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Jun 21, 2021, 05:38 PM 315 read

[Notice] Additional Gold Withdrawal Schedule Details​ (6/28 CDT)


Greetings, Heirs.   Before proceeding with Gold withdrawal at the 6/15 (Tue) update maintenance, we confirmed that there are Heirs who were not withdrawn due to lack of gold, and the following additional gold recovery process will be guided to applicable users.   ■ Additional Gold Withdrawal Schedule Details​ ⭕[Withdrawal Schedule] - 6/28(Mon) 03:00 ~ 04:00 CDT - 6/28(Mon) 10:00 ~ 11:00 CEST - 6/28(Mon) 16:00 ~ 17:00 SGT   ⭕[Withdrawal Target] - Heirs who have not gotten their gold withdrawn through 6/15 (Tue) 5.8 update maintenance.   ⭕[How to know the withdrawal target and the amount of gold required] - At 6/21 (Mon) 04:00 CDT, Gold withdrawal schedule and details will be sent to the mailbox. Heirs will be notified of the expected amount of gold to be withdrawn via in-game mail.   ⭕[Measures to be taken when withdrawal is not possible on 6/28 (Mon)] ◆◆◆ - If you do not have enough gold at your due schedule and if we cannot collect it, you will be restricted from using the game. Therefore, we ask that you secure gold according to the withdrawal schedule for a smooth procedure.   ⭕[Further information] - If the withdrawal is completed during the 6/15 (Tuesday) update maintenance, additional collections will not proceed. - If you do not receive the withdrawal-related mail in your in-game mailbox, you are not in the list to be withdrawn. - If you have any questions regarding restrictions on game use, please contact the HIVE Customer Center. ★HIVE Customer Center:   Thank you.​  

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