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Jan 13, 2021, 09:15 AM 355 read

[Announcement] v5.3.3 Release

HEIR OF LIGHT: Announcement - [Announcement] v5.3.3 Release image 1

  Greetings Heirs,   We are here to notify you that we released a new 5.3.3 build for both Android and iOS. to resolve the known issue found after the 5.3 Update. Please install the latest build for the best gameplay experience.   Resolved Following Issues:   1. Rate+ Summon Date Display Issue [Resolved] Issue Details: Ella and Scar Rate+ Summon Date is displayed until February 2nd when the date is supposed to be February 9th.   2. Unable to Skip under certain circumstances [Resolved] > Issue Details: Issue where the Skip is unavailable when the number of energy is lower than the valor required for the stage.   3. Unable to enter a stage [Resolved] > Issue Details: Issue where the stage is unable to enter even when holding enough valor and energy to enter the stage.   Thank you

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