Dev Note #135: Notice Regarding Valor Usage After Update

Greetings Heirs,
After 5.0 Update, we monitored both in-game chat and various communities for feedbacks for Skip system.
Some Heirs were satisfied with the new Skip system not only because Heirs no longer had to leave their phone on, but also because Skip system allowed faster servant growth, allowing Heirs to spend more time studying Gear or team composition.
Other Heirs were disappointed about the change since there were not much do to after spending all the Energy, especially now that Heirs cannot use the Valor they saved up on some core contents of the game. Some Heirs even preferred slower growth from previous build.
We wanted new Heirs to utilize Skip system for quick servant growth whenever they get stuck in Explore or Dungeon. However, it seemed like Energy was only limiting the stage progression for new Heirs, forcing them to wait for Energy to refill after spending all the Energy with Skip.
Also, we believe that many Heirs were probably confused and disappointed that they can no longer use the Valors they have been saving for future farming .
In the previous Dev Note, we mentioned a system that allows Heirs to convert Valor into Energy. After reviewing various feedbacks after the Update, we decided to add a new system that converts Valor into Energy so that Heirs can convert the Valors they have been saving into Energy for faster growth.
Please note that since we just had an update yesterday, it could take some time for us to bring the update due to necessary development & QA process. We will try to bring an update as soon as possible.
We will make a separate notice once we are ready for the update.
Thank you.

Dev Note #135: Notice Regarding Valor Usage After Update
Dev Note #135: Notice Regarding Valor Usage After Update
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 7d

Dev Note #134: Notice Regarding 5.0 All-in-One Pack

Greetings Heirs.
After we reviewed the responses of yesterday's Dev Note, we realized that many Heirs are concerned about the All-in-One Pack change.
We realized this is an issue that requires quick response. We are here to share some details of what we finalized on after internal discussion.
We apologize once again.
We thought lowering the price of All-in-One Pack would please the community. However, many Heirs were disappointed about All-in-One benefits change and mentioned that they would rather keep the previous benefits. Therefore, we decided to make another adjustment so that Heirs will receive benefits that are mostly identical to benefits from current All-in-One benefits beside Max Energy Storage Increase.
Here is a summary.
<All-in-One benefits that will remain>
> 7,500 Valor sent everyday
> All-in-One Bonus Chest upon purchase
> Double Shard & Shard Reward in Explore
> Double Shard & Shard Reward in Mass Invasion
> Gold +30%
> EXP + 10%
> +1 Slot in the Purifying Grounds
> 1 less Transcendence required in the Purifying Ground
> Double Shards in the Purifying Ground
>Price change to $69.99
<All-in-One benefits that will change>
> 600 Karats sent everyday (Increased from 500 -> 600)
> 30% Discount on Explore/Mass Invasion Valor Removed
> Repeat Battle + 400 times Removed
> Purifying Ground + 400 times Added
> Max Energy Storage + 400 Added
Since it is inevitable to remove Valor Discount as we add new Skip function, we increased the amount of Karats sent daily from 500 to 600
Also, as a sign of our apology, we will be putting All-in-One Pack on a discount to $49.99 until 5.1 Update. Guild Gift Box grade will be set to Rare grade. Please note that the price will be reverted back to $69.99 after 5.1 Update.
Additional Notice: Guide Quest Change
We recently made improvements to Transcend Guide in 4.7 Update. After the Update, all Heirs were able to make clear the new Transcend Guide.
In 5.0 Update we will be improving Level Up Guide and Shard Collecting Guide. Since new Skip function requires a new guideline, Level Up Guide and Shard Collecting Guide will be renamed to Servant Completion Guide and Combine Guide. All Heirs can claim the new rewards with the improvement.
Please make sure to complete & claim rewards from Level Up Guide and Transcend Guide before they disappear after 5.0 Update.
We are looking for better ideas to improve All-in-One Pack through discussions with Heirs. Please feel free to leave any feedbacks.
Thank you.

Dev Note #134: Notice Regarding 5.0 All-in-One Pack
Dev Note #134: Notice Regarding 5.0 All-in-One Pack
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 12d

Dev Note #133: 5.0 The New Game Update Notice Part 2

Greetings Heirs.
Recently, there was an issue regarding the Bond Ticket in the Heir Pass, thus we would like to share some details on it.
After that, we would share more information about new features that are coming in the 5.0 update.
Bond Ticket
Originally, the bond ticket was developed as a system that would allow users to try out and use newly released servants.
However, after reviewing the bond ticket upon release, we concluded that much more bond tickets were released and it wasn't due to purchases (Karats or IAP).
This had an effect on the severe fall of revenue that we had to endure. So without a choice, we have been reducing the number of bond tickets being released, including in the Heir Pass starting September.
Many have shared their comments and suggestions regarding this which we decided to re-add the bond ticket in the Heir Pass after an internal review.
Thus, we would like to apologize to everyone for previously making changes in the Heir Pass without making any notices.
When the bond ticket was first released, it did not have any feature that would serve as a middle leg in growing servants.
However, the decompose system was later added which provides another method for the user to grow new servants.
Because of several reasons we have explained above, we may reconsider bringing back karat purchases or even as an event reward, however it will be difficult to bring it back any time soon.
We ask for your patience in this regard, and we will continue to include the ticket in the Heir Pass.
From the developer perspective, we are always thinking about how we can make the game better and provide an enjoyable experience to all users.
We try tirelessly in developing new packages, change package contents and prices, and even remove certain packages to fit the game situation to allow us to retain our revenue.
This is one of the choices to become a game that can last a long time with the users, so please understand our choice behind the bond ticket.
All-In-One Pack Changes
The Auto-Repeat feature, which is one the most important benefits in the All-In-One Pack, is changing due to the release of the new "Skip" feature.
The 400+ Auto-Repeat count will be removed and 400+ Energy count will be added as it has been mentioned in the previous dev note. However, the 400+ Purifying Grounds count will remain the same.
Starting from the 5.0 Update, the main benefit of All-In-One is the increase in the overall maximum count.
In detail, the maximum energy count will be increased with the purchase of the All-In-One Pack.
Before the 5.0 update, you would have to leave the game on all night to run 550 times to farm servant shards.
After the 5.0 update, you can use the skip feature 550 times when you log into the game. Thus, the need to leave the game on all night will no longer be needed.
The farming time will significantly reduce and we expect the user to spend more time in content strategies and team building.
We have been doing a vote event regarding the reduction of All-In-One pack price.
We decided to change the contents of the All-In-One Pack and the price due to new changes in 5.0 and the new skip feature.
Starting with the 5.0 Update, the All-In-one Pack price will be reduced from $89.99 -> $69.99 and a sale price of $49.99.
New All-In-One Pack Contents
> Daily Karats 500 -> 300
> Daily Valor 7,500 -> 8,000
> Epic Guild Gift Chest -> Rare Guild Gift Chest
> All-In-One Gift Chest (Removed)
> EXP 10% Boost (Removed)
The price reduction of the All-In-One pack will reduce our revenue, however, we want more users to know about this pack and use them more often in the game.
Thus, we revamped the pack by retaining as many benefits as we can so that the pack can be beneficial to all users.
We cannot skip talking about the Bond ticket that was in the All-In-one Gift Chest.
There wasn't much purchase of a Bond ticket in the game, thus we have analyzed that the main reason for users in purchasing All-In-One Pack was not due to the Bond Ticket.
It is sad to remove the All-In-One Gift Chest, however, we believe that it is much better for the users if we reduce to price of All-In-One and retain its main benefits with minimal reductions.
There is a slight reduction in daily Karats, however, all users that have purchased All-In-One pack before the update will continue to receive 500 Karats, 7,500 Valor, and 10% EXP Boost until the remaining time of the Pack duration.
Skip Feature and Other Changes
We have briefly discussed the new upcoming "Skip" feature in the previous Dev Note.
Everyone might not fully understand the Skip feature and would like to know more in detail, so we decided to explain more in a Q&A style.
Q. Is valor going to be removed with the release of Energy? Can we run Explore or Dungeons with Valors as we are in the v4.7 update?
A. The Valor is not going to be removed.
Energy can be used only in Explore, Sanctuary, Mass Invasion, and Dungeons.
Valors can be used in Purifying Grounds, Corrupted Waterway, Guild Dungeon, Raids, World Battle, and Abbadon Tower.
Q. How do you use Energy? What's the difference between "Skip" and a regular play?
A. If you did not clear stages in explore or dungeons, you can attempt those stages by using 1 energy.
If you already cleared those stages, you can use Skip to instantly receive rewards.
The skip will allow a maximum of 100 times and you can receive 100 times clear bonus instantly.
Q. When you use the Skip Feature, does it consume both Valor and Energy?
A. No. The use of Energy and Valor is separated.
If you use Skip 100 times in Dungeon or Explore, it will only consume 100 Energies.
Q. If you use 100 Energies with the Skip feature, when can you use it again? is there a cooldown time on energies?
A. There aren't any cooldown times on energies. If you have excess energy, you can use it again.
Q. What are the conditions in using the Skip feature?
A. For Explore, Sanctuary, and Mass Invasion, you can only use it in stages where you have cleared it with perfect 3★.
If you did not clear the stage with perfect 3★, then you can attempt to clear the stage by consuming 1 energy.
For Gear Dungeons (Omen & Heide) and Awakening Dungeons, there aren't any ★ clear requirements. As long as you have cleared the stage, you can use the skip feature.
(Awakening Dungeon 11th Floor and 12th Floor is excluded from the Skip Feature. Only repeat battle is allowed for the 11th and 12th floor).
ex1) Perfect 3★ clear in Sanctuary - Door of the Sun 1-1: Skip Enabled.
ex1) 2★ clear in Sanctuary - Door of the Sun 4-1: Skip Disabled. Able to clear the stage by clicking "Battle"
Q. If I farm shards with Skip, can I still receive Repeat Reward?
A. Yes, you can receive Repeat Reward just like before.
For example, if you skip Light Heylel region Door of Truth 9-3 100 times, you will receive Light Heylel shard and Repeat Reward (Valor and Gold) equivalent to 100 rounds of the stage.
Q. What do you do after using all the Energies on Skip?
A. We probably received the most feedback regarding this concern.
The central idea of 5.0 Update is that "Heirs shouldn't spend too much time on farming. Heirs shouldn't be forced to leave their mobile device or app player on the whole day to farm."
We believe that there is no way such repeated farming can be exciting, and we expect players to spend the time they saved from farming after this update on improving servants or developing strategy for new contents.
We will be making additional improvements and content updates in the future. Please stay tuned for future updates.
Mystery Dungeon Adjustment
The initial purpose of Mystery Dungeon was to provide useful way for Heirs to obtain Nat ★3 Fire/Water/Forest servants to Combine or Nat ★3 Light/Dark servants that can be useful early game.
We also wanted to see Heirs interacting with each other as they share Mystery Dungeon they encounter during their gameplay for additional rewards.
However, after multiple updates, it became much easier than the past to obtain Nat ★3 Fire/Water/Forest servants from Explore, and Mystery Dungeon became another daily task that Heirs complete to obtain Nat ★3 Light/Dark servant for fusing.
This trend made it difficult for us to make changes to Mystery Dungeon to make it more convenient or efficient, and we have been getting continuous suggestion to reduce the daily limit on Mystery Dungeon entry.
We tried our best to come up with changes that would provide better experience for Heirs. After lengthy review, we will be making changes below in 5.0 Update.
> Mystery Dungeon entry limit will be reduced to half while the reward will be doubled.
> Dungeon Boss level of Mystery Dungeon will be increased.
> Nat ★3 Light/Dark servants from Combine material will be replaced with Nat ★4 Fire/Water/Forest servants.
While we aimed to reduce time spent everyday on farming in 5.0 Update, there were some issue in terms of development to include Mystery Dungeon in this Update. As an alternative, we reduced the daily entry limit by half.
Since farming Light/Dark Mystery Dungeon usually happens in higher level gameplay, we increased the level of dungeons Boss by a small amount. Those who used to farm in previous Mystery Dudgeon should not have any problem farming in the new Mystery Dungeon
When you Combine a Nat ★5 servant, only Nat ★4 Fire/Water/Forest servants will be used. All these Nat ★4 Fire/Water/Forest servants will be obtainable through Combining Fire/Water/Forest Nat ★3 servants.
Co-Destruction -> Overpower
Currently same servants cancel out each others' passive when they are the same level. This means that even if you invest great amount of resources on a servant to reach 10T & Level 80, the passive of the servant is completely useless if you encounter an opponent with the same servant of the same level. This impacted overall team building significantly.
Many Heirs have provided suggestion regarding Co-Destruction, and starting from 5.0 Update, the passive of two servants will remain active instead of activating Co-Destruction to cancel the passive if the servants have the same transcendence level.
If there are identical servants with different transcendence level, the passive of the servant with lower transcendence level will be canceled.
Special Potential #3 Effect Change
As we notified earlier, as part of our effort to balance out certain effects, we will be making adjustments to effects that activate when the battle starts since they have been extremely powerful.
All effects of all classes that activate upon the start of the battle will be adjusted.
Please check out the table below for summary of the changes. (S tier effects)
We will take multiple steps with balance adjustment of effects. We will be bringing another adjustment in the next update. We believe that these updates will leave positive impact on PvP balance, and servant balance in general.
That's it for today.
We always try to stay on top of Heirs' feedback.
While there were several challenges, we believe 5.0 Update can make Heir of Light even better game.
Please feel free to leave any question in the comment below.
Thank you.

Dev Note #133: 5.0 The New Game Update Notice Part 2 +4
Dev Note #133: 5.0 The New Game Update Notice Part 2
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 13d

Dev Note #132: 5.0 Update- The New Game Notice

Greetings Heirs.
We are happy to see that everyone is enjoying the new Tower of God Collaboration!
Many new Heirs have and still continue to join the Heir of Light which makes us believe that we have prepared the collaboration update well.
Before starting the Dev Note, we would like to sincerely thank all our Heirs for supporting and for enjoying Heir of Light.
For some time, we have been debating daily about how to make Heir of Light more enjoyable than now and how to path our game in order to keep Heir of Light in service for 5 and even 10 years.
We have received many feedback and our concerns are
"Do we have to always leave our game on the whole day?"
"Does our game require Heirs to have 2 devices?"
" You have to use emulators and must leave it on 24/7?"
"Would there be a way where Heirs can just obtain currencies or materials in idle mode?
" Auto-repeat? Isn't this a bit outdated?"
2 years have passed since the first launch of Heir of Light and we still believe that our graphic visual is still a top notch compared to other mobile games.
This is a unique feature of Heir of Light, however, the mobile game industry flow has changed a lot which makes us believe that Heir of Light game components are a bit outdated.
Thus, the upcoming update focuses on changing this "outdated" feeling of Heir of Light to transform it into a new game.
In summary,
"Reduce farming time with efficiency while redirecting Heir's time to enjoy the "Real Game" - the strategic component of the game"
Many contents have been changed in the process of removing the "outdated" feeling and adding an image of a brand new game.
The 5.0 update is planning to be a very major update thus, we would like to share some of the major update contents early as possible.
"Skip" is one of the biggest features in the 5.0 Update.
Currently, we have to leave the game on under the Auto-Repeat in order to farm in the game.
However, we have taken a huge risk and changed it to Skip in order to allow Heirs to farm efficiently as possible.
The Skip feature can be used in Explore, Mass Invasion, Gear Dungeon, and Awakening Dungeon (Floor 11 & 12 excluded).
Players can set up to 100 skips at once.
After the 5.0 update Heirs do not have to worry about the game loading speed, using the phone, or even giving up doing other personal things such as YouTube to play Heir of Light.
Also, it will remove the pressure to leave the game on while sleeping as well.
Even if Heirs are using emulators or do not have an additional device to play Heir of Light, everyone will be able to enjoy the game and farm currencies daily with just using daily recharge of energies.
We believe that the style of the gameplay will drastically change with the Skip feature.
In order words, the massive amount of time Heirs have used to farm would be reduced to nearly 0 to reduce the stress as much as possible.
Also, it will increase the level of fun by allowing Heirs to think more strategies for contents and how to utilize the currencies.
"Farm Fast and Play Longer"
Those who play 24 hours a day may feel empty with the arrival of Skip because it may only take up to 2 ~ 3 hours to complete all your daily tasks.
We are worried that reducing all the farm time may give options for Heirs to leave our game for other games because they may have nothing to do after playing 3 hours.
However, we believe that we should not be stubborn about outdated systems and stay up to date with trendy game features to allow new Heirs to stay in the game.
From now on, we will continue to add more contents that require strategies and playground-like contents that would make Heirs play longer.
New Energy Added
Explore and Dungeon are the most important contents of Heir of Light.
Heirs level up their servants and farm servant shards for transcendence from Explore
Heirs obtain elemental stones that are essential for awakening servants and gears that are necessary to strengthen servants.
As we are adding a Skip system to Explore and Dungeon that are tied to very basic aspects of servant growth, we are also adding new resources called "Energy" that will be used to enter these contents so that Heirs can use Valor in higher level contents.
1 energy charges every minute. The maximum amount of energy that an Heir can hold is 120.
The maximum amount of energy Heir can hold increases with monthly package purchase. (Daily Karat, All-in-One)
While valor will lose its previous function, this will reduce the need to purchase valor since the valor supply will remain the same. Since Explore and Dungeon uses energy, Heirs will ultimately obtain more resources than before. (For Heirs that ran 550 repeat battles everyday, assuming each battle cost 8~10 valors, the Heir will use 4,400 ~ 5,500 valors in repeat battles. Since energy will replace valor, the Heir can use 4,400~5,500 valor and use it in some different content. Energy that we provide will allow additional Explore and Dungeon gameplay.
Since energy can be used instantly, we are planning on implementing a purchase limit that is more strict than purchase limit on valor. We will be setting the purchase limit based on max repeat battle count of Heirs that farm Explore and Dungeon. (We are thinking somewhere between 300 ~ 500 daily limits on energy.)
We believe this change could leave Heirs with a lot of extra valor. We will consider holding an event that allows Heirs to convert valor to energy if necessary.
5T Servant Acquisition through Summon
While we added guaranteed 5★ summon upon 50 summons in order to guarantee minimum amount of 5★ servant acquisition, it is true that it is less thrilling to summon.
Even when Heirs summoned the servant they wanted, there were a lot of works to be done after the initial summon to actually utilize the servant. It was possible to summon the servant, but duplicate summons were necessary to develop the servant.
Heirs now have a chance of acquiring a Nat 5★ servant with 3 or 5 Transcendence straight from summon.
The system above will be applied to summons that allow Heirs to choose the servant they want such as Rate+ Summon, Special Summon and L/D Special Summon. (If you acquire 5T servants in a 2x summon, you will acquire two units of 5T servants.)
Gear Craft and Gear Craft Materials
Gear is one of the biggest aspects of growth is Heir of Light. However, clearing gear dungeons does not guarantee that Heirs will get the gear they want. Heirs had to purchase Legendary Gear Package in order to obtain the ★6 gear they wanted.
Most of the times, Heirs sold 4★ ~ 5★ Rare gears to get gold instead of putting them on because they can't even be used as a craft material. Because of 4★ ~ 5★ gear drop, some Heirs thought that gear drop decreased.
We decided to add new gear materials. Using gear material, Heirs will be able to choose Gear Set, Gear Part, and Main Stats.
We will be removing the drop rate of low grade gear and replacing it with gear craft materials. Ultimately, Heirs will be obtaining more gears than before.
Heirs can choose three options when crafting a gear with craft materials:
1. Only choose Gear Set
2. Choose Gear Set and Gear Part
3. Choose Gear Set, Gear Part, and Main Stat
Ultimately, Heirs can choose the most efficient craft option based on their own situation. By allowing Heirs to obtain gear craft materials quickly, we intended Heirs to have more fun planning what gear to make and how to use the gear.
While gear is extremely important in servant's growth, a lot of Heirs often decide to focus on farming servant shard for transcendence instead of farming gears. With both Skip and Gear Craft, it will be much easier to obtain the gear Heirs want. We believe that this change will not only increase the fun of playing around with gears but also become the foundation of future gear growth systems.
Today, we covered some major changes from 5.0 Update.
We will be covering details of 5.0 Update in the next Dev Note.
Please feel free to leave any questions on the comment. We will gather some important questions and cover them in the next Dev Note.
*Additional Notice
While we are bringing exciting changes to Heir of Light in 5.0 Update, we will be working on various issues that Heir of Light had between 5.0 ~ 5.2 Updates. Please check out the details below to get the general idea of the big changes. We will continue to update the community whenever we finalize more details
Effect Adjustment: Adjustments to certain effects that were too powerful that made increase in stat insignificant since Heirs gave more focus to the effect itself.
Adjustment to servants that could be farmed: Transcend EXP, Growth Score, Stats, Explore Shard Drop Rate Adjustment
New Fun & Challenging Contents: Abaddon, Gear Dungeon 16 ~ 20F
Gear Upgrade: New Gear Growth System, New Gear Decompose System
That's it for today.
Here is a quick summary of today's Dev Note
Heirs will be able to use Skip function to obtain resources for servant growth.
Heirs will be able to obtain the gear they want from Gear Craft
Heirs will be able to obtain 5th Transcendence servant from Summon
Spend less time farming and spend more time having fun
Thank you

Dev Note #132: 5.0 Update- The New Game Notice
Dev Note #132: 5.0 Update- The New Game Notice
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 1mo

Dev Note #131: 4.7 Tower of God Collaboration Update Preview

Greetings Heirs,
We will be covering 4.7 Update Preview in this Dev Note
Tower of God
As we revealed earlier, the most important part of 4.7 Update is the Tower of God Collaboration.
Many Heirs have been waiting for the next Collaboration since the the latest Summoners War Collaboration in March. As Korean Webtoons gained popularity worldwide, we decided that a Collaboration with a Webtoon will be something even Heirs of Global server could enjoy.
Among various Webtoons, we thought that we will be able to bring amazing Collaboration with Tower of God. While there were various obstacles, we are excited to bring the Collaboration in the next Update.
We tried our best to deliver the original impression Tower of God in Heir of Light. This is why we picked White among many characters in Tower of God. (White is on a roll in the original piece right now.)
As we prepared this collaboration, we wanted this Collaboration to be a festival for both F2P and Paying Heirs.
Here are some events we prepared for this Collaboration
> Obtain Fire/Water/Forest Collaboration Servant Select Summon just by logging in
> Unprecedented Light/Dark Collaboration Servant Rate+
> Fire/Water/Forest Collaboration Servant Rate+
> Collaboration Suspendium Drop Event to collect Collaboration Servant Shard
Through these events, we made sure anyone can obtain at least one Fire/Water/Forest Collaboration servant. Those who farm harder thank others in Heir of Light will be able to obtain at least one Light/Dark Collaboration servant.
We will also create Collaboration Servant Packages that would fit various budgets so that those who tend to make in-app purchases can obtain & transcend Collaboration servants faster and cheaper.
We hope Heirs enjoy the Heir of Light version of Bam, Yuri, and White.
Servant Balance
⭕Dark Aria / Light Ifrit
Since we implemented Potential system, we maintained a policy that "A servant cannot obtain similar/duplicate effect for both Passive and Special Potential #4. (For example, if a servant has a Increase DMG effect in Passive, the servant cannot have the same Increase DMG effect from Special Potential #4.
However, there was an issue where both Dark Aria and Light Ifrit were able to receive Increase ATK effect from Special Potential #4 even though they had Increase ATK effect as a Passive. This was one of the reasons Dark Aria was extremely powerful.
In the past, if there was an issue with a Special Potential, we allowed Heirs keep the Potential while we prevented any additional Heirs from receiving the Potential after an Update. However, we determined that Dark Aria and Light Ifrit are currently too powerful to let them keep their Special Potential. Therefore, we will making changes below,
1. If the servant has Increase ATK effect from Special Potential #4, Increase ATK effect from Passive will not be applied.
2. We expect drastic change in servant balance from this change, and we are aware that this change majorly impacts on applicable servants. Therefore, we will be holding a Special Decompose event. For one month, Heirs will receive 90% back from regular decompose and 100% back from premium decompose when Heirs decompose Dark Aria or Light Ifrit. We will explain special decompose event in the next section.
⭕Special Decompose
We are aware how disappointing it is for Heirs if a servant balance adjustment makes certain servants that Heirs invested in useless.
This is why we try our best to find the right servant balance without directly adjusting a servant. However, when we determine that indirect balance adjustment through Relation Effect sniping cannot solve the fundamental issue and will only make the issue worse in the future, we have no choice but to step in to make a direct adjustment.
We have been putting a lot of thoughts on coming up with a way to maintain the value of a servant if the servant was to go through a direct adjustment. bond system and decompose system were part of our efforts to minimize the disappointment of a servant adjustment. However, it was true that the amount decompose returned was rather small to compensate for a balance adjustment.
Therefore, if we make an adjustment to a servant that would seriously impact the performance of the servant, we will be returning more resources through decompose for about a month after the adjustment. Special decompose return 90% of resources and special premium decompose returns 100% of resources.
⭕PvP AoE DMG Reduction Potential Value Adjustment
With the new function to fix certain Potential, which allowed a lot of Heirs to obtain the Potential they want, many Heirs have been setting their AoE DMG Reduction to the max value of 85%.
Combined with the general popularity of DEF Increase effect, AoE DPS servants became very weak. Therefore, we decided that we need to change AoE DMG Reduction Potential. As the first change, we are reducing numerical value of AoE DMG Reduction on Normal Potential #2 from 25% to 20%. We will be making additional changes in the future if necessary.
⭕Relation Effect Sniping and Transcendence Difference Improvement
Even though Light/Dark servants are much more difficult to develop compared to Fire/Water/Forest servants, sniping Relation Effect will not apply for 3 or more Transcendence differences for both types of servants. We have been getting suggestion to be more generous about this restriction for Light/Dark servants. With this update, sniping Relation Effect will not apply for 4 or more Transcendence differences when Light/Dark servants snipe Fire/Water/Forest servants. Until now, 7th Transcendence Light/Dark servants couldn't snipe 10th Transcendence Fire/Water/Forest servants. However, it will be possible with this update since there is only 3 Transcendence difference.
QoL Improvement
We made various QoL improvements this update.
1. You can now see servant's Potential from Collection.
2. Purifying Ground Improvement
It can be difficult for new Heirs to qualify for Purifying Grounds. Since Transcendence is the most important part of servant development, we will be lowering the requirement to use Purifying Ground to assist servant shard collection in early game.
- Heirs can now start using Purifying Ground at level 26 instead of 36
- We decreased servant requirement for the first Purifying Ground "Purifying Sanctum" by allowing servants with 0 Transcendence to participate. Heirs can now farm servants without Transcendence in Purifying Ground.
- We decreased Purifying Time and increased success rate when farming Fire/Water/Forest servants with low Growth Score so that Heirs can obtain more servant shards.
- We are finally adding a function that load the previous team setting in Purifying Ground.
3. You can now use servants with mark equipped after decompose in Craft.
4. We fixed freezing/crashing issue on some devices with lower performance with memory optimization.
Transcend Guide Improvement
We have made a lot of changes since we added Transcend Guide for the first time. For example, we added Purifying Ground and T.Shard, making transcendence very different from the past and allowing Heirs to transcend various servants. Therefore, we will be reworking Transcend Guide completely.
We will be replacing current Transcend Guide with a new Transcend Guide. All Heirs will be able to complete the new Transcend Guide. If you are working on current Transcend Guide, we recommend completing the Transcend Guide before the Update.
That's it for today.
Please remember to participate in Tower of God Collaboration Share Event to spread the word about this awesome Collaboration!
If you have a friend that's fan of Tower of God, don't forget to invite them!
Thank you.

Dev Note #131: 4.7 Tower of God Collaboration Update Preview +2
Dev Note #131: 4.7 Tower of God Collaboration Update Preview
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 2mo

Dev Note #130: 4.6 Update Preview

Greetings Heirs,
We hope everyone had a change to check out 4.6 Update Preview. We are here to share more details about the Update next week.
⭕4.6 Update Preview:
Guild Purifying Ground
We received various suggestions about Guild Purifying Ground Usage.
While we tried various methods to ease the gap between winning and losing Guild such as changing Guild War matching system and adding Guild War Shop, we came to a conclusion nothing is more effective than allowing losing Guild to use Guild Purifying Ground. Losing Guild will be able to use Guild Purifying Ground by using small amount of Karats. (Members of winning Guild can use Purifying Ground without Karat usage.)
Furthermore, Guild Members can collaborate to level up Guild to reduce the cost of using Guild Purifying Ground. We will cover the details below.
Guild Growth & Guild Present
We believe the game will last longer if Heirs can gather based on Guild to form a community and a strong bond between Guild Members. While there were several issues after Guild War update, it seems like Guild Members are building stronger bond as we intended. To keep the momentum, we will be adding a new system where Guild Members can level up the Guild to receive various benefits.
Guild Members can level up the Guild by donating resources. Higher Guild level will lead to greater benefits to all Guild Members.
As the first benefit, Guild Members will receive Karat discount when using Guild Purifying Ground. While there won't be any discount at first since level of all Guilds will be Level 1, Guild Members will get 14% discount at Guild Level 2, and receive up to 60% discount at Guild Level 10.
We are also adding Guild Gift System as part of our effort to support Guild. Every time you purchase a package, everyone in the Guild gets the Guild Gift. Guild Gifts are included in most Limited Time Pack and Light/Dark Summon Pack. Please note that some items on the shop do not include Guild Gift.
Type of Gift Box changes based on the price of the Pack. Guild Gift Box gives various items such as Fire/Water/Forest T.Shard, Light/Dark T.Shard, and Light/Dark ★3~5 Summon Stone.
We will be adding 2nd and 3rd Guild Benefit in the next update. Please stay tuned.
Battle AI Improvement
As we notified before, we will be improving Battle AI. There were cases where enemy servant ends up using Combo Skill first when ally servant had Combo Skill Gauge filled up faster. In some other cases, servant would use Active Skill instead of Combo Skill, leading to a defeat.
To resolve this issue, servants will now be able to cast Active & Combo Skill in the middle of attacked animation. We are hoping this Update will improve the issue greatly.
Also, when ally servants were unable to cast skills due to debuff, many Heirs thought of it as a bug because it was hard to tell the status of the servants.
We improved UI to make it more obvious when servants are can/cannot use skills.
Servant Balance
⭕Light Sphinx
To incrase the usage of Light Sphinx, we will be changing Relation Effect from "Reducing enemy [A] Lucien's SPD by 80%" to "Blocking Heyel's Passive." Also, to enhance her ability to remove buff, we switched 1st Active Skill and Combo Skill. As we move "Remove 1 buff from the enemy" to Combo Skill, we will be buffing it to "Remove 2 buffs from all enemies." As we move "Prevent all enemies from receiving buffs for 60 seconds" from Combo Skill to 1st Active Skill, it will be changed to "Prevent all enemies from receiving buffs for 30 seconds"
⭕Light Caesar
Many Heirs asked for Light Caesar buff. Therefore, we will be buffing his Combo Skill effect "Revives all dead allies at 50% HP" to "Revives all dead allies at 70% HP"
Also, current Mildred Passive Block Relation Effect will be changed to Heylel Passive Block.
⭕Dark Ezebell
To increase the usage of Dark Ezebell, we will be changing Relation Effect from reducing Sphinx's SPD by 80% to Heylel Passive Block.
⭕Water, Forest, Dark Demian
Duration of Barrier of Water, Forest, and Dark Demian will be changed from 40 seconds to 25 seconds.
We went through lengthy discussion based on various feedbacks from Heirs, Among various feedbacks, we agreed that the real problem was synergy between Heylel and Demian. Therefore, we will be reducing the duration of Demian's Barrier to improve this issue.
If Light Heylel remains to be overpowered servant even after adding new servants that snipe Heylel and reducing duration of Demian's barrier, we will make additional changes.
⭕Ignore-DEF Damage Reduction Potential Added
We are finally adding Ignore-DEF Potential as we said in previous Dev Note. We will be adding option that reduce damage from Ignore-DEF when attacked by DPS servant in Normal Potential slot #3, 4, and 5. Max amount of reduction per potential is 16%, which means a servant can have up to 48% Ignore-DEF damage reduction. We calculated this value based on various tests we conducted referring to various teams in both KR and Global server.
We also checked on the issue where 8th Transcendence Ignore-DEF DPS servant could easily kill 10th Transcendence Tank servant. We made sure that Ignore-DEF DPS servant can no longer easily take down 10th Transcendence Tank servant even with various conditions such as ATK buff or Increase DMG received debuff. While it depends on the buff situation, we allowed 10th Transcendence Ignore-DEF DPS servants to take down 10th Transcendence Tank servant given that the DPS servant is fully buffed to maintain strength of Ignore-DEF DPS servants. We are hoping to see more Tank servants beside Caesar that specialize against Ignore-DEF DPS servants playing their part with right Potential and various effects such as shields.
Early Game Progression Improvement
We believe helping new players settle into and enjoy Heir of Light will help the game last longer. We are improving early game progression to help beginner Heirs to settle into the game. We are increasing EXP of early Explore stages and increasing return on EXP upon using ★1~2 servants as materials to allow easier servant development.
Also starting this Update, Heirs won't have to Awaken ★3 servants when Combining ★4 servant. Mass Invasion will also include servants especially useful for beginner Heirs.
We are constantly making changes to greet more beginner players. Please feel free to make any suggestion to help beginning Heirs.
Rate+ Summon Servant List Change
Since different Heirs need different servants, we wanted Heirs to summon specific servants they need from Rate+ Summon to clear various contents/
However, we decided that current list is slightly behind the trend. We will be changing list of available servants of Rate+ Summon as below.
Please make sure to plan ahead your summoning based on the servant you need.
Suggestion Reflection
1. ★5 Fire/Water/Forest Select Summon can be crafted 5 times a month instead of 3 times a month.
2. ★4~5 Summon Stone will be added to Honor Points Shop. ★3~5 Light/Dark Summon Stone can be purchased 5 times instead of 2 times a month.
We agreed that we need to provide more opportunity to obtain the Fire/Water/Forest servant Heirs want. As for Honor Points Shop change, we wanted to give more opportunities to obtain Light/Dark servants for Heirs since some Heirs own more Honor Points than other Heirs.
That is it for today. We look forward for more feedbacks.
Thank you.

