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An analysis of upcoming update, thoughts/opinions


Hi everyone, I would like to clear up some things about this update, as well as provide some data that might be useful and some of my personal views on this update. Contrary to the beliefs of some individuals, I am NOT associated with the dev team, I am just an active community member who wants to improve the game just as much as you do. As for the trolls who so vehemently hate me for some reason all I have to say is your posts make good screenshot material for memes in my guild discord xD.   According to the table given by devs (subject to change... I hope for the lower end), it seems to increase by 100 exp between each transcendence level, starting at 100 for T1. If the current trend continues, in order to T10 a single servant it will take 17500 exp, in other words 35 copies (not including initial copy of servant). T0 to T1 = 100 T1 to T2 = 200 T2 to T3 = 400 T3 to T4 = 700 T4 to T5 = 1100 T5 to T6 = 1600 T6 to T7 = 2200 T7 to T8 = 2900 T8 to T9 = 3700 T9 to T10 = 4600   Keep in mind that this is for (presumably) unfarmable servants. This is because as shown in the collaboration preview/pre-reg link, a T5 to T6 Fire Ankou (farmable) required 1800 exp as opposed to 1600. In one of the dev notes, it was said that there will be differences in exp requirements for farmables vs. unfarmables. As a result, since Ankou is a farmable, and has a higher exp requirement, we can (somewhat) safely assume the original table given is for unfarmables or perhaps collab servants.   Using the table given to us in dev note, it takes 2.3 days to farm a servant (216 shards per day) WITH all-in-one (AiO) pack. I am going to assume this represents ONE region of the four regions total. Since AiO gives double shards, one can assume that as a F2P or a non-double shard pack user will take 4.6 days to farm a servant. In order to FULLY T10 an RGB unfarmable servant as a NON-DOUBLE SHARD player (F2P or low spender) using ONE region WITHOUT farming for shards outside of purification ground, it will take 162 days.   The devs said something about utilizing karats to unlock 2nd region and possibly 3rd region. I am assuming it is possible to unlock 3 regions with KARATS ALONE. If we pay the price of karats, it will take 81 days to farm a unit to T10 with 2 regions and 54 days to farm with 3 regions. Keep in mind that it will STILL take 162 days to farm a T10, but you get multiple at the same time as opposed to one.   To put that into perspective, the average time it takes to get enough supremes to A5 a nat5 unit is around 47 days assuming there are no events or freebies given out, only the daily supremes from F11 and F12 along with the ones you get from daily quest.   Please keep in mind this does NOT include farming normally in sanctuary or explore, or mass invasion which will ultimately lower time needed to farm till T10.   TLDR: 1 region F2P = 162 days to T10 RGB 2 region F2P = 81 days to T10 RGB 3 region F2P = 54 days to T10 RGB Awaken 5 F2P = 47 days   In my opinion, if the karat cost of maintaining 3 regions is not super high, I definitely think this is not a bad update for RGB Nat5 farming. 54 days to T10 an RGB solely on purification ground seems okay, since it is offline farming, something you accumulate passively.   As for the LD farming game however... things are looking bad. In order to have access to offline LD shard farming, you need to unlock 3rd region, which will already cost you a fair amount I'd imagine in either mileage or karat value. Doing the math, as a non-double shard pack player, it will take a whopping 814 days to T10 an unfarmable LD using passive offline farming... WTF? This is longer than the entire game's lifetime TO THIS POINT. Since you cannot "farm" LD unfarmables (I am disregarding fusion system for right now) this is just... hilariously bad. Honestly, what is the point of even farming an LD in the 3rd region, it is way more profitable to farm for RGB instead...   TLDR: F2P = 814 days to T10 LD   Okay...moving on to topic of collab servants. As we all know, collab servants, both RGB and LD are paywalled in the 4th region, requiring AiO to unlock (assuming you have already permanently unlocked the 2nd and 3rd regions with mileage). This is just very, very disappointing. A good majority of people who currently own RGB A5T5 collab servants got them either through completely F2P methods or relatively small amounts spent (including me). After this update, this literally makes these servants useless in the end-game if you don't fork out the 89.99 per month payment to farm for them.   Now, you may say "But they are still farmable via universal shards or tower invasion shards". This is a bad argument. There is no way ANYONE will collect 15000 universal shards or tower invasion shards in any timely manner. In addition, these collab servants, although are undoubtedly strong due to lack of passive blocks, are just slightly stronger than normal unfarmables in terms of their passives and abilities. Definitely not strong enough to put them in the same category as a paywalled AiO pack. As for the LD unfarmables, honestly, same thing. There are a few players that I know (Apofic and Italscal) that basically halted all other progress on their account for like half a year to T5 an LD collab servant. Now, being forced to buy AiO to even think about using them in end-game PvP is just depressing.   TLDR: Collab servants paywalled, sad and unfair.   Who is affected by this update? Two types are affected: competitive, low spending/F2P players (mostly veteran F2P) and AiO users. *F2P/low spending is categorized as under $20 per month (1 repeat pack and maybe one mission pack per month)   F2P/low spending competitive players are affected negatively, even more so if you relied on previous collab servants or are currently trying to keep high ranking in competition.   Whales/AiO players are undoubtedly affected positively. The speed at which they accumulate copies is doubled, making the gap between them and low spenders much, much wider than before.   Players in early-game and mid-game, mostly unaffected, but if they are casual players (those who don't care much about rank), this update is POSITIVE for them. This is because they are already too far behind the veterans and whales so it is unlikely they were going to bridge the gap any time soon. This update will just make farming for copies faster than before, albeit having a higher ceiling.   Suggestions: Since it seems like the devs are intent on creating a larger gap between F2P and AiO pack users, a good compromise is to make all servants farmable, (same trans requirements as each of the 4 regions however to keep balance) and karats can be used to add more regions to farm with (up to 3) and AiO pack users can pay for a 4th region. This will keep any and all servants farmable to even F2P, and any money will only have the effect of SPEEDING up progress, instead of unlocking a paywalled portion of servants.   Trans 10 is a bad idea that really throws people who grinded for T5 units (LD and collab) under the bus. Obviously they aren't going to revert changes, even if there is massive backlash, but the least they can do is make it an easier transition. Please release T6 to T10 in 1 month intervals or something to ease everyone into the system.   A customizable skill tree, even if it was even more material intensive than trans system would have been a much more exciting and cool feature. I don't think anyone would have complained at all if such a system was brought up instead of T10.   In the future, when making extremely game-changing balance updates, please consider the repercussions of doing so more carefully, and also remember that HoL USED TO be the most F2P gacha game out there. I really want the game to go back to the way it was, a refreshingly F2P friendly gacha game in comparison to the money pits of others.  

