Role balance advice on Dark Ifrit and Light Archangel

Also as a linkage role, Dark Ifrit be able to Directly caused Lv5 armor,in the absence of a special potential bonus,and the armor-piercing state can last for 30 seconds .But Light Archangel Only 20% probability causes Lv1 armor ,And it only lasts 15 seconds. Also as a Demon character ,Light Archangel should strengthen his passivity .His passivity was originally a system of Dark Ifrit, both of which caused armor damage after crit .We don't require him to have a 100% chance of breaking armor, after all, he doesn't have the special potential of Dark Ifrit, but it seems too weak.

Gisele Gisele LV.3 Lurker 2mo
Role balance advice on Dark Ifrit and Light Archangel

Suggestions for adjusting the potential of light Ifrit

I found that there is no potential that can be used by light Ifrit. Please adjust the passive skill of light Ifrit: (increases ATK by 20%, up to 60%, per buff on self) to (increases damage by 20%, up to 60%, per buff on self), and increase the potential list: increases ATK by 21% for 30sec upper active skill use (max 40%). Otherwise, light Ifrit is much weaker than fire Christine. At the same time, I suggest that remove all buffs on all enemies should be adjusted to: 1. Remove buffs can limit the number, such as dark Ignis. 2. Change to reduce the duration of all buffs on all enemies, such as light heylel.

gamer372758072 LV.3 Lurker 2mo
Suggestions for adjusting the potential of light Ifrit

Transcend EXP

Is this like regular exp that I can get by simply farming shards?

Sieben Sieben LV.2 Lurker 3mo
Transcend EXP

Need help with a team

These are my units also have to 5* select unit summons what should I choose for the best team I can make?

Need help with a team
Patreon Parden LV.2 Lurker 5mo
Need help with a team


Nana Nana LV.3 Lurker 8mo

HoL guide Part 2 (Early - Mid game)

Early - Mid game guide:

1. KEEP YOUR DUPE NAT 5s!!!! HoL has a feature called transcendence, where you can combine same servants to increase the overall power of one of them. Each unit maxes out at T5 (T being transcendence) , so you actually need SIX of each servant to max transcend them. Transcendence is arguably the highest value upgrade you can make to your servants.

2. Build a farmer! A farmer is a dps servant who will be used to level up your low level servants for intents and purposes of 6* ing your units. By using this farmer unit to solo tiles, you allow yourself to have three separate units leaching exp. This 1 farmer, 3 food setup will be your ideal setup for acruing exp. if you dont know who to use for a farmer, use water lenore as she is very easy to transcend early.

3. Build a tank! Tanks are CRUCIAL to all content in HoL! Having a strong tank allows your dps servants to do their job efficiently, because, well... You cant exactly output any damage if youre dead.. The tanks main purpose is to stay alive, and to hold aggro (attention of the enemy). If you werent lucky enough to pull any duplicate nat 5 tanks, i highly recommend investing in Dark Ishmael (attainable though the quest guide).

4. Once you have a tank and a farmer built to at least 6* and A3, its time to start building a team! While stacking your best dps on a team sounds like it could work, its actually more beneficial most of the time to use just ONE dps, and to build a team around them. S3 or ultimate abilities, have a pretty unique feature to HoL. Marks. What are they, and how do they work? Well, each servant has a primary mark, and a secondary mark. The PRIMARY MARK is the one tied to your servants ability. Meaning any servants who shares the same primary mark, will essentially be sharing their ultimate charge to a degree.. Which is bad.. (Generally.. There are a few exceptions which i will explain in another guide). The SECONDARY MARK is a mark that has a chance to be called upon, or combo'd when a servant uses their ultimate ability. For example, my [A] Sphinx has a chance when she ults, to call upon my Ankou's mark, for no penalty whatsoever. In doing this, you can further utilize your dps servant by allowing for them to use their ultimate ability more than they could alone. An ideal team would have 4 separate primary marks, that all utilized your dps' primary mark.

5. Start thinking about your f11 and f12 awakening dungeon teams! Magic is the easiest, and used the most, so i recommend building this team first (especially because the restrictions here are much less than the other awakening dungeons). Element specific awakening dungeons f11 and f12 need FOUR of a specific type to complete (four heals, four tanks, four ranged dps, four melee dps, etc.) again, this should only be done once you have at least one core team built and ready for gear dungeons and other content.

HoL guide Part 2 (Early - Mid game)
Haoenheim Haoenheim LV.19 Sage 8mo
HoL guide Part 2 (Early - Mid game)

Boss Invasion Tips

Hey all, as content is fairly new, I'm am still unsure of exact mechanics of boss invasion. However, here are some tips to get a faster time or to clear the floor. Keep in mind that early or mid-game players may be unable to clear floors due to lack of diversity in your units built.

