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Sep 21, 2019, 06:59 AM 720 read

Advanced Tips :)


1. Having a problem surviving Omen's AOE skill? Use a def-based tank for Omen. Omen's AOE attack hits everyone with the same damage regardless of def value. This damage is based off of who takes the least damage, in which case a high def tank will excel. Do not use a high HP tank for Omen because her AOE will deal massive damage to everyone. 2. Can't get very far in campaign or abaddon? Try using "skill-canceling". If you time it correctly, you can animation cancel any move from an enemy boss in PvE (except for statue catastrophe skill). In order to do this, turn off Auto mode, and the moment the enemy uses a skill, proc your combo skill. Make sure that it is immediately following the enemy skill or else it will not cancel. This strat will allow you to bypass many high damage skills from bosses ;) 3. Having a hard time getting to CP requirements for awakening dungeons? Put some resistance boots on your characters. They give a huge CP boost in comparison to other stats. 4. Is this servant good? Check out the community driven tier list linked in the official Heir of Light Discord! The ratings are quite reputable since they come from top players and veterans! 5. What should I fuse, and what should I not fuse? From experience, NEVER fuse any 5 star characters unless they are natural 5 stars or LD nat4s. Fusing 5 star nat3s is an absolute waste of supremes. It is much more worth to keep to as evolve fodder or even use them as enhance fodder. IGN: Asian Server: Global

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