Dev Note #130: 4.6 Update Preview +2
Dev Note #130: 4.6 Update Preview
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 2mo

Dev Note #129: Notice Regarding Balance & Feedback Collection

Greetings Heirs,
We are working hard on finalizing 4.6 Update.
While this Dev Note isn't about 4.6 Update, we wanted to discuss about important direction of future updates.
Dev's goal is to allow various servants to be utilized. There is a long history behind Infinite PvP meta. Let us explain this history first.
There was a time when AoE and Ignore-DEF DPS servants were popular in PvP before Caesar was released.
Players had to choose between using AoE DPS servants to take down DPS, Support, Healer servants or using Ignore-DEF DPS servants to take down Tank servants.
However, more DPS, Support, Healer servants started surviving against AoE servants with better Potential. Damage output became much less consistent as several factors such as Crit Damage and DEF plays part in damage. Therefore, more players started using Ignore DEF DPS servants for consistent damage output.
Since Ignore DEF servants have been powerful for some time, Dev decided to release Caesar to stop Ignore DEF servants' dominance.
While Caesar was not quite popular in the beginning, AoE DPS servants came back to meta as more players were able to develop their Caesar. (We also believe presence of Buff Removal that allowed more consistent damage output by removing Increase DEF buff played part in this change.)
This is when we released Demian. Demian became very popular as a support servant not only because of her Buff Removal but also because of her Passive that counters Ignis. Combination of Light Heylel and Dark Demian also proved to be extremely powerful.
We wanted to see more DEF-Based DPS servants in the meta, which is why Demian has various effects that would help DEF stats of the team, such as Increase DEF buff, DEF Wave Effect, and Passive that increase DEF of DPS servants.
As more players started using Support Demian (Especially Dark Demian), DEF of ally servants increased greatly, which reduced damage output of DPS servants beside DEF-Ignore DEF servants. PvP basically became a competition of who survives longer with more HP. Since then, Ignore DEF DPS servants started gaining dominance once again as Caesar was codestructed. With the release of Teresia that snipes Caesar, Ignore DEF DPS servants became dominant once again.
Ignore DEF DPS servants were powerful even before Caesar. Ignore DEF DPS servants could take down tank servants with 1~2 higher Transcendence. Dark Leto is a good example. It was obvious that Ignore DEF DPS servants will become dominant if Caesar is sniped. We got some feedbacks that rather than countering with different servant, we need Ignore-DEF damage reduction as a fundamental solution. Therefore, we will be adding Ignore DEF damage reduction to Potential in 4.6 Update. (While we are testing the details, we are expecting servants to get 45~50% Ignore DEF damage reduction at max.)
Ignore DEF damage reduction can be a solution to correcting Transcendence different, and we also believe using AoE DPS servants with high transcendence is better than u sing Ignore DEF DPS servant of low transcendence.
However, it is still true that many DPS servants beside Ignore DEF DPS servants are being neglected in current meta. We are definitely aware that this is an issue we must tackle in order to allow usage of various servants & teams in PvP.
Reducing Dark Demian's barrier time has the same concept as the changes above.
Buff removal is needed in order to remove the DEF buff which allows you to deal more damage.
It has the similar concept with minimizing the immunity due to situations we face with Light Heylel's debuff immunity and the prevention of DEF debuff.
In conclusion, it is way too difficult to defeat a Tank class servant without DEF debuff when many DEF buffs are in effect.
Thus, we are in debate in ways to make other DPS servants more useful other than DEF Ignore DPS servants.
There could be many different solutions and many possible solutions were discussed internally, however, we would like to hear more from everyone before making any final decisions.
These are the list of possible solutions that were internally discussed:
> Add more buff removal effect to wide range of servants so that DEF buffs can be removed
"> Adjust the DEF increase effect due to DEF buff and 70% DEF increase wave effect is too powerful.
However, adjusting the DEF increase effect may cause a huge nerf to DEF based servants so buff DEF based servants separately after the adjustment."
> DEF increase effect is too power so lets balance by increasing the ATK increase effects.
> Reduce the debuff removal and minimize the immunity to allow DEF debuffs to take in effect.
To sum it all up, we see reducing the performance of effects or reducing the amount of effects as possible solutions.
Thus, we think that well transcended servant should take the win due to the transcendence being the highest difficulty in the game.
Even though we are internally debating everyday, we are in need of your suggestions because you guys are the one creating and leading the meta by playing 100s of rounds in PvP every day.
So please feel free to leave as much suggestions in the comments.
To sum up the main points of today's Dev note
1. The power of DEF Ignore servant's will remain the same
2. A solution to bring diverse usages of DPS servants is needed to create more PvP meta.
3. Any changes will be made after discussing and receiving feedback from the community.
If you have any suggestion, please feel free to visit #suggestion-for-dev channel in our Discord to share your feedbacks!
⭕Discord Suggestion Channel:
Thank you

Dev Note #129: Notice Regarding Balance & Feedback Collection
Dev Note #129: Notice Regarding Balance & Feedback Collection
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 2mo

Dev Note #128: August 4th Update Notice & Balance Poll Result Notice

Greetings Heirs,
For today's Dev Note, we would like to share some details regarding the 8/4 CDT Update and the result of voting for Servant Balance.
Usually, we hold our update on Monday (US Time) / Tuesday (KR Time).
However, due to several reasons, the first update for August will be on Tuesday 8/4 CDT.
In the July Update, we have reduced the condition for combine to lower the hurdle for Heirs.
Also, we have selected combine servants who are obtainable early in the game to provide more help to the new Heirs.
We have been gathering data of combine servants and after reviewing them, we came to a conclusion that it would be more beneficial for the early stage of the game play if combine servants were permanent.
Thus, starting from the 8/4 CDT Update, a total of 3 servants will be permanently enlisted in combine. (Fire Ignis, Water Mildred, Forest [A] Sphinx)
Due to the new addition of permanent servants, Water Heylel will no longer be permanent and will be removed from the combine list.
The 3 permanent servants can be combined once per month.
Servant materials required to Combine:
⭕ Fire Ignis
- Fire Griselda + Water Mary + Forest Laura + Dark Dunkelhund
⭕ Water Mildred
- Fire Charlotte + Water Executioner + Forest Rakshasha + Light Gretel
⭕ Forest [A] Sphinx
- Fire Enoch + Water Father Hopkins + Forest Koume + Dark Marat
Fire Ignis was already included into the Combine in the previous Update.
Those who Combine Fire Ignis between August 1st ~ August 4th will be able to Combine one additional Fire Ignis in August.
As for Water Heylel, if you did not combine her yet, please combine her by the arrival of 8/4 CDT update.
Servant Balance
We are continuously balancing servants to provide wider spectrum of servant choices for everyone.
Until now, it took some time for us to actually bring in the servant balance adjustment based on the data we collect.
The reason for the delay was the nature of in-game data that we gather by observing the usage of servant in the game.
Gathering these data took long time because of the time it required for Heirs to grow the servant and actually adjust the new servant into the team.
The release of Bond and Decompose system rapidly reduced to time to grow new servants which also increased the number of Heirs using new servants right away.
As a result, many have suggested that servant balance must be done as soon as possible after releasing a new servant so that it does not cause any confusion or negative feelings.
Thus, from now on we will now be conducting servant balance within 1 ~ 2 months after the release of new servants.
If we face an issue, we will share our direction of servant balance beforehand.
For the first servant balance adjustment, we have decided balance one of our newest servant Yarane.
The most unique factor of Yarena is her passive where the Breath of the Wild would activate only if ally tank is same element as her.
We planned this passive to promote Heirs to use a tank servant that is same element as Yarane and create a new team composition.
However, because of this quality of Yarane, we noticed that many were not using Yanare and saw reduction in her usage in the game.
Thus, we decided to change her passive and remove the factor where the tank servant must be an identical element as Yanare in order to activate the Breath of the Wild.
Therefore, we will be changing Passive of Yarane of all elements so that it can activate without a Tank servant of the same element.
Fire Teresia
Many have suggested that it is an disappointment that Fire Teresia does not have any revive skill nor have heal effect in her combo skill.
Fire Teresia will now heal all allies by 50% of caster's max HP upon Combo Skill usage.
Dark Teresia
Currently, Dark Teresia has a weak team passive skill compared to other Light/Dark servants due to her powerful effects.
Many have suggested and pointed out her weak team passive skill and thus, we decided to buff her team passive to "Increase all allies (all element) HP by 57% in PVP.
We have been getting feedback to improve DEF-Based DPS servant for a while. Currently, it is difficult to utilize DEF-Based DPS servants unless we make a huge change to the meta. For this reason, we brought multiple buffs to DEF-Based DPS servants. In order to reflect additional feedbacks regarding DEF-Based DPS servants, we will be buffing Nuu.
While Nuu has a powerful Passive of blocking enemies' buff, this Passive didn't activate that often since it has a separate activation rate. Therefore, we will be improving activation rate for different elements so that Passive can activate more often.
Fire Nuu: 40% chance when any attack lands as a Crit Hit instead of 30%
Water Nuu: 40% chance when any attack lands as a Crit Hit instead of 30%
Forest Nuu: 70% chance upon skill use instead of 50%
Dark Nuu: 100% chance when a skill lands as a Crit Hit instead of 80%
Group Placement Condition Adjustment
Among the Rank contents, PvP, Infinite PvP and Boss Invasions are designed so that Heirs go against other Heirs of similar level through group placement.
We adjusted Growth Score standards of Diamond Group after 10th Transcendence Update. Since many Heirs started achieving high Transcendence, we will be adjusting overall Group Growth Score standards.
Following change will be applied a season after Update on August 4th.
Servant Balance Poll Result
Here is a summary of previous polls.
Please note that these polls include results from Korea and Global community.
⭕Infinite PvP Effect Time
1. Allow effect timer to stay active even during Combo Skill so that battle time and effect time stays consistent in Infinite PvP. - 38%
2. Decrease duration of skills that provide effects for n seconds after the battle starts. - 18%
3. The issue is really not a problem. - 36%
4. I am not interested in this poll. - 8%
While the most optimal option of synchronizing effect timer and battle timer won the most vote, a lot of Heirs also suggested that we don't need to make any change on this subject.
Many Heirs also expressed their concern about possibly overwhelming change to servant balance.
Some Heirs mentioned that we should take multiple steps in this change since some issue can be addressed by adjusting certain servants.
We also received concerns about the impact this change will have on all Passive incorporating time. Some feedbacks include concerns that servants might start losing effect during Secondary Mark activation.
We will review the issue once again before finalizing our next move.
⭕Light Heylel Nerf
1. Decrease Buff Removal to 1 and remove Immunity - 12%
2. Remove Debuff Removal, Decrease Buff Removal to 1, Decrease Immunity to 10 seconds - 12%
3. Remove Shield & Immunity, Set Buff Removal to 2 - 15%
4. Remove Debuff Removal & Immunity - 6%
5. Light Heylel doesn't need nerf. - 55%
Many Heirs went against Light Heylel's nerf, while small amount of Heirs suggested that it is necessary to nerf Light Heylel in the long term. Other feedbacks include:
> This should not be decided based on a poll
> The options on this poll are rather extreme. Nerf is necessary but something less extreme would be better
> Some Heirs have been working on Light Heylel past 6 months. It isn't fair to nerf her now.
> Light Heylel is not too OP on her own, but the combination of Light Heylel and Dark Demian is too much.
> Indirect nerf rather than direct nerf will be better
We decided to put more thoughts into the subject before we make a final decision. Since many Heirs went against the nerf, we will try our best to avoid extreme nerfs.
⭕Dark Demian Barrier Duration Adjustment
1. At the start of the battle, creates a barrier for all allies for 15 sec - 40%
2. At the start of the battle, creates a barrier for all allies for 20 sec - 16%
3. At the start of the battle, creates a barrier for all allies for 30 sec - 14%
4. If Light Heylel gets nerfed, Dark Demian's Nerf isn't necessary. - 30%
We were very surprised by the result of this specific poll.
The first option got the most vote. On the other hand, several comments & feedbacks mentioned 15 seconds is too short. Some also mentioned that Dark Demian's barrier lasting around 2 minute 30 seconds ~ 3 minutes into the battle is in fact bigger issue than Light Heylel.
We initially intended Demian's barrier to last about 1 minute 10 seconds ~ 1 minute 40 seconds into the game. While we agree that Dark Demian needs adjustment, we believe it is necessary for us to carefully discuss the proper direction to achieve our initial intention.
We are extremely sorry about the way these polls were carried out.
From this poll, we will try to reflect as many feedbacks and opinions as possible to bring a satisfying update.
Thank you.

Dev Note #128: August 4th Update Notice & Balance Poll Result Notice +4
Dev Note #128: August 4th Update Notice & Balance Poll Result Notice
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 3mo

Dev Note #127: Poll Regarding Servant Balance

Greetings Heirs
We have some very serious subjects to cover today. We are hoping to get some feedback from the community.
🔶1. Poll Regarding Infinite PvP Effect Duration
Currently, Infinite PvP is designed so that battle timer stays active even when a servant is casting Combo Skill so that Heirs can quickly finish a 3 minute long Infinite PvP round.
On the other hand, effect duration timer pauses to allow Heirs to maintain the effects during Combo Skill. Ultimately, frequent usage of Combo Skill was allowing effects to stay in the battle longer.
For example, it is not uncommon to see ATK Increase Effect from "Increase ATK for 20 second when the battle starts." skill to remain longer than 20 seconds into an Infinite PvP battle.
This is because the effect duration timer will pause for about 6 ~ 10 seconds while Combo Skill is being casted, allowing the effect to remain in the battle longer than the original 20 seconds.
While such feature influences all the effect duration, it is particularly significant toward skills that grant effect when the battle starts because effect duration is influenced by the number of Combo Skill used within the effect duration.
Also, many Heirs filed reports thinking effects remaining longer than its original duration on skill description was a bug.
Therefore, we are currently considering various improvements. Since effect duration is very crucial to the outcome of a battle in Heir of Light, we are looking for some feedback from the community that we can refer to for our future balance adjustment.
There are a total of four proposals. Feedback from the community will aid us greatly with our future adjustments.
1. Allow effect timers to stay active even during Combo Skill so that battle timer and effect timer stays consistent in Infinite PvP.
This will allow skill duration in skill description to stay consistent with Infinite PvP timer. We believe this is the most optimal proposal that allows skill duration description to be intuitive. With no unpredictable change in effect duration, it will become easier to predict effect duration.
However, since current effect duration are balanced without considering the change above, we need to increase duration of important effects in general. Since 30 seconds after the battle starts can be a short amount of time, we might need to adjust it to somewhere around 1 minute, which will also bring major balance changes.
2. Decrease duration of skills that provide effects for n seconds after the battle starts.
Second proposal focuses on making realistic decisions while avoiding making huge changes. There are certain skills of certain servants that feel especially long. While the length of these effects make servants stronger on its own, it also causes difficulty in making strategic decisions because it sometimes becomes impossible to predict when the effect will wear off because of the Combo Skill issue mentioned earlier. We believe decreasing duration of some effects will balance out the current situation.
3. The issue is really not a problem.
If you believe the issue about effect's duration during Combo Skill is not a problem, please vote this option.
4. I am not interested in this vote.
We are hoping to get the most accurate result by making sure participating Heirs are fully aware of this issue. If you are not aware of this issue, or if you think you are irrelevant, please choose this option.
⭕Poll Regarding Infinite PvP Effect Duration:
The change above is a balance change that can influence Potential of some servants. However, we want to let the community know we don't intend on nerfing certain servants through this change. If the change ends up nerfing a certain servant too much, we are even planning on buffing the servant.
🔶2. Light Heylel Balance
The balance for Light Heylel has been done before however, it is still one of the strongest servants in the game.
Many have continued to suggest that Light Heylel needs to be balanced again to create more diverse usage of Healer class servants.
Rebalance Light Heylel would not be welcomed by users who are using Light Heyel and for those who are working tirelessly in the game to reach T10.
Thus, we are trying our best to delay and reject the idea of rebalancing Light Heylel.
However, we do rebalance servants in cases where they must be balanced to bring more diverse usage of servants.
Rebalancing Light Heylel is a sensitive issue and we have been discussing it internally for a long time.
We may not be able to make the "correct" decision regarding Light Heylel thus, we would like to hear everyone's opinion in the survey below.
⭕Light Heylel Nerf Poll:
🔶3. Dark Demian Balance
Similar to Light Heylel, many have suggested a balance for Dark Demian.
Dark Demian has a unique passive where at the start of the battle, she would cast a barrier to her allies for 40 seconds that would prevent the removal of buffs.
However, in the actual PVP, the barrier lasts around 1 minute 30 minutes to 2 minutes 30 seconds which makes it impossible for enemies to remove any buffs.
When Dark Demian is used together with Light Heylel, it creates unstoppable team comp as listed below.
> Prevent Ally buff from being removed.
> Remove debuffs on allies
> Prevent Allies from being debuffed
> Remove buffs on enemies
We thought of many different ways to rebalance Dark Demian and believe that it would be best to reduce the duration of her passive.
We want to hear everyone's opinion regarding the time reduction of Dark Demian's passive.
⭕ Dark Demian Nerf Poll:
We will be conducting 3 different surveys regarding balances.
It will be conducted to all servers and results will be calculated after counting all the votes.
If you have any other suggestions regarding the survey, please feel free to leave a comment.
We are planning to implement the survey result as much as possible, however, please note that the comments we receive will be considered as well.
Please note that the result of the survey and the content of the update may vary slightly.
The Patch schedule may vary due to the content of changes, but we are planning for the balance to occur in August or September.
Thank you.

Dev Note #127: Poll Regarding Servant Balance
Dev Note #127: Poll Regarding Servant Balance
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 3mo

Dev Note #126: 4.5 Update Preview #2

Greetings Heirs,
4.5 Update is around the corner!
For today, we would like to share some details of upcoming package changes.
Let's get t the details!
💥All In One Pack Sale Extension💥
We are trying to extend the All-In-One Pack sale that is currently on the price of $69.99.
We analyzed the data from the beginning of the All-In-One Pack sale until now, it showed a positive outcome.
However, to fully confirm this positive outcome of the data analysis, we believed that we needed more time.
So, we will be extending the All-In-One Pack sale for 1 more month.
Many have expressed that the All-In-One Pack is expensive and feel pressured by it.
It is one of our directions to improve and meet the need of all users which led us to create affordable packs and fun events such as All-In-One Pack Sales, Heir Pass, and Beach Ball Event.
This approach showed positive outcomes thus, we will continue to provide more affordable packs with amazing items to satisfy all Heirs.
If we see a more positive outcome after the All-In-One Pack Sale, we are considering lowering the All-In-One Pack price with a much lower price at $49.99.
Let's aim to permanent the All-In-One Pack at the price of $49.99!
💥Package Sale and Improvement💥
Skill Buns, Potential Enhance Stones, and Potential Change Stones are one of the most valuable items in the game.
They are difficult to obtain and even if you try to purchase them in the shop, they are expensive.
However, in the 4.5 Update, those packages will be improved!
🔹 1. Shop - Sales of Permanent Packages in the Package Tab
The following Packs will be under sale at the price of $9.99!
> Skill Enhance Pack
> Transcendence Aura Pack
> Conversion Pack
> Potential Change Pack
The content of the pack will change due to the reduced price, however, if you compare the current pack with the new sale packs, you will be receiving more main items.
For example, the Skill Enhance pack is $29.99 and has 4 skill buns (Main Item). The new sale Skill Enhance Pack will be $9.99 with 2 skill Buns.
Another example is Transcendence Aura Pack. The Transcendence Aura pack is $29.99 with 160 T.Shards. The new sale Transcendence Aura Pack will be $9.99 with 100 T.Shards.
🔹 2. Sales of Limited Packs
The limited pack, Skill Bun Package, will be under sale and the price will be reduced from $49.99 to $29.99.
Also, the Potential Enhance Pack price will be reduced from $99.99 to $49.99.
The Conversion Stone Pack price will remain the same ($29.99), however, the amount of Conversion Stone will be doubled to 2,000!
We are planning to continue to improve, change, and undergo sales of packages more in the future.
Also, don't forget about the new upcoming content, Corrupted Waterway, that will be updated in the 4.5 update!
Thank you

Dev Note #126: 4.5 Update Preview #2
Dev Note #126: 4.5 Update Preview #2
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 3mo

Dev Note #125: 4.5 Update Preview #1

Greetings Heirs,
Today we will go over some details about 4.5 Update.
Here is the 4.5 Update Preview we shared couple days ago.
4.5 Update Preview:
While sharing some more details from what was already shared above, we will be sharing some details that weren't mentioned on the Preview.
⭕Corrupted Waterway
While Heirs first focus on their favorite Fire/Water/Forest servants, Heirs tend to take interest in Light/Dark servants as they make progress in Heir of Light.
Allowing Heirs to collect & utilize various servants is one of the biggest goal of Heir of Light. With this update, we wanted to promote development of Fire/Water/Forest servants while giving Heirs chance to further Transcend Fire/Water/Forest servants with good rewards.
By adding rewards that include materials for Light/Dark servant development in area 19 & 20, we wanted this content to be serve as a first step for Light/Dark servant development.
We discussed rather we should release Light/Dark version of Corrupted Waterway this update internally. However, due to the content's difficulty, we will be opening Light/Dark Corrupted Way in the future, while releasing only Fire/Water/Forest Corrupted Waterway this update. (Since we will be opening it later, we labeled it "Coming Soon")
⭕New Servant Teresia
We are notifying release of the new servant Teresia much earlier than usual because Teresia's release has a lot of meaning behind it.
Fire/Dark Teresia are Healer class servants that block Caesar's Passive. It's been 6 months since we released Caesar, and Caesar has been a powerful Tank servant for a while. We decided it is time to make sniping servant for Caesar.
Currently Light Heylel is probably the best Healer servant. We believe she is still quite strong even after a nerf. We wanted Dark Teresia to be useful to fight against Light Heylel.
⭕Ignore DEF DPS Servant
We believe some Heirs must be worried that sniping of Caesar will bring another domination of Ignore DEF DPS servant especially because Ignore DEF DPS servants have been performing quite well with Co-Destruction that cancels Caesar's Passive.
The problem with domination of Ignore DEF DPS servants is that since these servants can deal great amount of damage consistently, Tank servants often cannot survive the damage of Ignore DEF DPS servants. Sometimes, Ignore DEF DPS servants successfully take out Tank servants with 2 higher Transcendence.
"Many Heirs from Discord have been bringing up this concern about damage output of Ignore DEF DPS servants, which is why we will be adding Normal Potential such as Ignore DEF damage reduction.
(We are currently testing this Potential, and we believe it will arrive within August. This will allow well developed Tank servants to survive Ignore DEF DPS servants. We wouldn't see this as a direct nerf to Ignore DEF DPS servant.)"
⭕Combo Skill Speed Change
Many Heirs commented that Infinite PvP improved a lot thanks to improved Combo Skill speed in 4.4 Update. We will expand this change to PvP, Global Infinite PvP, Guild War, and Cult Training Ground.
⭕Additional Feedback Reflection
- We have been trying to replenish the Valors spent in Purifying Ground through various ways. While Heirs liked the events, many Heirs wanted to see Valor support through an in-game system rather than events. Therefore, we will be adding Purifying Ground mission to give more Valor. (Once current Beach Ball event ends, we will be bringing back slightly altered version of Purifying Ground Valor event with next Update.
- We finally added Guild Invite function. Through additional Updates regarding Guilds, we are looking forward to see more active Guilds in a long term. We are also looking into ways of supporting community activity of Heirs.
(August Update will have various features such as Guild Level update and Guild Level effect.)
- Opponent's servants' level will display in yellow once they reach max level. This will allow Heirs to know about opponent's Transcendence stage.
That's it for today.
We will have another Dev Note tomorrow so stay tuned.
Thank you

Dev Note #125: 4.5 Update Preview #1
Dev Note #125: 4.5 Update Preview #1
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 3mo

Dev Note #124: 7/6 CDT Update Notice

Greetings Heirs,
Today, we would like to discuss the upcoming update on 7/6 CDT.
The combine is one of the contents that has been loved by Heirs since the opening of the content.
However, due to the requirement to grow material servants to 5★, it was mostly used by the current Heirs rather than new Heirs.
Thus, we decided to reduce and lower the requirements of material servants to combine to allow more range of Heirs to use Combine.
NAT 4 servants, material servants of NAT 5 servants for Combine, can be used as a material at 4★ level 40.
(The awakening requirement will remain same and same requirement will apply for NAT 4 Dark/Light material servants)
Also, NAT 3 servants, material servants of NAT 4 servants for Combine, can be used as material at 3★ level 30.
The new changes for material servants' requirements will apply to Water Heylel Combine as well.
The new NAT 5 servant combine will be Fire Ignis and Water Lucrecia.
(The combine duration will be 7/6 CDT ~ 8/3 CDT and can be combined 1 time per duration)
⭕️Servants required to combine Fire Ignis
> Fire Hern
> Water Usher
> Forest Enoch
> Light Sirucus
⭕️Servants required to combine Water Lucrecia
> Fire Enoch
> Water Father Hopkins
> Forest Koume
> Dark Medjed
(The NAT 4 servants can be combined 3 times per duration)
⭐️Servant Balance
⭕️Light Ignis
The 1st skill which contains the effect to reduce all enemies DEF is a one of a kind skill that's unique to Light Ignis.
However, the 1st skill usage is low and rarely used. So the effect to reduce all enemies DEF will be moved to the Combo Skill.
The 1st skill will have a new effect which will remove 1 enemy buff.
Also, the passive skill will be improved by adding a 40% chance to fill its combo skill by 100% when the battle starts effect.
⭕️Dark Blavatsky
Out of all the Light/Dark Servants, Dark Blavatsky is the only servant that targets Heylel with its passive skill.
However, the 1st skill has DoT damage and stat increase upon transcendence is focused on accuracy.
Also, the passive skill is considered "weak" compared to other servants which are the reason why Dark Blavatsky is not receiving much love as it should.
Thus, the stat increase upon transcendence will be changed to SPD and "Removes 1 buff from all enemies when a Combo Skill lands as Crit Hit" effect will be added to the passive skill.
The team passive will be changed to "ATK of all elements allies increase by 57% at PvP"
(Servants who are similar to Dark Blavatsky, DoT skills and stat increase upon transcendence is focused on accuracy, will also be changed in the future servant balance)
⭐️Guild War Improvement
There was a huge change for the Guild War Passive/Effect in the 4.4 Update.
The changes were regarding the Throne Room and Chapel Effects.
Currently, the Throne Room effect deactivates all potential skills except special potential skill #2.
We deactivated all passive skills which caused many issues including balance issues.
Thus, we decided to make the Throne Room effect the same as the Chapel until we create a new effect.
The Chapel effect is "Immunity to Petrify, Freeze, and Stun" and "Silence" will be added in the upcoming update.
Thus, after the 7/6 CDT update, the Chapel effect will be "Immunity to Petrify, Freeze, Stun, and Silence"
Also, an issue where the Guild War effect would not activate correctly to servants who are revived under certain situations will be resolved.
Many Heirs have voiced and commented that they feel confused with Guild War effects due to frequent changes in effects even though the content is still in the beta stage.
We understand how all Heirs feel but please understand that we are trying our best to test and find the most optimal guild war effects during the beta stage.
Also, please note that the Throne Room effect is planned to be changed to a new effect "Special Potential Skill #4 Deactivated" in the 4.5 update which is planned to be at the end of July.
⭐️Other Improvements
The Abaddon Tower Hell 60 Floor Reward will be changed.
> Previously: Abbadon Tower Hell 60 Floor Reward - Skill Bun x 1
> New: Abbadon Tower Hell 60 Floor Reward - Light/Dark T.Shard x 50
Boss Raid Water Ragna's DEF will be increased and damage based on enemy HP debuff effect will be increased.
Thus, Servants that deal damage based on enemy HP will retain its damage output but damage from other ATK based servants will be reduced.
⭐️Other Bug Fix
We understand that the following issue/bugs were severe issues and we apologize for not resolving them as soon as possible.
> An issue where the last hit of the combo skill of Ifrit equipped with the Avatar would not deal any damage in the Party Raid & Boss Invasion will be resolved.
> An issue where Light Oracle/Spiegel's stun passive would only apply to the target it's attacking rather than all enemies will be resolved.
⭐️End of Summoners War Collaboration Avatar
All summoners war collaboration avatars were available in the shop for purchase even though the collaboration has ended.
Many days have passed since the end of the Collaboration, so we are planning to end and remove Summoners War Collaboration Avatars after the 4.5 update that's planned to the held end of July.
If you did not purchase Summoners War Collaboration Avatars yet and are planning to purchase them, please note that they will not be available for sale after the end of July.
That's all for today's Dev Note
Thank you

Dev Note #124: 7/6 CDT Update Notice
Dev Note #124: 7/6 CDT Update Notice
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 4mo

Dev Note #123: Additional Notice Regarding Heir of Beach Event

Greetings Heirs,
After the update last week, many Heirs have been participating in improved Guild War while making use of the new Decompose system.
On top of that, Heirs have been actively exchanging items through Heir of Beach event.
Many Heirs expressed disappointment about termination of event that gave Heirs 1,000 & 5,000 Valor depending on Purifying Ground completion count.
We wanted Heirs to make use of the new Heir of Beach event that allows Heirs to exchange Beach Ball for Valors to replace Valor supply from Purifying Ground completion event.
However, we are well aware of general Valor shortage Heirs are going through. While Heirs can obtain Valor using Beach Ball, we understand that Heirs are collecting Beach Ball for other rewards in the event as well.
To address this issue, we will be making two changes below.
First, Beach Ball drop rate from Purifying Ground will be increased from 3.3% to 5%.
To better replace the previous event that gave Valor according to Purifying Ground completion, we will be increasing drop rate of Beach Ball in Purifying Ground.
This will allow Heirs to obtain about 100 to 140 more Beach Balls per day from Purifying Ground. We hope that this change will help Heirs obtain Valor or rewards they want.
Second, Heirs can now obtain Beach Ball from Cult Training Ground.
We noticed that some Heirs are having difficulty obtaining Beach Ball from Infinite PvP content due to its natural difficulty. To allow more Heirs to obtain Beach Ball, Cult Training Ground will start dropping Beach Ball.
Many Heirs suggested allowing Heirs to obtain Beach Ball from other contents such as Secret Dungeon, Mass Invasion, or Party Raid.
When we prepare an event, drop rate of event items are implemented after careful review of various factors such as balance between different events.
While we won't be able to make immediate change to the current event, we will make sure to consider various suggestions that Heirs made when we plan the next event.
We will try to make changes above as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Dev Note #123: Additional Notice Regarding Heir of Beach Event
Dev Note #123: Additional Notice Regarding Heir of Beach Event
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
LV.17 GameManager 4mo

Dev Note #122: Pack Discount Poll Result & 4.4 Update Additional Notice

Greetings Heirs,
Today we will discuss details on Pack Discount and other improvements that will take place in 4.4 Update.
⭐️All-in-One Pack Discount
Many Heirs have been suggesting discount on All-in-One Pack. We also thought it would be better if more Heirs get to enjoy All-in-One pack with lower price.
However, we were hesitant to actually implement discount because we were not confident that lower price would lead to sufficient increase in number of Heirs that purchase All-in-One pack.
With 4.4 Update on June 22nd, we will be putting All-in-One Pack on discount for a full month. The price will change from $89.99 to $69.99. (This price is based on Google.) We will consider implementing this discount permanently after observing the performance of the pack.
⭐️Usage of Specific Servant Skill Bun & Craft Materials
We have been getting requests to add more usages for Skill Buns of specific servants and Craft Materials in general.
It took us some time to determine how to deal with leftover Skill Buns of a specific servant when the development of the servant is already complete.
Heirs will be able to craft one Skill Bun Shard using one Skill Bun of a specific servant.
We will be adding more usages for Craft Materials by adding a new event in 4.4 Update that utilizes Craft Materials. Please check out the details about this new event below.
⭐️New Drop Event
This is the first time introducing this event to Heirs. With this Update, we will be removing Ticket Use Reward to replace it with Item Drop Event that further utilizes existing contents. (Currency Use Reward will remain.) Drop Event will start immediately after 4.4 Update. Heirs have chance of obtaining Event Item through drop by playing basic contents of Heir of Light such as Explore/Gear Dungeon/Purifying Ground/Infinite PvP. Please check out the details of drop location and drop rate on the event page!
Heirs will be able to exchange the drop items for Rainbow Stone, T.Shard, L/D ★5 Summon Stone and many other rewards. If you do not have enough event drop item to get the item you want, you will be able to use Craft Materials (Ember, Ice Crystal, Kindling) to purchase event drop item.
⭐️Decompose System Added
Decompose System will be added to Heir of Light in 4.4 Update. Here are some details of Decompose System
1. Heirs will receive T.Shard equivalent to 50% of Transcendence EXP used on the decomposed servant.
2. Heirs will receive 50% of Rainbow Stone, Magic/Element Stone, and Potential Enhance Stone used on the servant.
3. Heirs will have "Premium Decompose" option. By spending certain amount of Karat, Heirs can obtain additional 10% worth of T.Shard, Rainbow Stone, Magic/Element Stone, and Potential Enhance Stone.
4. Heirs can Decompose once a week.
⭐️Additional Reflected Suggestions
1. Heirs can now select Additional Reward of All-in-One Pack.
Many Heirs have been expressing their concerns about changing 20 Rainbow Stone reward from All-in-One pack to Bond Ticket. Understanding that different Heirs have different needs, we will be providing an option to select the additional reward.
Heirs can now select their additional reward between a Bond Ticket and 20 Rainbow Stones from Bonus Chest that they receive in their Mailbox when they purchase All-in-One pack.
2. We will be adding Auto Gear Sell Function for Consecutive Battle in Sanctuary.
It was quite annoying to see all those useless Gears stacking in the Gear Inventory when you clear new Sanctuary stages using Consecutive Battle, wasn't it?
Consecutive Battle will be selling Gears automatically in Sanctuary stages only.
If you want the Gear, we advise using regular Battle instead of Consecutive Battle.
3. New Items Added to Black Market
We will be adding EXP Bun for each element, Lv 30 & Lv 40 Evolve Bun, and Rainbow Stone to Black Market.
Main purpose of this is to assist Heirs with servant development in early game.
We believe Heirs that check out Black Market regularly will find this change beneficial.
Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comment below.
Thank you.

