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Jul 12, 2019, 09:10 AM 398 read

[Notice] State & Local sales tax for Google Play

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Greetings Heirs,   In compliance with state tax laws, Google will be responsible for determining, charging, and remitting state and local sales tax for all Google Play paid apps and in-app purchases made by customers in the following states in the United States, effective July 1, 2019:   Arkansas Indiana Kentucky New Mexico Rhode Island Virginia West Virginia Wyoming     This change applies to all paid apps and in-app purchases made by customers in these states, even if your business is not located in these states. After this change is made, you'll be able to save time previously spent calculating and remitting sales tax for your customers’ purchases in these states. No other action is required on your part.   If you weren’t previously collecting tax, users in these states will pay a higher total price for your app if it is deemed taxable. If you’d like to update your items’ prices, you can do so on the Pricing & distribution and In-app products pages in your Play Console. Please note: Beginning on July 1, 2019, sales tax may be calculated and charged using existing prices for subscription products. Depending on how you’ve previously calculated taxes for subscriptions, prices to existing subscriptions might be affected. However, you can publish and start selling new subscription products with a different price point or change existing prices for subscriptions products. Learn more about how to change the price of a subscription.   Thank you,   - Flynn  

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