1. Bring all specified recommended/required DPS. This includes Ignore-Def based DPS, Def-based DPS, and attack based DPS. DEF BASED IS A MUST, you will likely be unable to win without one.

In the 3 phases, 1st phase will be weak to ignore def, 2nd is weak to def, and 3rd is weak to attack.

2. Build your two tanks in high HP with as much def-ignore resist potentials as possible (typical PvP tank build). This will hopefully help resist ignore def damage from boss and mitigate AOE damage dealt to supporting servants.

3. Get as many speed reduction potentials as possible. I am still unsure of how this affects the boss (I presume it slows her down) but it makes a huge difference.

4. Do NOT bring Max HP and spd based DPS. They are pretty ineffective.

5. Raid potentials will NOT work against this boss.

6. Shields and any damage reduction skills for the whole team are very effective in reducing damage dealt via AOE.

Good Luck!

IGN: Asian
Server: Global (US)

AsianLife LV.7 Nomad 8mo
Boss Invasion Tips

Caelan’s Top Five Tips for HoL

To start off, I accidentally posted this on the wrong board. At the time of writing this, the post will not qualify for the “Tips” event. Regardless, I still want to share this advice with my fellow heirs.

Tip #1
Nat 3*s are great for new players because they’re common and relatively simple to build. Here are the nat 3*s that I believe every new player should focus on:

Dark Dunk: great healer; has a def and heal block de-buff for enemies; special skill gives a 20% skill boost to allies; has a 15% spd boost passive for the party.

Light Dunk: Has a light DoT; de-buff removal; a “damage increased” de-buff for enemies; and a passive that gives a 15% hp increase for all allies.

Light Moira: similar to Dark Dunk but has an attk de-buff for enemies and a glancing hit rate buff for allies; Special skill also gives a 20% skill boost.

Light Gretel: Is an ignore def dps; enemy def de-buff; passive skill increases attk by 30% when hp is below 30%; all she needs is lots of attk and some spd.

Tip #2

Do not use vamp on tanks.

At lower levels, putting vamp gears on tanks may be temporarily viable in place of a healer. However, you’ll quickly find that your tank is either:
A. Not doing enough damage to adequately heal itself.
B. Too squishy.

Personally, I prefer a combination of hp and def on most tanks, with an emphasis on resist subs. Of course, there are some exceptions where certain tanks require more hp with less def and vice versa. Another viable strategy is using petrify gears which have a chance to inflict the petrification de-buff on enemies. (I find this to be most useful on tanks specifically built for PvP and Tower Invasion.)

Tip #3
Resource and time management tricks regarding karats, valor, and pvp tokens:

Some of the events require certain actions to meet the reward requirements. If you happen to log in late but still want to finish your daily event quests, consider these time saving methods:

PvP tokens can be used quickly through the invasion towers on the world map. However, try to avoid using this daily since you may run out of towers.

Need to use up karats quickly? Spend them on: valor; refreshing the black market; buying extra guild passes; or making summons.

Need to use valor or finish battles quickly? Put low level and ungeared units into battle and let them get creamed. Note: for most people, this strategy is a waste of resources. However, if you’re in a pinch and need to complete certain quests quickly, this method may help.

Tip #4

Save up and do the dailies to get free goodies.

It may seem tedious, but gathering and saving resources from the daily quests will net users a reliable and free source of goodies. When properly saved up, it allows users more freedom to buy large purchases of things they really to want or need. (Huh, just like real life.)

I find it helpful to always keep a certain number of karats and valor on me at all times. If I happen to exceed this number, I either buy valor to farm or summon units to use as fodder. By keeping a constant balance of these resources, I have the freedom to farm or make large karat purchases frequently.

Tip #5

Bastille and Heylel can be farmed monthly for nat 5* craft fodder.

This may seem obvious to some players, but free nat 5*s are great. Two of my favorite farmable nat 5*s are blue Heylel and Bastille. Blue Heylel can be crafted by obtaining blue Griselda, green Laura, red Belladonas, and light Rhamaan. Note: these heroes must be 1st level awakened and upgraded to 5*s before being combined into blue Heylel.

The second unit I like to farm is Bastille. Bastille is obtained by farming guild dungeon points. However, I highly recommend that players obtain and fully transcend both Blue Heylel and green Bastille before using them for fodder, because who doesn’t love a free lvl 70 character? Note: you can farm and transcend the other Bastilles as well, however I find green to be the most useful.