Dev Note #122: Pack Discount Poll Result & 4.4 Update Additional Notice
Dev Note #122: Pack Discount Poll Result & 4.4 Update Additional Notice
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 4mo

Dev Note #121: 4.4 Update Preview & Future Update Notice

Greetings Heirs,
Today we will share some details about 4.4 Update that will take place towards the end of June.
⭐️4.4 Update Details (Expected end of June)
⭕Regarding Guild War
It’s been around 2 months since we launched Guild War beta on April 20th. Our initial plan was to hold 1 ~ 2 months long beta period to collect data. However, we decided to extend the beta period as we felt the need to improve Guild Wars in general and collect more data.
We will continue to improve Guild War with future updates. Below are some updated details about Guild War changes that will take place in 4.4 Update.
⭕Guild War Shop Open
As we mentioned in a previous Dev Note, we will be adding new items that Heirs can purchase with Guild War Points. Heirs will be able to purchase Light/Dark Bastille Shard, T.Shard, Valor, ★3~5 Summon Stone and so on. Guild War Points that Heirs obtained previously will be reset upon opening Guild War Shop. (While many Heirs asked for compensation regarding Guild War Points, we decided that we need to simply remove previous Guild War Points as there will be a major balance patch. We hope the community understands.)
Usually the update takes place on Monday CDT, so please make sure to claim Guild War Rank Reward for Sunday before the update. Please note that you won’t be able to claim Rank Reward (Including Karats) if you don’t claim the rank reward before the update.
⭕Guild Purifying Ground
> To encourage participation of Guild War, Guild Members that didn’t participate in Guild War won’t be able to use Guild Purifying Ground.
> We determined that it is too easy to farm for servants with low transcendence in Guild Purifying Ground. Current 2 Transcendence limit will be increased to 3 Transcendence.
> We noticed that many Heirs are suffering Valor shortage as we added Guild Purifying G round. Valor cost of Purification will be decreased from 4 to 2.
⭕Guild War Relation Effect Transcendence Limit Added
Relation Effect Activation Limit based on Transcendence difference that was implemented in PvP content will also be applied in Guild War. (Sniping Relation Effect won’t activate if the Transcendence difference is three and above.)
⭕Light/Dark Bastille Added
We are trying to provide more opportunities to use servants that are not used in PvP contents. This is why we designed Light/Dark Bastille that specializes in Guild Contents.
Light & Dark Bastille has passive that specializes in Guild content. They will be very powerful in Guild War.
⭕Guild War Added to Servant Statistics
Currently, we provide information of which servants are useful in certain contents, and which gear sets are viable for certain servants through servant statistics. We will be adding statistics of Guild War Throne Room, Chapel, and Tower starting 4.4 Update so that Heirs can find out which servant is useful in Guild War.
⭕Region Passive Change Notice
We implemented a Guild War Passive in Guild War so that servants that are neglected in PvP contents can also find their place in Guild War. Currently, there are separate Passive for Throne Room, Chapel, and Tower on top of AoE damage Reduction Passive that applies in all battlefields.
To test more variety of Passives, we will be changing the Passive as below.
We will be testing it out the changes above in a Live environment after the update. Please note that these are subject to changes in future update. Please feel free to leave any feedbacks about Guild War after the update.
⭕Change to Guild War Point Balance upon Clear
Currently, Heirs gain different Victory Point in the Throne Room, Chapel, and Tower depending on the number of clear stars. This allows Heirs to gain more Victory Points by winning against stronger opponents.
However, we noticed that Heirs have been obtaining plenty Victory Points by winning even in Tower since the Victory Point difference between different stages are quite small. With this update, Heirs will be able to gain more Victory Points by winning in the Throne Room.
Before 4.4 Update
After 4.4 Update
⭕DEF Team Placement Schedule Change for Guild Master
Currently, DEF Team Placement takes place between 00:00 ~ 11:00 Wednesday and Sunday. We have been getting feedbacks that Guild Masters are not getting enough time to place DEF Team.
We determined Guild Members are getting relatively enough time for DEF Team management. Therefore, starting 4.4 Update, DEF Team Management will take place until 18:00 the day before Guild War, and DEF Team placement will take place from 18:00 of the day before Guild War to 11:00 of the day of Guild War.
⭕Guild War Matching Standard Changed
With the update on June 8th, we expanded Guild War Matching range so that Heirs face the same guild less than before. With 4.4 Update, we will be changing the Guild War matching system so that Heirs don’t get matched up with the same Guild consecutively.
⭐️Cool Down after Active Skill Reduced
Servants are prevented from using another skill for 5 seconds after using a skill. With general increase of SPD stat for servants, servants were able to refill Skill Gauge of Combo Skills during this 5 second cool down, preventing servants from using Active Skill since usage of Combo Skill is prioritized. This led Heirs to only focus on performance of Combo Skills, neglecting some very useful Active Skills.
With 4.4 Update, Cooldown after using Active Skill will be decreased from 5 seconds to 2 seconds so that Heirs can utilize different skills. (Cooldown after using Combo skill will remain 5 seconds. Heirs won’t be able to use any active skill for 5 seconds after using Combo Skill.)
We believe that this change will impact servant balance to certain degree. We will review the impact closely after the update for any necessary changes.
⭐️Community Module Removed
Currently Heir of Light supports Moot module in-game. However, we decided to remove this module not only because it was rarely used but also because it can damage the stability of the game.Heirs can still visit Moot through Banner or Options just like before even after we remove the module.
⭐️After 4.5 Update
⭕Removing Tower Invasion
We have been maintaining Beta stage of Tower Invasion for two years since the launch of Heir of Light. Heirs have been showing constant love for Tower Invasion.
However, due to low participation in Tower Invasion, we decided to remove Tower Invasion instead of making additional changes.
Therefore, we will be removing Tower Invasion with 4.5 Update. Heirs will no longer be obtaining servant shard by defeating an opponent. Rank Reward will be included in new contents in the future.
Also, we will be returning 100% of the Honor Points spent on Interior.
It was a difficult decision for us to remove the content that we worked so hard on. However, we determined that we must replace unpopular contents with new contents not only to provide better experiences but also to reduce stress of clearing different contents daily. While we understand the disappointment, we hope that the community understands.
Thank you.

Dev Note #121: 4.4 Update Preview & Future Update Notice +3
Dev Note #121: 4.4 Update Preview & Future Update Notice
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 4mo

Dev Note #120: Dismantle Poll Result and Future Direction

Greetings Heirs,
Today, we will share details of Dismantle system.
We have been seeing various reactions to Dismantle system. Some were simply excited to see Dismantle function in game. Others were hoping for higher ratio of return upon using Dismantle.
For now, we decided to implement 50% return for Dismantle with option to receive 10% additional T.Shard upon using Karats based on the Poll result.
While we understand Heirs would prefer higher ratio of return, we are very careful about increasing the ratio because Dismantle results in T.Shard that can be used in different servants. We hope that the community understands that we must consider the lifespan of Heir of Light.
One good news about Dismantle is that we are discussing the possibility of returning following resources that Heirs are constantly short on: Element Stones, Rainbow Stones, and Potential Enhance Stones.
Additionally, Heirs will be able to Dismantle servants starting from 1 Transcendence, and we are considering returning all of remaining EXP.
(For example, if you have a servant with 1 Transcendence by enhancing a level 60 servant with a duplicate servant, you will receive T.Shard of that one duplicate servant (500/2 =250 shards) and have level 60 servant remaining.)
Please check out the table below.
Unfortunately, with the suggested plan above, we believe we will need to limit number of Dismantle in a specific time period.
Being aware of the community's excitement about Dismantle, we are adjusting our development plan & working hard to deliver Dismantle function as soon as possible. We will continue our effort to expand Heir of Light in the direction that the community wants.
That's it for today, and please feel free to leave question below.
Thank you.

Dev Note #120: Dismantle Poll Result and Future Direction +1
Dev Note #120: Dismantle Poll Result and Future Direction
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 4mo

Dev Note #119: June 8th Update Preview

Greetings Heirs,
Today, we are here to share details of update that will take place on June 8th
In the previous update, we conducted a poll to determine the next Combine servant. We also held an event where Heirs can combine servant twice.
For this update, we picked servants that are not only used frequently but also used from the early stage of gameplay.
We believe this combine will greatly help Heirs since Heirs can transcend 0 Transcendence servant twice and still have 200 additional Transcendence Exp left for 3rd Transcendence.
Water Mildred and Forest [A] Sphinx will be part of the new servant combine.
(Combine above will be available until July 5th. Servants can be combined once during the event period.)
Heirs need following ★4 servants and ★3 L/D servants to combine Water Mildred
> Fire Mary
> Water Laura
> Forest Charlotte
> Light Nutkin
Heirs need following ★4 servants and ★3 L/D servants to combine Forest [A] Sphinx
> Fire Charlotte
> Water Rakshasa
> Forest Usher
> Dark Moira
(★4 servants can be combined three times during the event period.)
Normal Potential Buff
Many Heirs have been suggesting over-performance of Freeze and Shield. We are also looking into the issue to find a better balance. While we are also considering direct nerf of servants, we believe that we can solve this issue through Potential to a certain degree. Therefore, we will be buffing some Normal Potentials.
We believe this buff will be more meaningful especially with Normal Potential lock function that made it easier for Heirs to obtain the Potentials they want.
Increase Freeze Resist Rate in PvP by n%: Resist Rate will increase by 40% instead of 25% at Lv 20.
Increases enemy shield ignore rate upon attack by n%: Shield Ignore rate upon attack will increase by 30% instead of 15% at Lv 20.
Additionally, we will be bringing back "Increase stun resist rate by n% in PvP" Potential in 4.4 Update.
Purifying Ground Light/Dark Servant Purification Speed & Drop Rate Improvement
We recently got an inquiry about different Purification Speed between Light/Dark servants.
Light/Dark servants are categorized into two groups when we calculate Purification Speed: farmable servants and non-farmable servants. Two groups had the same drop rate. However, as some non-farmable servants became farmable with Sanctuary expansion in 4.3 Update, we adjusted the Purification Speed of these two groups.
Ultimately, Purification Speed of Light/Dark servants in Purifying Ground increased by 5% ~ 40%, while the drop rate increased by 35%. (Heirs will see an increase in Purification Speed for servants with lower Growth Score, and Heirs will also see an increase in Purification Speed for non-farmable servants with higher Growth Score.)
Since Drop Rate improved as Valor per purification remained the same, shard acquisition per purification will be increased. While Purification Speed increased, shard obtained per given time will be increased with increased drop rate.
The table below shows changes for Light/Dark 5 Transcendence with Growth Score Sum 330,000
As you can see, Purification Speed increased while Purification per given time decreased. Therefore, Heirs have to be less stressed about restarting Purifying Ground now that Purification takes longer.
Shard acquisition per given time increased as we increased the drop rate to compensate for a decrease in the number of purification per given time. Valor consumption also remains the same, further decreasing the stress of Valor consumption.
With this patch, we expect Heirs to be less stressed about restarting Purifying Ground in the middle of the night. We also expect to see an increase in shard acquisition and a decrease in valor consumption.
We are also solving the issue where Heirs acquired fewer shards for farmable servants than non-farmable servants in Purifying Ground when Growth Score is extremely high.
Fuse & Craft Improvement
Many new & F2P Heirs use Fuse function to acquire Nat ★5 servants. We will be improving Fuse to provide more opportunities for new Heirs to acquire Nat ★5 servants.
1. Currently, Fusing ★5 servants require one Supreme Element Stone. We will be changing this to 5 Greater Element Stones to make Fuse easier. (Heirs can exchange one Supreme Element Stone for 10 Great Element Stones from Craft. Please make use of Craft function to convert Supreme Element Stone to Greater Element Stones if you don't have sufficient Greater Element Stone.)
2. 10 limits per month on Crafting ★3-5 Summon Stone with Fire/Water/Forest Common Soul Crystal will be increased to 50 limits per month so that Heirs can acquire more ★3-5 Summon Stones.
Guild War Improvement
We are trying to attempt as many methods as possible before the beta ends.
We will share details that will change with the update on June 8th.
⭕Guild War Matching Standard Change
Currently, Guild War matched Guilds with up to 5 Rank differences. This will be changed to 7 Rank Differences to prevent the same Guilds from running into each other.
(Many Heirs have been asking for a change that prevents Guilds from getting matched with the same Guild they just went against. This change will take place in 4.4 Update. We believe that issues with consecutive defeat by going against Top Guild multiple times will be resolved once all the changes arrive.)
⭕Guild War AoE Damage Reduction Increased
In Guild War, many Potential or various rules that applied in PvP are applied differently. We wanted to cultivate an environment that is different from PvP to encourage the development of various servants. We also expected servants neglected in PvP to find their spot in Guild War.
One method we are using to achieve this is AoE Damage Reduction Passive. With this update, AoE Damage Reduction of 50% will be increased to 80%.
(Different Passive Effect for different regions will also be adjusted with 4.4 Update. Details will be shared in future Dev Note. Since this could be a very sensitive topic influencing the meta, we could go through a beta period for further adjustment rather than bringing permanent change immediately.)
⭕Guild War Improvement Summary from Previous Dev Note
Here are some finalized details from previous Dev Note. Please note that the change will happen in 4.4 Update not the update on June 8th.
> Excessive Impact of # of Participating Members in Guild War
- While we considered lowering the impact of # of participating members in Guild War, many Heirs suggested maintaining the current system. We will be keeping the current system.
> Access to Guild Purifying Ground for Guild Members that didn't participate in Guild War for winning Guild.
- Guild Masters had a different opinion about this issue. While there were suggestions on giving individual choice to Guild Masters, we thought it was inappropriate to give Guild Master such choice because it may cause dissatisfaction among Guild Members toward Guild Master. Therefore, Guild Members that don't participate in Guild War will not have access to Guild Purifying Ground starting 4.4 Update. We will bring additional changes if necessary.
> Guild War Point Reward
- Currently, Guild War reward is only evaluated with Guild Purifying Ground since Guild War point doesn't have any usage. Guild War Point Shop will open in 4.4 Update, and Heirs will be able to purchase T.Shards and Light/Dark Bastille Shards that will be useful in Guild War.
All Guild War Points will be reset with additional of Guild War Point Shop. Guild War Point for Victory/Defeat and Participation will be adjusted. Please note that Heirs will now gain more Guild War Point if they lose against Guild with high rank.
That is it for today.
Thank you.

Dev Note #119: June 8th Update Preview +1
Dev Note #119: June 8th Update Preview
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 5mo

Dev Note #118: Pack Discount! What is your choice?

Greetings Heirs,
Today, we are here to share news of Pack Discount Event to Heirs.
Recently, we have been getting a lot of inquiries about Pack discounts. Among the inquiries, we have been getting most inquiries about All-in-One Pack and Instant Awaken Pack discount.
Therefore, we are planning on holding Pack Discount Event. While we do not have details such as when we are planning on starting the event, we will be implementing the discount with the most vote. Please cast your vote in the poll below!
(Depending on how this event performs, we will try our best to maintain the price with discount.)
*Please note that we are planning on holding the event for about a month. Also, Heirs who purchase the Pack before the start of the event will be able to purchase the Pack again with the event.
*We are discussing results of previous Dismantle System poll. More details will be shared with future Dev Note.
Thank you.

Dev Note #118: Pack Discount! What is your choice?
Dev Note #118: Pack Discount! What is your choice?
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 5mo

Dev Note #117: 4.3 Update Preview Part #2: Sanctuary Expansion & Additional Updates

Greetings Heirs,
Today, we will go over Sanctuary Expansion and other additional changes.
Sanctuary Expansion
About a year and a half ago, we added new Sanctuary stages to provide more PvE contents for Heirs. Heirs have been showing their love for Sanctuary stages not only because of the challenge but also because of the fact that Heirs could farm new servants from Sanctuary stages.
Many Heirs have been asking for main stage expansion. As we also agree that it is an appropriate time to add new challenges and shard farming contents, we will be bringing expansion to our main stages.
Currently, main stages in Heir of Light are consisted of Explore and Sanctuary.
Rather than creating a completely new region in addition to Explore and Sanctuary stages, we will be improving & expanding original Sanctuary stages.
Here are some major changes following Sanctuary Expansion.
1. Sanctuary regions that were divided based on elements will be combined to one. It will be easier for Heirs to travel between Explore & Sanctuary stages with a single portal.
2. New servants that were previously unavailable as boss will be joining as boss in new stages. (All new servants up to Demian will be participating as boss in new stages. Collaboration servants are excluded.)
New Boss Servants: Demian, Nuu, Caesar, Aria, Mildred, Christine, Ignis, Lucrecia, [A] Sphinx, Ezebell
3. Each element will have 12 tiles (60 tiles total), which means Heirs will be getting 420 new stages. It will be difficult to clear the very last stage unless Heirs have well developed team of 9th~10th Transcendence servants.
4. All bosses will be dropping their own shards. Stages will become more and more difficult as Heirs progress on with the stages, and drop rate will be increased accordingly. Since all bosses will be dropping Shards, distinction between farmable and non-farmable servants will become meaningless. Instead, servants have different Transcendence EXP requirement & performance based on shard drop rate. Shard drop rate of originally non-farmable servants will be significantly lower than shard drop rate of originally farmable servants. We believe that shard farming of originally non-farmable servants at expanded Sanctuary stages will not be very efficient. Heirs will be able to farm greater amount of shard for originally farmable servants from new stages according to their difficulty.
(There won't be any change to required Transcendence EXP. Therefore, regardless of the servant, Heirs will be able to collect Transcendence EXP faster than before. Also, there won't be any change to stats of farmable servants due to drop rate difference.)
5. Along with Sanctuary expansion, Battle itself in Sanctuary stages will be revamped as below:
We added 3 minutes time limit to make the battle more intense. Also, Heirs will have to work on overall servants' progression since boss will "Rage" if a servant didn't reach certain Growth Score.
We also received a lot of feedbacks about excessively long battle against Tank & Healer servants. We will be balancing servants of these classes in stages so that even Tank & Healer servants, and not just DPS servants, can be farmed easily.
6. As we expanded Sanctuary stages, Star Reward will be expanded to Lv. 30. Also, we will be expanding our Quest to Chapter 13. Since these Star Rewards and Quests are rather difficult to complete, we tried to prepare worthy rewards. Please check out the details of rewards below.
⭕Star Rewards:
⭕Quest Rewards:
We believe that some Heirs will find this change disappointing as we already promised earlier that we are not considering additional bosses in main stages. We apologize for the disappointment. However, we believe this is the right change for Heir of Light not only because many Heirs asked for it but also because availability of shard farming changed a lot with addition of Purifying Ground.
We hope that Heirs will have fun time challenging new stages and claiming rewards they deserve.
Relation Effect Limit Based on Transcendence Level
Sniping Relation Effect will no longer be activated if Transcendence difference is 3 or higher. Heirs with 10th Transcendence servants expressed disappointment about 7th Transcendence servants sniping their servants since Transcendence becomes extremely difficult towards the end. Therefore, sniping Relation Effect will activate against servants with up to 2 Transcendence difference. Sniping Relation Effect will no longer apply for 3 or more Transcendence difference. While there were discussions about making the limit even more strict, we decided to that 2 Transcendence difference limit is appropriate.
Summoners War Collaboration Termination
Summoners War Collaboration will be ending with Update on May 25th. Heirs will no longer be able to obtain Ifrit or Oracle. However, Heirs will be able to craft Transcendence Bun of these servants after Collaboration is over. While we do not have any Collaboration planned, please feel free to share your idea if you have any games, movies, or comics that you would like to see Heir of Light collaborating with.
Guild Battle Improvement
It's been almost 4 weeks since the launch of Guild Battle. We will be bringing following changes to Guild Battle with this update.
> You can check detailed information of enemy Guild member.
> We improved Victory/Defeat Reward & Participation Reward presentation in Guild War Reward UI.
> Battle timer will continue during Combo Skill in Guild Battle.
> We improved Guild War Badge Acquisition graph display.
> We improved display of Guild War special effects.
Here are some issues we are reviewing for Guild War. While it will not be implemented with this patch, we wanted to share the idea with Heirs in advance.
> Getting matched with same team twice in a row (Matching issue.)
> Unimpressive Significance of disabling Co-Destruction
> Excessive Significance of # of participating Guild Members in the result of Guild War
> Ability of Guild Members that didn't participate in Guild War to use Guild Purifying Ground
> Usage of Guild War Points. (Guild War Point Shop)
> Guild War Point Balance
> Additional feedbacks from community
> Transcendence Requirement of Guild Purifying Ground.
That's it for today and feel free to leave comments below.
Thank you.

Dev Note #117: 4.3 Update Preview Part #2:  Sanctuary Expansion & Additional Updates +4
Dev Note #117: 4.3 Update Preview Part #2: Sanctuary Expansion & Additional Updates
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 5mo

Dev Note #116: Dismantle System Poll

Greetings Heirs,
We hope all our Heirs are staying safe during COVID-19 pandemic.
We have been working hard preparing for new Sanctuary Expansion & Bond System.
In today's Dev Note, we want to ask for our Heirs' opinion about new "Dismantle" system that we are looking into.
We have been getting requests to add "Dismantle" system for some time. We are also quite optimistic about implementing new Dismantle system. While it will be difficult to implement such system immediately, we wanted to share this news with Heirs and use this Dev Note to compile opinions from Heirs.
Please participate in the poll below! If you have thoughts, please feel free to leave comments below.
1. Get 50% of Transcendence EXP in form of T.Shard regardless of Transcendence stage. (Free) (No option to use Karats.)
2. On top of the option above of receiving 50% for free, add an option to receive 10% additional T.Shard upon using Karats.
3. We don't need Dismantle system right now.
<Note> Regarding the Option 2 of giving choice to use Karats for additional return, we are considering the pricing below. (Price and Shard Return are subject to change.)
That's it for today, and we hope that Heirs are excited about the new upcoming Bond System.
Thank you.

Dev Note #116: Dismantle System Poll +3
Dev Note #116: Dismantle System Poll
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 5mo

Dev Note #115: 4.3 Update Preview Part #1: Bond System & Potential Improvement

Greetings Heirs,
Today we will go over some changes that will be made in 4.3 Update, which is scheduled for May 25th.
We believe many Heirs will be happy to see some changes in 4.3 Update.
We will go over more details in two additional Dev Note next week.
Bond Effect
After Transcendence expansion, it is taking quite a lot of time and effort to develop even a single servant. This became an issue because Transcendence Expansion forced Heirs to focus on one servant rather than exploring various servants. It also made it difficult for Heirs to make use of other less developed servants if they have one servant with high transcendence that stands out.
Therefore, we are adding Bond Effect to solve this problem.
Bond Effect allows Heir to connect his/her main servant with sub servants if the Heir's main servant is developed to certain point.
Once a main servant and a sub servant form a Bond Effect, sub servant will inherit Transcendence, Awaken, Potential, and Skill Level of main servant.
Following are conditions to become a main servant.
> 7th Transcendence or higher.
> 5th Awaken
> All Potentials must be unlocked. All Potentials also must be level 20.
> All Skill Level enhanced.
Following are conditions to become sub servant
> 5th Transcendence or higher
> Same class as the main servant. (DPS/Tank/Healer/Support)
> Same element as the main servant
> Lower Transcendence than the main servant.
For example, let's say an Heir has a Water Christine with 9th Transcendence. However, the Heir wants to use Water Mildred instead since Ignore-DEF DPS servants are not so popular in PvP. In this case, if the Heir transcend Water Mildred to 5th Transcendence and form Bond Effect, Water Mildred will be ready to participate in PvP immediately with 9th Transcendence, 5th Awaken, Full Potential, and full Skill level.
Similarly, if an Heir was using Fire Lucrecia as the main Tank servant, the Heir can form Bond Effect between Fire Lucrecia and Fire Caesar to use Fire Caesar immediately.
Until now, there were many cases where a servant that Heirs invested on became completely useless with the change of meta or emergence of a stronger servant.
With the new Bond Effect, Heirs can use the one servant they heavily invested on to try out other servants.
We believe that this change will not only allow Heirs to try out various servants, but also solve the issue of certain servants that Heirs already invested on completely losing value. If Heirs can try out various servants, this will also help us to balance out the servants in Heir of Light.
Here are some additional information about Bond Effect.
1. You need Bond Effect Ticket to form Bond Effect.
2. Bond Effect Ticket can be purchased from the shop with IAP or Karats. Also, Rainbow Stone from All-in-One Package will be changed to Bond Effect Ticket. Plus, Bond Effect Ticket will be part of June Mission Pack. (We are planning on giving out Bond Effect Ticket as Update Reward also.)
3. Bond Effect will last for 30 days. Once Bond Effect is disabled, sub servant will be reverted back to its original state. You can use Bond Effect Ticket to extend Bond Effect duration.
4. Potential of sub servant in Bond Effect can be changed for free. You can re-roll the Potential until you have the Potential you want.
5. You cannot use both main and sub servants forming Bond Effect in the same battle.
6. Up to 4 servants can form Bond Effect.
Potential Change Improvement
While Potentials are powerful, it is very difficult to get the Potential Heirs want because because there are various resources involved in Potential. For example, you need Rainbow Stone to unlock Potential, Potential Enhance Stone to enhance Potential, and Potential Change Stone to change Potential.
Many Heirs have been submitting suggestions for Potential Change. While it took some time to sort out the details, we were finally able to make some changes to Potential Change.
⭕Normal Potential Change Lock Function
In Normal Potential, Potential # 2~5 get 2~3 lines of Potentials. For Potential #3, there will be three lines of Potentials. Since changing Potential changes all three Potentials, it is difficult to get the Potential Heirs want in all three lines.
With upcoming improvement, Heirs can now lock the Potential they want. Locked Potentials will be excluded when Heirs change their Potential.
Number of Potential Stone usage increases based on number of locked Potentials.
Locking 1 line of Potential will consume 2 Potential Change Stones.
Locking 2 lines of Potential will consume 4 Potential Change Stones.
⭕Special Potential Select Function
When Heirs re-roll Potential #3 & Potential #4, the previous Potential automatically disappears, giving Heirs chance to end up with worse Potential than before. Through this improvement, Heirs will have a choice between old & new Potential.
We believe this Potential Change improvement will make it much less stressful for Heirs to obtain the Potential they want.
Currently, we have Boss Invasion Clear Mission Event in progress. We want to remind Heirs that it will be a lot easier to obtain the Potentials Heirs want if Heirs change Potential AFTER the Update.
Guild Dungeon Improvement
Currently bosses that Heirs encounter in Guild Dungeons are very easy. Therefore, we are buffing the level of Guild Dungeon bosses in order to make Guild Dungeon more challenging.
Since Guild Dungeon is becoming harder, we are also improving Guild Dungeon rewards. We have significantly improved the amount of Guild Points that Heirs receive for each rank. We are also improving the amount of reward that Heirs in a guild with lower rank are receiving so that even casual guilds with smaller number of guild members can receive appropriate amount of reward.
That's it for today.
In the next Dev Note, we will cover Sanctuary expansion and additional changes.
There are a lot of changes coming with this update. If you leave any question in the comment, we will try to answer the question in the next Dev Note.
Thank you.

Dev Note #115: 4.3 Update Preview Part #1: Bond System & Potential Improvement +3
Dev Note #115: 4.3 Update Preview Part #1: Bond System & Potential Improvement
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 5mo

Dev Note #114: 5/11 Update Preview #1 & Suggestion Notice

Greetings Heirs,
Recently, we have been receiving many suggestions from the community.
We shared our feedback about those suggestions that they will be reviewed instead of implementing them due to conflicting issues.
We are trying our best to implement frequently voiced suggestions after undergoing internal reviews.
However, we would like to share some reasons why implementing those suggestions are so difficult.
Today, we will talk about a few topics.
The Lack of Elemental Stones
The common suggestions from the community:
"The amount of Elemental stones provided through the game is possible to fully awaken 1 servant.
However, it is impossible and the game does not provide enough awakening stones to fully awaken a team of 4 servants in the same element.
It will require a long period of time to fully awaken them without making any purchases. "
I have a lot of elemental stones however it's not for the servant that I'm currently focusing on. It would be very helpful if there is a way to exchange elemental stones into different elements.
"The Awakening Material Dungeon floor 11 and 12 are needed to obtain Supreme Elemental Stones, however, those floors are a huge wall to the new users.
It would be great if there are alternate ways to obtain Supreme Elemental Stones"
"I have saved up a lot of Supreme Elemental Stones however, with the release of a new servant, I lack greater elemental stones to awaken the new servant.
It would be great if there is a way to exchange Supreme Elemental Stones into Greater Elemental Stones."
Until now, we have limited ways you can obtain elemental stones due to the balance.
The awakening provides huge efficiency in growth thus, we set the speed of reaching 5th Awakening to be on par with reaching 5th Transcendence and skill enhancements.
However, after the revamp of Transcendence made it easier to reach 5th Transcendence.
So we decided to support everyone with awakening by implementing some of the suggestions that many have suggested.
Changes are listed below
⭕1. New elemental Craft
Elemental Exchange for Supreme Elemental Stone will be added to the Craft to allow users to focus and speed on awakening their main team.
Supreme Elemental Stone to Greater Elemental Stone exchange will be added to resolve the lack of Greater Elemental Stones.
⭕2. Elemental Stones have been added to the shop for those who wish to speed up the time in obtaining Greater Elemental Stones.
The Greater Elemental Stones will be available in the shop to be purchased with Karats.
(For those who are having a difficult time clearing Awakening Dungeon 11th and 12th floor, please note that Greater Elemental Stones purchased from the Shop can be used to craft Supreme Elemental Stones)
The following changes listed above will be implemented into the game on 5/11 and will last until mid-July as an Event.
We will be analyzing data during the duration and will officially implement them after a thorough review.
New Craft and Shop Items
Recently, we have received a suggestion from the community regarding the usage of other in-game currencies.
"The current users need content or ways to use up other in-game currencies that are just stored away.
Also, new users need more support or ways to help grow their servants."
We agree that there needs a way for users to use up their in-game currencies that are just being stored away.
Also, there must be a way to relieve the wall that new users face as they progress in the game.
We are trying to review and debate internally to resolve these issues one by one.
Thus, in the 5/11 Update, we will be added new items to craft and Shop.
Items that require Fire/Water/Forest Soul Stone and Materials from the Sanctuary will be added to Craft to increase the value of materials and to provide support in growing servants.
Also, Instant Evolve and Instant Awaken will be added to the Shop.
Detailed information is listed below
⭕To help new Heirs' servant development, Heirs will be able to craft Instant 6★ Evolve using Common Soul Crystal
⭕It was difficult to obtain Rainbow Stone that was required to unlock Potential because most contents that drop Rainbow Stone were late game contents. Heirs will be able to craft Rainbow Stone using Common Soul Crystal.
⭕For new Heirs, we will be adding Instant 6★ Evolve in Honor Shop.
⭕We will also add Instant 6★ Evolve, Instant Awaken, and Rainbow Stone to Special Shop
Limited Packs Valor Buff (Expected Date: May 11th)
Since we removed 150 Repeat Battle perk from various Limited Packs in 4.2 Update, many Heirs have been commenting on value of Daily Karat Pack. We decided to increase value of various packs excluding All-in-One Pack. (Heirs who already purchased these packs will receive adjusted Valor starting May 11th.)
Fire/Water/Forest ★3~5 Summon Stone Guaranteed Summon Implemented (Expected Date: May 11th)
Currently, guaranteed ★5 Summon for every 50 summons is not implemented for Fire/Water/Forest ★3~5 Summon Stone because Fire/Water/Forest ★3~5 Summon Stones are classified as in-game items obtained through gameplay or events rather than items obtained through purchase. Heirs have been suggesting that guaranteed ★5 Summon should be implemented for all Summon Stones. Therefore, we will be adding guaranteed summon for summon stones that are not acquired through purchase. (If you have plan of using Fire/Water/Forest Summon Stones, we strongly recommend waiting for the next Update.)
Valor Shortage Issue
Since we launched Guild War and added Guild Sanctuary to Purifying Ground, many Heirs have been commenting on Valor shortage issue once again.
As we mentioned multiple times before, Valor used in Purifying Ground directly translates into servant shard, which means Heirs can obtain servant shards simply by consuming Valors.
Some other games allow infinite usage of Valor (basic currency) because major developments don't take place in regular stages in those games. Since consumption of basic currency Valor directly leads to servant development in Heir of Light, we cannot provide infinite amount of Valors like other games.
We believe it is more common among mobile games to limit usage of basic currency if it can directly translate to development.
Also, if you spend 2,200 Valors for 550 rounds, you can obtain 40 ~ 45 servant shards. (Without All-in-One package) Assuming that 2,500 Valor can be purchased with 300 Karats, each servant shard has a value of 6~7 Karats. This is directly related to value of servant shard that can be purchased in various shops or servant shard that is purchased through In-App-Purchase. Currently, Purifying Ground that gives one servant shard for every 6~7 Karats is very efficient even without All-in-One package.
If we were to bring update that ease the limit on Valor, we would ultimately have to limit acquisition of servant shard based on time to balance balance Purifying Ground with other contents and In-App-Purchases. For example, we would have to increase the time required for Purification so that Heirs can participate in Purifying Ground about 3 times max a day. However, we believe that such change will ultimately hurt those who were using Purifying Ground to quickly obtain more shards.
While it is very unfortunate to find some Heirs having hard time playing Heir of Light that they love due to Valor shortage, we want to let the community know that it is very difficult to bring changes such as additional Valor support, Valor cost reduction, or Infinite Valor supply through purchases is very difficult now that Valor became a major currency to achieve Transcendence.
However, we will continue our effort to reduce stress Heirs' stress about Valor through various events such as May Special Events that reduce Valor cost of various Dungeons or Abaddon for certain period or give out Valors.
That's it for today.
Next week, we will talk about additional details of update scheduled for May11th including buff of Enemy HP-Based DPS servant Bastille and new Combine.
Thank you.

