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Arnezz's mid game top 5 tips


I've read the previous posts and I agree with most of them. I will try to give my 5 other tips. I am a mid game player and only have a couple of nat5 70s right now but getting there :) #1 Don't waste karats on EXP boosts unless you really have, always use the free 12h boosters you get from evolving a servant into nat6. Remember, they stay in the mail for 7 days, there is no rush in using them straight away #2 Same with valor, don't use it from the mail straight away to have it maxed out at all times. Calculate how much do you need for 150 runs, right before running farming stages or dungeon stages and make sure you have just enough Valor to finish them. This way once your Valor finishes you will get extra Valor when your auto battle finishes and you can't reset it straight away. #3 It's my opinion and some people might disagree but I believe the best area to farm while your exp boost is active are the first stages of the last, biggest tiles on the main map. (the ones where you are fighting against a water/fire Moira or forest grisette). There you get a decent amount of exp (7k+) and on average you get 5 nat3s per 150 runs. This will give you loads of extra fusing materials = more chances for nat5 fusing :)) #4 Once you get a nat5 and you're in a position where you can farm exp stages under 10 seconds & do all floor 11 & 12s of awakening dungeons don't evolve them into 6* when you only have one copy of them. Level them to level 50 and put them in your barracks. At the end of the month check if you have at least 3/4 copies of a servant, check the tier list to see if they're worth building and keep them if you think they can be useful in a part of the game. If you have only one copy of a servant I would suggest to craft it into Great Essence and craft either a SW(AA / Valk) trans bun or a select nat 5* summon. #5 Spend karats only on resetting all the daily awakening dungeons except on weekends when you should prioritize and reset only the ones you really need right now as resetting all dungeons in a day can be quite expensive. I suggest also spending karats on doubling the special summons as you'll get two copies (if RNG God is with you) of a nat5 that you actually wanted. I don't personally spend my karats on special rate+ summons but if there is a new OP champion by all means go for it, and if you're feeling lucky use the double rewards option too. That's all from me, hope someone found at least one of them useful :) IGN: arnezz Server: Europe PID: 10011352282

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