The photos I attached are of: the nat 3*s I recommend new players build; where Bastille and blue Heylel can be obtained; the location of the Invasion Towers; and examples of tanks geared with my usual setup VS petrify runes. Note: the difference in stats between the two servants is mostly due to the dark Lenore not being transcended.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a whisper on HoL. :)

Gamer tag: Caelan
Server: US

Caelan’s Top Five Tips for HoL +4
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Caelan’s Top Five Tips for HoL

Andrew's Game tips

I wrote these lines with all the regrets of losing precious resources for unwanted results. These are not exactly tips, but rather "rules" for beginners to manage their team better. Here we go:
1. Buy Repeat battle packs
Super cheap, and the packs allow you to farm awakenning stones/ gears / Global Infinite PvP or leveling up all those heroes that you'd never use during play time. Events in the game provide huge amount of valors, and buying valors is also as cheap, so you won't have to worry about running out of valors to "light" you grinding.
2. Read Statistics and Review
Before investing everything you have into 1 hero, especially if you are new to the game, you should read carefully her skill set, her reviews and her statistics. The frequency of use of the hero at certain raids and stages tell a lot about whether you should invest in her or fuse her for a more suitable hero for your team.
3. Buy mission pack
Also a cheap pack with so much value, especially a selection stone at the end when all quests completed. you get at least 1500 diamonds, summon stones, rainbow stones and all, and you can do the whole thing every month!
4. Use wind set and chain set
They don't sound as attempting as an attack boost or critical damage boost, but trust me, Casting more really means better damage output, especially with a supporter or healer casting continuously during the fight. Sometimes your global cooldown blocking the buffing skills from working the way it should.
5. Rate+ summoning
if you have 1000 diamonds, do rate+ summoning, because in my experience, Rate+ seems to yield better result than normal epic stone summoning. I've got my Green John Wick transcended 4 times just by Rate+.
IGN: Asian
PID: 10012914448
Server : SEA
Crusade Name : WickedAndrew

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Andrew's Game tips

How to play Heir Of Light for dummies

Hey, have you ever wanted to strive in a game without having to spend any money? Have you been playing Summoners War and decided that Heir Of Light is a better alternative? Well here’s 5 tips for you!

1. Do your daily/weekly quests
They’re there for a reason, get that free karats hunty!

2. Build a well-rounded team
Add a little tank, a pinch of support, a dash of D.O.T, and a spoon full of DPS, and you will have the perfect team!!! This game is like Santa but more, you get 5star units from events and quests. You don’t even have to spend a dime my friend. I’m sure the other guides will tell you which servants are the best so you don’t have to hear it from me.

3. Getting to Omen10
Once you’ve built your D.O.T team, clearing Omen10 will be easier than wiping your butt after a good shat. Omen10 will hook you up with the latest gear, you can’t miss it mate! These gear are gonna power up your servants to OVER 3000!!!!

4. Use repeat battle pack
I’m not gonna lie to you guys anymore..... I did spend money... on the most useful thing in this game. Only for $13 a month, you can get hours and hours of endless and repeated fun! Totally worth it.

5. Join a guild
It’s easy currency. Do it. Do it now. Use it to buy whatever you want. Without a guild, you are nothing. NOTHING.

That’s all.

Player ID: 10012975569
Crusade name: himum
Server: SEA

How to play Heir Of Light for dummies +4
bamboozle bamboozle LV.2 Lurker 8mo
How to play Heir Of Light for dummies

Tips For Free

1. First of all for begginners try to build the 5 star dps servant that youve got for free its very convenient to have a 5 star servant in your team for best result..

2. Obtain Ismael in the dark quest chapter 4infor smooth progress in the game this dark tank servant is better than any fire water or forest tank servant in early games because based on my experience dark and light servants are way more stronger than normal element servants rather than forest water and fire that have weaknesses to each other..

3. for beginners I recommend clearing quest and game guides for advantage because youll slowly understand the game mechanics through quests and game guides and guest what rewards like diamonds awekening materials or instant 6star buds epic summoning stones are free to get by completing quest and game guides

4. build servants that youll need the most dont aim for collecting them all because this game is not about having to many servants its about how you can progress your servant how you can build it strong for future battle .less servant less awekening materials less gear to use.