Dev Note #114: 5/11 Update Preview #1 & Suggestion Notice +8
Dev Note #114: 5/11 Update Preview #1 & Suggestion Notice
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 6mo

Dev Note #113 - 4.2 update Preview Part 2 - Guild War and Other Improvements

Greetings Heirs,
Today we will go over Guild War and other improvements.
⭕Guild War
There have been numerous feedbacks asking for Guild War for a quite a while. While we have been going through active discussions about Guild War, we have been hesitant about developing such content. Hesitation was mainly due to the fact that Guild War can easily end up becoming a content for very small group of players.
Despite our concern, we understand that Heirs have been asking for Guild War for a good reason. We are also well aware of potential of Guild War content. Therefore, we will be adding Guild War in 4.2 Update. However, to improve the quality of the content, we will be taking approach different from previous content updates.
We will be working on Guild War content starting from 4.2 Update to start Beta until 4.4 Update. We implemented very minimum reward, and Shop using Guild War Point, which is in fact the main reward of this content, will not be open during Beta period. Please note that balance/reward/system regarding Guild War are subjects to changes.
Until now, our ability to actively implement feedbacks were limited because contents were implemented to actual server and rewards were already being sent out. However, since we are starting Guild War with Beta phase in rather controlled environment, we will be able to implement greater amount of Heirs' feedback real time. We will continue to monitor suggestion section while we also carry out various polls.
Today, we will summarize some important details about Guild War.
For Heirs who missed out, please check out details of Guild War in 4.2 Update Preview:
⭕Guild War Summary
Guild War takes place twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday.
Each Guild Member can set up one DEF Team.
Guild Master or Officer will place the DEF Teams between 00:00 ~ 11:00 on the day of Guild War
You need to place minimum of 15 DEF Teams in order to participate in Guild War.
Guild Members can participate in Guild War between 12:00 ~ 23:30.
⭕Guild War Battle
All Guild Members get 3 attempts to attack each day. Guild Members will earn Badges based on their battle result against opponents.
Final result is determined based on the sum of number of Badges obtained through attack and number of Badges remaining in DEF Team.
Guild War Rank is determined by Victory Point that changes based on result of Guild War.
Individual's Participation Rank will be determined by number of Badges obtained through attacking in Guild War.
Heirs can earn Guild War rewards based on Guild War Rank and Individual's Participation Rank.
Each battlefield has its own unique characteristic. Please check out details of each battlefield shown below.
In the Throne Room, we tried to bring difference by deactivating Co-Destruction feature that has been a big issue among the community recently.
In Chapel, DEF of DPS servants will be increased so that DPS servants take less damage from AoE attack and DEF-Based DPS servants do greater damage.
In Tower, we implemented a special feature that benefits 4★ servants so that Heirs can achieve victory without 5★ servants with high transcendence.
While Guild War will be 4 vs 4 battle similar to Infinite PvP, Potential and Team Passive that are used in PvP will not be applied. This means that Heirs won't be able to strategize against AoE DPS servants that stands out in 4 vs 4 battle using Potential. This is why we applied 50% damage reduction on AoE attacks in all battlefield.
⭕Badge Acquisition to Win Guild War
As we mentioned earlier, Badge Acquisition practically determines the result of Guild War. Please refer to the table below for details on Badge system in Guild War
When attacking)
Guild will obtain more Badges if more Guild Members succeed in their attack. Make sure all your Guild Members participate to get as many successful attacks a possible. (Since Heirs can obtain a Badge even upon Defeat, it is better for Heirs to at least participate in Guild War in order to claim 1 Badge regardless of their team.)
When defending)
Powerful Defense team will allow minimum amount of Badge to the opponent if the opponent fails in his attack. On top of that, it will waste an attack attempt from the enemy Guild. All Guilds should focus on their DEF team setting to give away minimum amount of Badges to opposing Guilds.
⭕Guild Battle Reward
As we mentioned earlier, Guild War reward will be adjusted when we officially launch Guild War.
However, concerned about failing to reach enough participation without any reward, we implemented a small amount of reward.
Here is a list of main rewards from Guild War
1) Guild War Victory/Defeat Reward Upon Calculation
2) Guild War Individual Participation Reward
3) Purifying Ground Access upon winning Guild War
⭕Guild Improvement
As we add Guild War to Heir of Light, we will be removing Guild History & Guild Training Ground. After the patch, servants placed in your Guild Training Ground will automatically leave Guild Training Ground.
⭕Future Update Directions
Many Heirs have been commenting that the Heir of Light failed to bounce back. Some comments also mentioned that the community is not gaining the energy back again as fast as it should.
While we would also love to see immediate changes, it is quite difficult to do so. We believe it will require good amount of time and constant improvements to recover trust and become a better game in general. While immediate changes may not be visible, we will constantly improve our game so that even F2P players can enjoy it. While we are not focusing on advertising our game since we are working on stability of Heir of Light, we will soon focus on acquiring new players through advertisements.
While we shared some details in previous Update Preview, here are some additional details.
⭕3★ Servants into T. Shards
Since the last update, the summon rate has increased 2 ~3 times. Also, the value of summoning has increased due to the new summon system where you are guaranteed 5★ after certain amount of summons. The summoning has gotten a lot more exciting due to more frequent appearance of 5★s which are creating instances where it's more beneficial to spend karats on Summons rather than Valors.
But we were not satisfied and wanted to find an efficient way to use 3★ servants that is obtained from summon.
Of course they can be used in craft and fuse as materials to take another shot at obtaining better servants.
However, we wanted to put more positivity in summoning, thus we decided to add a new feature where you can convert 3★ servants into T.Shards.
Just looking at the current craft system, 1 5★ servant can be obtained by collecting 500 3★ servants.
(10 3★ Servant = 5 common souls, 250 common souls = 1 5★ summon). However after the 4.2 Update, 1 3★ servant can be converted into 1 T.Shard which means that you will be able to obtain 500 T.shards with 500 3★ servants. T.Shards can be used to any servants with corresponding elements so we think that the new system will be more efficient.
Overall, we believe that the new system where you can convert a 3★ servant into a T.shard will bring more value and fun in summoning for all heirs.
This may also help with situations where you couldn't summon due to a full servant inventory.
Additionally, this feature will be same for Light/Dark servants.
Since it's much harder to obtain Light/Dark T.Shards compare to Fire/Water/Forest T.Shards, it will definitely be more beneficial.
⭕Multi-Fuse Feature
Fuse system has been revamped to remove the inconvenience that everyone have experienced by clicking the fuse materials 1 by 1.
From now on, you can fuse up to 10 at a time.
In fuse, the fuse rate changes based on the NAT grade of servants you wish to fuse.
Currently, it's hard to tell the NAT grades of servants during fuse, which may have caused some Heirs to fuse NAT 4s with NAT 3s.
However with the new revamp of Fuse system, we have decided to add NAT grade of servants in the fuse display.
The fuse rate will remain the same even with multi fuse system. Many have suggested to increase the fuse rates after increasing the summon rates in the previous update. However, we think that it's not the proper time to increase the fuse rates as we are trying to focus on summons at the moment. So we are going to keep the same rates for the fuse. Additionally, the display of NAT 5★ rates are tricky and not straightforward due to usage of terms such as low and high. So the terms to display NAT 5★ rates will be changed to Not Available, Available, and Guaranteed.
⭕Guild Attendance Reward Improvement
"With the start of the Guild War, we are planning to make improvements for Guild Dungeon, Guild Point Shop, and other Guild related contents.
The first improvement will be Guild Attendance Reward as many have suggested for improvement.
The Guild attendance reward improvement will be made in the 4.2 update."
"We have increased massive amount of gold in the daily attendance reward.
Also, the consecutive attendance reward has been increased by 5 times."
More details regarding the Guild Attendance reward are listed below.
⭕Awakening Materials
Currently, we are providing awakening materials to everyone in many different ways.
However, there are some time restrictions in obtaining awakening materials and also it is sometimes overwhelming due to the large number of servants to awaken. Because of these hardships many have been suggesting for more ways to obtain awakening materials.
Awakening Dungeon 11th and 12th floor have daily entry limit which has a time restriction as we have originally intended.
For users who wishes to speed up awakening their servants, we have constructed a way where you must farm Awakening Dungeon 10th floor for greater awakening stones to craft supreme awakening stones or purchase awakening stone packs.
Many are thinking that you must make IAP to speed up the awakening process and this idea is related to the auto-repeat count.
Looking at the 10th floor as an example, you will be able to obtain around 40 greater awakening stones after 100 attempts (2 Supreme Stones).
However the base auto-repeat count was 10 which made it very difficult and problematic to run 100~ 600 times which could have made everyone feel high difficulty in obtaining awakening materials.
However, the base auto-repeat count will change to 150 thus, you can easily farm 600 times a day (150 count x 4 per day).
If you run 600 times a day and also run 11th and 12th floor, you will be able to obtain 12 more supreme stones.
Also, if you include all the rewards from the daily mission, weekly mission, boss raid, and other contents, it will be possible to approximately obtain 20 supreme stones per day.
Thus we think that it will be much easier to awaken your servants.
Additionally, we are planning to reward everyone with Awakening Stone select as the update reward.
(Common/Greater/Supreme Stone x 60 each)
We are gonna continue to run events such as All Awakening Dungeon Open and Awakening Dungeon Entry 100% Discount in the future.
Also, we are planning to provide more ways to obtain awakening materials with more events to ease the awakening for the early game stages.
Also, we are planning to add awakening materials in craft, shop, and even purchase with different in game currencies.
These are not planned to be added in the 4.2 update but in the later future updates.
Instant awakening is being considered to be added in the shop so that we can ease the 1st ~ 3rd Awakening as it is more needed in the early game stages.
That's all for today's Dev Note.
The 4.2 Update is planned updated on 4/20 CDT.
We expect that the 4.2 update contents such as 150 Auto-Repeat count, Mass Invasion Revamp, and T.Shard conversion will provide a lot of help for new and F2P users.
Also, we believe that the Guild War and Abaddon Tower Improvement will be a satisfying update for Mid-Level users.
We will continue to implement suggestions from players and community to make the most enjoyable game to everyone.
Thank you.

Dev Note #113 - 4.2 update Preview Part 2 - Guild War and Other Improvements +4
Dev Note #113 - 4.2 update Preview Part 2 - Guild War and Other Improvements
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 6mo

Dev Note #112: 4.2 Update Preview #1 - Servant Balance & Contents Improvements

Greetings Heirs,
Were you able to figure out which expected changes from previous Dev Note were jokes?
1. Guild Battle will be added.
2. Floor 13 ~ 15 for Omen/Heide Gear Dungeon will be added.
3. New Main Stages that are even more difficult than Sanctuary will be added.
4. New servant Demian will be added. Demian is designed to synergize well with DEF Based DPS servants.
5. Multi-Fuse system that allows 10 Fusions at once will be added.
6. New Boss Invasion stage 6 ~ 20 will be added.
7. All Day Payback will account purchase between April 1st to 30th. April Payback starts on April 7th. You can exchange max point of 1,100,000
The answer was #3 & #6.
The Main Stage Update is in fact scheduled for 4.3 or 4.4 Update instead of 4.2 Update.
Also, while we do have plan to add more Boss Invasion stages, it won't be part of 4.2 Update. Also, we don't have plan of adding 20 stages yet either.
Today, we will go over servant balance adjustment and other miscellaneous changes that will happen in 4.2 Update.
⭕Buff Removal
As we mentioned multiple times earlier, we will be adjusting "Remove all buffs from all enemies" effect as it was seriously hurting the balance between servants
Light Sofia, Forest Heylel, Light Heylel, and Dark Ignis will be affected by this change. "Remove all buffs from all enemies" will be adjusted to "Remove 3 buffs from all enemies."
We tested multiple variations of number of buffs being removed. Removing 4 buffs was almost as powerful as removing all buffs, and removing 2 buffs was simply not enough, damaging the usage of applicable servants. Therefore, we came to a conclusion that 3 buffs removal would be the most appropriate option.
Dark Ignis' "Remove all buffs from all enemies" had a penalty of removing one buff from all allies. Sometimes, Dark Ignis would do rather disappointing amount of damage even after removing DEF buff from target enemy because her own ATK buff was removed. However, as we are adjusting number of buff removed from all enemies to three buffs from all buffs, we determined that Buff removal on allies also needed adjustment.
Therefore, "Remove 1 buff from all allies" will be adjusted to "Remove 1 buff from all allies beside oneself."
⭕AoE DEF Based DPS Servant Skill Ratio Adjustment
Currently, Dark Valkyrja is the only AoE DEF Based servant.
Light Demian that will join Heir of Light in 4.2 Update will also be AoE DEF Based servant.
Since AoE DEF Based servant was not playing its role properly, we will be making some adjustments.
1st Skill: 720% -> 828% (15% buff)
2nd Skill: 1260% -> 1449% (15% buff)
Combo Skill: 6160% -> 6468% (5% buff)
Also, Water/Forest/Dark Demian has a Passive that "Gives x% of own DEF to DPS servant." We believe Demian would make a great team with DEF Based DPS servants.
⭕Ignore DEF DPS Servant Special Potential #4 Adjustment & Addition
Ignore DEF DPS servants didn't have a proper skill in Special Potential #4.
Therefore, we will be adding a new Special Potential to that "Increase ATK by n% for 30 seconds upon skill use."
We will be adding the Potential above to Melee Ignore DEF DPS servants. On the other hand, we will replacing old Potential that "Increase ATK by n% for 30 seconds upon active skill use." (Max 40% at S Rank) with the new Potential above for Ranged Ignore DEF DPS servants.
Water John Wick and Fire Ankou will be excluded from this change since they already have such effect in Passive.
⭕Abaddon Monument Improvement
When the Monument knocks back, it reduces aggro of enemy significantly for 20 seconds. Also, it is designed so that the aggro doesn't get focused on Tank servant even after the Tank servant uses Taunt if Monument uses knock back.
This became a bigger issue when Heirs use both Light/Dark and Fire/Water/Forest servants in their team. While it wasn't completely impossible to overcome this issue using perfect team comp, many Heirs have been asking us to consider mixed usage of Light/Dark and Fire/Water/Forest servants.
Therefore, we will be lowering difficulty of Abaddon by allowing Tank servants to have guaranteed aggro upon using Taunt on top of reducing the duration of aggro reduction from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.
This change will be applied only on Abaddon for now. (Excludes Explore/Sanctuary/Dungeon) We will look into expanding this change to other contents after more thoughts.
⭕Gear Dungeon (Omen & Heide) 13 ~ 15th Floor
After the Transcendence Update, we are in preparation in adding new difficulties for all contents.
Currently the Gear Dungeon 12th floor is balanced to difficulty of T3 Teams which allows all users to clear it without any difficulties.
By looking at this balance in 550 runs, it puts the users in a state where they are satisfied in obtaining 2 ~ 3 legendary gears that they wanted. As a result, it makes users to spend many countless hours in obtaining 19+ 6 * legendary Gears.
The 13th ~ 15th floors holds difficulties that fits the Team's growth due to the Transcendence expansion, however, it will have rewards that matches the difficulties of each floor. Thus, you will be able to obtain gears that you want with reduced amount of playtime.
Gear Dungeon Expansion details are listed below.
* Difficulty Balance is based on a team with servants in similar Transcendence level.
Omen and Heide Dungeon have specific strategies but they have requirement and difficulties to match those strategies which will be a fun challenge.
We are looking forward to seeing which team you guys would use to conquer the 15th floor.
⭕Group changes due to the Transcendence Expansion
With Transcendence Expansion, Growth Score of many Heirs are also increasing. As a result, many Heirs have been joining Diamond group. Since Diamond is where a lot of top tier players are placed, we saw the need to adjust the standard as below.
The upcoming adjustment is to keep the 1~2% high-end users in the Diamond Group and also to avoid a situation where users with low growth score to be placed in the high-end group and have difficulties in obtaining wins.
The group adjustment will be made in the 4.2 Update and will be in effect after the season calculation.
(The group may undergo more adjustment in the future after constant monitoring the spread of overall user's growth scores)
⭕Auto Repeat Pack I Change
In the previous dev note, we have announced that the base auto-repeat count will be increased to 150 and will be offered to all users.
Thus, the benefit of 150 auto-repeat count will be removed from the Auto-Repeat Pack 1 and a new benefit / reward will be added.
The daily Karat amount will be increased from 140 to 200
The daily Valor amount will be increased from 50 to 300
If you are currently subscribed or have purchased the Auto-Repeat Pack I, please see the upcoming changes and decide on extending the pack.
⭕Mass Invasion Improvement
Mass Invasion had issue with efficiency due to long clear time for a stage due to the high level of bosses and very low servant shard drop rate.
Thus, to allow users to obtain more servant shards the mass invasion entry will be reduced from 10,000 to 5,000 but significantly increase the shard drop rates.
With the reduced entry amount of 5,000 and increased drop rate, you will be able to obtain more servant shards with reduced play time. Also valor usage compare to the amount of shards obtain will be greatly reduced.
Especially for level 60 boss, there were situations where you couldn't obtain 500 shards even after completing all 10,000 entries. However, after the Mass Invasion improvement, you will be able to obtain roughly 550 shards which will allow you to obtain at least 1 servant. Also, if you have the 2x shard benefit, it will allow you to obtain 2 servants.
We are planning to set the next mass invasion bosses with most used servants in the game ([Water] Mildred, [Water] Lucrecia, and [Forest] [A] Sphinx) so that many can enjoy Mass Invasion after the 4.2 Update.
That's all for today's Dev Note.
For the next Dev Note, we will be discussing about the Guild War
Thank you

Dev Note #112: 4.2 Update Preview #1 - Servant Balance & Contents Improvements +3
Dev Note #112: 4.2 Update Preview #1 - Servant Balance & Contents Improvements
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 6mo

Dev Note #111: April 6th Update Notice

Greetings Heirs,
In the previous Dev Note, we went over several changes that is planned for the future.
Today, we want to cover some major details once again while sharing some additional details.
Major Details
1. As announced in previous Dev Note, ★5 summon rate will be increased.
2. Heirs will be able to purchase Special Summon Shard with Karats from Shop.
3. Purifying Ground Valor cost will be decreased.
4. Max Valor and Valor recharge rate will be adjusted.
Please check out the previous Dev Note for more details:
Servant Balance
⭕Water Oracle
Many Heirs were disappointed that Healer servant Water Oracle was missing both Revive and Heal in her Combo Skill. While we wanted to reproduce original Water Oracle as much as possible, we determined that her Passive Skill that can only be activated by her 2nd skill is rather underwhelming. Therefore, we decided to include duration of heal to her Passive condition.
Ultimately, her Passive will become "Reduces damage received by all allies by 30% for the duration of stun or heal."
(Potential will increase damage reduction during stun. If both stun and heal are applied, only the damage reduction with higher reduction value will apply.)
⭕Light Oracle
Many Heirs have found Support servant Light Oracle underwhelming despite her being a collaboration servant. Therefore, we will be making following changes.
1st Skill: Instead of increasing only caster's skill gauge, it will increase skill gauge of entire team.
Passive Skill: We will be adding "80% chance to stun all enemies for 6 seconds upon skill use." to her Passive.
⭕Dark [A] Sphinx
Despite being a non-farmable servant, we have been receiving feedbacks that Dark [A] Sphinx is somewhat mediocre. Therefore, we will be making the following changes.
1st Skill: "Increase Damage Received" on her 1st skill will last for 30 seconds instead of 60 seconds.
Combo Skill: Instead of removing 1 debuff, it will remove all debuffs. Also, 30 seconds of DEF Decrease will be adjusted to last 60 seconds.
Passive Skill: We will be adding "80% chance to freeze all enemies for 6 seconds upon Combo Skill usage." to her Passive.
New Combine
With this update, Water Mildred will be added to new Combine. Water Mildred is a widely loved servant that is even part tutorial reward. While we have been only providing farmable servants in Combine list, we will be selecting new Combine servant from entire servant pool from now on.
(Following Combine will be available until May 10th. Combine can be done only once during this period.)
Following servants ★4 servants and Light/Dark ★3 servant are needed to Combine Water Mildred
Fire Griselda, Water Mary, Forest Reynar, Dark Dunkelhund
(★4 servants can be combined 3 times during the period.)
Boss Raid Reward Milestone Added
We added additional milestones for Boss Raid reward so that Heirs can aim for higher damage output for greater rewards.
We also increased total amount of Valor given out for daily reward.
T.Shard Price Adjusted in Shop > Guild Tab
We have been receiving that it is very difficult to purchase T.Shard using Guild Points. We decided to decrease price of T.Shard that can be purchased with Guild Points.
We recommend Heirs to make purchase of these items after the update. (Please remember these items have purchase limits.)
That's it for today.
Dev team is preparing various changes and new systems to bring more energy to the community.
Here is a little April Fools' event.
List below shows expected changes in 4.2 Update. (Expected 4/20 CDT)
Some of the changes below are April Fools' jokes!
Can you guess which changes are jokes?
(We will reveal the answer in the next Dev Note.)
1. Guild Battle will be added.
2. Floor 13 ~ 15 for Omen/Heide Gear Dungeon will be added.
3. New Main stages that are even more difficult than Sanctuary will be added.
4. New servant Demian will be added. Demian is designed to synergize well with DEF Based DPS servants.
5. Multi-Fuse system that allows 10 Fusions at once will be added.
6. New Boss Invasion stage 6 ~ 20 will be added.
7. All Day Payback will account purchase between April 1st to 30th. April Payback starts on April 7th. You can exchange max point of 1,100,000
Thank you.

Dev Note #111: April 6th Update Notice +2
Dev Note #111: April 6th Update Notice
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 7mo

Dev Note #110: Future Update Notice

Greetings Heirs,
Until recently, Heir of Light was loved by the community for its generous events and rewards. We want to apologize for disappointments following recent updates.
We are putting great effort into solving various issues after the Transcendence expansion update based on feedback and comments. While we are preparing various updates to be once again loved by the community, we want to share some details below in advance.
Project #1 - Summon (Expected Date: April 6th)
⭕Summon Rate Change
We have not been adjusting the summon rate directly for quite a while because a change in summons rates usually led to various accusations such as rate table scam. We have been taking different directions to give more chances to Heirs to summon 5★ servants, such as giving out more 5★ Summon Stones, adding more content to obtain 5★ servants, giving out more Karats, and supporting shard farming in various ways. We are planning on increasing summon rate of 5★ servants in all summon stones as it became a lot less exciting to summon with the addition of Purifying Ground and increased needs of 5★ servants with the transcendence expansion. While Heirs are already guaranteed to see lightning every certain number of summons, we are adding a system that guarantees the acquisition of 5★ servants every certain number of summons.
⭕Special Summon Shard Karart Purchase
Currently, ★3~5 summon using Karats is very inefficient because it is very difficult to summon the servant that Heirs want unless the servant is included in Rate+ Summon. Even though Heirs can use Karats to purchase Valors to participate in Purifying Ground, such ways of using Karats does not translate into the fun of summoning. Therefore, from Update on April 6th until 4.3 Update that is expected to arrive late May, Heirs will be able to purchase 500 Special Summon Shards with 2,000 Karats.
Project #2 - Regarding Purifying Ground 1st Region & Valor (Expected Date: April 6th)
We have been getting numerous feedbacks that the Valor shortage is getting worse and worse because Purifying Ground consumes a lot of Valor. Also, Heirs are having difficulty obtaining shards of the servants they want to enhance because only farmable servants can be selected in the 1st region of Purifying Ground.
Therefore, as we mentioned in the previous Dev Note, we will be adjusting Valor consumption and servant restriction of Purifying Ground to improve its accessibility.
⭕Purifying Ground Valor Improvement
- Valor consumption of the 1st region will be adjusted from 6 to 1.
- Heirs could only obtain shards of servants that can be farmed in Explore/Sanctuary stages from the 1st region of Purifying Ground. This restriction will be changed so that Heirs can farm obtain servant shards of all servants instead.
- Valor consumption of 2nd ~ 4th regions will be adjusted from 6 to 4.
⭕Additional Valor Consumption Calculation.
We want to go over our future direction along with valor consumption after Update on April 6th to respond to various concerns about overwhelming Valor consumption.
Summarizing the table above, running three rounds of Purifying Ground (550 Stages):
1st ~ 2nd Region: 8,250 Valor consumed
1st ~ 3rd Region: 14,850 Valor consumed
1st ~ 4th Region: 21,450 Valor consumed
Here is a summary of various sources of Valor. We also summarized how much Heirs can aim for in Purifying Grounds based on their gameplay pattern.
Event ( Start on March 31st)
6,000 Valor daily upon completing the Purifying Grounds 1000 times
Total number of Valor awarded in-game and events
(Possible to attempt Region 1~2 1650 times / Region 3 875 times)
Total purchase of 2500 Valor
(Region 1~3 1650 times)
All-in-one Package benefit
(Region 1~4 1650 times)
Thus, by adding all the amount of valors you can receive from events and in-game contents, you will be capable of running the Purifying Grounds Region 1~2 550 times 3 times per day and also additionally run Region 3 875 times.
Also if you purchase the 2500 Valor for 150 karats once, the total valor count will be increased to 14,250 which will allow you to farm Region 1 ~ 3 and if you purchase All-In-One, you will receive additional valor of 7,500 which will increase the total amount of valor to 21,750.
Thus, it will be possible to run all 4 Regions in the Purifying Grounds with the All-In-One package.
* Please note that the calculation above did not include the valor craft with 1~3★ Summon Stones and Valor from mission completion rewards.
You can farm around 540 1~3★ Summon Stones in the Purifying Grounds after 6000 times which can be crafted into 1,250 valors.
1~3★ Summon Stones can be acquired from Explore/Sanctuary so we expect everyone to obtain much more valors than the calculation above.
To recap the whole calculation
Current - Total amount of valor consumed in Region 1~4: 39,600 Valors
After the change - Total amount of valor consumed in Region 1~4: 21,450 Valor
The total valor would be reduced by 18,150 Valors and we will make it possible to obtain 21,450 valors through in-game rewards, event rewards, and All-In-One Packs.
Thus, everyone will be able to enjoy Purifying Grounds Region 1~3 without any stress and those who purchase All-In-One would be able to enjoy Purifying Grounds Region 1~4 without additionally purchasing Valor.
Also if you used 11,000 ~ 15,000 Valor in the Sanctuary or Mass Invasion, you would have had to purchase up to 12,000 Valor (1,680 Karat) as we rewarded around 2,000~3000 Valor in the game in the past.
However, in 4.1. update, the Valor cost has changed to 2,500 Valor for 150 ~ 300 Karats.
If you purchase the Valor with Karat 5 times, you will be able to receive 12,500 Karats with reduced Karat cost (150 x 4 + 300 = 900).
Compare to the previous update, it will cost less to Shard farm and you'll be able to use or save up your karats so that you can use them in other contents.
⭕Max Valor and Valor Recharge time Change
We have decided to increase the Max Valor count for Level 60 accounts from 250 to 800 and valor recharge time from 1 per 2 minutes to 1 per 1 minute.
Thus, in 12 hours, 720 valors will be recharged.
Project #3 - 150 Free Auto-Repeat Count (4.2 Update)
There were many debates among the community regarding the base number of Auto-Repeat Count in Explore (60 times at Level 60) and in Dungeons (10 times) and how the Auto-Repeat would change to 150 upon purchasing the Auto-Repeat Pack 1.
Thus, after many long debates, we decided to change the base number of Auto-Repeat Count from 60 to 150 times.
This change causes effects various contents which will be difficult to patch in a short amount of time.
We will be making this change in the 4.2 Update which is planned to be on 4/21.
The basic auto-repeat count will be changed to 150 which will help out all the New and F2P users and will be much easier to enjoy Purifying Grounds, Explore, Sanctuary, and other in-game contests.
Also, due to the removal of 150 counts in the Auto-Repeat Pack, we are planning to add Karats and Valors as Auto-Repeat Pack 1 benefits.
Project #4 - Event (3/27 ~ 4/5)
⭕Awakening Dungeon
Many have suggested more ways of obtaining Awakening Stones and we have always held a week-long Awakening Dungeon Events during special occasions.
Awakening Stones are needed by many users and to make the wait until the next update more enjoyable, we have decided to hold All Awakening Dungeon Event for 10 days (3/28 ~ 4/5).
Also, we are planning for an event where you can obtain Common, Greater, and Supreme Awakening Stones for the 4.2 Update.
⭕Dungeon Valor Entry Cost 100% Sale Event
Currently, everyone's having a difficult time with Valors.
To reduce and relieve some stress to all users, we will be holding a Dungeon Entry 100 % Discount Event on 3/28 ~ 3/29 and 4/4 ~ 4/5.
During Event, Valor Entry for Gear and Awakening Dungeon will be 0.
That's all we have for today's Dev note.
We will try our best until we bring back our reputation as one of the best user-friendly game and not disappoint our users again.
We believe that HoL will flourish again if we continue to make adjustments and show those efforts to everyone.
Please continue to support us and thank you.

Dev Note #110: Future Update Notice +3
Dev Note #110: Future Update Notice
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 7mo

Dev Note #109: 4.1 Update Preview #2

Greetings Heirs,
For Today's Dev Note, we would like to share some details about major changes in 4.1 Update and new contents that were not mentioned in the 4.1 Update Preview.
Also, don't forget to check out the 4.1 Update Preview:
Explore/Dungeon/Raid Team Mark Save Feature
Many have been suggesting for this new feature but we couldn't implement it due to several issues.
However, after multiple system revamp and development process, we are finally able to bring this feature.
Many different teams are used for in-game contents such as Boss Raid, PvP, Mass Invasion and you had to constantly change each servants mark to fit for those contents.
However, after the Mark Save feature, you will be able to save all the marks for servants for each in-game contents.
Also, the team settings were saved on the App which made everyone reset their teams whenever reinstalling the game or logging in from a new device.
However, you will be able to use saved team settings from different device because you will be able to save your teams for each content in the server.
Please note that you have to set the team at least once for each content after the 4.1 Update.
Boss Invasion Skip Feature
A skip feature that's in the Boss Raid will be implemented in the Boss Invasion.
You will be able to skip and receive rewards based on your highest record for the Season (week).
Party Raid Improvements
Many have suggested that it would be much better to change the Party Raid play requirement from 20 times a day to 140 times a week to relieve the pressure.
We believed that 20 times a day play limit was much better than 140 times a week when playing manually without the auto-repeat feature.
We have been observing the community and after reviewing the data, we came to a conclusion that changing the Party Raid limit from 20 per day to 140 a week would not be an issue.
Also, to provide more convenience to the users, we decided to add Auto-Repeat feature in the Party Raid so that users can easily complete 140 play limit a week.
Infinite PvP Cult Training Ground Change
After the introduction of the new league system, the cult training ground in PvP was only limited to players lower than Bronze A group.
So users who were in Bronze A or higher had to fully participate in the PvP by battling against the users and the cult training ground limitation brought issue to users who were focusing on Honor Points rather than ranks in PvP.
So we will be removing the limitation to the Cult Training Ground so that everyone in every group can use it.
Gear Dungeon Icon Change
Many users have been asking where to farm gold or gears and active community members have always provided answers for them.
To help out the users, we will be changing the Gear Dungeon Icon to be more distinguishable to all the users.
Other Changes
- Collaboration Servant John Wick and Sofia Transcendence Bun will be removed due to the end of Collaboration date.
(Collaboration Servant Transcendence Bun will be available in the 5* Select Summon)
- The price for Purifying Ground Slot +1 will be changed to the original price. (Discounted Price: $4.99 -> Original Price $9.99)
If you did not purchase the Purifying Ground Slot +1, we suggest on purchasing it before the 4.1 Update.
- The 2 Year anniversary special Avatar Sale will end on 4.1 Update.
If you did not purchase the Avatar yet, we suggest on purchasing them before the 4.1 Update.
- Issue where the whole team of servants would not use there skills when a petrified/frozen servant is present on the team will be fixed
Many have been reporting this issue and we have tried multiple times to resolve it but we were finally able to fix it with 4.1 Update.
Other Suggestions and Future Update Notice
- The Buff removal effect is the most debated topic within the community.
We are planning to balance and make changes to the Buff Removal effect on 4.2 update.
We think that everyone agrees on the fact that a skill to remove all buffs on all enemies is too strong and requires a balance.
Many have suggested multiple different versions of their balances and we would like to let the community know that we are leaning towards balancing the Buff Removal effect by putting a limit of the number of buffs it can remove.
- We do not have any plan to make additional nerf to Light Heylel at the moment.
Many have pointed out the issue about the immunity but we would like to take more time in discussing the immunity in Light Heylel
- We are reviewing the balance for Freeze and Silence and leaning towards limiting the activation % in PvP. (Planned for 4.2 Update)
- The Abaddon Tower Monument Aggro issue is planned to be resolved in the 4.2 Update.
The aggro didn't function properly when the monument knocks back, which made it difficult to challenge the Abaddon Tower against Light/Dark Servants.
- Many have provided feedbacks about the limitation time in Abaddon Tower Hell Mode.
Right now you can clear Abaddon Tower by dragging out the play time even when you are lacking attacks on your servants and we think that it may cause some issues to the game balance. We believe it is necessary to have time limitation for balance purpose.
We think that the Abaddon Tower will get easier once the Transcendence level increases for the Servant so we are going to review this with more time.
- There are cases where your team gets wiped out by the catastrophe skill in the Abaddon Tower.
The catastrophe skill will cast faster as the floor gets higher.
The monument is a support class and we would like to advice everyone to use "reduce suppport spd" potential to tackle against the catastrophe skill.
Additionally, we will review with more time and notify users if any changes are planned for the Catastrophe skill for the monument.
- The valor improvement in the 4.1 update provided much support to the users however it seems that it wasn't much help to F2P users.
Thus, in order to bring more convenience to everyone, we are going to make the valor cost changes from 6 to 2 just for the Purifying Grounds Area 1 after the 4.1 Update. You will also be able to work on servants that are not available for shard farming.
- The Guild War Beta is under preparation for the 4.2 Update.
Different from our original beta concept, we are planning to run the Guild War beta with very minimal rewards and focus on receiving feedbacks.
We are planning to officially open the Guild War in 4.3 or 4.4 Update.
After the release of T10, many have viewed the 4.0 update as an update only for the P2W users.
We value both paying and non-paying Heirs, for they all enjoy Heir of Light.
Many have praised our game as one of the most generous game for a long time but we would to sincerely apologize if our current direction of the game did not meet the expectations that we have created.
With upcoming 4.1 update and following patches, we will bring on QoL improvements along with servant balance adjustments. We will also prepare various rewards for our Heirs to live up to our community's expectation.
Thank you.

