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Dec 3, 2021, 09:24 AM 145 read

[Event] Abaddon [Hell] Challenge Event Reward Announcement

HEIR OF LIGHT: Event - [Event] Abaddon [Hell] Challenge Event Reward Announcement image 1

Greetings, Heirs!   Thank you to all Heirs who participated in the Abaddon [Hell] Challenge Event!   As we promised, the rewards got sent out to all eligible Heirs! Please check them out from your mailbox!   We will be back with more exciting events!   ■ Event Details   ■ Reward Distribution Period - 12/02 05:05 ~ 05:10 AM (CST)​ - 12/02 12:05 ~ 12:10 PM (SGT)​ - 12/02 19:05 ~ 19:10 PM (SGT)   ■ Distribution Details > - Rewards were given according to the rank and floored cleared.   ■ Notice​ - Event reward is sent to the mailbox once per account. (Stored for 7 days) - If you have any questions regarding the event reward, please contact our CS team.​ - Please check [Event Details] for more information on rewards and eligibility.   Thank you.

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