5. link your account dont snab this tip.or else youll end up crying like me... its better if youll link or create an account using hive for account deletion prevention

IGN: Juvymexei


PID: 10012213633

AshFerak28 AshFerak28 LV.2 Lurker 8mo
Tips For Free


VeilReen VeilReen LV.10 Walked the Plank 8mo

Advanced Tips :)

1. Having a problem surviving Omen's AOE skill? Use a def-based tank for Omen. Omen's AOE attack hits everyone with the same damage regardless of def value. This damage is based off of who takes the least damage, in which case a high def tank will excel. Do not use a high HP tank for Omen because her AOE will deal massive damage to everyone.

2. Can't get very far in campaign or abaddon? Try using "skill-canceling". If you time it correctly, you can animation cancel any move from an enemy boss in PvE (except for statue catastrophe skill). In order to do this, turn off Auto mode, and the moment the enemy uses a skill, proc your combo skill. Make sure that it is immediately following the enemy skill or else it will not cancel. This strat will allow you to bypass many high damage skills from bosses ;)

3. Having a hard time getting to CP requirements for awakening dungeons? Put some resistance boots on your characters. They give a huge CP boost in comparison to other stats.

4. Is this servant good? Check out the community driven tier list linked in the official Heir of Light Discord! The ratings are quite reputable since they come from top players and veterans!

5. What should I fuse, and what should I not fuse? From experience, NEVER fuse any 5 star characters unless they are natural 5 stars or LD nat4s. Fusing 5 star nat3s is an absolute waste of supremes. It is much more worth to keep to as evolve fodder or even use them as enhance fodder.

IGN: Asian
Server: Global

AsianLife LV.7 Nomad 8mo
Advanced Tips :)

Coolest Tips in here

Yo Boys and Girls, while Im chilling at work i thought why not share a few Tips while getting paid anyways ?! So leggggoo
Tip Numero Uno:
Always and i mean ALWAYS do some PvP/iPvP matches and try to get placed. Even if u are a new player its kind of simple to get ranked in the Top 200/500 and u will get some nice rewards every week !
Numero Dos:
Dont start shard Farming in early/mid-game. You will get a bunch of Nat5s in this game and especially in the beginning your Team will change a lot, according to the servants u will pull. So farming for a special servant could be Risky since u wont know for sure that u will really use this servant.
Numero Tres:
Dont be afraid of using Nat4s! There are a few Nat4s that are really worth building early or even mid-game. Servants like Fire Enoch or Charlotte (All Types are good but LD versions are really nutty!) can easily push you through the game and are really easy to Trans+Awa.
Numero Cuatro:
Try to Concentrate on one Servant for awakening before you start with a second or even third one. It is hard to get your hands on enough Surpremes and your Servants will really shine starting from A4+, so try to save them till u have ur DPS and/or Tank at least at A4 before u start to awaken another servant!
Numero Cinco:
Last but not least, HAVE GOD DAMN FUN !!
Dont push yourself always to get the meta team, use and build Servants u like and u think they look cool, even if they are weak !
Obviously dont waste Ressources on them when ur struggeling but if you have enough Ressources and u like the Design of Torhino, fu**ing GO FOR IT !
So Lads thats it from me, wish u guys a nice weekend and some nice RNG luck with ur Pulls !
Server: EU
PID: 10011489937

LLCoolJ LLCoolJ LV.5 Lurker 8mo
Coolest Tips in here

Tips to not suck

Early game tips:

1: DO NOT build 1003 servants! Keep your team small. Use whatever nat 5s you pull when you start, until you can get some proper direction.

2: ONLY use instant awakenings for 2A - 3A (A being awakening) - this is the first awakening tier that requires supreme stones, a very limited awakening material that you probably won’t be farming anytime soon anyways.

3: Get in the habit of doing your dailies! Party raid, tower invasion, pvp, guild dungeons, world boss, awakening dungeon, mystery dungeon, and world battle all offer you an array of exclusive rewards that are COMPLETELY NECESSARY TO PROGRESSION. DO THEM! EVERY DAMN DAY!

4: Follow and stay up to date on in-game events. HoL is one of the more generous gacha’s out there, in regards to gifted summons and other currencies. Completing these events will ensure you’re able to summon plenty of new units, as well as outfit them properly.

5: LEARN which gears should be % and which shouldn’t, as well as which stats work well together. For starters, the gloves, shoes, helmet, and ring slot all utilize percents as a primary stat (also speed on neck), meaning flat stats as a primary won’t work here (unless it is speed). Additionally, as you progress, you’ll want to start paying attention to what stats work well for each other. For example, if you have an Atk % primary stat, you probably want some crit rate, crit damage, speed(ALWAYS SPEED), accuracy, and/or hp% through subs, or secondary stats. If you have an HP % primary stat, you probably want defense %, accuracy, speed, resistance.

