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Jun 10, 2021, 04:31 PM 386 read

[Sweet Home Collab Torch Event] Additional Measures and Reward Notice

HEIR OF LIGHT: Announcement - [Sweet Home Collab Torch Event] Additional Measures and Reward Notice image 1

  ​Greetings, Heirs.   During the 1 hour temporary maintenance on 6/9(Wed) 4:00 AM (CDT), the Torch item was re-sent and withdrawn the Gold that was issued by mistake.   ​We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the issue and the sudden maintenance.   ​Here are the details of the additional withdrawal measures and compensation rewards.   ​■ Additional Gold Withdrawal Scheduled Details​ 1. Proceeded additional gold withdrawal on:​ ​[US] 6/9 (Wed) 8:00 AM CDT [EU] 6/9 (Wed) 3:00 PM CEST [SEA] 6/9 (Wed) 9:00 PM SGT - Withdrawn Gold from Heirs who had an insufficient amount of Gold during 6/9(Wed) 4:00 AM ~5:00 AM (CDT) temporary maintenance > Heirs who claimed the Gold from the mailbox that was issued caused by mistake: withdrawn the remaining amount of Gold from the temporary maintenance > Heirs who hold Gold in the mailbox that was issued caused by mistake: Deleted Gold mails, re-issued the left amount of Gold   2. Additional gold withdrawal during 5.8 update maintenance​ on 6/15 (Tue) ​- On 6/9 (Wed) 08:00 AM CDT, there was an additional gold withdrawal. But for Heirs who didn't retrieve the Gold, there will be an additional gold withdrawal during next week's maintenance. ​- Please keep your Gold until the next maintenance.​   ■ Compensation for Issue & Temporary Maintenance ​As the [Sweet Home Collab Torch Event] is ending soon, hoping to be a help when exchanging items, we will provide the Torch item every day until 6/13(Sun), the end of the event.   ​Please check out the details of the reward distribution.​   [Compensation Reward Details]​ ⭕Reward Period :6/9(Wed) 10:00 PM ~ 6/13(Sun) 09:59 AM CDT :6/10(Thu) 05:00 AM ~ 6/13(Sun) 04:59 PM CEST :6/10(Thu) 11:00 AM ~ 6/13(Sun) 10:59 PM SGT   ⭕Compensation Reward :100 Energy + 250 Torches are issued once per account upon login during the period.   ⭕Notice: : Compensation rewards are sent to all servers. : Compensation rewards can only be issued once per account and will be delivered to the mailbox. (Stored for 7 days) : Reports regarding non-receipt of the compensation rewards, additional help can be provided, only if there is a record of activity in the game within the period.   Thank you.   Lucien​

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