Dev Note #109: 4.1 Update Preview #2 +1
Dev Note #109: 4.1 Update Preview #2
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 7mo

Dev Note #108: 4.1 Update Preview #1 - Servant & Transcendence Balance

We have briefly addressed some upcoming changes in the March 9th update and we would like to take this time to address them in detail.
⭐️ Changes in Transcendence for Collaboration Servants
Many users who have collaboration servants from past collaborations are having a difficult time transcending them.
Collaboration servants have their conditions and limits compare to the other servants, thus, we decided to reduce their difficulty in Transcending them as many have suggested.
1. Transcendence EXP Reduction for Collaboration Servants.
For users who have already reached T6 or above will be compensated with excess Transcendence EXP due to the changes in required Transcendence EXP.
* Please note that this Transcendence EXP reduction is for Collaboration Servants Only.
2. Collaboration Servant in Purifying Ground Area 3
Collaboration servant can be purified in Area 3, Alter, which will allow users to Purify up to 3 Collaboration Servants at once including 2 Light/Dark Collaboration Servants.
Now, Collaboration servants can be purified in Area 2 ~ 4.
3. Transcendence Bun in 5* Select Summon
Currently, 5★ Select Summon can be obtained by Craft or IAP.
To ease the difficulty of Transcendence, we will be adding Transcendence Bun in the 5* Select Summon which can be used for Collaboration Servants.
⭐️Servant Balance
1. Forest Oracle Changes
> Bomb duration will change from "2 sec or 10 sec" to "2 sec or 5 sec" bomb.
> Random Bomb Rate Ratio will change from "80% (10sec) - 20% (2 sec) " to "50% (5 sec) - 50% (2 sec)".
2. T7 ~ T10 L/D Servant Stat Changes
There has been a constant debate about how the Light and Dark Servants have much lower stat compare to the difficulty of obtaining them.
Many have commented that T10 Fire/Water/Forest Servants are much better than T7~9 Light/Dark Servants due to the high stats of T10 Fire/Water/Forest Servants.
We did share our comparison between T7 Light/Dark Servants and T10 Fire/Water/Forest Servants to show they are very similar.
But it is a fact that the base stat of T10 Fire/Water/Forest servants is better than T9 Light/Dark Servants.
When comparing a Team of Fire/Water/Forest to Light/Dark, T7 Light/Dark Team is indeed on par with T10 Fire/Water/Forest
However, Light/Dark servants are 3~ 4 times more difficult in Transcending and also when comparing the stats of T9 Light/Dark Servants to T10 Fire/Water/Forest, you may feel more accomplished and think that T10 Fire/Water/Forest servants are much better.
Also, these stats difference may have some effect on winning and losing, so we decided to make stat changes for the Light/Dark Servants.
Thus, the stats of Light/Dark Servants will gradually increase from T7 ~ T10 and a comparison chart can be seen below.
T8 Light/Dark servants will be similar to T9 Fire/Water/Forest and T9 Light/Dark Servants will be similar to T10 Fire/Water/Forest.
⭐️ Light/Dark Servant Transcendence Balance
Many have suggested that the difficulty of Transcending Light/Dark Servants is too high.
Thus, a couple of changes will be made to reduce the difficulty.
1. Purifying Grounds Drop Rate Changes
The drop rate of Light/Dark servants shards in Purifying Grounds will be increased by around 20% compared to the original drop rate.
2. Light/Dark Transcendence Shard Package Changes
The Transcendence Shard amount will be increased from 250 to 300 in the $99.99 Light/Dark Transcendence Shard Package.
⭐️ Mileage Shop Changes
The mileage shop has not been changed for a long time compared to other shops in the game.
We did not want to make changes in items for the Mileage Shop due to the connection with IAP.
But after the 4.0 update, the value of Summon Stones has changed, thus we decided to make some changes to the Mileage Shop.
Mileage Shop Item Changes
The following items will be removed from the Mileage Shop
> Fire/Water/Forest 4~5★ Summon Stone
> Light/Dark 4~5★ Summon Stone
> Gears
> Fire/Water/Forest 3~5★ Summon Stones
> Awakening Magic Stones
If you are going to use the Mileage Shop, please make sure to review the changes before using it.
⭐️ Valor & Limited Time Package Improvement
Heirs are in a greater need for Valor after we opened Purifying Ground. While we added various sources of Valor in the previous update, we are planning on keeping a 50% discount on Valolr until 4.1 Update.
We believe that it is necessary to maintain a certain amount of Karat consumption on Valor to participate in Purifying Ground to keep a proper balance of shard farming cost in various contents including Purifying Ground.
However, we agree that it is necessary to adjust the excessive consumption of Karats on Valor purchase. We also feel the responsibility to provide aids for Heirs who are suffering from Valor consumption even after purchasing the All-in-One package because they opened the 4th region of Purifying Ground.
Therefore, 2,500 Valor will be available for 150 Karats 4 times a day. After 4th purchase, 2,500 Valor will be available for 300 Karats.
We also increased the daily reward of All-in-One Package from 300 Karts & 1,000 Valor to 500 Karats & 7,500 Valor to help Heirs with Valor acquisition.
Heirs who already purchased All-in-One Package will be receiving a renewed daily reward after 4.1 Update.
Furthermore, we are planning on extending the current Repeat Battle Pack II's duration from 15 days to 30 days while maintaining its price of $29.99. Plus, we are planning on increasing Repeat Battle count from 250 battles to 400 battles. To prevent some Heirs from missing out on this change, we will be providing an additional 15 days of Repeat Battle for Heirs whose current Repeat Battle remains even after the update.
While we believe these changes will solve the Valor issue to a certain degree, we will continue to monitor the community to plan future events or rewards.
⭐️ Additional Balance & Feedback Reflection
> We will be increasing the number of Potential Enhance Stones and Potential Change Stones acquired from World Battle by 1.5 ~ 2 times.
> We will be replacing Evolve Bun for Special Summon Shard for Abaddon Normal & Hard reward.
We will come back next week with more QoL Improvements & Feedback Reflection in the next Dev Note.
Thank you.

Dev Note #108: 4.1 Update Preview #1 - Servant & Transcendence Balance +3
Dev Note #108: 4.1 Update Preview #1 - Servant & Transcendence Balance
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 7mo

Dev Note #107: Update Preview (Expected Date: March 9th)

Greetings Heirs,
Today we will provide a preview of an update that is expected to arrive next week. We reflected several feedbacks we received after 4.0 Update
Servant Balance
We will be adding a Passive related to Abaddon to certain servants to increase the usage of those servants.
⭕Forest Lenore
We will be adding "Reduces damage received by 30% for all allies when battle starts in Abaddon." to her Passive.
Team Passive will be changed from "Accuracy of All Elements allies increases by 40% at All Regions." to "ATK of All Elements allies increase by 52% in Abaddon."
⭕Forest Ankou
We will be adding "Grants Redemption to all allies when battle starts in Abaddon." to his Passsive.
(Redemption makes a servant invincible when it reaches 0 HP. The servant also heals 30% HP instantly, but the servant cannot receive another Redemption for 180 seconds.)
⭕Forest Blavatsky
We will be adding "Reduces the Skill Gauge of all enemies by 20% when battle starts in Abaddon." to her Passive.
We also adjusted some bugs & balance for new Collaboration servants.
⭕Water Oracle
We changed Secondary Mark Activation Rate of Water Oracle from 50% to 20% to be consistent with other Healer Class servants.
⭕Fire Ifrit
Fire Ifrit will be immune to DEF debuff just like all other DEF-Based DPS servants.
*We appreciate all the feedbacks we have been receiving. We will continue to work on servant balance based on the feedbacks.
Various Reward Buff
⭕Abaddon Reward Buff
Abaddon Hell Mode Reward will be buffed as below.
Also, we lowered difficulty for stages starting Hell Mode 35th Floor.
⭕Login Reward Buff
Login reward will be buffed as below.
Special thanks to @~Callof123 ~, @Tika from Discord
⭕Ticket Use & Currency Use Reward Buff
Ticket Use & Currency Use roulette reward will be buffed as above.
Also, along with the reward buff, we will be increasing rate for servant, gear, 50 Karats, Valor, and 500,000 Gold.
Special thanks to @Restro, @Smitty from Discord
⭕Valor Package Buff
Valor Package from Shop > Package will be buffed as below.
⭕Valor from Friend Point Buff
Valor can be purchased with smaller amount of Friend Point.
⭕PvP, Infinite PvP Diamond Group Reward & Global Infinite PvP 2nd ~ 10th Place Reward Change
After we introduced Light/Dark Special Summon, we received feedbacks that ★3~5 L/D Summon Stones are better than ★4~5 L/D Summon Stones. Therefore, we will be changing PvP, Infinite PvP, and Global Infinite PvP reward as below.
Special thanks to @Nismobadger @Rydrine from Discord
⭕Reusing Crusader Name from Deleted Account
We will be making Crusader names of accounts that have been deleted for more than three months available again in the future.
New Combine
Currently, we have Water Heylel as a regular Combine. Also, we have Dark Ifrit in Combine list in celebration of Summoners War Collaboration.
For new Combine, we will be adding Forest Sinistra. As enemy Max HP-Based DPS servant, Forest Sinistra is widely loved in contents such as World Raid and Abaddon where Bosses have significantly higher HP.
If Heirs seek to acquire more Forest Sinistra after combining, we recommend Heirs to farm Forest Sinistra in Forest Sanctuary Door of Cycles 7-2 or purchase Forest Sinistra shard from Guild Shop.
(Forest Sinistra Combine will remain until April 5th. Forest Sinistra can be combined once during this period.)
⭕Heirs will need following servants to form Forest Sinistra:
> Fire Koume
> Water Hopkins
> Forest Executioner
> Light Monolith
(Nat ★4 can be combined 3 times during the combine period.)
⭕Here are required servants to combine Nat ★4 servants
> Fire Koume: Fire Ashimov, Fire Gretel, Water Nuamaan, Forest Sirucus
> Water Hopkins: Fire Nutkin, Water Ashimov, Water Moira, Forest Rhamaan
> Forest Executioner: Fire Gwyllgi, Water Rhamaan, Forest Mordu, Forest Nuamaan
Future Plan
> We are working on reflecting various feedbacks we received after 4.0 Update. We aim to deliver many of these changes by 4.1 Update.
Here is a general summary of 4.1 Update
- Team & Mark Setting Save Function for attack team in contents such as Explore/Dungeon/Raid
- Boss Invasion Skip Function
- Party Raid Repeat Battle with "My Team."
- Party Raid Entry Changed (20 Daily Entry -> 140 Weekly Entry)
- Lobby Background Select Function
- Potential Enhance Stone Capacity Increase to 99,999
While we are preparing other changes beside the one we introduced above for 4.1 Update, we will share more details in future Dev Note.
Thank you.

Dev Note #107: Update Preview (Expected Date: March 9th) +6
Dev Note #107: Update Preview (Expected Date: March 9th)
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 8mo

Dev Note #106: Upcoming Purifying Grounds Changes

Greetings Heirs,
After the 4.0 Update, we have received many suggestions and feedback regarding the Purifying Grounds.
We have reviewed all the suggestions and decided to implement those suggestions as soon as possible.
⭐️Usage of Servants in Purifying Grounds in other Contents
One of the most received feedback regarding the Purifying Ground is regarding the usage of Servants in the Purifying Grounds in other game contents.
One of the current rules for Purifying Grounds is that you cannot use servants that are deployed in the Purifying Grounds in other contents.
This may be less stressful to Heirs with many servants but not for users that only use 1 ~ 2 teams of servants as their core team.
Thus, we are planning to remove this rule so that you may use servants that are deployed in the Purifying Grounds in other in-game contents.
You will not be able to use deployed servants again in different regions of Purifying Grounds but can use deployed servants in other in-game contents.
⭐️Purifying Ground Speed & Success Rate Changes
We would like to explain more about the "Speed" and "Success Rate" in the Purifying Grounds for clear clarification.
List of main factors that impact the Purification Speed:
1. Growth Score of Servants that are being deployed
2. Elemental Advantage of the Servants that are being deployed (If all 4 servants have the elemental advantage, it will have the fastest clear time)
3. Presence of a DPS Class Servant (If at least 1 DPS servant is not included in the team then the Speed will decrease)
List of main factors that impact the Purification Success Rate
1. Growth Score of Servants that are being deployed
2. Presence of a Tank Class Servant (If at least 1 Tank servant is not included in the team then the Success Rate will decrease)
For example, if you run the Purifying Grounds 400 times with a 50% success rate, you will only have 200 successful runs.
Thus, you will only receive rewards for the 200 successful runs.
So even if you run 400 times with a low success rate, you will receive a low amount of rewards.
To receive more rewards, we recommend increasing the Success Rate.
You will be able to farm about 7~8 shards for Fire/Water/Forest Servants per 100 runs and 1~2 shards for Light/Dark Servants.
You will be able to receive 2x the shard with All-In-One pack or the double shard pack.
If you are currently farming a lower amount of shards as the list above, we recommend double-checking your success rate for the Purifying Grounds.
As we mentioned in the previous Dev Note, the current Purification Speed and Success Rate is based on the growth score of T5 Fire/Water/Forest NAT 5 Servants.
But many have suggested that the growth score set for Purification Speed and Success Rate is too high.
So to accommodate all users, including new users who do not have T5 servants, we will be making changes to the Purification Speed and Success Rate.
Currently, the servant being purified does not have any impact on the Purification Speed nor Success Rate.
But we will be making changes where the following factors of servants being purified will impact the Purification Speed and the Success Rate
1. NAT Grade
2. Farmable or Non-farmable in Explore/Sanc
For example, You will be able to purify a T5 Fire/Water/Forest Servants with servants around 8000~ 10,000 Growth Score and will have a 100% Success Rate with 60-second Purification Speed.
(Currently, you can reach 100% success rate with 60-second Purification Speed with servants around 50,000 Growth Score)
With this change, Heirs will be able to farm Fire/Wate/Forest servants with a team of lower growth score, while farming Light/Dark servants with a team of higher growth score. Heirs will be able to make use of servants even if they are not fully developed.
⭐️Valor Consumption in Purifying Ground
We wanted Heirs to be able to farm more efficiently in Purifying Ground. This is why Valor consumption in Purifying Ground is set to 6 Valor per stage, which is lower than usual Valor consumption in Explore or Sanctuary stages. Also, we have plans for providing various events with Karats or Valor rewards to guarantee a steady supply of Valor. Regardless of our plan, we are aware that Heirs are struggling with the increased consumption of Valor. To urgently address the stress Heirs are getting, we are preparing a Valor discount event.
Currently, 2,500 Valor is sold for 350 Karats. With the Valor discount event, 2,500 Valor will be sold for 175 Karats.
We also want to let our community know about our plans to increase the Valor supply with future updates.
We are currently working on changing "Usage of Servants deployed in Purifying Ground in other Contents" and "Purifying Ground Speed & Success Rate." We are planning on bringing this change as soon as possible, and we are expecting it to be ready by early next week. We apologize that we couldn't bring immediate change due to the necessary testing & market approval. We will try to prepare the Valor discount event as soon as possible
We will continue to communicate through Dev Notes after reviewing various feedbacks from the community.
Thank you

Dev Note #106: Upcoming Purifying Grounds Changes
Dev Note #106: Upcoming Purifying Grounds Changes
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 8mo

Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance

Greetings Heirs,
We would like to share some changes and decisions we made after reviewing all the feedback and comments from the last Dev Note.
Additional Notice for Purifying Grounds
⭕️ Notice for Expansion of Regions
The most controversial topic was the expansion of regions through IAP.
We think that many are concerned about the usage of mileage & All In One Package to expand regions.
Also, even if you expanded the region, many are concerned about the amount of valor it would consume and the fact that you are not able to use servants that are being used in the Purifying Grounds.
Many have suggested that making the content available for the majority of the user with the cost of a small amount would create a better balance in the game and the ecosystem of the game.
After reviewing all the feedback, we have made adjustments based on the feedback and would like to share them with everyone.
Following changes have been made
The Region Expansion (30days) will be available for 3000 karats.
We have set the cost at 3000 karats by based on the number of karats you can acquire through PvP contents and events in a week.
For those who would like to use the karats on different contents such as summon or dungeons, we added an option to purchase with the price of $9.99.
Also, the Region Expansion IAP price will be on 50% sale, $4.99, to celebrate the 4.0 update celebration for some time.
We have adjusted the price of Region Expansion (permanent) to be lower than the All-In-One Package.
We set the price to 50 mileage points where you can easily obtain by purchasing the most effective packages for 1 month (Karat Package, Mission Package, and Auto-Repeat Package).
You can obtain 50 mileage points by making a total purchase of $49.99.
As for All-In-One Package, we decided to keep our initial idea of adding the benefits to the All-In-One instead of additional packages.
(There were many discussions regarding the All-In-One price and we are internally reviewing it)
Thus, you will be able to unlock up to region 2 with karats and unlock region 3 with a small number of mileage points.
⭕️Shard Farming for Collaboration Servants
Many have shared the following feedback regarding Collaboration Servants:
> Unlocking the 4th Region just for Collaboration servants is putting a restriction on transcending them.
> You should lower the difficulty of obtaining Fire/Water/Forest Collaboration servants because many were able to T5 them with karats from the event and in-game contents.
> If you can only farm collaboration servants in Region 4, then it is disadvantageous to users who use collaboration servants as their main team.
> It is understandable that you can only farm Dark/Light collaboration servants in the 4th region but the condition to farm Fire/Water/Forest collaboration servants must be reduced.
We agree with much feedbacks regarding the collaboration servants, thus we decided to support and reduce the difficulty of farming Fire/Water/Forest Collaboration Servants.
Originally, collaboration servants were not included in Region 2 (Alter) but we decided to add them.
Thus, you will be able to farm Fire/Water/Forest collaboration servants in Region 2 (Alter).
⭕️Purification Speed & Success Rate
Many were concerned that you cannot use servants that are stationed in the Purification Grounds in other contents.
We adjusted the Purification Speed & Success rate so that you may use servants that are not part of your main daily team more often.
You may complete a stage in the purification ground around 80~100 seconds with Fire/Water/Forest T3~4 Servants.
Also, you may complete a stage around 60 seconds with Fire/Water/Forest T5 Servants (Total Growth Score of 22k)
(Purification Speed is calculated based on the elemental advantage and presence of DPS Servants.
The example above is under the condition where all 4 servants have an elemental advantage with the presence of DPS servants.
You will be able to shard farm quickly when the purification speed is between 20 ~ 30 seconds however please note that it will consume and require a lot of valors. Thus, we recommend making an adjustment to your purification speed based on your needs.
Transcendence Stat Notice
Many have viewed the sudden increase in transcendence exp for transcendence and questioned the stat increase per transcendence.
We were not able to share the increase in stats per transcendence due to continuous balance testings, however, we are on the verge of finalization so we would like to share them with you.
The stat increase for T1 ~ T5 will remain at the same level as they do now. From T6, the stat will increase based on the servant's ATK & HP to fit each servant's class.
The increase in exp per transcendence will increase drastically, thus the stat from transcendence will increase drastically also.
⭕️Stat per Transcendence for Fire Ignis & Fire Caesar
⭕️ Fire Ignis
⭕️ Fire Caesar
⭕️ Shard Farmable Light/Dark Servant Transcendence Stat Adjustment
We are planning to adjust base stat and special stat for shard farmable Light/Dark Servants
The ratio of Shard farmable Light/Dark servant's stat increase per transcendence was low.
We have increased the ratio with the increase of Transcendence to T10 thus it will receive more stat compare to the current T5.
⭕️ Base Stat per Transcendence Adjustment
⭕️ Special Stat Per Transcendence Adjustment
Transcendence EXP
🔹 Don't you think that the exp required for transcendence is too much?
To make up for the flaw of the current transcendence system which only required 1 servant, we adjusted the exp required in the early stages of transcendence to reduce the difficulty for the new users. Also, we made it so that the required exp and difficulty would increase as you progress through the higher level of transcendence.
The exp requirement is too much if we are in a condition where you must reach T10.
However, due to a large amount of increase in exp requirement per transcendence, we didn't set the balance to where everyone must reach T10.
The only PvE content that would require T10 would be Abaddon Tower.
Thus we believe that it would be best if you set a goal based on your capacity and transcendence servants after the update.
T10 is not a content where it can be reached with a little effort similar to Abaddon Tower, Party Raid 5th Floor, and Boss Invasion 5th Floor.
So if you are aiming for T10 for a better result in PvP, it will require a long time and effort.
Due to the increase in exp for T8, T9, and T10, the level of difficulty will be high.
Because of the high difficulty level, many would not choose to reach T10 thus, we think that the transcendence level among the users would stop at a certain point.
Many have suggested that T10 is a must due to the co-destruction system.
There will be a point where you would have to T10 when the majority of the users have reached T10.
Also, co-destruction is only in a situation where you meet the same servant.
So, we don't think that T10 is a must.
🔹 Why did you revamp the transcendence system when there was no need for it? what's so good about it?
The current transcendence system is a transcendence system where you only require 1 servant per transcendence.
We believed that difficulty in progressive growth was required.
The gap caused by transcendence will increase if everyone (such as new users, users who just started shard farming, users who would purchase packages to shard farm) can transcend with 1 servant.
We believe that it would have a better balance if the difficulty of transcendence increases per level by increasing the exp requirement for transcendence.
This is a similar concept where you would acquire more abilities based on levels and increase in exp per level.
Additionally, Fire/Water/Forest servants would be able to acquire more stats due to the increase in exp per transcendence, you will be able to challenge against Light/Dark servants.
If we kept the current transcendence system, everyone would only focus on Light/Dark servants.
The Light/Dark servant must indeed be strong due to the difficulty of obtaining them.
But we believe that users should enjoy the game and to enjoy the game with a little amount of IAP, the transcendence revamp is required.
🔹 Everyone's going to focus on Light/Dark anyways so is there a point in focusing on Fire/Water/Forest?
We wish everyone to enjoy the game so as for transcending Fire/Water/Forest servants, we will continue to support everyone by providing more ways to obtain them with karats and in-game events.
Also, we believe that it will be very meaningful if Fire/Water/Forest servants can bring out their full potential in the game.
We were able to confirm through our internal testing that Fire/Water/Forest servants have some aspects to fight against Light/Dark Servants.
Servant Balance
In the 4.0 update, we plan to adjust the effects that have always been a problem in Heir of Light so that a variety of servants can be used with similar efficiency instead of using only specific servants.
Starting with 4.0 Update, we will continue to adjust the effects to match the balance of the game.
Below is the list of effects that are changing in the 4.0 Update
⭕️ Resilience Effect Adjustment
Currently, the servants with resilience effect are too strong due to the long duration of resilience effect which allows the resilience effect to be applied almost the whole duration of Arena time (3minutes)
Thus, instead of removing the extension of buff duration in skill enhance the effect, we have adjusted the resilience buff block time from 180 -> 120 seconds.
⭕️ Redemption Effect Adjustment
The original intent for this effect was to have a similar effect as revive.
Currently, if the servant is hit by a multi-hit attack and as soon as the HP hits 0, the servant immediately recovers some HP but gets attacked and dies again.
The effect will change where the servant will be invincible for 1 second after its HP has reached 0 and instantly recover a certain amount of HP.
A servant has a redemption effect and gets attacked by a 4 multi-hit combo from enemy DPS servant.
When the HP hits 0 upon the 2nd multi-hit, the servant will instantly recover a certain amount of HP and will be in the invincible state for 1 sec.
Thus, the 3rd and 4th hit of the multi-hit will do 0 damage during the invincible state.
⭕️ Escort Effect Adjustment
Escort effect is cast to an ally that has the lowest HP and takes 50% of the damage for that ally.
During this process, the tank servant would die upon taking the 50% of the damage that the DPS servant received which makes the tank servant weak rather than protecting the servant.
From now on, the escort effect will be cast to all allies (excluding the caster) and the caster will take 20% of the damage for all allies.
The escort effect will allow tank class to protect allies rather than dying for them.
⭕️ Lucrecia Stat Increase
Lucrecia is one of the servants that have received continuous love from all users.
Even though Lucrecia is not a shard farmable servant due to several reasons, she has low stats.
However, her stat will be adjusted to fit the balance.
Other effects such as Buff Removal, Debuff Removal, Damage reduction upon the shield, silence are in the list of balance materials.
We will gradually decide and balance these effects after further debates and testings.
We have decided to make this huge revamp with the desire to make the game fun and to service the game for 3 ~ 5 years.
We may have caused concerns to everyone due to such big changes and our direction of updates might be the way everyone hoped for.
So far, many updates have gone in the direction we have planned for and some have gone in directions we did not.
We did make some mistakes however, we believe that we were able to receive many loves and support from everyone for 2 years due to the acceptance of our mistakes and continuous adjustment by hearing everyone's feedback.
We wish for this update to be the new beginning rather than the end and also receive love from users who have never heard of Heir of Light before.
Please share your feedback and suggestions and we will continue to try our best to provide a better gaming experience for all Heirs.
Thank you
p.s. 4.0 update is planned to be updated around 2/25 ~ 2/27

Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance +6
Dev Note #105: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update - Additional Notice & Buff Adjustment for Servant Balance
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 8mo

Dev Note #104: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 4: Additional Notice

Greetings Heirs,
We are here to cover some general questions from the community that was brought up after the last Dev Note.
⭕️ What are the conditions to unlock 4 regions of Purifying Grounds?
1st region of Purifying Grounds is open to all Heirs.
For the 2nd region, we are thinking about various conditions to unlock it.
Instead of unlocking a specific region, you must unlock each region in sequence with [Open+1 Slot].
If you purchase [Open+1 Slot] from the milage shop, you can permanently unlock 2 regions. (The mileage point is not confirmed but we are not planning to make it high)
Also, the All-In-One package has [Open+1 Slot] effect so if you purchase it, you will be able to unlock the 3rd region.
The last region is planned to be sold for 30 days by purchasing it with money or in-game currencies (karats).
Thus, you can unlock each region in the Purifying Grounds by
> Open+1 Slot (Permanent) product
> Open+1 Slot (30 days) product
> All-in-One Package
These products do not have any order of purchase because a specific product is not associated with a specific region.
The [Open+1 Slot] for Purifying Grounds is not designed to be accommodated with a large amount of money.
We did not finalize what kind of current would be required to unlock the region
We are planning to allow Heirs to shard farm for Light/Dark Servants at a small cost.
⭕️ Isn't it difficult to use the Purifying Grounds without making a large amount of purchase?
As we have explained above, there are 4 regions to the Purifying Grounds.
Even without making any purchases, the [1st region] and [Explore/Sanc] will be available and can be used at the same time.
You will be able to farm shards for 2 servants at the same time.
If you purchase 2 [Open+1 Slot], you will be able to unlock the Purifying region up 3 regions, which will allow you to farm light/dark servant shards.
(You will be able to farm servant shards that were not available to farm)
Karats and Mileage will be enough up to the 3 regions, but you will need the All-in-One package to unlock the last region.
(If you are going to shard farm without the All-In-One package, it will be a bit difficult due to the valor and time.
It will be same as the current method of shard farming)
We think that the All-In-One purchase is a pre-requisite for farming so we decided to add [Open+1 Slot] effect in the All-in-One package.
If we don't put this condition, then we will be adding a different cost for the region to farm Collaboration/Light&dark servants that are not available for shard farming.
The difficulty of obtaining these servants must be high.
Wouldn't it be better to receive extra cost to unlock a region for these servants?
If we don't receive extra cost to unlock the region for these servants, would it satisfy the users who have spent extra cost and resources to obtain these servants?
Instead of adding additional cost to unlock a region, we decided to add the benefit to the All-In-One pack which many heirs use for shard farming.
⭕️ Aren't you focusing too much on In-App Purchases?
As we talked about Purifying Ground in the previous Dev Note, we mentioned In-App Purchases more than we did in other Dev Notes. We don't want to say In-App Purchases is completely unrelated. However, the reason it seems like we are putting greater emphasis on In-App Purchase is because of the characteristics of Purifying Ground. Every region of Purifying Ground shortens the shard farming process significantly, as it allows Heirs to farm while playing other contents or staying offline from Heir of Light.
We want to clarify that Heirs will be able to enjoy various contents of Heir of Light, such as Dungeon, Explore, Sanctuary, Raid, and Abaddon, while they have their special force team deployed for an expedition in Purifying Ground.
Once Heirs open all 4 regions of Purifying Ground, Heirs will be able to farm from 5 regions including Exploration/Sanctuary. Ultimately, if Heirs used to collect 10 shards a day, Heirs will be able to collect 50 shards a day from now on.
For the most part, In-App Purchases in Heir of Light is connected to saving time. While In-App Purchase is not necessary to enjoy Heir of Light, Heirs can turn to In-App Purchases when they want to play more or progress faster. We prepared Purifying Ground as a "time-saving content," which is why Purifying Ground is closely tied to In-App Purchases. While Heir of Light has various contents related to time consumption, Heir of Light has been providing a lot of resources as event rewards. While many Heirs love the event rewards, the rewards were outshining what Heirs were getting from In-App Purchases in a smaller unit. Therefore, we wanted to give more incentives to players for In-App Purchases even in smaller units. Purifying Ground is quite similar to Mission Package in terms of its purpose.
⭕️ Is All-in-One Package necessary to transcend Collaboration servants?
We want to reassure players that we are preparing various means of acquiring Common Shard. While it may take some time, transcending Collaboration servants is possible as Common Shard will be available from in-game gameplay, events, and In-App Purchases. We intentionally designed Purifying Ground so that Collaboration servants naturally take longer to transcend with Common Shard to honor the effort of Heirs that invested a lot of resources during the Collaboration period to fully transcend Collaboration servants. We hope that Heirs feel that we found an appropriate middle ground for Heirs that invested in Collaboration servants and Heirs that didn't.
Heir of Light allows players to progress without In-App Purchases as long as they participate in various events. We will continue to look after various aids for F2P players, and we assure you that it is not our direction to make Heir of Light P2W game. (We are preparing a ★5 Select Summon as an upcoming pre-registration reward, and we will be giving out even greater rewards for future Updates.) We also believe it is important to provide enough benefits to players that spent even the smallest amount, providing various perks to support the progression.
We covered some questions brought up by the community today.
Please feel free to leave any feedback in the comment below.
Thank you.

Dev Note #104: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 4: Additional Notice
Dev Note #104: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 4: Additional Notice
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 8mo

Dev Note #103: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 3: Purifying Ground & Transcendence Expansion

Greetings Heirs,
We are here with more details about 4.0 Update.
Let's start with Purifying Grounds.
Purifying Grounds
"While investigating the spread of the Dark Blood's corruption, one of Morning Star's aircrafts was able to a locate holy ground that was barely corrupted. Flynn and Mildred jumped right into the investigation of the holy ground.
Flynn and Mildred found 4 holy grounds with unknown purposes. They decided to name each place Sanctuary, Alter, Shrine, and Temple.
One day, while investigating the Alter, Mildred radiated a bright light. It seemed like two Mildreds were present in the same space until one of the Mildreds shattered into shards.
Realizing that this doesn't happen to himself, Flynn went through various tests and concluded that this phenomenon only happens to servants. Flynn named this phenomenon "Purification." All servants are constantly exposed to the Dark Blood. Flynn got excited that Purification in the holy ground is the key to extract the Dark Blood in a form of Shards from contaminated servants. However, after finding out the possibility of servants losing control during Purification, Flynn established a rule requiring Special Force to escort the purification process. Without anyone learning about the true intention of these holy grounds, Morning Star begun its Purification process."
⭕Details of Purifying Ground
> You can obtain shards of your servants through purification in Purifying Ground. (You can select a servant of your choice to obtain shards of the servant.)
> In order to purify the servant of your choice, "Special Force" team will help the purification process. (Special Force team will be formed with 4 servants.)
> Special Force team with higher Growth Score will purify faster. Higher Growth Score will also result in higher rate of success in purification. Heirs can purify faster by using well developed servants.
> Actual battle will not take place since you are not actually fighting against your servant to obtain servant shard. Purification will take place even when Heir of Light is turned off. Heirs will be able to obtain servant shards even when they are not playing Heir of Light.
(Here are some images to help Heirs' understanding.)
> Servants that are in the Special Force team for Purifying Ground cannot be used for other contents beside Defense Team. (Purification target servant can be used in other contents.)
> There are four regions in Purifying Ground: Sanctuary, Alter, Shrine, and Temple. Initially, only the first region will be open. The remaining regions can be unlocked through Mileage Shop or purchase of All-in-One package. (All-in-One will open an additional region. Purchase from shop will open an additional region for 30 days.)
*Please note that name of each region may be subject to change.
> All-in-One package will double the shard drop from Purifying Ground.
> Target servant for purification must meet certain requirements for each region of Purifying Ground to be purified.
Going into more details about the table above, Fire Lucien (Available in Explore/Sanctuary) can be purified from the Sanctuary of Purifying Ground, however, Fire Ignis can only be purified from Alter or higher. Light Leto can only be purified from Shrine or higher, and Light Valkyrja can only be purified from the Temple.
Also, due to the Transcendence requirement, Light Valkyrja with only 1 Transcendence cannot be purified. Collaboration servants are generally more difficult to obtain since they can only be obtained during certain period of time. Therefore, we decided to set higher purification requirement for Collaboration servants.
All Light/Dark servants must reach 5th Transcendence to be purified (4th Transcendence with All-in-One Package).
Purification Requirement was necessary in order to include Collaboration & unfarmable servants in Purification Target. Since these requirements are harder to meet, we were able to provide better rewards.
Ultimately, Purifying Ground allows Heirs to farm 24 hours even when Heir of Light is turned off through purification. While it can be ran 24 hours, shard drop rate is similar to Explore/Sanctuary. Plus, Heirs can farm shards easier with less investment toward Valor since the valor cost is only 6.
Given that purification takes 60 seconds, players can obtain following amount of shards with 24 hours of purification.
(With All-in-One Package)
Currently, many Heirs engage in Shard Farming for 8 ~ 12 hours a day, which translates to 15 to 20 days to collect 500 Light/Dark shards. Ultimately, Heirs will be able to farm shard 1.5 times ~ 2 times faster than before.
Also, Purifying Ground will be dropping Mark Source that was not available before along with Common Transcendence Shard and Skill Bun Summon Shard to support faster servant development and Mark change.
Purifying Ground will reduce the stress of leaving Heir of Light running on your device. It will also allow Heirs to obtain shards faster. This all goes along with Transcendence expansion. Heirs with 1st ~ 4th Transcendence will be able to Transcend faster with the release of Purifying Ground. Heirs that no longer had a room of servant improvement after 5th Transcendence can aim for further servant development.
Transcendence Improvement
Many Heirs have left their opinion about Transcendence Improvement. We are aware that there are more negative responses than positive ones, especially because of the idea of using more than one servant to transcend one stage.
As we mentioned previously, if each Transcendence required same amount of material, the gap between Heirs will become huge based on Heirs' time investment. We expect the gap to become even wider with the release of Purifying Ground. Therefore, we believe that we must increase the cost of each Transcendence as the servant make Transcendence progression.
Furthermore, since Light/Dark servants are significantly harder to obtain than Fire/Water/Forest servants, Light/Dark servants are naturally stronger than Fire/Water/Forest servants. If Fire/Water/Forest servants can be transcended with only 1 duplicate servant, we won't be able to give Fire/Water/Forest servants the necessary increase in stats to compete against Light/Dark servants. By increasing Transcendence cost of Fire/Water/Forest servants and ultimately the Transcendence difficulty of these servants, we can assign appropriate stats to Fire/Water/Forest servants so that they can compete against Light/Dark servants to certain degree.
Here are some answers to feedbacks that were brought up in the community.
⭕How big will the gap be between Fire/Water/Forest servants and Light/Dark servants?
We expect 10th Transcendence Fire/Water/Forest servants to have performance similar to 7th Transcendence Light/Dark servants. As we mentioned earlier, if Transcendence cost did not increase and remained at 1 servant per Transcendence, we won't be able to allow 10th Transcendence Fire/Water/Forest servants to compete against 7th Transcendence Light/Dark servants. However, because we increased the Transcendence cost for higher Transcendence, we were able to give greater stats to Fire/Water/Forest servants, ultimately allowing 10th Transcendence Fire/Water/Forest servants to compete against 7th Transcendence Light/Dark servants. This will allow Fire/Water/Forest servants to be viable for various contents, giving more incentives to develop Fire/Water/Forest servants. While this may seem obvious considering the difficulty to reach 10th Transcendence for Light/Dark servants, 10th Transcendence Light/Dark servants will be significantly stronger than 10th Transcendence Fire/Water/Forest servants.
⭕Don't you think Common Shard is too much? Wouldn't it discourage Heirs that developed Collaboration servants or servants that weren't available for shard farming?
Common Shard is one of our attempt to create more methods of developing servants without relying on summoning which is completely based on luck. While we understand the concern, we won't be giving out a lot of Transcendence Common Shard. Even now, Select Summon can be obtained through Craft or In App Purchase. Common Shard will be available for In App Purchase, and it can also be obtained in small amount through gameplay. We will continue to care about Heirs that developed servants that cannot be farmed or Collaboration servants.
⭕Don't you think Craft needs improvement along with Transcendence Expansion?
We weren't able to share more details about this issue in last Dev Note because we had nothing finalized. As we expand Transcendence, Select Summon acquisition through Craft will also be improved. Select Summon through Craft will include all servants including new servants. Also, Fire/Water/Forest servants can now be crafted 3 times a month, and Light/Dark servants can be farmed 5 times a month. (We will be changing Select Summon crafted before the update to include all new servants.)
⭕Please consider sniping using Relation Effect.
Currently 0 Transcendence Aria can snipe 5th Transcendence Lucrecia's passive. Currently, Transcendence does not influence sniping through Relation Effect. Many Heirs have expressed their concern that it wouldn't make sense for 0 Transcendence servants to snipe 10th Transcendence servants. We agree with this concern for the most part. If we decide that this is becoming an issue after more investigation, we will apply change to Relation Effect so that it takes difference in Transcendence between servants into account.
⭕Light/Dark servant Transcendence seems too difficult.
In the standard of current build, it will be very difficult to Transcend Light/Dark servants. This is not only because shard farming has been difficult for Light/Dark servants, but also because we limited summon of Light/Dark servants in general to respect its rarity. Therefore, to loosen the limit on Light/Dark summons, we will be adding Light/Dark Special Summon. Light/Dark Special Summon allows Heirs to choose 4 Light/Dark ★5 servants by using 2 Light/Dark ★3~5 Summon Stones. If Heirs summon ★5 from Light/Dark Special Summon, Heirs are guaranteed to summon one of the 4 servants they chose. We believe that it will become easier to transcend Light/Dark servants as we lower acquisition difficulty of Light/Dark servants. Also, we will be improving ★3~5 Light/Dark Summon Stone supply from various Light/Dark Summon Packages so that Heirs can acquire more Light/Dark servants. (Light/Dark ★3~5 Summon Package IV will be giving 30 Light/Dark ★3~5 Summon Stones instead of 22 after the Update.)
It is true that this Update is bringing huge changes.
While these changes can feel different or odd, we hope that Heirs view these careful changes as our effort to improve gameplay experience of Heir of Light. We are also preparing various marketing plans along with Collaboration to celebrate 2nd Year Anniversary of Heir of Light in March. We promise to continue to improve Heir of Light through community feedbacks.
Thank you.