Now you are ready to not suck. Go forth unto greatness

IGN: Haoenheim
Server: US / GLOBAL

Tips to not suck
Haoenheim Haoenheim LV.19 Sage 8mo
Tips to not suck

Tips fr laughs


Tips fr laughs
OverLordDoniel OverLordDoniel LV.5 Lurker 8mo
Tips fr laughs

Snoopys tips

1. Focus on getting a strong attacker and build him/ her as best you can.
2. Using the main character use the element to farm (fire > wind, water > fire, wind > water).
3. Keep all summoned to train using the above main character as your main attacker.
4. Everytime you max a character (start with low stars 2 to 4) use a summoned character to evolve.
5. Now you will have a list of evolve characters without having to use the buns. I would keep 10 5 *s and use 5 everytime your weekly 6* rewards run out. The extra 5 is when you get a special nat5 summon so you can already evolve to 6* after using the above method to train.

User info:

Ign: Snoopkr
Server: Global

Ps.... I'm horrible at trying to write tutorials, so i hope my tips are easy to understand and helpful.

Snoopkr Snoopkr LV.3 Lurker 8mo
Snoopys tips

Top 5 Tips!

1. Fuse nat3 into 4*, then into 5*. You get 10 crystals each fusion (max 100 each day). You have 5* food for your next 6*. Its cheaper to use 2 monsters for fusion than 3 or 4 to evolve one.

2. Fuse L/D Servants with nat4! If you are lucky, you get a L/D nat4 from 3* into 4/5* fusion. If you fuse your L/D nat4 max5* with a different nat4 max5* and you dont get something you want to keep, use them for crafting. So you can get a L/D 4/5* summoning stone each month and craft L/D pieces weekly.

3. Dont waste your awakening mats on servants you can't get to lvl 70 so soon. Especially when you start playing.

4. Build your teams for elemental dungeons first. It takes a lot of time to get one servant to max awaken, so better farm b11 and b12 as soon as you can!

5. Don't waste your items for poential change. They are rare and you need a lot. Better keep a purple special potential of the one you want to get than reroll and reroll and reroll for the orange one. Because a good team needs all potentials and special potential to be max effective.

KyaPavil KyaPavil LV.5 Lurker 9mo
Top 5 Tips!

Kyoob's Heir of Light Tips

1. Do your best to finish all the tiles at 3 stars as you progress. You are rewarded for doing so and the rewards are well worth it!
2. You can craft Valor out of *1-3 summon stones. 100 stones can be turned into 250 Valor, and is often a good alternative to spending karats if you find yourself running low.
3. 6* Epic (purple) gear can be crafted using common soul stones in the 'Servants' crafting tab. Up to 10 pieces can be crafted per month. This can be a good way to quickly gear up characters if you are missing gear with the right stats.
4. Each time you fuse two servants, you get a reward of 10 karats (max 100 per day). These extra karats can quickly add up!
5. Duplicate nat *5 servants are important in Heir of Light. They are used to transcend your units to higher levels. Never feed or fuse a dupe nat *5, unless you've just got too many.
User Info
Server: SEA
PID: 10009270601

Kyoob LV.2 Lurker 9mo
Kyoob's Heir of Light Tips

My Top 5 Tips:

1) Always save instant awaken for third awakening!

2) Never forget to farm supreme stones, and even use 75 crystal each magic floor a day to double them!

3)You can farm a lot of greaters and use the backpack to craft supreme stones in a pinch- very costly at 20 per 1 supreme stone however.

4)Don’t waste nat 5 fusing. Save them for a select summon or make sure to use them to trans unless that character is fully trans. Otherwise, if nothing else save them to do an LD 5+5 fuse for a guaranteed LD nat 5 at the very least.

5)Pay close attention to relation effects when deciding what characters to build for your teams and don’t forget you can craft mark signs if need be for a specific team you want to run!


Brienna7 Brienna7 LV.2 Lurker 9mo
My Top 5 Tips:

