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[Event] July Heir Pass (7/1 ~ 7/30 CDT)

HEIR OF LIGHT: Event - [Event] July Heir Pass (7/1 ~ 7/30 CDT) image 1

Greeting, Heirs.   Heir Pass for July has arrived!🎉🎉 Free Pass rewards will be available for all Heirs!🎁🎁🎁 The value of Premium Pass will blow your mind!🔥🔥   ■ What is the Heir Pass? - Products that can receive gifts based on accumulated points obtained by completing the mission within the period. If you purchase a premium pass, you can get an additional + premium store gift from the general store. - Heir pass can be found at [Lobby] and [Package Shop] from level 11 or higher.   ■ Premium Pass, 3000-Point Pouch Sales Period - From 7/1 open to 7/31 23:59 ※ After the sale starts, you can check the product when the game is over and running again!   ■ Heir Pass Mission - From 7/1 open to 7/31 23:59 ※ The details of the play will be reflected from 00:00 on 7/1. You can receive points once a day for each mission (00:00 to 23:59 once a day).   ■ How to participate and proceed - After completing the mission, touch the 'Point' button on the [Heir Pass > Quest] to obtain points. - Depending on the total obtained points, gifts can be received from [Heir Pass > Reward List]. - All Heirs are entitled to all free rewards. If you purchase a premium pass, you can get both 'free' and 'premium' rewards. - If you purchase 3,000 point pocket products at the package shop, you can obtain 3,000 points of light pass immediately. -You can now receive gifts based on the 3,000 points earned from your current points + purchase. (Limited 5 times a month) - Automatically dissipates when the light pass period (end-date) has elapsed without compensation.   ■ Quest & Rewards

HEIR OF LIGHT: Event - [Event] July Heir Pass (7/1 ~ 7/30 CDT) image 3
HEIR OF LIGHT: Event - [Event] July Heir Pass (7/1 ~ 7/30 CDT) image 4

■ IMPORTANT - All quest rewards are sent to your Mailbox once per account. (Premium Pass rewards are stored permanently, whereas free rewards are kept for 7 days.) - Premium Pass is a paid offer. You can claim exclusive rewards only after you purchase a Premium Pass. - Unclaimed rewards will disappear automatically at the end of the Heir Pass season. - Premium Pass may be purchased once a month per account, and the 3,000-Point Pouch may be purchased 5 times a month per account during the sale period. - You may request a refund within 7 days of purchase. Used items are not eligible for refunds. (* Includes all items received from the Premium Pass such as exclusive rewards, Mileage, etc.) - You must tap the ‘Claim’ button to receive the reward. - Rewards that are not claimed during the event cannot be recovered.   Thank you.   Lucien

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