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Dec 3, 2019, 05:18 AM 580 read

[Notice] v3.9.5 Release Announcement

HEIR OF LIGHT: Announcement - [Notice] v3.9.5 Release Announcement image 1

Greetings Heirs,   We would like to notify all users that a v3.9.5 has been released for both iOS and Android to resolve an issue regarding the Collection Effect display. We recommend Heirs to download the newest version of Heir of Light for a pleasant gameplay experience.   Please see below for more details.   v3.9.5 Release Details:   Resolved Collection Effect Number display issue: > Issue where the language of a device or game is the language in which the decimal point is used as a comma (,), the numerical representation in the effect is exposed differently from the actual number has been resolved. e.g. Korean (increase in defense by 1,860) ↔ Vietnamese (increase in defense by 1.86) ▶ Only numbers are shown differently, and numbers are reflected normally. ▶ The language in which the decimal point is used as a period (.) is shown normally.   Thank you.

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