Top 5 Tips for Beginners by LFthicc

Tip #1. Rerolling your account: Aim for fire Blavatsky, forest Heide, or any servant that deals damage based on enemy's max HP. The reason for this is that these servants will help you farm the higher stages of omen/heid dungeon for higher tier gears. Good gears are crucial to boosting your gameplay in all contents. Fire blavatsky's passive skill will increase its ult skill gauge and a support's ult skill gauge whenever your tank is being hit. This will speed up the timing of your dungeon gears effectively. Forest Heide deals damage based on enemy's max hp. All dungeon bosses have high hp so this will let you deal high damage in your favor. Forest Heide's team passive also gives a huge boost in your team's HP for tower content. If you can't roll the 2 above servants, just taking some time to looking into the description of the servant's skills will help you decide the servant that is right for you, but my advice for new beginners is first try to farm better gears. This will help you clear content faster.
Tip #2. Fodder farming: In explore mode you will eventually come across RGB (red,green,blue) stages that have an "exp" sign on the larger tile. Clearing these stages on the "exp tile" effectively gives more experience to all your servants on the team regardless if they died or not while clearing the stage. Choose the highest stage lvl large exp tile you can clear while paying attention to the reward it gives. Make sure the reward includes 3-star fodders which you will need to farm in order to evolve servants on your main team. This is pretty much knocking out 2 birds with 1 stone, thus boosting your gameplay. Also pay attention to the elemental type of the stage you're farming on. Pick the elemental stage that your main damage dealer servant is strong against. For example, fire beats forest, forest beats water, and water beats fire. As for what gears your main damage dealer should have, we will move on to tip #3.
Tip #3. Gears on your damage dealer for farming: Firstly, we need to look at the type of dps (damage per second) servant that you have. Does the servant deals damage based on attack stat, defense stat, speed stat, enemy's max hp, or ignore defense? If attack stat, you will build your runes with beast gear set (+35% attack boost) and blade set (+12% crit boost). Main stats on gloves should be speed, crit%/crit damage on helmet, and attack% on shoes. Substats should optimally have attack%, crit%/crit damage, and speed. Speed stats are necessary for speed clears. It's best to clear the stage under 25 seconds on repeat mode and even better if you can do it under 20 seconds/clear. Moving on to defense-stat based damage-type servant, build your servant with 3 iron gear sets with main stats of defense% on gloves and shoes, but speed on gloves if you want speed clears. Again, main stat of crit%/crit damage on helment. It's best if you can get at least 70% crit chance overall on your gears for more consistent crit damage. If not, having crit% as the main stat on your helmet will help out alot. Substats should prioritize defense mainly and then crit%/crit damage. Moving on to enemy's max hp damage-type servant, you can copy the gear sets for attack stat damage-type servant. Now moving on to speed stat damage-type servant, you absolutely must have speed main stats on gloves and prioritize speed for substats because your damage output scales off on speed effectively. Farm gears for eruption gear set (+25% speed) and blade (+15% crit). Lastly, the ignore-defense damage-type servant is pretty unique. Since this servant ignores enemy's defense, Heir of Light gameplay mechanics does not let the servant do crit damage. Otherwise, this is pretty much double-dipping and OP, so build the servant with attack main stats on all gears (gloves,helmet,shoes). Again, beast gear set and blade gear set like the attack-type servant. Prioritize attack% on substats and next is speed. We will move on team-setup for fodder farming in tip #4.
Tip #4. Team-setup for easy fodder farming: Put your main damage dealer in slot I. Put your 3-star fodders in slots II,III, and IV. Click on "repeat battle"; it will open the "repeat battle" menu. Heir of Light developers gave this game a very nice "quality of life" feature which I haven't seen elsewhere on other mobile platforms. It's the "auto-replace" feature. Basically, it auto-select fodders in your inventory to replace your max-leveled servant fodders while on auto-repeat farming (based on your settings), wowzers! Ok, back to the "repeat battle" menu, make sure "auto-replace" is selected and click on "auto-replace settings". Check off 3-star for both current grade and origin grade servants. Check off RGB elements. Highlight slots II,III, and IV by clicking on them and hit "confirm". This will effectively allows you to only have 3-star fodders being auto-replaced with the max-leveled 3-star fodders during farming. Now back to the "repeat battle" menu, check off "only allow 6-star servants to use skills. This will make sure no other servant fodders is interrupting your farming by wasting time spamming skills and thus slowing down your stage clears. Check off "continue repeat battle even upon defeat". This "quality of life" feature will ensure continued auto-farming even if you fail to clear the stage and waste valor (hopefully not so). And lastly, check off "auto-sell gear" to make sure having maxed out inventory on gears will not interrupt your auto-farming. Now click on "start repeat battle" and enjoy eating popcorn while watching a movie or play other games if you choose to do so!
Tip #5. Light/dark servant farming: Do not get so hung up on farming for 4*-5* L/D servants. It's a long and tedious process and definitely not for beginners. If you look in the "craft menu", you will eventually realize you will need a total of 200 3-star L/D servants to even craft your first "L/D 4-5* summon stone" in which the game limits you to once/month. Focus on building your main team first to clear content and get on higher rankings for better rewards. Make sure to complete your dailies and check-in everyday. Heir of Light is very generous with their check-in rewards and consecutive check-ins. Once you eventually crafted your first 4-5* L/D summon stone, you will get at least a 4* if you're unlucky; 5* if you're super lucky since the rates are low. Save 4* L/D servants for fusion to attempt for origin 5* L/D servants. This is your ultimate goal of having a top tier servant. Don't like the origin 5* L/D servant you crafted? Save them for 5* fusion to get one final shot at a good origin 5* L/D servant. Alternatively, you can craft a "5* L/D select summon" stone in which you pick whichever L/D servant you so desire. The catch is that you will need to save a whopping EIGHT 5* L/D servants that you don't want in order to craft it. The RNG god must really hate you for this to happen. I do not recommend this method but it's kind of a last resort feature the HoL devs kindly implemented to save us from clutches of the RNG devils!
I hope you guys enjoy my top 5 tips for beginners!
- LFthicc
IGN: LFthicc
Server: US (global)
PID: 10015551378

