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Dev Note #60: Summoners War Collaboration & Relation Effect Notice

Dev Notes
HEIR OF LIGHT: Dev Notes - Dev Note #60: Summoners War Collaboration & Relation Effect Notice image 1

Greetings Heirs, Is everyone enjoying the 3.2.5 Update? In this Dev Note, we will be discussing Summoners War Collaboration along with some changes to Relation Effect.   Summoners War Collaboration Notice   There have been numerous questions regarding the Summoners War Collaboration such as: > "When is the Summoners War Collaboration going to end?" > "Are we going to be able to Transcend Collaboration Servants, after the Collaboration is over?" We wanted to respond to Heirs' love toward Summoners War Collaboration. After continuously discussing with the Summoners War team about the Collaboration period, we are happy to announce that we will be extending the Collaboration by 3 months. (Until Mid September Patch) Therefore, Archangel and Valkyrja will be obtainable from various Summoning Stones until September's Patch. Following changes are made regarding Archangel and Valkyrja on May Update: > You will be able to select Archangel & Valkyrja from the "Fire/Water/Forest 5★ Select Summon", which is obtainable from . > Archangel & Valkyrja can now be summoned from any Summoning Stones, including Attack Transcendent Summon Stone & Loyal Transcendent Summon Stone. > You can now obtain Archangel & Valkyrja Shards from Lucky Chest. > Archangel & Valkyrja will no longer be available in Rate+ Summon.   As we have mentioned before, we are planning on providing ways of Transcending Collaboration Servants even after Collaboration period ends.   [Forest] Lenore Relation Effect   There has been active discussion in the community regarding Relation Effect after we shared the last Update Preview. While we are aware that bringing up Relation Effect again can bring back the heated discussion in the community, we believe we are responsible as Dev to share our thoughts on this subject.   We believe it is the fact that [Forest] Lenore has Relation Effect with an ally that caused so much issue, and we are very careful about changing Relation Effect with an ally. The reason we made such change regardless is because we determined that [Forest] Lenore's passive that [Increases resist of allies by 50% if all members of the party are of the same element] makes it very hard to utilize her with [Forest] Sinistra. While we could have simply fixed [Forest] Lenore's passive, we wanted to take a direction that maintains [Forest] Lenore's characteristic, which led us to fix the Relation Effect. When we work with Servant Balance, we study Heirs' log file to accurately analyze Heirs' gameplay pattern. We admit that we failed to take account for few Heirs that were preparing a team using [Forest] Lenore in this process. We want to take this chance to apologize to those who were affected from this balance patch, and we appreciate Heirs' understanding.   Relation Effect System Change   There have been multiple suggestions to significantly change the Relation Effect system as a whole. We are well aware of Pros/Cons of Relation Effect, and we are continuously looking for ways to improve this system. For example, "Servants having 2 Relation Effects," or "Customizable Relation Effects" are some ideas on the table. While these ideas are similar to what many Heirs already suggested, we want to make sure we come up with a version that will satisfy all Heirs. (We are going through active internal discussion.) Rather than making haste changes, we will try our best to deliver solid changes with Relation Effect that all Heirs will be happy with even if it may take some time. Until we make additional changes to Relation Effect, we will refrain ourselves from making changes on Relation Effect with allies of DPS & Tank Class servants.   Additional Message from the Devs   We believe our effort to improve Heir of Light through active discussion with Heirs is one of things, that Heirs love about us. We are putting every word from Heirs under serious consideration as we believe we are truly improving our game through this kind of communication. We are trying our best to become the most player-based game by analyzing what Heirs like and do not like about our game. However, we also believe that it is necessary to make changes that might go against Heirs' favor for Heir of Light's future.   We are aware of possible criticisms that can come from the community through these sorts of changes. We understand that some changes can feel very unfair. However, we would appreciate trust from Heirs that we are making changes for better Heir of Light. (Of course, we also appreciate all the constructive criticisms from the community.)   Until next time~  

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