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May 10, 2022, 04:27 PM 549 read

[Notice] Boost Event !


Greetings, Heirs! we've prepared a Boost Event !  

HEIR OF LIGHT: Event - [Notice] Boost Event ! image 2

[Event Schedule] - Event period: After the opening of the jumping event ~ June 27, 23:59​​   ​■ What Is Boost Event? - During this event, you can complete missions and quickly boost your Servant up to 9th/10th Transcend. - You will receive a L/D 5★ Servant of your choice and Shards of the selected Servant. - The rewards are divided into: Free Rewards and Royal Rewards. Royal Rewards can be claimed after purchasing a [Royal Ticket]. - Royal Ticket can be purchased at the [Lobby] and [Packs] when your Crusade Level is Lv. 11 or higher.   ​​■ How to Participate ① Tap the [Select Servant] button to choose the L/D 5★ Servant you want! ② Tap the [Obtain Servant] button to obtain the Servant! (Excluding [A] Ishmael and Bastille) ③ After that, complete missions from each tab and claim rewards needed to upgrade your Servant! ④ Everyone can receive Normal rewards while only those who purchase a Royal Ticket can receive Royal rewards. ⑤ Unclaimed rewards will disappear automatically when the event ends, so don't forget to claim them!   ​■ IMPORTANT - Your Servant and mission rewards will be sent to your Mailbox once per account. (Royal rewards are stored forever while Normal rewards will be kept for 7 days.) - Royal Rewards can be received after purchasing a Royal Ticket. - Royal Ticket can be purchased once per account when available. - Unused items can be refunded within 7 days of the purchase. Payment made by a minor without the consent of a legal guardian may be canceled. - Refund is not available if you request it 7 days after the purchase, or items have been partially used. (* Includes all items received such as Royal rewards, Mileage, Payback points, etc.) - Be sure to tap the button to claim rewards. - Rate+ Summon counts as a single summon, even if you use the 2x Rate+ Summon. - Unclaimed rewards are not recoverable after they expire.   Thank you!

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  • EcchiKun LV.9 Nomad May 23, 2022, 01:17 AM

    Can anyone suggest a good dark dps to pick from this event?