Dev Note #103: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 3: Purifying Ground & Transcendence Expansion +3
Dev Note #103: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 3: Purifying Ground & Transcendence Expansion
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 8mo

Dev Note #102: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 1: Transcendence Revamp

Greeting Heirs,
Today, we would like to talk about the biggest issue for the 2nd-anniversary update, the revamp of Transcendence System.
The framework for the Transcendence system is to grow the servant by using the same servant as the growth material.
Other growth system required more amounts of resources as you get further in the growth process.
However compared to other growth systems, the transcendence system only required 1 servant as the growth material due to the level of difficulty in obtaining servants.
Due to the characteristic of the transcendence system, we have tried to provide more ways for everyone to summon by rewards or Events.
However, even with our efforts, the difficulty of transcendence varied greatly from user to user.
Also, many of you have already completed in reaching Transcendence 5 for a variety of servants.
We have been debating about new systems as we felt that it was time to add a way for you to grow your servants stronger.
In the 4.0 update, we decided to revamp the whole transcendence system.
We are considering changing the name of Transcendence system to a more appropriate term as the newly revamped system will be closer / similar to the system of other games in the similar genre such as "Limit Break" and "Rank-Up"
We will continue to use the Term "Transcendence" in today's dev note since the new term is not finalized.
Revamp of Transcendence System
⭕️ The Revamp of Transcendence System's key elements:
> Servant will no longer be the required material for transcendence.
The transcendence method will change to Transcendence (EXP).
> A new resource, "Universal Shard" will be added and "Universal Shard" can be used to transcend any servants.
> Servant, Servant Shard, and Universal Shard, can be used to fill up the Transcendence (EXP)
(1 Servant Shard or 1 Universal Shard = 1 Transcendence (EXP), 1 Nat 5 servant = 500 Transcendence (EXP)
> There will be a total of 10 levels and the amount of servant growth will be increased compared to the current Transcendence 5.
> The required Transcendence (EXP) will be different per each Level.
> The amount of Transcendence (EXP) per level may vary from servant to servant.
> Stats will increase as you reach a higher level of Transcendence similar to the current transcendence system.
(Not considering to add the new potential skill slot in this revamp)
To elaborate more on the revamp
Until now, 1 identical servant with the same nat grade and same element was required to increase 1 transcendence.
The new transcendence system will be changed to "Transcendence (EXP) so that Nat 5 (same servant & same element), servant shard, and universal shard can be used.
Similar to the concept of exp for leveling, low-level transcendence will require low Transcendence (EXP) and high level will require high transcendence (EXP)
Level 1 ~ 3 will be easy, Level 4 ~ 6 will be normal, Level 7 ~8 will be difficult, and Level 9 ~ 10 will be very difficult.
⭕️ Example of Transcendence (exp) requirement for a NAT 5 servant per transcendence level
(Please note that the Transcendence (EXP) per Transcendence level is not finalized. The details for Transcendence 7 and above are not listed to prevent any controversies to occur as they are not finalized)
We will be adding a feature where you can increase the Transcendence (Exp) by using a variety of materials and resources to Transcend.
[Universal Shard] can be used to increase the Transcendence (Exp) for all servants.
The requirement of Transcendence (Exp) per level will vary per servant due to the Nat grade of the servant, the difficulty of obtaining the servant shard, and other factors.
For servants that have the low difficulty of obtaining shards will require more Transcendence (Exp) compare to the servants that have the high difficulty of obtaining shards.
The transcendence level of servants that have transcended from 1 to 5 before the update will be maintained.
The total transcendence (exp) required to reach Transcendence level 5 will remain equal when converted to the number of servants required to reach Transcendence 5.
Due to the reduced Transcendence (exp) requirement for low-level transcendence, we will be compensating the excess transcendence (Exp) for all users who have previously reached transcendence 1 & 2.
To explain using the chart above, users who have reached transcendence 1 will be compensated with 400 Transcendence (exp) for that servant.
Thus, you can use 200 transcendence (exp) to reach Transcendence level 2.
After that, you'll have the remaining 200 Transcendence (exp) and use additional materials worth 200 transcendence (Exp) to reach level 3.
Shard Acquisition Support
It is true that ultimately you need more resources to even further enhance servants. We believe that Heirs love Heir of Light not only because we gift various currencies through events but also because Heir of Light can be enjoyed without purchasing despite being a gacha game due to the shard system. We are planning on maintaining this direction, therefore, we will be creating various methods to obtain shards.
1. A new content called "Shrine of Purification" will support simultaneous farming of up to 4 servants upon meeting various requirements. In a rough calculation, Heirs will be able to farm shards 4 times faster than before. In "Shrine of Purification," Heirs can farm shards of servants that weren't available for shard farming along with Collaboration servants. We will cover more details about the "Shrine of Purification" in the Dev Note next week.
2. We will be adding a new currency called "Shard of Transcendence" so that Heirs can transcend their servants without dedicating all their time in summoning or farming shard of a certain servant. (Two types of "Shard of Transcendence" will be added: Fire/Water/Forest Shard of Transcendence & Light/Dark Shard of Transcendence.)
3. You can now acquire shards of Collaboration servant from Tower Invasion.
4. For L/D servants with higher acquisition difficulty, we will be adding L/D Special Summon so that Heirs can select a certain pool of servants before summoning L/D servants. (While the details are not finalized yet, L/D Special Summon will be using a certain number of L/D ★3~5 Summon Stones.)
We considered various possible variations of a new servant development after concluding that we have reached a point where we need to expand servant development. However, since the very base of Heir of Light gameplay lies in servant acquisition through summon or shard farming, we concluded that it would be the most intuitive to use servant as a material in additional servant development. Therefore, we decided that the reworking Transcendence System would be the best way to expand servant development.
Of course, we understand the disappointment from Heirs that did not expect another servant development system using duplicate servant as a material and already consumed duplicate servants in various ways. (Heir of Light team also consumed many duplicate servants before this change was finalized.) We want to sincerely apologize to make a change that would disappoint the community in any way.
Since summon and shard farming will be becoming more important with the change, we are looking into various ways of supporting both summoning and shard farming for Heirs.
Today, we covered Transcendence Revamp. Since Devs have been discussing this change for a very long time, Transcendence Revamp is finalized to happen. However, we believe that there are other things that we can improve on while we work on Transcendence Revamp. We will try our best to reflect the community's feedback on comment below or suggestion channel on Discord.
As we mentioned before, we have yet to finalize the official name for new content following Transcendence Revamp. If you have any name suggestions or suggestions on the number of L/D ★3~5 Summon Stones needed for L/D Special Summon, please feel free to leave it on the comment below.
Thank you.

Dev Note #102: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 1: Transcendence Revamp +1
Dev Note #102: 2nd Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview Part 1: Transcendence Revamp
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 9mo

Dev Note #101: 2-Year Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview #1: Shard Farm & Transcendence

Greetings Heirs,
How are you guys enjoying the Growth Score system and the newly revamped league system?
We believed that these new changes have a lot of positive potentials to resolve current problems in the game however, we were a bit worried because we cannot deny the fact that these are some of the biggest changes in the history of Heir of Light.
After the update, we have been constantly reviewing the community feedback and many have shared positive feedback.
Also, fortunately, there were more positive responses from new users and low group users as intended.
We have been thinking about how we can provide a fun gaming experience to the new users and make them fall in love with our game.
Rather than focusing on narrowing the gap between the new users and current users, we divided the groups according to each Heir's growth and allowed users to compete against others with similar levels.
So these changes can be seen as the skirmish of the 2nd anniversary 4.0 update that's in preparation.
Going one step further, the 2nd anniversary 4.0 update will contain more revamps and changes.
We believe that we must share the upcoming changes in advance to all Heirs.
⭕The first topic is the revamp of "Shard Farming"
Many of Heirs are growing their servants by obtaining them from Shard farming.
To strengthen and grow a servant, you need to obtain gears, elemental stones, and other resources from different contents.
However, once users start shard farming, many users just tend to shard farm all day as shard farming on its own is a very time consuming process.
Thus, for the first time in the history of Heir of Light, we decided to create content where you can shard farm even when the game is turned off.
We think that we should have more updates that are for the current users as we have been bringing updates for the new users.
So we decided that an update to ease the shard farming for the current users was needed because volume of must-do contents gets larger as you progress further into the game.
This new update is for the current users, so the difficulty of the new content is not easy but we think that it may have an effect on the daily game patterns.
⭕The second topic is the revamp of Transcendence
Before we get to the topic, we need to talk about the history of Transcendence
In August 2018, the Transcendence system first was introduced with the 2.0 Restart Update due to the need of expanding the servant growth and in order to resolve issues where many NAT 5 servants were just being stashed away without any use.
You were able to Transcend a servant up to 3 times by using the same servant with the same element as materials.
However, obtaining the servant you desired was not easy because obtaining servants was only available from Summon.
It also made it more difficult for the user to reach transcendence 3 on a servant.
So in November 2018, the Fuse system was added with the 2.3 Update.
In December 2019, the Craft System was introduced with the 2.4 update to easy the difficulty of transcendence again.
In January of 2019, we expanded the max transcendence from 3 to 5 due to the need of expanding the servant growth as the number of users reaching Transcendence 3 increased.
We believed that the game was in a situation where the expansion of Transcendence was needed.
However, many have expressed the feeling of sorrow because many have already used their duplicates in Fuse or Combine and also because we did not make an early announcement about the expansion of Transcendence.
During this time, many users have greatly expressed their stress regarding the expansion of Transcendence and how they have already used up their duplicate servants.
Thus, we announced to the community through the Dev Note that we will be very careful making decisions about any servant growth after Transcendence 5 and that there won't be any further increase in transcendence for a while.
We increased the capacity of servant growth by adding different methods to grow your servants such as Super Enhance for gear, Potential Skills, and more.
In fact, unlike the other contents, the Transcendence system uses the same servant with the same element as the material for every transcendence.
So if you attempt to transcend a servant that you have obtained for the first time, it is quite difficult.
Once the servant reaches 3 ~ 4 transcendence, it becomes more viable in many different contents and has its usage in the game.
However, at some point, [Servants are only useful after Transcendence 5] became a rule for using the servant which led to users stashing away their low transcendence servants.
In preparation for the 4.0 Update, we thought and reviewed other topics including the Transcendence System.
We came to the conclusion that a major revamp is needed to provide a better and longer game service to the users.
The Transcendence System will be different and will have a different method once it is revamped.
The same servants will be needed more even if the servant is already Transcendence 5 and the new Transcendence system will be related to the revamp of Shard Farming.
More details of each content's revamp will be shared in the next Dev note.
So if you currently have or happen to obtain duplicate servants of your Transcendence 5 servants, we advise you to think carefully about it before using them for Fuse or Craft.
Thank you

Dev Note #101: 2-Year Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview #1: Shard Farm & Transcendence
Dev Note #101: 2-Year Anniversary 4.0 Update Preview #1: Shard Farm & Transcendence
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 9mo

Dev Note #100: 3.11 Update Preview #2 - Growth Score & Groups

Greetings Heirs,
After the last Dev Note, We have received various feedback from users who are concerned about the changes and also from those who are anticipating the new changes.
So for today's dev note, we would like to share more details on the Growth Score and also answer some questions that arose from the community regarding the new group system.
The background story behind the new Growth Score System
Currently, in Heir of Light, the strength of the servant is displayed with CP(Combat Power). However, sometimes there are cases where the CP was not reliable due to the increase in CP by increasing specific stats for each servant class.
Also, Potential skills and skill effects played a part in servant's strength but there were cases where these were not being calculated into CP. Thus, it led to the difficulty of indicating a servant's strength with just CP.
So, in the preparation for the 3.11 Update, we decided to revamp the CP System.
Each Servant's growth can be the measure of strength and have a similar score based on the growth so that it would be easier to compare your servant with others.
Thus, we decided to Growth Score that indicates the servant's growth progress.
The CP will change to Growth Score and components that affect Growth Score are listed below.
Growth Score Calculation Formula
⭐️1. Base Stat of the Servant (Awakening Included)
The basic Growth score of each servant is decided based on each servant's base stats: Attack, Defense, and HP.
Thus, a servant's basic Growth Score may vary based on the servant's natural grade and element.
The basic growth score will be similar among the servants in the same natural grade and element due to minor differences in the basic stats.
⭐️2. Transcendence
The Growth rate from transcendence may change based on the servant's Natural grade and whether the servant is farmable or not.
So, the unfarmable Dark / Light Nat 5 servants will receive the highest growth rate.
⭐️3. Gears
The increase and contribution to the Growth Score will be based on the following list:
> Gear's Natural Grade (1 ~ 6★)
> Gear's Rarity (Normal ~ Legendary)
> Enhance Level (0 ~ +19)
> Number of equipped gears (0 ~ 8)
*The Primary Stat and Secondary Stats will not affect the Growth Score.
⭐️4. Potential Skill
The increase and contribution to the Growth Score will be based on the following list:
> Number of unlocked Potential Skills (Normal / Special)
> Potential Skill Levels
> Skill Grade (S ~ C) for Special Potential Skill #3 & #4
⭐️5. Skill Enhanced Level
The increase and contribution to the Growth Score will be based on the following list:
> Enhance Level of the 1st Skill
> Enhance Level of the 2nd Skill
> Enhance Level of the Combo Skill
*The Growth Score is a measurement of a servant's growth so the bonus stats from the Collection Effect and Element Upgrade will not be included
⭐️The Growth Score will be maxed and reach 100% upon the following conditions:
> 5th transcendence & 5th Awakened
> All gear slots equipped with 19+ enhanced legendary gears
> All potential Skills ( Normal and Special) enhanced to Level 20
> S grade potential skills for both Special Potential Skill Slot #3 & #4>
> All Skills (1st, 2nd, and Combo Skills) enhanced to max Levels.
Growth Score and Growth Rate can be viewed in the servant info and you will be able to sort your servants based on their Growth Rate.
Awakening Dungeon Entry Condition Changes
The entry conditions for Awakening Dungeon 11th and 12th Floors will change from CP to Growth Score.
We set the Growth Score of 3500 as the entry condition for Awakening Dungeon 11th Floor by converting the Growth Score of a 1 ~ 2 Awakened Level 60 Nat 4 servant equipped with 5 ~ 6★ +15 Epic gears.
As for the Awakening Dungeon 12th Floor, we set the Growth Score of 6000 by converting the Growth Score of a Trans 1 and 2 ~ 3 Awakened Nat 5 servant equipped with 5 ~ 6★ +15 epic gears.
The CP entry conditions varied due to the CP difference among each class, however, the Growth Score will stay similar even among servants in different classes so the entry conditions will be unified.
We have minorly alleviated the entry condition for the 11th and 12th floor so that it wouldn't be a problem even for Heirs who have grown their servants to hit the minimum CP for the entry conditions.
We believe that there won't be any problem due to the alleviation of the entry condition.
However, if you cannot enter due to the entry condition changes, we would like to ask heirs to grow the servants slightly to reach meet the entry conditions again.
Group Placement based on Growth Score
We would like to share information about the group placement as we mentioned in the last Dev Note.
The group placement is determined by the Servant's growth, and the condition for the group placement is determined by the sum of the 6 Servants' Growth Scores with the highest growth scores.
The sum of growth scores will remain the highest even if they are lowered by removing the gear or by selling your servants, so you cannot lower them even if you try to intentionally lower them.
The Group breakdown based on the Growth Score:
A Nat 5 [Fire] / [Water] / [Forest] Servant with 100% Growth Rate will have around 50,000 ~ 60,000 Growth Score and if you have 6 servants with 100% Growth Rate, you will be placed in the Diamond group.
This will be applied to all contents and even if your servants for PvP do not have a 100% growth rate, you will be placed in the Diamond group if the total Growth score of your 6 strongest servants is above 300,000.
We believed that the standard for group placement would be known when the standard is unified throughout every content in the game. Also, it was difficult to create a standard for group placement for each content so you won't be placed in the group that's specifically optimized for each content in the game. Thus, for certain content, you may feel that you might have been placed in a higher group than you expected. But the overall ranking season rewards will be improved with 3.11 update so it would be best to grow your servant that's optimized for each content to compete with users within your group.
That's all we have for the Growth Score. Lastly, we have compiled concerns and questions that arose from the previous dev note.
Group Revamp Q & A
Q. I would feel that I would prefer staying in the low group if the #1 rank reward in the low group is better than #20 rank in the top group. What are the rewards for the high ranks in the low groups and low ranks in the top group?
A. Good question. The first place reward is better if you compare the 20th place in Gold A Group (high group) and the 1st place in the Gold B group (low group). However, to get 1st and 3rd place in the group, the Servant Growth and a lot of playtimes were expected, so we thought the 1st place reward should be better.
Overall, Gold A group's reward is better so in the long run, it's better to move to the Gold A group. This means that you have more chances of receiving better rewards as you go for the higher groups. The rewards for Platinum and Diamond Groups are set to make Diamond Group rewards better, as some may hesitate to move from Platinum to Diamond.
For your reference, we will inform you in advance of some of the ranking rewards for each group.
Q. Is the Overall Ranking going to disappear due to the Group Revamp?
A. There won't be a reward for the overall rankings. However the overall top 100
Rankings will be displayed for that you can see the strongest Heir in the server.
Q. Can I lower the Growth Score to be placed in the lower group?
A. As we explained about the Growth Score, you can't deliberately get into the lower group and get good rewards even if you unequip your gears or release your servants to lower your growth score because the highest total of Growth Score will remain the same.
Q. Is the growth of light / dark servants well reflected in the group placement standard? Will users who focused a lot on Light / Dark Servants be placed in higher groups?
A. Since the [light] / [dark] servant's stats and transcendental effects are taken into account when calculating the growth score, the growth of the [light] / [dark] servant is weighted more in the growth score than the [fire] / [water] / [forest] Servants.
A [Light] / [Dark] Servant with 100% Growth Rate will have around 70,000 ~ 80,000 Growth Score, so even if you have only 4 [Light] / [Dark] Servants with 100% Growth Rate, you'll be placed in the Diamond Group.
That's all for Today's Dev Note. The upcoming update is planned to have a wide range of changes compared to the previous updates.
Thus, the upcoming update may not bring satisfaction to all Heirs. However, please bear with us as we are trying our best to make the game more enjoyable while thinking about the long term directions.
If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.

Dev Note #100: 3.11 Update Preview #2 - Growth Score & Groups +4
Dev Note #100: 3.11 Update Preview #2 - Growth Score & Groups
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 9mo

Dev Note #99: 3.11 Update Preview #1 - League System Revamp

Greetings Heirs,
Happy 2020!🥳
We wish everyone a happy new year and wish everyone all the best!
As you all know that March of 2020 is the 2nd anniversary for Heir of light.
We are in preparation for massive updates until and even after the 2nd anniversary in March.
Starting from the January update, we will be holding massive 2nd-anniversary celebration updates for 3 ~ 4 months.
The first content and focus for the January update will be the revamp of the league system.
Currently, Competitive content such as PvP, Infinite PvP, and Tower Invasion is where all Heirs participate in the ranking competition.
Competitive contents are fun because it allows Heirs to test their strategies and build compositions using their own strongest servants.
Due to the nature of the ranking system, the competition in the top 100 is fierce and fun.
However, the fun decreases as the ranking go down towards the lower ranks.
We believed that it would more fun if everyone got matched with opponents with similar growth levels and compete for the top ranks within those groups.
That's why we decided to revamp the league into groups in the first update of 2020.
The revamp of league details:
🔸 1. League will be removed and will be revamped into groups.
🔸 2. The group is based on the growth of the servants of the Heir.
🔸 3. You will only be matched with other Heirs in the same group.
🔸 4. The group will be divided into 20 Heirs and the ranking competition will be held within 20 Heirs.
🔸 5. As the ranking competition is within 20 Heirs, the weekly ranking reward is also composed of 1st place ~ 20th place
In short, the core idea of this revamp is
📢 "Everyone can aim for Rank #1"
For example, if you have 1st transcendent servants then you will be grouped with Heirs with similar growth levels for a single season (1 week).
Your rank within the group will be determined by how hard you have grown your servants and how hard you have played for a week.
So unlike now, everyone can aim for Rank #1.
New heirs would experience despair when attempting the Infinite PvP.
They would constantly meet heirs who have kept their spot in the top ranks of the league.
Heirs in the top ranks would also agree and probably have experienced the same situation in the past by retracing your memories of the past.
Now Heirs will be separated and grouped based on their growth so new Heirs will not be able to meet high-rank Heirs.
New Heirs will be able to aim for the top by fighting against Heirs who have started a similar time and barely have reached the account level of 50 with 1 completed team composition.
Top ranking Heirs will have much more fierce competition than now.
Since you complete in the ranking within the other 20 Heirs in your group, you will have a more chance of taking top ranks.
Ranking Rewards will remain similar or even be increased, so you will be able to earn more rewards as you place higher in the ranks.
To summary everything again
📢 "You can be Rank 1 if you do your best in your current situation"
As we mentioned in the beginning, the league revamp will be for competitive content.
Changes will be made in 3.11 Update for Infinite PvP, PvP, Tower Invasion, and Boss Invasion.
Heirs who have placed 1st ~ 3rd place in each group in Infinite PvP will see an icon next to the group name in the chat and user information window to proudly show off your ranks.
There are 10 groups in total: Diamond, Platinum, Gold A, Gold B, Silver A, Silver B, Silver C, Bronze A, Bronze B, and Bronze C.
You will be placed in a group based on your account growth at the beginning of a season.
The group placement is based on growth, that is, [Growth Score], is a newly added system and requires detailed explanation so it will be discussed in the next Dev Note.
There are a few more things that change as the league is revamping into groups.
🔸 1. A medal will no longer be rewarded.
Medals were playing a huge symbolic role in Heir of Light but it will no longer be updated and the medal rankings before 3.11 update will be displayed in the Hall of Fame.
We are planning to provide rewards for those who have made a lot of effort in increasing their ranks in the medal ranking
Many have made a lot of effort to increase their medal ranks, so we are planning to provide rewards for those who are ranked within the top 100 medal rankings.
Details about the top 100 medal rankings rewards will be announced with next week's event post.
🔸 2. Tower invasion reset time will change from 7 hours every 4 hours at a set time (0, 4, 8, 12, 16:00, 20 o'clock) so that you can meet more opponents.
Additionally, we have improved the part where the invading opponent would not lose any points if they have invaded other opponents and lost more than a certain number of times. (15 times).
🔸 3. The invitation reward when using the PvP ticket will be changed due to the change in PvP ticket contents.
The invitation to enter the Global Infinite PvP will not be rewarded when using PvP Tickets.
The Global Infinite PvP content is a place to determine the Rank #1 of the world, so we believe that the Global Infinite PvP content should base the ranking on quality of the win rates rather than the quantities of tickets consumed.
Additionally, the Global Infinite PvP Beta duration will end and will be revamped to become a content where Heirs can truly determine the Rank #1 in the world.
🔸 4. The criteria for selecting World battle opponents will change due to the changes in Infinite PvP.
Currently, the No.1 ~ No. 5 was determined by Heirs from top to low ranks.
But it will be changed to select one of the Rank #1 from the top group to the low group
(For example, No. 1 will be selected as one of the Rank #1 in the Diamond Group, and No. 5 will be selected as one of the Rank #1 in the Bronze A Group.)
🔸 5. Due to the massive revamp, we will not calculate the league reward that is originally planned for January 20th.
Also, all ranking data will reset starting from the 3.11 update and will start brand new.
For example, the Infinite PvP ends and is calculated on 1/19 00:00 AM and a new season starts.
However, there's only a day until the update.
So we decided to reset rather than calculate the ranking because it will not be fair to everyone to determine a ranking based on the data of a single day.
🔸 6. The Abaddon Tower will not be revamped with the new group system due to the nature of the content.
For the Boss Raid, we decided to implement the group system after the stabilization of the new group system.
That's all we have today for the revamp of the league system.
It was very difficult for us to make this decision to revamp because it is a massive change however, we hope that this change will allow more Heirs to enjoy competing against each other.
We believe that you may have a lot of questions due to our explanation of the league revamp in forms of large concepts.
Please feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comments.
Thank you

Dev Note #99: 3.11 Update Preview #1 - League System Revamp +1
Dev Note #99: 3.11 Update Preview #1 - League System Revamp
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 9mo

Dev Note #98: 3.10 Update Preview #3: Reflected Feedback & Additional Notice About Party Raid

Greetings Heirs,
Today we will cover reflected feedbacks from the community along with additional notice about Party Raid.
Black Market Improvement
While Black Market carries some quite valuable items for good prices, Black Market was often frustrating because Heirs had to use Karats to reset the shop multiple times in order to encounter the item they want. Without using Karats, Heirs were forced to wait a full hour without making any purchase when they get unlucky with items on Black Market.
Therefore, we will be slightly increasing reset price from 3 Karats to 5 Karats while buffing the shop items so that it is more likely for Heirs to find the items they want.
Most importantly, we will be increasing chance for element stones and ★4~★6 Gears.
Please note that we also slightly increased the price of each item as we increased the rate & number of items.
Please check below for details of changes:
Consecutive Battle Added to Explore
Some Heirs commented that it is quite annoying to tap on "Next Stage" every time they clear a stage when they want to slide through all Explore stages with well-developed servants
When Heirs clear a stage with 3★, they will have access to Repeat Battle. When a stage was never cleared or was cleared with 2★ or lower, Heirs will have access to Consecutive Battle function to breeze through from first stage to the last stage of Explore.
Clear ★ Display Added to Guild Dungeon Battle Log
It was difficult to check the Clear ★ of certain stages in Guild Dungeon. Therefore, we added Clear ★ Display in the Battle Log.
Special thanks to @Rcammandors , @madelves from Discord
Additional Notice About Party Raid
We received various feedbacks after we released last Dev Note. Here are some additional changes implemented along with a summary of some popular topic.
1) Making Party Raid Entry Limit 140 Entries a Week
Many Heirs have suggested that it would be a lot less stressful to implement weekly 140 entries limit rather than 20 entries limit a day so that Heirs can adjust their own schedule to play Party Raid. While we believe that 20 daily entry limits would be better, we are planning on going through additional discussion since a lot of Heirs have been voicing their opinion about Party Raid entry limit. We will make additional notice after some internal discussion.
2) With the nerf of Party Points from Daily & Weekly Missions, this change is a huge nerf for Heirs that were playing minimum amount of Party Raid everyday.
While we increased Party Point clear reward, drop reward, and clear reward for each floor in general, we had to decrease Party Points reward from Daily & Weekly Missions for balance purposes. Ultimately, it is true that this change is a nerf for Heirs that only played 1 ~ 3 rounds of Party Raid per day.
Even though we had clear balance purpose for this change, the disappointment from many Heirs were obvious.
Our main purpose of this Party Raid Revamp is to create love for Party Raid among Heirs. After observing some major disappointment from the community, we had another serious discussion about Party Raid rewards.
Reflecting the feedbacks from Heirs, we decided to revert back to the original Daily & Mission rewards. (800 Party Points from Daily Mission and 2,800 Party Points from Weekly Mission will be maintained.)
It is very unusual for us to make such last minute changes, because all of our changes have many reasons behind them. However, with increasing number of new Heirs, we decided to make an exception not to disappoint the community.
We will continue to reflect feedbacks from the community.
Thank you.

Dev Note #98: 3.10 Update Preview #3: Reflected Feedback & Additional Notice About Party Raid +2
Dev Note #98: 3.10 Update Preview #3: Reflected Feedback & Additional Notice About Party Raid
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 10mo

Dev Note #97: 3.10 Update Preview #2: Party Raid Revamp

Greetings Heirs,
We are here with new Dev Note covering Party Raid Revamp.
After we released 3.10 Update Preview, we went over various feedbacks to clarify some misunderstandings & to go over more details of our intention with Party Raid Revamp.
Current State of Party Raid
We believe that Heirs that have been playing Heir of Light since the launch of Party Raid are well aware of the direction we wanted to take with Party Raid through Dev Notes.
In Party Raid, we wanted Heirs to have fun by putting collective efforts with other Heirs real time to defeat powerful boss. To make this possible, we set certain schedule for Party Raid so that significant number of Heirs can get gather up for Party Raid in the set schedule. Furthermore, we tried to reward Heirs with quite satisfying reward per each clear. Finally, we implemented different rewards for each floor to motivate Heirs to climb higher up in the Party Raid.
However, we received multiple feedbacks about limited entry schedule. As Heirs continued to have trouble finding Party even with the entry schedule, we decided to temporary change the Party Raid schedule. We ended up expanding Party Raid schedule from opening 4 hours daily to opening 6 hours on the weekdays and 12 hours on the weekend. As we expanded entry schedule for Party Raid, we adjusted reward per clear while improving Party Point reward from Daily / Weekly Missions to balance out the change.
After the change, we saw increasing number of Heirs playing just enough Party Raid to receive Daily / Weekly Mission rewards. Since 3 rounds a day / 21 rounds a week can easily be achieved through Team Support of Guild Members or Friend, number of Heirs actually looking for party dropped rapidly.
After going over months worth of players' data after Party Raid's launch, we learned the following:
1. Party is usually formed through Team Support of Guild Member or Friend.
2. Actual real-time Party Raid rarely takes place.
3. There are two types of Heirs:
> Heirs that participate only 1~3 times at the most
> Heirs that participate in Party Raid whenever they can.
There have been several issues with Party Raid such as difficulty of engaging with actual real-time Party Raid and polarization of participation & reward acquisition between Heirs. Furthermore, it is true that the current direction we are taking with Party Raid is significantly different from our initial direction. We concluded that major Party Raid revamp is necessary for Party Raid content to be widely loved among Heirs.
Le'ts jump right into the details.
Major Changes
There are three major Party Raid Changes: Implementation of daily entry limit, extension of Party Raid schedule, and addition of new "Add My Team" function.
While we changed Party Raid schedule so that Party Raid is available for 23 hours and 30 minutes excluding 30 minutes of system maintenance out of 24 hours, we created limit on daily entry so that all Heirs can participate in similar amount of Party Raid.
While we considered making weekly entry limit instead of daily entry limit, we were afraid that rushing 140 rounds of Party Raid on the weekend can be very stressful for Heirs, especially when there are other contents on the weekend that needs to be visited such as Shard Farming, Gear Farming, and Awakening Dungeons. Therefore, we created daily limit that allows Heir to play Party Raid for 30 minutes to 1 hour daily.
Since it was quite challenging to find a party in Party Raid, it was very difficult to actually participate in Party Raid at all without proper Support Team lined up. In order to improve on this issue, we added "Add My Team" function. By adding "Add My Team" function, it will be significantly easier to participate in Party Raid for Heirs that have proper servants built up for Party Raid by decreasing stress of finding a party. While this could be a good news for Heirs that wanted to participate in Party Raid on their own, we believe that this news can be disappointing for Heirs that enjoyed actual co-op aspect of Party Raid, helping each other to clear each floor. We understand that it may seem like Party Raid is losing its initial direction.
We wanted to give more value to servant development and team formation of an individual Heir, while easing the stress of searching 2 other active members to participate in Part Raid. Since Party Raid becomes significantly harder as Heirs climb up the floor, it is very difficult for single Heir to properly develop all 9 servants for Party Raid. In Stage 3 for example, we expect Heirs to form a party of two Heirs, forming 2 teams on their own while filling out one last team with another Heir. While Heirs can improve their team to the point they can clear Floor 3 on their own, we expect Heirs to challenge Floor 4 with two other Heirs instead to claim significantly better rewards. Through Party Raid with two other Heirs, Heirs will be able to improve their team until they can utilize two teams of their own.
Furthermore, Heirs tend to focus on 4 main servants rather than developing various servants. It is very likely that 2nd team and 3rd team of Heir A that plays 3rd Floor are weaker than 1st team of Heir B that plays 2nd Floor. Therefore, we expect co-op aspect to remain relevant in Party Raid.
We believe that it is important to improve reward per each clear with this Party Raid revamp. Therefore, we will be improving reward per each clear.
Reward Buff
⭕Party Point Change per Clear
⭕Amount of Reward & Rate Change
⭕Party Raid Daily / Weekly Mission Reward Change
As you can see it on the table, we decreased Party Points from Daily / Weekly Missions as we improved clear reward. Based on 3rd floor, Heirs will be able to receive 600 Party Points by playing 20 rounds of Party Raid along with 400 Party Points from Daily Mission. Total amount of Party Points received per day increased to 1,000 Party Points from 824 Party Points that Heirs used to receive for playing 3 rounds per day.
This change may not feel like a buff in terms of Party Point if Heirs don't participate all 20 rounds of Party Raid per day. However, on 3rd Floor, Heirs will be able to receive reward equivalent to 150% ~ 200% of previous reward from 20 rounds of Party Raid per day with increased reward and drop rate. On 4th floor, this number goes up to 200% ~ 300%. Technically, this is a huge improvement in terms of time efficiency as Heirs can receive 40 ~ 60 rounds worth of rewards through only 20 rounds of Party Raid.
Additionally, price of Party Shop items will be adjusted.
Party Shop Price Change
It is true that it was difficult to purchase various items from Party Shop with the Party Points that Heirs used to earn. Since we improved clear reward while we decreased Party Points from missions, this change could affect Heirs that only played 1 ~ 3 rounds of Party Raid per day negatively. Therefore, we decreased price of 1st & 2nd purchase on major items in Party Shop.
With the Party Raid change, Heirs that collect 1,000 Party Points through 20 rounds of 3rd floor will be able to make some sort of purchase every day. To make things even better, Heirs can now purchase Special Summon Stones twice a day as we decrease the price of Special Summon Stone from 800 Party Points to 500 Party Points. Also, we will be significantly decreasing price for 3rd ~ 6th purchase to make the items more available.
Party Raid changes can be summarized as following:
1. With new "Add My Team" function, Heirs no longer have to be stressed about searching party. Party Raid can now be played on one's own with properly developed servants.
2. While higher floors have significantly better rewards, it is very difficult to form all three teams for higher Party Raid floors. We expect party matching to improve with expanded schedule and increased participation.
3. As we improved clear reward and decreased price on Party Shop, Heirs can acquire a lot more rewards than before.
We also received a feedback asking for additional entries on the weekend. For now, we believe Heirs can claim significantly more rewards than before with improved clear reward as long as Heirs invest proper amount of time everyday.
While we had a big goal when we first designed Party Raid, sadly Party Raid did not quite work out as intended. We expect various feedbacks after the Update as we are quite determined to revive Party Raid content with big changes.
Please feel free to leave comments if you have any feedbacks or concerns.
Thank you.