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  • LLCoolJ LV.5 Lurker Feb 15, 2020, 09:14 PM

    I actually already stopped playing... I don't have the motivation to play anymore since I know it's a waste of time... I really loved this game but this update is just disgusting

  • CM_Kermit LV.4 Default Savior Feb 16, 2020, 05:12 PM

  • gamer319757398 LV.14 Chief Feb 16, 2020, 10:55 PM

    hear hear....the nincompoop has something to say :)

  • arnezz LV.4 Lurker Feb 15, 2020, 06:27 PM

    If the devs won't even listen to one of the most active people in the community the game is truly lost.

  • Lastand LV.3 Lurker Feb 15, 2020, 11:16 PM

    Very well thought and written. Thank you for the detailed analysis because we need more players like you in this community. I am a fairly new player and I purchased the AIO on my 2nd month of playing due to how much I enjoyed playing HOL. This coming update has got me mixed feelings. On one hand I am happy for the AIO boost but on the other hand I am worried about my fellow f2p or mini whales Heirs. The truth is, whales want to beat f2p players. But if there are no f2p players to beat then where will the whales go? This reason alone nulls my excitement for the coming update. It almost seems like some sort of weird server wipe indirectly.

  • ঐariewayq LV.20 AWPer Feb 27, 2020, 03:30 PM

    keep spirit 💝💝