically build a team. We are adding Mini Chat to Party Raid to enhance communication between Heirs, improving strategic gameplay for the Heirs.   2) End Battle Vote will be Added to Party Raid   > While Heirs need to go through multiple attempts of Party Raid to come up with the best team, in many cases Heirs ended up staring at the screen for 5 minutes when failure is obvious. This made the multiple attempts of Party Raid very stressful and time-consuming. We are adding a new function that lets Party Leader to start a vote to end the Party Raid. If all Party Members agree, it will allow the Heirs in the Party Raid to leave the battle early.   3) You can now check status of your Party Member in Party Raid Prep Screen   > While the optimal Party Raid would quickly lead into next round of Party Raid once everyone comes back to the Prep Screen, this was not always the case. More specifically, it was difficult for other Party Members in the Prep Screen to figure out if the Party Member that is not responding is in battle, looking at the result screen, or simply not selecting Ready. To solve this problem, the status of Party Members who are not on the Party Raid Prep Screen will be displayed as "LOADING"   4) You will no longer disconnect from the Party Raid for leaving the game for a short period.   Currently, if you leave Party Raid for just a while to receive a call or to check a message, you will disconnect from the Party and lose the opportunity to retry the Party Raid with the same party. Many Heirs expressed inconvenience about this issue, so we will fix the Party Raid so that leaving the game for a short period of time( around 15 seconds) will not disconnect the Heir from the party.   5) Daily Mission Party Raid Reward will be improved.   Party Raid reward is divided into two types: reward from Daily Missions and reward from clearing Party Raid. When we first designed the reward, we expected Heirs to be somewhat stressed about the Party Raid because Heirs need to que up manually. We wanted Heirs to claim a big reward as long as they participated in Party Raid once, which is why we added Party Raid to Daily Missions. While we thought that 400 Party Points were enough to reward Heirs, we found out that Party Raid requires more attention and effort than we thought to participate. Therefore, we will be increasing the Party Point reward from Daily Missions from 400 to 600. (We previously wrote 500 Party Points instead of 400 Party Points. We apologize about the confusion.)   6) The issue that engaged Heirs with exact same battle when Heirs retry a successful Party Raid with the same Party Members will be fixed.   7) We will be fixing the issue that prevented Skill Usage in Party Raid.   It is true that Party Raid requires a lot of attention & effort to participate. It is difficult to find a party, and even when one does find a party, it is a completely different problem to form a satisfying team. However, as difficult as it may be, we believe that the thrill from clearing Party Raid with the right Party is huge. While some Heirs comment that this type of content cannot have failure as its result, we want to focus on what is unique to Party Raid to create a meaningful content.   12F Gear Dungeon   Some Heirs have been expressing disappointment with Gear content of Heir of Light that: > I think the game is focusing too much on Servant improvement. (Often focus on limited number of servants, and other servants are neglected.) > I want to focus more on Gears to get stronger   Therefore, we are adding Super-Enhance content along with 12F Gear Dungeon.   1) Omen of 12F Dungeon has quite a lot of HP. Therefore, we are expecting DPS servants that do damage based on enemy's HP to perform better than other servants.   2) Since Omen does a powerful attack, even the servants with Damage over Time that have been the key to clearing Omen will also need certain amount of stats.   3) Recovery which was divided into two will now be combined into one Recovery for 12F Heide so that Combo Skills can be used more strategically.   4) Unlike 10F & 11F, all types of Gears up to ★6 Legendary grade drops from 12F, which means Heirs can claim all types of Gears just by playing 12F.   5) Since the adjusted drop rate can make it harder for Heirs to obtain the Gear parts with Primary Stat of their wish, we will increase the drop rate of slot 2/4/6/7/8 (Gloves/Helmet/Shoes/Necklace/Ring) to make it easier for Heirs to find the Gears they want.   6) You can obtain about 3 times more ★6 Legendary Gear compared to 10F.   7) There has been constant request for Gold Dungeon, but we are concerned that it might stress out the Heirs with the need to run Gold Dungeon. Therefore, we will be increasing the Gold drop rate of Gear Dungeon and set the clear gold reward to 35,000 Gold. Since Heirs can earn average of 15,000 per Gear by selling unwanted Gear, this comes out to 50,000 Gold per round. Since 100 rounds of Gear Dungeon will sum up to 5,000,000 Gold, we are expecting the new Gear Dungeon to resolve Gold shortage.   8) Increase in clear gold reward will also take place in 10F & 11F. If you can't clear 12F yet, we believe that 10F & 11F Gear Dungeon will also function as a Gold Dungeon. That is it for today's Dev Note.   3.4 Update is right around the corner. Please feel free to ask any question about 3.4 Update.   Please stay tuned for the next Update!   Thank you.  

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