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Nov 8, 2019, 04:25 AM 4,796 read

[Event] Climb Abaddon Tower! (11/7 ~ 11/21 CST)

Greetings Heirs,   Have you tried the new Abaddon Hell Mode?🔥🔥 If you haven't, you should give it a try because we will be rewarding our Top Abaddon players!🗼🗼 Climb the Abaddon Tower and receive the reward you deserve!🏆🏆🏆   ⭕Climb Abaddon Tower Event Details: > Top Abaddon Tower players will be given special reward. > Winners will be selected based on Abaddon Tower Rank. > The event will start AFTER Rank calculation of current season.   ⭕Climb Abaddon Tower Event Period: > [US Server] 11/7 ~ 11/21 CST > [EU Server] 11/7 ~ 11/21 CET > [SEA Server] 11/7 ~ 11/21 SGT * Event periods are based on each server time. US - CST / Europe - CET / SEA - SGT   ⭕Climb Abaddon Tower Event Rewards: > 1st Place (All Servers)(1 Winner): 30,000 Karats > 1st Place (Each Server)(4 Winners): 10,000 Karats (Excluding 1st Place of All Servers) > 2nd ~ 5th Place (Each Server)(20 Winners): 5,000 Karats   ⭕Climb Abaddon Tower Event Reward Date: > 11/26 CST/CET/SGT *The reward date is subject to change.   ⭕Notice: > Event is based on server time. > Event Rank will be based on Abaddon Rank of new Season Week 1 that will start after current Season Week 4 that ends at 11/9. > Winner will be announced on 11/26     Thank you.   Flynn  

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