Dev Note #97: 3.10 Update Preview #2: Party Raid Revamp +5
Dev Note #97: 3.10 Update Preview #2: Party Raid Revamp
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 10mo

Dev Note #96: 3.10 Update Preview #1: Servant Balance & Additional Notice (ETA: December 16th)

Greetings Heirs,
Usually we try to schedule our major update at the end of the month. However, with the Holiday season approaching, we decided to bring in the update slightly earlier. 3.10 Update is expected to arrive on December 16th, and we will be updating Heirs on more details next week.
Servant Balance
Christine was never popular among Heirs, not only because she didn't stand out among the Ranged Ignore-DEF DPS class servants despite being a servant that cannot be farmed, but also because she was out-shined by Mildred that followed her. Therefore, we will be buffing Christine.
>Fire Christine
We will be adding "Increase ATK by 100% in Mass Invasion and Manor" to her Passive Skill so that she is more useful in Mass Invasion.
>Water Christine
We will be adding "Increase ATK by 130% in Explore" to her Passive Skill so that she is more useful in Explore.
>Forest Christine
We will be adding "Increase ATK by 100% in Abaddon Tower" to her Passive Skill so that she is more useful in Abaddon Tower.
>Light Christine
We will be adding "Increase DEF by 200% when HP is over 90%" to her Passive Skill so that she is more useful against AoE DPS servants.
>Dark Christine
Dark Christine didn't have any effect in her Passive Skill to increase damage output. To help Dark Christine do greater damage, we changed her Passive Skill to do 30% additional damage when she uses Combo Skill against enemy with Revive Block.
⭕Light Healer Class Servant Buff
We are balancing Heir of Light so that Skill Effects of Light/Dark servants are stronger than Skill Effects of Fire/Water/Forest servants. However, we have been getting feedbacks that Light Heylel and Light Sphinx are somewhat underwhelming compared to performance of Forest Heylel & Forest Sphinx.
Therefore, we will be buffing Light Heylel & Light Sphinx in 3.10 Update.
>Light Heylel
We are changing her 1st skill that used to remove 1 buff to remove all buffs like Forest Heylel, while moving the buff removal to Combo Skill. Also, we are moving immunity from her Combo Skill to Passive Skill so that Heirs can utilize immunity even better.
>Light Sphinx
Instead of removing debuff, Light Sphinx will be able to revive all allies with her Combo Skill. Also, the debuff removal will be moved to her Passive Skill. We will be adjusting heal amount from 50% to 10% as we change her to specialize in Revive instead of Heal.
Collaboration Notice
⭕John Wick / Sofia Collaboration Termination
We want to thank the community for the support toward John Wick Collaboration.
As we announced earlier, John Wick Collaboration was planned to last 3 months. Therefore, Heirs will no longer be able to acquire John Wick & Sofia from any content after 3.10 Update scheduled on December 16th.
Just like Summoners War Collaboration, we will be adding option to craft Transcend Bun for John Wick & Sofia so that Heirs can finish their transcendence process with John Wick & Sofia. The John Wick & Sofia Transcend Bun will be available until March of next year.
⭕Archangel / Valkyrja Transcend Bun Craft Termination
Since September, we have been providing option to craft Transcend Bun for Archangel & Valkyrja. Please keep in mind that Heirs will no longer be able to craft Summoners War Transcend Bun after 3.10 Update.
We will be continuing our effort to provide Collaboration with various medias to make servant collection of Heir of Light more engaging. We promise to come back with another exciting Collaboration!
New Avatar Added
In the last 3.9 Update, we added Single Hit Avatar for servants without Single Hit Combo Skill option so that they could utilize Single Hit Combo Skill.
In 3.10 Update, we will be adding Fairy Avatar for [A] Heylel, Sphinx, and Bastille that only have Single Hit Combo Skill option. The Fairy Avatar will give these servants Multi-Hit Combo Skill option.
Fairy Avatar only changes Hit-Count of Combo Skill, maintaining the servant's Combo Skill animation and Mark.Therefore, Fairy Avatar will be available for a cheaper price than other Avatars.
We are also releasing formal Avatars for Aria & [A] Lucien. A lot of Heirs have been waiting for [A] Lucien Avatar for some time. We hope you love our new Avatars!
We want to share some details on 3.10 Update in advance.
> 1 Month Free Subscription Event on Repeat Battle Pack I will be ending. If Heirs want to try out the 1 Month Free Subscription, please remember to subscribe before 3.10 Update. (Expected on December 16th.)
> Currently the Servant Shard items in the Shop only limit daily purchase. As a lot of Heirs are actively utilizing the Servant Shard items to acquire Nat ★5 of their choices, we will be lowering the price starting 3rd purchase while adding total purchase limit. Therefore, Heirs can purchase the Shards item from the Shop only up to 99 times after 3.10 Update.
That is it for today's Dev Note. In the next 3.10 Update Preview, we will be going over Party Raid Revamp. While there were certain directions that we wanted to take, we decided to rework Party Raid largely based on community's feedback.
We will see you again next week.
Thank you

Dev Note #96: 3.10 Update Preview #1: Servant Balance & Additional Notice (ETA: December 16th)
Dev Note #96: 3.10 Update Preview #1: Servant Balance & Additional Notice (ETA: December 16th)
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 10mo

Dev Note #95: 3.9 Update Preview #2: Collection Effect & Reflected Feedbacks & QoL Improvements

Greetings Heirs,
We will deliver details about Collection Effect, reflected feedbacks from the community, and QoL improvements we will be adding in 3.9 Update.
Collection Effect
We briefly went over Collection Effect in previous Dev Note.
Dev Note #93: 3.9 Update Preview
Collection Effect gives additional passive stats based on Awaken & Transcendence progression made with collected servants.
Servants of the same class will be sharing the same Collection Effect. Instead of categorizing servants into 4 original classes (DPS, Tank, Support, Healer), we decided to categorize servants into more specific classes.
While Tank, Healer, and Support class servants will remain the same, DPS class servants will be further categorized based on what kind of damage they do, instead what kind of attack range they have (Melee / Ranged). Therefore, DPS class servants will be categorized into 5 types of classes: ATK-Based DPS, DEF-Based DPS, SPD-Based DPS, Enemy Max HP-Based DPS, and Ignore-DEF DPS.
Acquiring even just one servant for a class will activate Collection Effect that will be shared among the servants of the same class. Each class will have different Collection Effect that would fit the characteristic of the class.
We did not want to give too much presence to bonus stat received for collecting each servant because we are afraid it might stress out Heirs about completing the Collection for Collection Effect. While it is not necessary to Transcend and Awaken Nat ★5 servants that are not even being used, we believe that Heirs will find significant bonus stats to their main servants if they start from collecting Nat ★3 and Nat ★4 servants that are easier to acquire and enhance.
Awaken progression for servants that Heirs already consumed before 3.9 Update will be reflected in Collection Effect level. However, we were not able to collect data of Transcendence progression of servants that Heirs already consumed before 3.9 Update. Unfortunately, Transcendence progression of consumed servants will not be reflected in Collection Effect. (If you are planning on consuming Transcended servant, we recommend doing so after 3.9 Update.)
Once the 3.9 Update hits, the Transcendence and Awaken progression of servants will be reflected & saved on Collection Effect. Therefore, consuming Awakened / Transcended servant after the Update will not impact Collection Effect.
Lastly, Nat ★1~2 Light/Dark servants can be acquired from Black Market.
QoL Improvement
3.9 Update Preview:
As it was announced in 3.9 Update Preview, the two significant QoL improvements we will be making is Improvement to Repeat Battle and Expedition.
1. Repeat Battle used to stop when there were not enough servants to be replaced automatically. We will be adding new option that will continue Repeat Battle even when there is no servant left for Replace for Heirs that want to focus on Shard Farming.
2. In the past, Auto Replace of servants automatically started from Nat ★3 servants. We will be adding option to Reverse Order of Auto Replace so that it starts from Nat ★5 servants.
3. We will be adding option to adjust number of Repeat Battle. We hope that this function will be useful for Heirs that have only couple of shards left until they reach their goal.
4. As most Heirs are aware, Awakening Dungeons of all elements open from Friday to Sunday. In this case, Heirs had to tap on Dungeons 12 times in order to clear 11F/12F of 6 different dungeons. Therefore, we will be adding Expedition function that will automatically clear Awakening Dungeon in Magic > Fire > Water > Forest > Light > Dark order.
Additional Shard Farming Support Notice
There are certain servants for each class that are absolutely necessary and yet are very time-consuming to farm Shards for. While there are different popular servants for different contents, it is difficult to develop the popular servants in short period of time. Therefore, we will be making certain popular servants easier to acquire so that Heirs can enjoy various contents quickly.
Following servants fall into the category:
Fire Xita: He is a basic Ignore-DEF DPS servant. While Heirs often find replacement as they continue their journey in Heir of Light, it is quite easy to fully Transcend Fire Xita since we are also providing his shard as Star Rewards.
Forest Carmila: As a DEF-Based DPS servant, she is capable of surviving powerful attacks. Also, with her Leech effect on her 2nd skill, she is very useful to farm DPS servants with powerful damage. Most importantly, DEF-Based DPS servants is a must when Heirs attempt Party Raid or Boss Raid Forest Monarch: Bastille.
Water Rem: She is widely loved in PvP not only because she can be farmed, but also because of her powerful AoE attack.
Fire [A] Lucien - As a Healer servant with Revive, her performance is quite impressive considering how it is fairly easy to farm her. Healer servants with Revive tends to be popular in PvP contents.
Forest Sinistra: As an Enemy Max HP-Based DPS servant, she is very powerful against enemy with high HP. She is very popular in contents such as Boss Raid Water Monarch: Ragna and Abaddon Tower where enemy has very high HP.
Water Blavatsky: Water Blavatsky is a top tier SPD-Based DPS servant that can be acquired through Shard Farming. With her outstanding performance, I believe it is not even necessary to go over why she is so popular. She is known as a must-servant in Party Raid. Furthermore, she is often used to farm shards because she is capable of clearing stages quickly.
The servants above will be available as a reward for Shard Collecting Guide that we will be adding with this Update. Heirs will be able to acquire 500 Shards for each servant mentioned above so that Heirs can summon one of each servant. Shard Collecting Guide will be available for both new and current Heirs.
Furthermore, Heirs will be able to purchase 20 Shards twice a day, 40 Shards total, at a cheap price from Honor Point Shop, Guild Shop, and Party Shop. This means that Heirs can Summon at least one servant every 12 days as long as they make purchase everyday from the Shop. Of course, it will take significantly less time to fully Transcend servants if Heirs engage in both Shard Collecting Guide and Shard Farming at the same time. For Heirs that are looking to acquire additional Shards, please note that the price of Shard from the shop will increased based on number of purchase.
Lastly, we added new missions on Transcend Guide so that Heirs can acquire more Water Lenore Shards.
Mass Invasion
We wanted to add some popular servants to new Mass Invasion.
With this Update, Water Ezebell, Fire Lucrecia, and Forest Ignis will be joining Mass Invasion.
Water Ezebell - Ezebell is a very popular Ignore-DEF servant that unfortunately cannot be farmed. We believe that he will be very useful in Abaddon Tower.
Fire Lucrecia: With new servants Caesar and Aria joining Heir of Light, some Heirs have been commenting that Lucrecia will be completely out of meta. However, Fire Lucrecia remains to be a very competitive in many contents with the exception of extremely high rank PvP.
Forest Ignis - She is a top tier Support Class servant in Infinite PvP. Many top rankers have already confirmed the outstanding performance of Forest Ignis.
The Mass Invasion will start on the day of 3.9 Update (November 25th) and end on December 21st.
Many Heirs have been introducing Heir of Light to their friends.
We want to remind Heirs that Heir of Light offer significant amount of reward when Heir invite a friend through Invitation Link.
Please check out the reminder post below!
Invite Friends Feature Reminder:
That is it for 3.9 Update Preview.
Please stay tuned for 3.9 Update scheduled for next week.
Thank you.

 Dev Note #95: 3.9 Update Preview #2: Collection Effect & Reflected Feedbacks & QoL Improvements
Dev Note #95: 3.9 Update Preview #2: Collection Effect & Reflected Feedbacks & QoL Improvements
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 1year

Dev Note #94: 3.9 Update Preview #1 - Servant Balance

Greetings Heirs,
3.9 Update is just a week ahead.
We will be discussing Servant Balance in the first Update Preview.
Potential Improvement
In the last Dev Note, we briefly talked about Potential changes in 3.9 Update.
Today, we will go over details on original Potentials that will be improved and new Potentials that we are adding.
⭕New Special Potential #4 Added
We believe that currently one of the issues with Heir of Light is difficulty of taking down Tank class servants due to their high HP and DEF. One of the actions we took to address this issue was adding new servant Aria in 3.8 Update. Also, we added Special Potential #4 that reduces the DEF of a target by n% for the duration of a Combo Skill upon using Combo Skill to some servants with ATK-Based or DEF-Based skills.
With this update, we will be adding new Potential to ATK-Based and DEF-Based DPS servants that reduce the DEF of a target by n% for the duration of the Combo Skill when the Combo Skill is activated by Secondary Mark. With this Potential, we expect ATK-Based and DEF-Based DPS servants to be able to do stronger attacks by reducing enemy DEF. (Max percentage of DEF reduction is 35% for S tier Potential.)
Furthermore, we will be buffing the Potential that reduces the DEF of a target by n% for the duration of a Combo Skill when attacking a frozen enemy with a combo skill because it is quite difficult to utilize the Potential due to "freeze" condition. The max amount of DEF reduction on S tier Potential will be increased from 36% to 40%
⭕Change to Normal Potential
It was very difficult for a DPS servant to do meaningful damage due to Potential that "Increases Crit Rate Resist upon being hit by a DPS" unless the DPS servant is a DEF-Ignoring DPS servant. Therefore, we will be buffing Potential that increases Crit Rate Accuracy in PvP from max 12.5% to 20%.
Also, as we promised, we will be removing "Increase Stun Resist Rate in PvP" and "Increase shield ignore rate when attacking an enemy of certain class" Potentials so that Heirs can acquire the Potential that they want more easily.
Furthermore, we will be buffing "Increases enemy shield ignore rate upon attack" Potential from max 5% to 15% so that it can replace "Increase shield ignore rate when attacking an enemy of a certain class" Potential.
(Servants that already have Potentials that are being removed will keep the Potentials until they change Potential.)
New Single-Hit Avatars for Servants Without Single-Hit Combo Skill
Many Heirs have been giving feedback about Combo Skill Hit-Count of servants that don't have any Avatar yet. It is true that the lacking options of Combo Skill Hit Count hindered the flexibility of servants in various contents.
Unfortunately, we had to push back plans of Avatars for original servants without any Avatar because there were other occasions that we wanted to create new Avatars for. (Summer Event, Halloween Event, New Character Release)
Therefore, we decided to create Avatars that focus solely on changing the Hit-Count of Combo Skills. Therefore, we will be adding Fairy Avatar for servants without Single Hit option for Combo Skill. Fairy Avatar only changes Hit-Count of Combo Skill, maintaining the servant's Combo Skill animation and Mark.Therefore, Fairy Avatar will be available for a cheaper price than other Avatars.
With this update, we will be adding Fairy Avatar for Ezebell, Archangel, and Valkyrja. (Unfortunately, we couldn't make Fairy Avatar for John Wick and Sofia due to copyright issue.)
In the next 3.10 Update, we will be adding Fairy Avatar for servants without Multi-Hit option for Combo Skill. ([A] Heylel, Sphinx, and Bastille)
Archangel Multi-Hit Change
Originally, we did not have plan of creating Avatar for Archangel, a Summoners War Collaboration character. However, we realized that Archangel's iffy Hit-Count on Combo Skill is hindering usage of Archangel despite his potential. As we add Fairy Avatar for Single Hit Combo Skill, we will be increasing Hit-Count of Archangel's Combo Skill to 4 Hits, making him a servant with Multi-Hit Combo Skill as a default. (Archangel will become stronger against servants with potentials that limit the damage received at once.)
Team Passive Improvement
Based on the feedback from the community, we will be buffing numerical values of Team Passive of new servants that cannot be farmed.
Light [A] Sphinx: [PvP] Allies ATK Increase 45% -> 57%
Dark [A] Sphinx: [Dungeon] Allies ATK Increase 45% -> 57%
Light Ezebell: [World Raid] Allies DEF Increase 45% -> 57%
Caesar Introduction
While we usually do not include introduction of a new servant in Servant Balance Dev Note, we decided to go over some details about our new servant Caesar. specifically focusing on the balance aspect of Caesar.
1. Fire/Forest/Dark Caesar is a Tank class servant, and Water/Light Caesar is a Healer class servant.
2. The Primary Mark is Sunrise. The Secondary Mark is Sunset.
3. Caesar is the first Tank servant in 8 months since we released Lucrecia. We wanted to make sure that this new Tank servant has significant presence in Heir of Light. As the Leader of the Undertakers, he is capable of reducing damage against DEF-Ignoring DPS servants. On the other hand, Caesar is weak against ATK-Based or DEF-Based attacks. Heirs can do significant amount of damage against Caesar utilizing this characteristics and proper DEF debuffs.
4. Healer Caesar has Revive in his Combo Skill. With his Relation Effect, he will be able to block enemy Mildred's passive skill effect.
That is it for 3.9 Update Preview.
Please feel free to leave any questions in the comment.
Thank you.

Dev Note #94: 3.9 Update Preview #1 - Servant Balance
Dev Note #94: 3.9 Update Preview #1 - Servant Balance
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 1year

Dev Note #93: 3.9 Update Preview

Greetings Heirs,
We are here with details of 3.9 Update Preview.
We are here with rather early Update Preview because there are certain changes that we want to update Heirs in advance.
We are constantly trying to improve Heir of Light while keeping its own unique characteristics.
One of the biggest characteristics of Heir of Light is that it is collection-based RPG.
There are two things we are constantly trying to improve on:
"How can we improve acquisition of servants?
"How can we promote usage of various servants?
Covering the two major concerns above, we focused on details that should be notified in advance.
Shard Farming & Summon Support
There are two main ways of obtaining servants: Shard Farming and Summoning.
A lot of Heirs love the Shard Farming feature of Heir of Light that allows Heirs to obtain the servant they want as long as they constantly put in effort, unlike other games where most servants(characters) can be obtained only through summoning.
To keep up with Heirs love for Shard Farming of Heir of Light, we have been constantly improving Shard Farming feature in various ways. For example, we improved Repeat Battle function and revamped Mass Invasion so that Heirs can farm servants that typically cannot be farmed in Sanctuary stages. Furthermore, we have been bringing various changes that would help Shard Farming such as improvement in QoL and Power-Saving Mode and adjustment to All-in-One Package price.
With 3.9 Update, we are further improving Shard Farming of Heir of Light by adding new game guide about Shard Farming, bringing additional QoL improvements, and adding Shards to Shop.
Most importantly, with this update, we worked on placing popular servants that were only farmable in Sanctuary stages to regular Explore stages. We are notifying this to Heirs in advance to prevent any disturbance among Heirs because while the location of servants will be changed, the accumulated Shard Reward count will not be changed with the servant.
For example, Water Carmilla from [Sunken Capital 1-5] will be changed to Water Lenore. Since the accumulated Shard Reward count will remain in the same tile, Heirs will receive shards for Water Lenore instead of Water Carmilla if they claim the Shard Reward after the update. In order to claim Carmilla Shard Reward, Heirs must claim Shard Reward before the update.
While Shard Farming is a popular way to obtain servants in Heir of Light, we cannot leave out Summoning. While we improved Shard Farming experience, we have also been improving Summoning experience of Heirs by adding Special Summon or Rate Up Summon so that it is easier for Heirs to summon the servants they want. However, it was often difficult for Heirs to obtain the servant of their choice because available servants for Rate Up Summons were often the newest servants or servants selected by Heir of Light team. Furthermore, since the available servants for Rate Up Summons constantly changed, Heirs were not having enough time to obtain servants through Rate Up Summon. Therefore, we will be adding new Rate Up Summon that includes popular servants from each class with 3.9 Update.
While the chance to obtain Nat ★5 servant remains the same, we believe that the new change will make it easier for Heirs to obtain some of the extremely popular servants.
Collection Effect Added
As a collection based RPG game, we have been putting constant effort in creating an environment that various servants can be utilized by adding various contents such as Boss Raid, Party Raid, Boss Invasion, and Infinite PvP. While it will be optimal for Heirs to have reasons to collect / develop every single servants, in most cases certain servants are prioritized over other servants. Heirs usually end up consuming unwanted servants through systems such as Fusing or Crafting.
Many Heirs have been suggesting adding perks to collecting various servants. Therefore, we are adding Collection Effect in 3.9 Update. We will go over more details about Collection Effect next week. To give a brief explanation, Collection Effect will give small increase in stats to servants based on Transcendence / Awaken progress of servants of the the same class in Collection.
Ultimately, this will give more value to servants sitting in Barrack. We expect this change to give more meaning to collecting aspect of Heir of Light.
Of course, aiming to develop a popular servant rather than aiming for Collection Effect will still remain to be the most significant, fastest way to become stronger. We want to leave it up to Heirs' choice on deciding how to use unwanted servants. We advice Heirs to carefully compare pros and cons of two options, saving up a servant for Collection Effect or using a unwanted servant as a material, before Heirs make their choice on how to use a servant.
Potential Adjustment
We have been putting great amount of thoughts to current Potential system and consumption of Potential Change Stone.
We will be removing "Increase Stun Resist" & "Increase shield ignore rate when attacking enemy of certain class" that are relatively less popular than other Potentials from Normal Potential 3, 4, and 5 so that it is easier for Heirs to pull the Potential they want.
Also, we are reducing required amount of Potential Change Stones to change Special Potential 4 from 15 to 12.
Furthermore, we are planning on adding new Potential that would allow ATK Based DPS servants and DEF Based DPS servants to reduce DEF when they attack an enemy.
We advice Heirs with plans of changing Potentials to be aware of this future change
Lastly, many Heirs have been introducing Heir of Light to their friends.
We want to remind Heirs that Heir of Light offer significant amount of reward when Heir invite a friend through Invitation Link.
Please check out the reminder post below!
Invite Friends Feature Reminder:
Thank you

Dev Note #93: 3.9 Update Preview
Dev Note #93: 3.9 Update Preview
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 1year

Dev Note #92: Update Notice (November 11th CST)

Greetings Heirs,
For today's Dev Note, we would like to share some information about the next weeks update.
New Combine
We are changing our element for Combine servants in the order of Fire>Water>Forest>. Next servant in Combine will be [Water] Blavatsky. As a SPD-Based DPS servant who is available for shard farming, [Water] Blavatsky is widely loved by Heirs in various contents such as Explore, Dungeon, and Party Raid.
If Heirs are looking forward to acquiring additional [Water] Blavatsky, we recommend Heirs to try out shard farming at Water Sanctuary [Door of Dreams 8-4]
[Water] Blavatsky is available for Combine until 12/9. [Water] Blavatsky can be combined only once during the duration.
Following servants are required to combine [Water] Blavatsky
> [Fire] Executioner
> [Water] Reynar
> [Forest[ Koume
> [Dark] Medjed
(Nat 4★ can be combined 3 times during the period.)
Here are the list of combine materials for Nat 4★ servants:
> [Fire] Executioner: [Fire] Sirucus, [Fire] Marat, [Water] Moira, [Forest] Gwyllgi
> [Water] Reynar: [Fire] Mordu, [Water] Gretel, [Water] Medjed, [Forest] Dorrit
> [Forest] Koume: [Fire] Rhamaan, [Water] Nutkin, [Forest] Moira, [Forest] Otik
Nat ★4 Servant Balance Adjustment
In this update, we are finally bringing Nat ★4 Servant Balance Adjustment that many Heirs have been requesting.
Nat ★4 Servants are extremely useful for new Heirs aiming to clear Omen's Void 10F or 11F of all Awakening Dungeons. Heirs can clear 11F of various stages without rare Nat ★5 Servants as long as Heirs have Nat ★4 Servants with some transcendence.
Among the Nat ★4 Servants, we focused on improving DPS Class servants that were neglected due to their low skill damage ratio.
⭕SPD-Based DPS Servants
Water/Forest Belladonnas: Damage ratio of Water/Forest Belladonnas will be increased. Also, to improve her performance as a SPD-Based DPS servant, we will change all her skills to do damage based on SPD.
Dark Reynar: With higher skill damage ratio, Dark Reynar will do about 30% more damage.Also, to improve her performance as a SPD-Based DPS servant, we will change all her skills to do damage based on SPD.
⭕ATK-Based DPS Servants
Fire Mary: Skill damage ratio will be increased by 150%.
Light Torhino: Skill damage ratio will be increased by 150%. Also, to improve its performance as ATK Based DPS servant, its 2nd skill will now do damage based on ATK instead of enemy's Max HP.
Fire Bjorn: Skill damage ratio will be increased by 150%.
Fire/Forest/Light Rakshasa: Skill damage ratio will be increased by 150%.
⭕DEF-Based DPS Servants
Dark Torhino: All skill damage ratio will be increased by 66%.
Fire Hern: All skill damage ratio will be increased by 66%.
⭕Enemy Max HP-Based DPS Servants:
Fire/Forest/Light Laura: Fire/Forest/Light Laura is a Max HP-Based DPS servant that was designed to specialize in damage over time. We are changing all her skills into enemy Max HP-Based skills so that she does greater amount of damage on top of her damage over time.
Dark Laura: To improve her performance as an enemy Max HP-Based DPS servant, we will be changing all her skills to do damage based on enemy's Max HP. We will also be increasing her skill damage ratio. For example, in Omen's Void 10F, she will do about 45% more damage.
Forest Enoch: To improve his performance as an enemy's Max HP-Based servant, we will be changing all his skills to do damage based on enemy's Max HP. We will also be increasing his skill damage ratio. For example, in Omen's Void 10F, he will do about 45% more damage.
Dark Hern: To improve his performance as an enemy Max HP-Based servant, we will be changing all his skills to do damage based on enemy's Max HP.
⭕Ignore-DEF DPS Servant
Dark Enoch: Dark Enoch's 2nd skill will be scaling off ATK instead of enemy's Max HP so that he performs better as Ignore-DEF Dps Servant
⭕Support Servant
Laura is one of the best damage over time servants among Nat ★4 servants with damage over time skill on both her 1st and 2nd skills. Unfortunately, since she is not a Support servant, she can't be used in Abysmal Dungeon 11F. Ultimately, it was very difficult for Heirs to clear Abysmal Dungeon 11F because there was no Nat ★4 servant that can be used in Abysmal Dungeon 11F with damage over time on both 1st and 2nd skill.
While some Heirs asked us to change the class of Laura, we did not want to hurt Heirs that were using Laura as DPS servant.
Therefore, we decided to buff two Nat ★4 servants with damage over time.
Water Reynar & Forest Koume: We will be adding Dark damage over time to their 2nd skill.
Reducing Number of Supreme Element Stone
Many Heirs were hesitant to 5th Awaken Nat ★4 servants for greater usage because of the number of Awaken/Element Stones required to awaken Nat ★4 servants. In order to increase usage of Nat ★4 servants, we will be reducing number of Supreme Element Stones required for 3rd, 4th, and 5th Awakening by significant amount.
We are constantly buffing Nat ★4 servants because we want to see greater variety of servants being used in Heir of Light. While Nat ★5 servants are in fact better than Nat ★4 servants in terms of their performance, we believe that Nat ★4 servants are a great replacement when Heirs are having trouble enhancing Nat ★5 servants. Also, we will continue to add more systems that will provide more incentives to collect various servants.
AoE Servants Adjustment
We have been adjusting AoE DPS Servants for the past 3 months, and we have already adjusted Combo Skill of all the AoE servants.
The AoE DPS Servant Adjustment process will be done once we adjust AoE skills of 1st and 2nd skills. Following servants will be adjusted with this update.
All Element Christine & [A] Leto & Leto & [A] Lucien
Attack range of 1st and 2nd skill of these servants became generally wider. While these servants will still do 100% damage against the main target, they will do 20% damage to the enemies around.
Additional Changes
⭕Gear Dungeon Clear Gold Reward Buff
When new Heirs run short on gold, there were no proper content for new Heirs to farm gold. Therefore, we will be buffing gold reward for clearing Gear Dungeon 1F ~ 9F.
⭕Party Raid Shop Item Change
We have been getting several feedbacks that Heirs are running extremely short on Potential Change Stones. We are internally discussing various ways to make changing Potential easier. Before we finalize our plan, we will be decreasing price of Potential Change Stone in Party Raid Shop. Heirs can purchase 10 Potential Change Stones for 1,200 Points instead of 30 Potential Change Stones for 4,800 Points. Ultimately, Heirs can now purchase 40 Potential Change Stones with 4,800 Points.
Responding to Community Feedbacks
Heir of Light is trying its best to reflect feedbacks from community. We have compiled some feedbacks brought up by community to provide some responses.
⭕About Abaddon Hell Mode Difficulty
We have received countless feedbacks about difficulty of new Abaddon Hell Mode. Abaddon Hell Mode is designed as the very final PvE content. It is extremely difficult to clear even 40F, and we believe that it is almost impossible for Heirs to clear 50F with current team. We can still recall the days when Heirs were clearing Abaddon Hard Mode stages one by one. In fact, we already have several Heirs that cleared 40F.
We believe that Heirs will slowly be able to clear Abaddon Hell Mode stages one by one as we add more contents and as Heirs improve their servants.
By the way, the rumor says the trick to clearing 20F is to take down Water Archangel first...
Also, please remember to participate in Clear Abaddon Tower! The event taking place right now.
Clear Abaddon Tower! Event:
⭕Mysterious Jack-o'lantern Event Extension
Many Heirs have been expressing stress about the fact that Heirs cannot miss even a single day during the 21 days of event period to complete the event missions. When we first designed the event, we intended the ★5 Summon Stone to be the main reward. Heylel & Ankou Halloween Avatar reward was meant to be a very special reward for Heirs that logged into Heir of Light every single day.
While we were determined not to extend the event period when we first started this event, but we decided to extend the event period because Heir of Light is all about listening to community's request.
Therefore, the Mysterious Jack-o'lantern Event will be extended to end on November 18th instead of November 11th.
Mysterious Jack-o'lantern Event Extension Notice:
⭕Light/Dark Servant Balance Suggestions
We have been getting a lot of feedbacks about balance of Light/Dark servants recently. We are carefully discussing about Light/Dark servant balance because we believe that Light/Dark servants should be able to live up to their rarity. However, please understand that this process may take a while.
That's it for today.
Thank you.