LFthicc LFthicc LV.7 Nomad 9mo
Top 5 Tips for Beginners by LFthicc


Since there are lots of tips about servants, gears, early game, mid, end game, Tiles, dungeon, PvE , PvP strategies... I will point out the tips,
the strenght of all gamers but for some reason, forgotten them.
1. Spend sometime watching and learning guides beforehand. Going through guides all over again when you hit solid wall is pretty frustrating.
2. Always check missions, quests and events so you don't have to over spent karats, valor and your precious time. You can actually do events, missions and quests in 1 go :D
3. Luck may put you at the top, but your will to keep improving is what really let you STAY at the top. Try new things, fail and make mistakes, the more you fail, the more you know 'WHY' you've failed. Now you know your weak spot as well as other players or enemy weak spots. Just poke them where it hurts.
4. Greed is Good...[Only for Crazy Rich People] :D Don't spend all your ingame currencies for one particular thing. What else will you do without those precious, essential currencies to progress the game.
5. Finally, your loyalty is your best arsenal. Login, do your quests, missions and events everyday... BooM, easy peasy. Dev team and the game will reward you. Rewards Rewards Rewards!!!
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1. Don't skip tutorials. They exist in this day and age for a reason.

2. Experience is the best teacher. Don't follow someone's advice blindly - especially if what he/she is trying to "teach" you isn't based on first-hand experience.

3. When making tough decisions, go with your gut.

4. Be wary of misinformed guides as these can easily derail your gaming experience. A perfect example of these would be videos that have something like "Top 10 best dps servants", "Top 10 L/D servants to farm", or pretty much anything that uses the word "best".

5. Although there is nothing in this game that can be considered the "best" or "the ultimate end-all-be-all" servant, it is important to focus on building ONE servant (preferably a DPS unit) when starting off to ensure smooth sailing when doing story quests and all that good stuff.

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Not doing this for the rewards. Just wanna help out.

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SteelGUN's Top 5 Starter Tips

1. Initial Farming Team: Form a DOT (2)/Tank (1-2)/Healer or Support (1-2) team for Omen 7 auto-farmable.
2. Secondary Farming Team: Form a similar team for Omen 10. Grind on 10 a LOT to get good gear & resources.
3. Ignore DEF Servants are really good early game.
4. Don't worry about ranking high in PVP until later. Can always run normal PVP to get points.
5. Decent early-mid-game, farmable, easy-to-transcend NAT 3*-4* servants may include: [Dark] Ishmael, [Dark] Charlotte, [Dark] Dunkelhund, [Fire] Enoch. The only easy-to-transcend NAT 5* servant is [Water] Heylel, because you can always combine for her every month.
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SteelGUN's Top 5 Starter Tips

Arnezz's mid game top 5 tips

I've read the previous posts and I agree with most of them. I will try to give my 5 other tips. I am a mid game player and only have a couple of nat5 70s right now but getting there :)

Don't waste karats on EXP boosts unless you really have, always use the free 12h boosters you get from evolving a servant into nat6. Remember, they stay in the mail for 7 days, there is no rush in using them straight away

Same with valor, don't use it from the mail straight away to have it maxed out at all times. Calculate how much do you need for 150 runs, right before running farming stages or dungeon stages and make sure you have just enough Valor to finish them. This way once your Valor finishes you will get extra Valor when your auto battle finishes and you can't reset it straight away.

