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[Notice] Share Your Party Raid Tip & Guide Event Top 5 Winner Announcement

HEIR OF LIGHT: Announcement - [Notice] Share Your Party Raid Tip & Guide Event Top 5 Winner Announcement image 1

Greetings Heirs,   I am here to announce the Top 5 Winners of Share Your Party Raid Tip & Guide Event.   Share Your Party Raid Tip & Guide Event:

We had multiple amazing guides, making it very difficult to decide the Top 5 Winners! We appreciate all the guides that the community! It is definitely going to help out other Heirs in our community to defeat updated Party Raid!   Here are the Top 5 Winners!   Guide by Callof123:

F4 speed runs 🙃🙃 F4 speed runs 🙃🙃 Hey guys, so I’m sure everyone knows about the basic stuff , ie what’s needed, from the 3 tanks which need 15 k def, phase one needing a speed dps, phase 2 a def dps and phase 3 an attack dps. Now the tips I will be sharing is more for those who want to do it in one minute flat certainly less than two mins. What are some of the best servants ? Water Blavatsky is probably the best speed rgb servants there for this raid, she strips and is a great servant for the first phase. For def stage, any of the arch angels are good here, Ideally a fire or water for those who need that extra heal. In terms of specifically a speed run, I have noticed there isn’t a def dps for raid better than the fire AA, he gives immunity which is insane for raids, plus an additional 20 percent of combo boost to dps on a crit which again is insane for those who look for speed runs. For the attack phase, any aoe servant is the best, ideally it would be ignis or Mildred. There is no need for more than one healer, you can vary it between fire a lucien which gives relation to ignis or either forest heylel which cleans debuffs on allies. Another great shout out is the fire valky in which I didn’t get during the collab 😢she gives additional skill gauge to dps servants on her active skills. plus she gets rid of debuffs As for support , the remaining two spots should used for supports which give off additional relation to your dps servants.water a sphinx is probably the most used servant on raid, she gives additional 20 percent skill gauge for dps .. Another great servant is the blue heylel.. she cleans. Now the key tips for speed runs has to be, all of the dps servants needs to be able to kill each phase with one proc of their combos .. Also having two aoe servants is great incase one misses So gearing up is a must! And increase world raid damage is a must too when it comes to speed runs. Happy partying in raids , would love to see other speed runs from other servers ! My best is 55 seconds flat!

  Guide by Asian:

In-Depth Tips for Party Raid In-Depth Tips for Party Raid 1. The recommended tank def shown on each floor does not necessarily have to be followed exactly (can be under slightly), however just know that anything under the tank def recommended will likely be inconsistent, and bound to fail on occasion. As a result, try to reach that threshold. 2. Have at least 3 DPS, spd-based, def-based, and atk-based (preferably AOE-atk). These types of DPS deal much more damage in certain phases of the boss, allowing for quicker clear times. 3. In order to maximize efficiency, bring healers/supports that combo into your DPS. These healers/supports should in total have a def-break on combo skill, have some sort of enemy buff removal skill on combo skill (or a DPS such as Water Blav has to be present), and there should be a team cleanse upon combo skill as well. As long as you have all three of these skills, party raid will be very fast. 4. Try to keep your DPS at either neutral or strong element to the enemy. Unless you have a weak-element tank on one of your teams, never bring a DPS at an element disadvantage (except maybe a really good def-DPS). These DPS will pull aggro onto themselves, and more often than not the boss will just 1-shot them. 5. "World Raid" potentials will help in either increasing damage to the boss or decreasing damage received from the boss. Make use of them! 6. Things NOT to bring: DPS based on ignore def, enemy max HP. A high HP, low defense tank. IGN: Asian Server: Global Player ID: 10000803088

  Guide by iolost:

Guide by elkekeerweer:

  Guide by LLCoolJ:

Rock the 3rd Floor Rock the 3rd Floor Hey Boys and Girls, I thought Im going to sharing a few Tips for the Party Raid. The first obvious Tip is (i hope u all already know) that u need 3 different types of DPS servants to Clear the higher Floors effectively. For the lower Floors (1+2) u actually can take a maxed out Speed Based DPS (for example water Blav) and that will do all the work. But for Floor 3 and higher u will definitely need a - Speed Based DPS for the first Stage - DEF Based DPS for the second Stage - ATK Based DPS for the third Stage (every ATK based DPS works here but Servants with Aoe Skills are even more effective, i personally use Ignis) For the Tank (or Tanks if u gonna use the new Add Team feature) u need as much DEF on them as Possible, so they can survive and protect ur DPS and ur Healer/Support. Recommendation from the Game is 10k DEF (3rd Floor) summed up from all the Tanks u are using, and from my experience u will need at least that much. A good Healer will complete ur Team and help u to survive (Dont need a Healer with revive, since that wont work anyways). For the Higher Floors all of ur Servants should be on a high transcendence Lvl (at least Lvl 66 for Nat5s) and they should be max. awakened or u wont be able to clear the Floor. Regarding the new Add Team feature: i personally LOVE IT ! Before the Update i was just doing a few Raids a Day with Supporting Teams, cuz it was just to hard to find good Teammates, some went AFK, some had to leave after 1-2 Raids etc. etc. ...but now ?! YOU are ur own Team ! Make sure to build up 3 Different Teams (each with the according DPS mentioned above) and u can collect them sweet sweet rewards. It will even benefit u more than once to build up more servants, COLLECTION EFFECT BABY and u can use them for the World Battle where u need even more Teams ! Finally i have to say i really do like the changes to Party Raid, i already did my 20 Raids today, i didnt had to wait for anybody and i even have the motivation to build up new Servants so i can climb higher on my own (For now i can easily do Floor 4 but Floor 5 is the new Goal). The Teams im currently using for 4rd Floor: 1. Fire AA T5A5 Fire Rem T5A5 Water (A) Sphinx T2A4 2. Fire Ignis T5A5 Fire (A) Lucien T4A3 Water Valk T5A5 3. Light Bella T5A5 Forest Sphinx T5A5 Dark Ishmael T5A5 So even some L/D Nat4 servants will do the work if they are maxed out and have some decent Gear. (Tbh i think for Floor 5 they wont be good enough) So go and build ur Servants, keep climbing and enjoy the new Party Raid ! Cya Lads IGN: LLCoolJ Server: EU PID: 10011489937

  Congratulation to all the winners! Thank you for all the amazing guides!   Flynn    

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  • ~ Callof123 ~ LV.25 Beast Dec 25, 2019, 02:31 PM

    Yaaaay I am amongst the winners 😍

  • KyaPavil LV.5 Lurker Dec 25, 2019, 04:31 AM

    imo everything below F4 is a waste.
    F3 is fine to farm for points and items for super enhance and potential change if you can't get through F4. And tbh its not this hard to get a team rdy for F3.
    So, sorry, but I don't understand how you could say a F2 post is a top 5 post.
    Even if s/he put a lot of effort in this, btw respect for this.
    Anyway congrats to the winners!

  • Pirogeth LV.24 Vampire Dec 25, 2019, 04:47 AM

    always the same 🤣

  • iolost K LV.22 Happy 2020! Dec 25, 2019, 08:04 PM