Dev Note #92: Update Notice (November 11th CST)
Dev Note #92: Update Notice (November 11th CST)
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 1year

Dev Note #91: 3.8 Update Preview #2: Suggestion & Mass Invasion Improvement

Greetings Heirs,
Heir of Light is a game that is made together with all the Heirs and we are striving to reflect as many suggestions as possible for each update.
Today, we would like to introduce all the suggestions that were reflected and also the revamp of Mass Invasion.
Abbadon Tower, Hell Difficulty
Many contents, such as exploration (sanctuary) and dungeons, are already being cleared so easily and even all 100 floors of the Abaddon Tower (Hard Mode) which we saw as one of the final content of the game. Due to this, we have received much feedback regarding the new difficulty for Abaddon Tower.
Therefore, we prepared Abaddon Tower, Hell Mode, where new servants will appear as bosses which will be a tremendous challenge.
You may be able to beat the 10th floor of Hell mode with Max Transcendence and Max Awakened Servants.
Because they are powerful bosses, they will have an unimaginable amount of HP. Also,[Attack based on DEF] bosses will have unimaginable amount of DEF. We believe that those who challenge the Abaddon Tower Hell Mode will know exactly which servants to use and how to challenge them.
In addition, we have made adjustments where you will be able to challenge the next floor after clicking the "next floor" from the stage cleared screen.
Also, to provide more convenience to reach 100 floors, we have added "team save" features for every 10th floor which contains floor conditions.
We look forward to your challenge.
We would like to thank all the Heirs who have provided suggestions regarding Abaddon Tower.
Mass Invasion Improvement
Many have suggested providing a method to farm / obtain shards for servants that were not available in exploration after a certain period of time.
There are several ways to obtain servants that are not available for shard farming such as summon, fuse, combine, etc.
However, these methods are not guaranteed ways to obtain them even with efforts but rather a chance to obtain them.
Also, due to the low rate, they are more difficult to obtain.
As we have mentioned in the past, we are trying to provide more support and trying to make the shard farming more enjoyable as many heirs enjoy servant shard farming because it is a safe and guaranteed way to obtain servants with time and effort.
Also, the current Mass Invasion event allowed Heirs to obtain 2 4★ servants per month. However due to the high demand of 5★ servants, many have used 4★ servants as fuse materials. There was also a drawback that the event would end too early because it was not available again once it was cleared.
Therefore, we wanted to improve the Mass Invasion so that you can acquire 5★ servants that were not available for shard farming.
The highlight of the Mass Invasion Improvements
1. The Mass Invasion event will change every month and the invading servants will also change. (Sometimes there may be a difference of + -7 days from the date of update)
2. A total of 10,000 chances to attempt the Mass Invasion during the event period (approximately 26-33 days).
3. The level of Mass Invasion bosses are divided into 3 levels: 60 levels, 100 levels, and 110 levels.
The initial plan was to add bosses with a level of difficulty of over 100 levels from the sanctuary.
But we thought that the level 100 boss difficulty may be too difficult for the newcomers so level 100 boss will appear as level 60.
4. The Mass Invasion entry will only count and be deducted only upon victory. Defeat will not deduct the mass Mass Invasion entry count.
5. Auto-repeat is available upon clearing the Mass Invasion level and obtaining 3★s. (Same rule as exploration)
6. Mass Invasion battle will follow the same mechanics and rules as PvP.
Package Usage
1. 2x Shard Pack and All-in-One Pack Users can obtain double shards from the Mass Mass Invasion.
2. Auto-Repeat Pack II and All-in-One Pack users with 30% valor discount buff will be applied to valor used in Mass Mass Invasion
Level of Rewards
1. Upon defeating a level 100-110 boss (slightly higher difficulty than the sanctuary), you can obtain a similar amount of shards as Sanctuary (15 times repeat rewards and same shard drop rate as last tiles of Sanctuary)
2. Due to a difficulty difference, you can obtain 50% of the reward for level 60 Boss compare to the level 100~110 level boss.
3. The 10,000 chances are not an amount of entry per Mass Invasion stage but the amount of total entry for the Mass Invasion Event. So, you can devise a strategy to farm a variety of servants shards by dividing the number of Mass Invasion entries, such as 3000 entry for Mildred, 3000 entry for Ignis, and 4000 entry for Ezebell. Or you can use all 10,000 entries for Mildred Shards.
4. For 2x Shard Pack users can obtain on average of 1700 ~ 1900 servant shards by clearing 10,000 entries for level 100 bosses.
The development team will continue to introduce many features to make the shard farming more enjoyable. If you have any questions or suggestions about the Mass Mass Invasion, please feel free to leave a comment.
Added power-saving mode
Many have suggested showing the auto-repeat count, battery life, and time on the power saving mode screen. So it will be finally be added in the next update.
Thank you to all those who have made suggestions.
AI Movement Improvement
There was an AI in Ranged DPS Servants where it would make them distance themselves when they were close to their target and also an AI that would distant them upon being hit. This caused cases where Ranged DPS Servants would go back and forth which would not allow them to attack. Therefore, we have improved the distance upon being close to the target AI and removed the AI that would distant upon being hit. Ranged Servants now attack faster without any delay in its attack timing.
Other suggestions
> Adjustment has been made to enhance the potential skills faster. +20 will allow 20 consecutive enhancements.
> Auto-Repeat information tab location has relocated to allow Heirs to view the battle situation more clearly.
> Increased the Buff / Debuff icon display from 2 lines to 3 lines to show a more accurate status of the enemy.
That's all we have for today's dev note.
We will continue to strive the make Heir of Light enjoyable to all Heirs.
Thank you

Dev Note #91: 3.8 Update Preview #2: Suggestion & Mass Invasion Improvement
Dev Note #91: 3.8 Update Preview #2: Suggestion & Mass Invasion Improvement
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 1year

Dev Note #90: 3.8 Update Preview #1: Servant Balance Adjustment

Greetings Heirs,
We are here to provide preview of 3.8 Update.
New Special Potential Added
As we announced in the Update Preview, the next servant will be Aria.
3.8 Update Preview:
In current meta, results of many PvP battles are determined by rather or not ally AoE servant gets to kill enemy DPS servants because Tank servants are often too powerful and difficult to take down.
We thought that it was necessary for not only Ignore DEF servants but also ATK Based servants and DEF Based servants to do meaningful amount of damage against Tank servants.
This is why we asked for feedbacks about Tank servants in the previous Dev Note.
3.7 Update Preview #1:
We tried to somewhat address this issue by releasing the new servant Aria.
As it can be seen in the Update Preview, Aria is a servant that utilizes "Freeze" mechanics.
With her Passive, DPS version of Aria attacks the enemy while its DEF has been reduced by n% upon using a Combo Skill on a frozen enemy.
Utilizing this Passive, Aria is capable of doing more powerful damage against Tank servants by decreasing massive DEF that the Tank servants accumulated with DEF UP buffs, DEF Up Passive, and DEF Up Wave Effect.
One thing we were very concerned about was creating a situation that Heirs are forced to abandon their ATK Based, DEF Based DPS servants that they worked on so hard upon adding Aria.
To address this concern, we will be adding "Upon using a Combo Skill on a frozen enemy, attacks the enemy while its DEF has been reduced by n%" Potential to some ATK Based, DEF Based servants on Special Slot #4.
The Special Slot #4 Potential will be added to ATK Based & DEF Based servants without any AoE attack.
Following servants will be able to equip the new Potential:
New Normal Potential Added
Currently many Heirs equip Potential that increases Secondary Mark Combo Skill activation resist rate on their Tank servants to prevent enemy from using Combo Skill through Secondary Mark.
However, there was no counterpart Potential to "Increase Secondary Mark Combo Skill activation rate" among the Normal Potentials, making it harder for Heirs to take down Tank servants. Therefore, we will be adding new Potential that "Increase Secondary Mark Combo Skill activation rate" to each class to increase the damage output.
We expect that many Heirs would like to try changing their Potential once the 3.8 Update arrives.
Therefore, we will be giving out 100 Potential Change Stones as an Update reward to assist Heirs changing their Potentials.
To Heirs that are planning on changing their Potential, we advice them to put new Potential update into consideration.
Relation Effect Change
Since Relation Effect has huge impact on the game, we have posted prior notice about the Relation Effect change.
Dev Note #89:
To summarize the changes:
1. Servant element will be a factor when it comes to Relation Effect activation.
For example, sniping Relation Effect of Fire / Water / Forest servants will activate only against Fire / Water / Forest servants.
Relation Effect of Light / Dark servants will activate against all elements. (Fire / Water / Forest / Light / Dark)
2. As we make the adjustment above, we will be adjusting Relation Effect of some Light / Dark servants to become more significant.
3. After we announced the changes above, many Heirs were concerned that it will become impossible to defeat Light / Dark servants that they have been defeating using Relation Effect in PvE contents such as Abaddon or Explore.
We received an excellent feedback from the community that this is a good opportunity to increase the use of Nat ★4 servants.
Therefore, we will be also adjusting Relation Effect of some Nat ★4 servants so that they can snipe two of the most difficult servants: Light Lenore and Light Heide.
Following changes will be made to Relation Effect with 3.8 Update:
We excluded sniping Dark Carmilla, Light Blavatsky, and Dark [Al Heylel from this Relation Effect change because we believe that Heirs can somewhat build against these servants using Potential.
After observing how Heirs react to the change, we are planning on making additional changes on Light / Dark ★4 Healer / Support servants to increase their usage.
To Heir of Light that is Dark Fantasy RPG, Halloween is as important as Summer Event or Christmas. Therefore, we will be releasing 4 new Avatars to celebrate this Halloween.
Many Heirs have been asking if the Halloween Ankou or Halloween Heylel Avatars that we are giving out for Mysterious Jack-o'lantern Event includes Mark. To jump to the conclusion, the Avatars do include Mark.
Also, we want to go over our current Avatar policy along with our future direction regarding Avatars.
1. Avatar can change Appearance, Combo Skill Animation, or Mark Setting depending on the servant that receives the Avatar. In most cases, Avatar will include new Appearance, Combo Skill Animation, and Mark. However, Avatars for servants that already have Avatar with additional Combo Skill animation will only change Appearance and Mark.
2. Once we release a new Avatar, we put the new Avatar on discount until we release the next Avatar.
3. Avatar price is divided into three categories listed below:
Since the new Ankou & Heylel Avatars that can be acquired through event can also be purchased from the shop, these two Avatars will include Mark.
However, since these two servants already have Avatars with additional Combo Skill Animation (Multi-Hit change), the Combo Skill Animation (Multi-Hit change) will remain the same as default Avatar for Halloween Ankou & Heylel. Instead, we are selling the Avatars for cheaper price than default Avatar.
4. Since it is impossible to change the Multi-Hit unlike Mark that can be crafted, many Heirs have been asking for new Avatars for servants that have yet to receive new Combo Skill animation. (Multi-Hit change)
We apologize about the delay creating new Avatars. There is certain amount of Avatars that we can work on, making it inevitable to delay Avatars for some servants.
To address this issue, we are planning on adding Avatars with simple appearance change along with Multi-Hit change to the shop for a low price in 3.9 or 3.10 Update.
5. It was very difficult to tell if the Avatars were on discount or not because the shop didn't display Avatars' original price.
Therefore, we are making changes to display both original & changed price to Avatars like below:
AoE Servants Adjustment Notice
We are constantly putting thoughts on AoE servant adjustment, which resulted in Ignis, [A] Sphinx, and Rem balance adjustment in the last patch. We will continue to make adjustments to other AoE servants.
3.7 Update Preview #1:
We have notified Heirs about our plan of changing AoE servants in the previous Dev Note.
We will continue our work on servants with AoE skills on their 1st & 2nd Skill until 3.9 Update.
More specifically, we believe that ATK Based DPS servants with high damage ratio will be able to do even greater damage with the new Freeze Potential in 3.8 Update. We will continue to balance out servants with future updates.
Today, we covered the servant balance adjustment portion of 3.8 Update.
In the next Dev Note, we will be covering community feedback reflection & new content.
If you have any question regarding 3.8 Update Preview, please feel free to leave any questions. We will go over the questions in the next Dev Note.
Thank you.

Dev Note #90: 3.8 Update Preview #1: Servant Balance Adjustment +4
Dev Note #90: 3.8 Update Preview #1: Servant Balance Adjustment
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 1year

Dev Note #89: Update Notice (Expected Date: October 14)

Greetings Heirs,
Today we will go over some details of Update scheduled to arrive next week.
New Combine
We are changing our element for Combine servants in Fire>Water>Forest>Fire order.
Next servant in Combine will be Fire [A] Sphinx that is not only widely loved by Heirs, but also receiving buff this update.
Fire [A] Sphinx is available for Combine until 11/11. Fire [A] Sphinx can be combined only once during the duration.
Following servants are required to combine Fire [A] Sphinx
> [Fire] Laura
> [Water] Executioner
> [Forest] Mary
> [Light] Otik
(Nat 4★ can be combined 3 times during the period.)
Here are the list of combine materials for Nat 4★ servants:
> [Fire] Laura: [Fire] Ashimov, [Fire] Gretel, [Water] Nuamaan, [Forest] Sirucus
> [Water] Executioner: [Fire] Nutkin, [Water] Ashimov, [Water] Moira, [Forest] Rhamaan
> [Forest] Mary: [Fire] Gwyllgi, [Water] Rhamaan, [Forest] Mordu, [Forest] Nuamaan
AoE DPS Servant Adjustment
As we notified the community earlier, we will be bringing buffs on Ignis and [A] Sphinx along with adjustments to servants with AoE attacks.
⭕Fire/Forest/Light [A] Sphinx & Fire/Water/Dark Ignis
First Skill & Second Skill
We will be expanding area of AoE attacks so that they can place AoE attacks on larger area. Also, just like Mildred, while the main target will receive 100% damage, enemy servants beside the main target will receive 20% damage if they are within the area. Furthermore, Fire/Forest/Light [A] Sphinx & Fire/Water/Dark Ignis will be able to attack greater number of enemies as their first and second skills will damage all enemies within range instead of damaging up to 3 servants.
Combo Skill
We will also be increasing the AoE area of Combo Skills. Combo Skills will do 100% damage to the main target along with 25% damage to other enemies within range. AoE Damage will be reduced from 30% to 25%. ([A] Sphinx & Ignis will do greater AoE damage than Mildred because AoE area of [A] Sphinx's & Ignis' Combo Skill is smaller than AoE area of Mildred Combo Skill.)
⭕All Element [A] Sphinx & Ignis
We are constantly trying to buff servants that cannot be farmed through shard farming according to their acquisition difficulty. Therefore, we are buffing Transcendence Stat of [A] Sphinx & Ignis.
⭕Water/Light Rem
First Skill & Second Skill
The AoE attack area will be expanded. Also, just like Mildred, while the main target will receive 100% damage, enemy servants beside the main target will receive 20% damage if they are within the range. Furthermore, Water/Light Rem will be able to attack greater number of enemies as their first and second skills will damage all enemies within range instead of damaging up to 3 servants.
Combo Skill
AoE attack area of Combo Skill will also be expanded. Combo Skill will do 100% damage to the main target along with 25% damage instead of current 30% damage to enemies beside the main target within range.
Damage ratio of 2nd skill will be increased from 1,025% to 1,400%.
Damage ratio of Combo Skill will be increased from 7,075% to 7,700%.
(We are buffing the skill damage ratio so that the damage ratio matches AoE skill damage ratio of other Nat ★5 servants.)
Shard Farming Shard Reward & Drop Rate Adjustment
We have already covered some feedbacks and questions about decreased servant shard drop rate after 3.7 Shard Reward Update through previous Dev Note.
Dev Note #88:
While we wanted to guarantee relatively consistent acquisition of servant shards through the change, many Heirs have been expressing their disappointment about diminished excitement of acquiring servant shard due to lower drop rate. Based on results of surveys throughout global communities, we decided that we need to increase the ratio of shards acquired through drops.
Therefore, we will be making following changes:
⭕ 1. Nat ★4 & ★5 Servants from Light/Dark Normal Explore & Sanctuary Stages
To decrease the presence of shard farming through guaranteed Shard Reward, we will be increasing the number of stages required to receive Shard Reward while also increasing the drop rate of Shard from stages accordingly. For normal Explore stages, guaranteed Shard Reward every 100 stages with 0.4% drop rate will be adjusted to guaranteed Shard Reward every 110 stages with 0.5% drop rate to give more presence to shards from drop. For Sanctuary stages, as we increase ratio of shard acquisition from drop, we are bringing additional increase in drop rate so that Heirs can acquire more shards. Ultimately, the total number of shards acquired in Sanctuary stages increased.
⭕2. Nat ★5 Servants from Fire/Water/Forest Sanctuary Stages.
In order to increase the total amount of shard acquired, we will be increasing shard drop rate while maintaining number of stages required to receive a shard. Ultimately. the total number of shards acquired will be increased just like Light/Dark Sanctuary stages. (We have checked that the increase in drop rate is quite significant considering the original drop rate. We believe Heirs will be able to tell the difference right away.)
3.8 Relation Effect Adjustment Notice
While Relation Effect change will not arrive in the Update next week, we want to notify Heirs in advance since Relation Effect adjustment is a very sensitive topic.
⭕1. Sniping Relation Effect Activation Range Adjustment
Many Heirs have been leaving feedbacks about Relation Effects that were meant to snipe Water Lenore or Water Heylel sniping even the Light/Dark servants.
To address this feedback, we are making following adjustments to Relation Effect in 3.8 Update:
1. Sniping Relation Effect of Fire/Water/Forest servants will only activate against Fire/Water/Forest servants.
2. Sniping Relation Effect of Light/Dark servants will activate against servants of all elements.
Forest Valkyrja: Relation Effect that activates when enemy Lenore is present will be adjusted to activate when enemy Fire/Water/Forest Lenore is present. Therefore, Light/Dark Lenore will not be sniped by this Relation Effect
Light Sofia: Maintain current Relation Effect that activates when enemy Carmilla is present.
⭕2. Relation Effect Adjustment
As we have mentioned in previous Dev Notes multiple times, we are planning on spreading out the sniping Relation Effects that are excessively focused on countering Heylel and Lenore. In particular, Light/Dark servants failed to fully perform in PvP unless they go against Heylel because their sniping Relation Effects focused too much on Heylel. Therefore, in 3.8 Update, we are planning on focusing on adjusting Relation Effect of Light/Dark servants like below:
That's it for today.
Please stay tuned for the next update.
- Flynn

Dev Note #89: Update Notice (Expected Date: October 14) +3
Dev Note #89: Update Notice (Expected Date: October 14)
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 1year

Dev Note #88: About Shard Farming After 3.7 Update

Greetings Heirs,
Many Heirs have been discussing about Shard Farming after the Update. Today, I want to go over some comments regarding Shard Farming.
We went over feedbacks from the community to summarize the most popular feedbacks.
🔴Question: If I purchase Double Shard Pack or All in One Pack, will the guaranteed Shard Reward also double?
🔵Answer: Yes, it will. If you purchase Double Shard Pack or All in One Pack, the [Shard Reward] count will be doubled. For example, with Double Shard Pack or All in One Pack, Heirs will receive 200 Shard Reward count instead of 100 Shard Reward count when Heirs clear 100 stages. Therefore, Heirs will receive 10 servant shards for stages that give shard reward for every 20 stages(Early stages of Fire/Water/Forest Sanctuary). Those who didn't purchase Double Shard Pack or All in One Pack will receive 100 Shard Reward count for 100 stages cleared, receiving 5 servant shards.
🔴Question: It seems like the Shard drop for Light/Dark stages decreased significantly given that I play 550 stages. Sometimes, I end up obtaining 0 shards. Isn't this an error considering that I normally used to obtain 5 ~ 10 shards?
🔵Answer: No it is not an error. When we released the shard drop rate on August 2018, we stated that the shard drop rate of Light/Dark ★5 servants are 1.4%. The very last stages of Light / Dark Sanctuary give one shard reward for every 100 stages played. Therefore, the 1% of the servant shards are obtained through guaranteed shard reward while the remaining 0.4% of shards are obtained through drops.
Even before the 3.7 Update, we imagine that some days Heirs woke to see 2 ~ 4 shards even with the packages because 1.4% rate is indeed a very low rate. However, there must have been other days that Heirs wake up to see 26 ~ 28 shards obtained. (Our point is that the difference can be quite significant.)
What we did in 3.7 Update is to guarantee 11 shards if Heirs go through 550 stages. While Heirs will be guaranteed to receive 11 shards, Heirs now have lower chance of 0.4% to receive shard from drops. While this means that Heirs will obtain average of 4.4 shards (2.2 shards without Double Shard or All in One Package) every 550 stages, there can be cases where Heirs obtain no shard at all from drop because the drop rate is in fact very low. Of course, there can be opposite cases where Heirs obtain 8 shards (4 shards without Double Shard or All in One Package) because drop is purely based on percentage.
Ultimately, while the number of servant shard drop used to range from 4 ~ 26 servant shards before the update, it now ranges from 11 ~ 19 servant shards.
🔴Question: I thought we get guaranteed Shard Reward while maintaining the previous shard drop rate.
🔵Answer: In the previous Dev Note, we mentioned that
"One shard per 25 stages means that Heirs would receive 4 shards per 100 stages. The new drop rate from stage clear will become rate excluding the 4%(4 shard per 100 stages) from original shard drop rate."
"The total drop rate of shards will not be changed after the update. Based on the stages, Heirs will obtain 60~80% of the shards from the guaranteed reward while obtaining the rest from reward based on drop rate."
Long story short, the new drop rate excludes the guaranteed shard reward rate from original drop rate.
When we stated that "the total drop rate of shards will not be changed after the update," what we meant is that:
Number of Shard obtained from drop before Update = Number of shard from guaranteed shard reward + number of shard from drop after update.
We apologize about any confusion the statement caused,
🔴Feedback: Because of lower drop rate due to guaranteed reward, there are many cases where Heirs don't obtain any shard at all from the drop after 550 stages. Current status of Heir of Light feels very boring since it minimizes the "luck" aspect of gameplay.
We understand the happiness and excitement on days that Heirs obtain good number of shards. On the other hand, the drop rate could often work against Heirs, which often annoys Heirs to the point that makes Heirs want to quit the game. We believe that if Heirs fail to obtain even a single shard after 100 stages, the valuable time spent running 100 stages can easily feel wasted. We thought that we could give more value to each round that Heirs play if we add a system that guarantees servant shard.
Since "Rate" is involved in various aspects of Heir of Light, we could have involved more "Rate" to servant shard farming also. However, considering the characteristics of shard farming, we decided to put more weight toward guaranteed reward. Unlike Summoning that completely relies on rate, shard farming is more about consistently putting effort 5 ~ 10 days to collect all 500 shards. We concluded that servant shard farming should focus more on rewarding constant effort rather than rewarding Heirs based on luck.
While the shard farming could feel very boring at the moment because the 8 shards drop now turned into 0 shard drop, we hope that Heirs recognize the long term convenience from the change as it will become easier to plan ahead for shard farming with more consistent shard rewards.
Summarizing what we went over today:
1. Double Shard & All in One Package still double the number of shard obtained.
2. The total number of shard obtainable per stages has not changed. However, as we decreased the impact of drop rate, the minimum number of shards increased while the maximum number of shards decreased.
3. Since the drop rate became lower, Heirs could receive 0 Light/Dark shards by running 550 stages through drop.
We ran into various feedbacks regarding balance between guaranteed reward and drop reward. While we thought guaranteed reward should have greater presence based on characteristics of shard farming, we would like to listen to the community's opinion.
Please note that balance between guaranteed reward and drop reward is subject to change based on the result of the poll. We hope that Heirs think about the direction shard farming should take in the long run since the result of the poll can make a very important choice for Heir of Light. It would also help us greatly if Heirs could leave explanation of their choice in the comment below.
We promise to listen to the community as we move onward with Heir of Light.
Thank you.

Dev Note #88: About Shard Farming After 3.7 Update +1
Dev Note #88: About Shard Farming After 3.7 Update
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
LV.21 GameManager 1year

Dev Note #87: 3.7 Update Preview #3: Boss Invasion

Greetings Heirs,
Today we will go over new Massive Content Boss Invasion that will be added with 3.7 Update.
Many Heirs have been asking for Explore, Dungeon type PvE contents that Heirs go against powerful Boss using various servants Heirs developed rather than PvP contents where Heirs compete against each other.
Currently, Heir of Light is missing contents where Heirs can make more out of their servant development such as Potential or Gear Transcend even when performance & stats of Heirs' servants generally improved as we added various servant development content.
Based on the feedback and observation of current situation, we decided to develop Boss Invasion content that allows Heirs to challenge stronger opponent and utilize various servants that Heirs developed.
Now let's go over details of Boss Invasion.
Boss Invasion is a content where, for the first time in Heir of Light, total of 8 servants (2 teams of team of 4 servants) battle against a powerful Boss.
There are total 5 floors in Boss Invasion, and the Boss will become stronger as Heirs climb up the floors. (While 1st floor should be doable for most Heirs of Level 60 Account Level (Crusade Level), 5th floor requires full development of servants in every way currently possible.)
Since Heirs must go against powerful Bosses in Boss Invasion, the Bosses will not be assigned with any element for the first time to avoid elemental advantage/disadvantage.
Also, there won't be any entry limit so that Heirs can repeatedly attempt Boss Invasion.
Boss Invasion is "Invasion" based content where battle rules of PvP applies.
When Heirs place their servants, Heirs won't be able to place duplicate servants of the same element.
Boss Invasion is a quite difficult content that requires various strategies. We tried to be as specific as possible with our Recommendation and Skill Description of the Boss so that Heirs can build effective strategies.
Boss' attack consists of 3 phases. Following are characteristics of each phase.
🔶Phase 1:🔶
Boss has a chance of doing ignore-defense attack to Tank servants of team 1 and team 2 in turns. >> If Tank servants did not develop sufficient DEF Ignore Resist, the Tank servants will receive powerful ignore-defense attacks.
The damage increases as the HP of the target decreases. Also, entire team will receive the same amount of damage that the target receives. >> If the Tank servant has low HP, entire team will most likely get wiped.
🔶Phase 2:🔶
Boss will do damage based on SPD to the target along with Healer & Support servants >> If servants didn't develop proper SPD Reduction with their Potential, they will receive very powerful attacks.
🔶Phase 3:🔶
Upon entering Phase 3, all servants beside DPS servants will be defeated. Boss will attack the servant with highest DEF among the surviving DPS servants. >> DEF-Based DPS servants need to tank for the team.
5 units of "Eyes of the Abyss" will be summoned to perform concentrated attacks on the servant with highest DEF. >> AoE DPS servants need to take down "Eyes of the Abyss"
Just like Party Raid, all 8 servants of the two teams will be sharing every effects. Team Passive along with Relation Effect will also be shared between the two team. However, Secondary Mark Combo Skill and Global Cool Time will only be shared within each team.
While Boss Invasion is a massive content of 2 teams total of 8 servants, we decided to give the option to turn on/off Auto Mode so that Heirs can utilize various strategies through manual gameplay. Heirs will be able to overcome their lack of servants' stat / development through manual gameplay to clear higher floors. Heirs will have various options such as locking certain servants' Skill or Combo Skill or registering 3 Skills per team in advance.
Since each floor requires different amount of PvP Token to enter, Honor Points clear reward will also be accordingly different for each floor. First floor requires 1 PvP Token to enter and gives 3 Honor Points. Since Heirs can acquire additional Honor Points based on their League in PvP, Heirs can acquire more Honor Points according to PvP Tokens used as Heirs progress on the next floor in Boss Invasion. For example, 4th floor will consume 2 PvP Tokens but give 9 Honor Points instead.
Everyday, Heirs will receive rewards based on how fast Heirs cleared the highest floor. Also, there will be rank reward that will be sent out after each season. (1 season lasts for 1 week)
The rewards include Potential Change Stone, Potential Enhance Stone, Rainbow Stone, Transcending Aura, Gear, Magic Stone, and Conversion Stone, mainly focusing on Potential and Gear Transcendence.
That's it for Boss Invasion.
Since the new Boss Invasion requires servants of various classes and stats, we hope that this Dev Note gives chance to Heirs to prepare for Boss Invasion in advance.
Please let us know if you have any question.

Dev Note #87: 3.7 Update Preview #3: Boss Invasion +2
Dev Note #87: 3.7 Update Preview #3: Boss Invasion
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
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Dev Note #86: 3.7 Update Preview #2 - Suggestion Reflection & QoL Improvement Notice

Greetings Heirs,
Today we will cover suggestions that will be reflected and QoL features that will be improved in 3.7 Updates.
🔶Guaranteed Servant Shard Reward Added In Explore🔶
Many Heirs are farming shards of servants they want from Explore stages to transcend their servants. Since the servant shard drop is based on probability, Heirs could end up obtaining 0 shard on one day while obtaining 10 to 20 shards on the other. Some Heirs have been suspicious that we have been secretly adjusting drop rates of the servant shards. Also, other Heirs have been asking for system that guarantees acquisition of servant shards based number of battles.
Since rewards based on probability is a very common feature in mobile game in general, we were not too focused on various feedbacks regarding rates. It is also true that while many Heirs love the shard farming feature of Heir of Light, we wanted to give less presence to shard farming hoping that Heirs will focus more on summoning instead.
However, since many Heirs love and share feedbacks about shard farming aspect that allows Heirs to obtain servants that they really want, we concluded that we need to improve the shard farming aspect of Heir of Light rather than being stubborn about our direction in order to improve the strength of Heir of Light.
Therefore, in order to improve inconsistent amount of shards obtained from shard farming, we are fixing shard farming so that Heirs can obtain fixed amount of shards in 3.7 Update.
As it is notified in Update Preview, Heirs will be guaranteed 1 servant shard after playing a certain number of servant shard tiles.
3.7 Update Preview:
Heirs will now receive 1 shard of servant of the stage after clearing the stage certain amount of time. For example, as shown in the Update Preview above, Heirs can obtain 1 shard of [Fire] Rem after clearing Shrine of King Derik 1-7 25 times.
One shard per 25 stages means that Heirs would receive 4 shards per 100 stages. The new drop rate from stage clear will become rate excluding the 4%(4 shard per 100 stages) from original shard drop rate.
The total drop rate of shards will not be changed after the update. Based on the stages, Heirs will obtain 60~80% of the shards from the guaranteed reward while obtaining the rest from reward based on drop rate.
In order to reflect the double drop rate for Heirs that purchased Double Shard Pack or All in One Pack, stage clear count will be doubled for those who purchased applicable packages. For example, clearing explore stage 10 times will count toward the stage clear count for guaranteed shard reward as 20 times. (The double stage clear count will not be applied to events or quests that involve stage clear mission.)
Required stage clear count for guaranteed servant shard is different based on the difficulty of the stage. Also, the last and the most difficult Sanctuary stage requires Heirs to clear the stage 15 times for Fire/Water/Forest Sanctuary and 60 times for Light/Dark Sanctuary for guaranteed reward.
(As we promised, we are planning on implementing various features to support servant shard farming. In 3.8 Update, we are preparing event content of Sanctuary stage difficulty that would allow Heirs to farm shards for servants that are normally impossible to farm for.)
🔶Displaying Team HP in PvP Content🔶
Currently, the result of PvP contents are determined by sum of remaining HP ratio of servants that were not revived. However, since there was no indicator that display such measurement, it was often very difficult to determine if my team is doing well in the fight.
Therefore, we are adding indicator that displays the sum of the ratio of remaining HP of the team in the battle screen, which will display the ratio of remaining HP in real time. Starting from 100% the measurement of sum of HP ratio of remaining servant will go down to 0% as the team loses HP.
We are also adding the indicator in result screen.
🔶Potential QoL Improvement🔶
Since Potential of Normal Slot 3-5 involved 3 types of Potential, we have already made changes so that Heirs don't encounter duplicate Potentials. However, since the odds of encountering duplicate Potential for Normal Potential 2 and Special Potential 3-4 are not as high, we did not make such adjustment for the three Potentials.
There were many feedbacks from the community to remove the possibility of rolling duplicate Potentials, especially for Special Potential Slot 4 that requires more Potential Change Stones than other Potential Slots. (This feedback gained significant amount of support especially from the Global Discord community.)
With this update, Heirs will no longer roll for same Potential, and we expect this change to decrease consumption of Potential Change Stone.
(For any Heirs hoping to change Potential, we recommend to do so after the update.)
🔶Cult Training Ground Improvement🔶
Many Heirs have been expressing concern about the fact that Heirs can climb up to 1,500 Points simply by going against opponents in Cult Training Ground. While there weren't any serious issue since the required Points to be part of Top Ranks increased, we decided that 1,500 Points cap for Cult Training Ground is slightly too high.
We will be decreasing ratio of Points received upon Victory from 10 to 6 for Heirs above 1,300 Points. Also, Heirs above 1,300 Points will receive even less Points than before. Finally, Heirs won't be able to acquire more points after 1,399 Points.
🔶End Battle Screen During Repeat Battle Improved🔶
While tapping any button in Battle Result Screen during Repeat Battle will stop the Repeat Battle, the "Power Saving Mode" button and Magnifying Glass button that don't even function in the screen were confusing Heirs. We are improving the End Battle Screen to minimize the confusion.
🔶No Tank Servant Message Improved🔶
We are changing warning message about missing Tank servant in the team so that the message is not displayed for Heirs with Crusade Level 40 and higher.
🔶Gold Boost Item Added🔶
There were multiple requests to add Gold Boost item that can be purchased with Karats like EXP Boost so that Heirs can farm gold fast. After 3.7 Update, Heirs can purchase the new Gold Boost with Karats from the Shop. Just like EXP Boost, the Gold Boost will be extended to compensate for 2x Gold Event period instead of stacking with 2x Gold Event. Also, the Gold Boost buff will be extended upon maintenance.
🔶Bug Fix Notice🔶
We want to notify Heirs of several bug fixes that Heirs have been anticipating for a while.
- After multiple tests, we have confirmed that freezing issue in high-spec devices has significantly improved. We are expecting to see significant improvement especially in devices such as LG v30, LG v50, Xiaomi devices, and Galaxy Note 10. We want to apologize for the delay in bug fixes despite our effort to fix the issue as soon as possible. We also confirmed slight improvement with freezing issue in low-spec devices. We will continue to look into the freezing issue.
- Issue with World Battle Team Mark and issue that prevented Defense Team from changing Mark setting under certain circumstances will be fixed.
🔶Feedback Regarding Dev Note Covering Mildred🔶
We want to thank all Heirs that left their feedbacks/comments after we released last Dev Note regarding Mildred balance patch. We will carefully go over and reflect feedbacks from the community about Tank servants. We also wanted provide some summarized responses for comments left about Mildred.
🔴Q. What about Mildred attacking only 1 unit instead of entire Ranged servants?
🔷A. Currently, all of the AoE attacks including Mildred's AoE attacks hit all enemies within the range, rather than hitting one additional random/specific target. Therefore, while we decided that it is possible to adjust the range or damage, we determined that it is not appropriate make adjustments such as "attack one additional random target." While some Heirs might think that we are being stubborn about Ranged AoE attack, the decision was made considering the characteristics of AoE attacks in general.
🔴Q. I am a new player, and I paid so much to focus just on Mildred. Isn't this nerf a little too brutal?
🔷A. First of all, the adjustment on Mildred is focused on her AoE attack. Therefore, Mildred is not nerfed in PvE contents like Explore or Dungeon where there is only one unit of enemy boss unit. Also, the nerf on Mildred is not as severe as many Heirs are concerned even in PvP. We believe that the circumstances will become clearer once Heirs start engaging with the adjustment after the update. While Mildred is currently literally "the most OP servant" in Heir of Light, we want to make Mildred "reasonably OP" with this adjustment.
🔴Q. Was it necessary to adjust 2nd Skill?
🔷A. As we mentioned in the Dev Note, currently the 2nd Skill of Mildred is capable of defeating Melee DPS servants that were meant to counter Mildred with Melee AoE skills. We determined that it is inevitable to adjust 2nd Skill of Mildred because Mildred who was designed to snipe Ranged servants are simply dominating both Ranged & Melee servants with 2nd Skill. While we will be adjusting 2nd Skill, we believe the adjustment is reasonable since AoE attack from Combo Skill is still powerful.
🔴Q. Isn't the nerf too late after so many Heirs invested so much to develop the new OP servant? How do you expect players to make purchases in this game if there is always a chance to nerf new servant like Mildred?
🔷A. We definitely agree with the comment. We have been trying our best to avoid direct nerf, and for the first time in a year and half, we made a difficult decision to nerf Mildred. We sincerely apologize about the delay in servant adjustment due to the depth of investigation that the issue required. However, we want to clarify that always releasing a new OP servant to nerf it 2~3 months later is not the direction we want to build Heir of Light upon. From now on, we will try our best to conduct various experiments to release a new servant with reasonable balance. If it is necessary, we are willing to even postpone the release of new servant for additional experiments for proper servant balance. (For the same reason, release of new servant in 3.7 Update has been postponed.) We want to remind Heirs that nerf took place for the first time in 1 year and 6 months of service, and we promise that we won't be recklessly nerfing new servants.
That's it for today's Dev Note.
Heir of Light went through a lot for the last 3~4 months, and we are constantly putting efforts to improve Heir of Light as we promised 2 months ago. We will try our best to improve Heir of Light along with our Heirs to provide enjoyable game. We would appreciate understandings from the community about the delay implementing suggestions that Heirs have been making.
Thank you

Dev Note #86: 3.7 Update Preview #2 - Suggestion Reflection & QoL Improvement Notice
Dev Note #86: 3.7 Update Preview #2 - Suggestion Reflection & QoL Improvement Notice
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
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