It's my opinion and some people might disagree but I believe the best area to farm while your exp boost is active are the first stages of the last, biggest tiles on the main map. (the ones where you are fighting against a water/fire Moira or forest grisette). There you get a decent amount of exp (7k+) and on average you get 5 nat3s per 150 runs. This will give you loads of extra fusing materials = more chances for nat5 fusing :))

Once you get a nat5 and you're in a position where you can farm exp stages under 10 seconds & do all floor 11 & 12s of awakening dungeons don't evolve them into 6* when you only have one copy of them. Level them to level 50 and put them in your barracks. At the end of the month check if you have at least 3/4 copies of a servant, check the tier list to see if they're worth building and keep them if you think they can be useful in a part of the game. If you have only one copy of a servant I would suggest to craft it into Great Essence and craft either a SW(AA / Valk) trans bun or a select nat 5* summon.

Spend karats only on resetting all the daily awakening dungeons except on weekends when you should prioritize and reset only the ones you really need right now as resetting all dungeons in a day can be quite expensive. I suggest also spending karats on doubling the special summons as you'll get two copies (if RNG God is with you) of a nat5 that you actually wanted. I don't personally spend my karats on special rate+ summons but if there is a new OP champion by all means go for it, and if you're feeling lucky use the double rewards option too.

That's all from me, hope someone found at least one of them useful :)

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Arnezz's mid game top 5 tips

5 Tips

TIP1: Don't reroll accounts, its practically pointless in this game.
TIP2: Don't build towards meta, it will frustrate you. Instead find a decent unit you like and build a team with synergy and ENJOY the game.
TIP3: Don't use expoits or game glitches, you will regret it. :)
TIP4: Even if you are trying to be F2P, get the repeat packs, it will be worth your time.
TIP5: Always work on the Combine units, its a free NAT5 or 2!
BONUS TIP6: Buy Bastille Shards and Bastille NAT5 unit even if you dont want him, its a free NAT5 Fuse.
BONUS TIP7: Water Heylel is OP, don't care what anyone says....
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5 Tips

CM_Heylel's Top 5 Game Tips!

My personal 5 game tip that all users must know:
🔷 For new users, focus on building a D.O.T (damage over time) damage team and aim to clear all Awakening Dungeon 10th floors.
Ideal D.O.T Damage Team
> any 2 Servants with D.O.T Damage Skills
*Fire Blavatsky is #1 D.O.T damage servant. Personally used Water Moira and Fire Laura during my early stage of the game.
> 2 Tank or 1 Tank + 1 Healer
🔷 Always keep your valor above 2k and always use auto-repeat for farming.
150 auto-repeat count is ideal for multitasking purpose.
🔷 Farm Gears only in the Gear Dungeon and don't forget to use the auto-repeat & auto-sell settings. I recommend farming gear dungeons because you will be able to obtain gears and gold at the same time. You can use the auto-sell settings to sell certain level or below gear grades automatically. Gold is always useful :)
🔷 Do not use unwanted NAT 3 (3star) servants to craft common soul crystals first.
Always fuse them first until 5 stars, then use them as craft material for common soul stones. I always fuse NAT 3 ~ NAT 4 servants until they reach 5-star grade and hope for a NAT 5 from fuse :)
🔷 Take advantage and participate in official communities (Moot & Discord) for events!
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*Credits to Songbird for creating an amazing Thanolel emote on Discord :)

CM_Heylel's Top 5 Game Tips!
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CM_Heylel's Top 5 Game Tips!

Torre abaddon piso 96 hard, como pasarla y tips.

Subiré más videos de los diferentes pisos de la torre abaddon en especial los que les da más problema de pasar. Este sábado subiré otros, suscribanse y apoyen el contenido en español.

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Torre abaddon piso 96 hard, como pasarla y tips.

GUIA de elaboración en ESPAÑOL

Es una guía fabulosa espero les guste a mis compatriotas 😇

GUIA de elaboración en ESPAÑOL

GUIA de indumentaria en ESPAÑOL

simplemente por que en esta app le falta el español como idioma aunque yo entiendo el inglés pero es uno de los idiomas más hablados del mundo, por favor moot in Spanish

GUIA de indumentaria en ESPAÑOL

Hier of light

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Hier of light

Heir of light

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Magic Dungeon - Loot Table

Results from running the Magic Awakening Dungeons have been compiled and can be found in the link below.
If you would like to submit your own data, you can visit:

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Magic Dungeon - Loot Table

Forest Dungeon- Loot Table

Its taken a few runs but the loot table for the Forest Dungeon has been compiled. You can check out the charts right here:
If you would like to submit data to the loot table, you can visit:
Thank You
- Pixel Life

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Forest Dungeon- Loot Table

Heir of Light Guides

Wondering which gear to put on your servants? Or want to check something without stopping your auto runs? Then check Site made by players for players.

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Heir of Light Guides



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