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Dev Note #63 3.3 Party Raid Update Preview #2: Party Raid

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #63 3.3 Party Raid Update Preview #2: Party Raid image 1

Greetings Heirs,   We are back with the highlight of 3.3 Update, Real Time Party Raid. Since many Heirs are extremely excited and curious about this content, we tried to deliver as many information as possible in this Dev Note.   Basic   Real Time Party Raid is a PvE content, featuring three Heirs in a Party. Each member will bring 3 servants, which means total of 9 servants will be attacking Raid Boss.   Real Time Party Raid Dungeon becomes available everyday between 12:00 ~ 14:00, 20:00 ~ 22:00.   There is no Daily Limit, and you can use the same servant multiple times. There are total of 5 floors in Real Time Party Raid Dungeon. Clearing a floor will give Heirs access to the next floor, which means Heirs will be matched with Heirs of similar level.   Party Recruit   Party Leader can invite Friend or Guild Member to join the party. Party Leader can also recruit Party Members through chat. If Party Leader fails to find Party Members, the Party Leader can get help from his Friend or Guild Member 10 times a day. (In this case, the Support Team that Friend of Guild Member set up in advance will join the Raid)   If you do not want to form a Party, you can use "Quick Start" to join a Raid.   Party Battle   All 9 servants in the Raid will share all effects (AoE Buffs, Debuffs) The Relation Effect will also be shared among all servants of Party Members.   Team Passive that of three Parties will also be shared among the servants. However, Secondary Mark Skill and Global Cooltime that are related with skill usage will not be shared.   While Party Members can use the same servants of the same element in first 4 floors, Party Members won't be able to use the same servants of the same element in the 5th Floor.   Once you enter the battle, the battle will go on FULL AUTO. Manual control is not available.   Party Reward   If any of the servants survives from the Party to win the battle, all Party Members will receive a reward.   Once Heirs win a battle, Heirs will receive Party Point as a basic reward. The amount of this reward will be same for all Party Members. (Damage dealt will not affect this reward.) However, the Additional Reward given to Party Members upon victory will be random.   Party Points can be exchanged in the shop with various items such as Transcendent Stone, Potential Change Stone, Potential Enhance Stone, Gold, Epic Summon Stone, and so on.   The random Additional Reward includes Karat, Rainbow Stone, Potential Change Stone, Special Summon Shard, Gold, and so on.   Party Raid Tips   Party Raid will be divided into Three Phases. Raid Boss will have different vulnerability every phase: Damage based on SPD, Damage based on DEF, and Damage based on ATK. For example, since the Raid Boss is vulnerable to damage based on SPD in the first phase, it will take 6 times more damage when servants doing damage based on SPD attacks.   The Raid Boss will do powerful attack based on sum of DEF of Party Members' Tank Class servants at the end of Phase 1. Party Members will most likely get wiped if the Party doesn't reach sum of 15,000 DEF for 4th floor and 30,000 DEF for 5th floor.   This damage will change based on number of Debuffs on Raid Boss. Remember to apply as many Debuffs as possible on Raid Boss to avoid getting wiped by the massive damage. Raid Boss has high Resist stats to avoid Debuffs from Heirs. (Ex: 4th Floor: 100% Resist, 5th Floor: 150% Resist)   That is it for Real Time Party Paid.   This is our first time developing a Real Time Party Raid. We believe that there are going to be various issues in the future that we will have to work on, which is why we are releasing this content as Beta.   The idea of [Real Time] and [Party] of 9 servants combined is by far the biggest attempt in Heir of Light history.   Real Time Party Raid has been constantly brought up in the past when we discussed what new content to bring to the Heirs. However, we were not able to develop Real Time Party Raid for such a long time because it would require system fundamentally different from the original Heir of Light.   This time, as Heir of Light grew thanks to the community's love, we made a big decision to give it a shot. While we put countless hours in this huge project, there are still unresolved problems. (QQ)   I want to let Heirs know in advance that there may be various problems throughout the Real Time Party Raid experience.   Of course, we could have pushed backed the Update and present more polished content to the community in the future. However, we decided not to postpone the Update because we thought it would be better to solve the problems along with the community. Also, one of the problems we identified was issue of abnormal Raid for both the Heir that is facing issues and the rest of the Party Members. The issues include disconnection due to unstable connection, abnormal app crash, or lag from old device.   In most cases, disconnection or lag of one of the Party Members led to unsuccessful Party Raid due to difficulty to attack or defend at the right time for the Heir that is facing such issue.   Of course, we could have added more processes to our code to react to more circumstances, but there were inherent limitation of mobile devices that is very difficult to overcome even with optimization process.   Therefore, to fit the mobile environment, the Raid will go on individual battle when there is connection issue or lag. In this case, Party Members could slightly go off sync. In other word, the result and reward Heirs face could be different from result and reward of other Party Members. (Heirs will be using all 9 servants even under individual battle.)   While we will continuously work on Real Time Party Raid content to eliminate all possible issues, (or at least try to minimize the issues...) we would appreciate constant report from the community of what seems to be an issue in case we miss it ourselves.   We plan to react quickly to any necessary patch even after this update. We will continue to work on Real Time Party Raid to present more fun and polished Party Raid by 3.4 Update. Please feel free to ask any question in the comment section.   p.s. We had quite a fun ourselves strategizing against the Raid Boss while we were conducting countless tests. While we suffered addressing all the bugs, we are very excited to see how community will enjoy this content!  

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