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[Notice] June Mission Package is now Available! (6/3 ~ 6/30 CDT)

HEIR OF LIGHT: Announcement - [Notice] June Mission Package is now Available! (6/3 ~ 6/30 CDT)  image 7

Greetings Heirs,   We are back with our new Mission Package for June! You know you do not want to miss this package!   This will be the last Mission Package including Fire/Water/Forest] Valkyrja & Archangel. Don't miss this chance if you are aiming for Valkyrja or Archangel!   What is Mission Package? > Mission Package gives you number of missions that you can complete to claim rewards. > If you complete all missions within a given period, you can claim extremely valuable gifts such as Transcendent Summon Stone. > In this June Mission Package, you can choose 1 out of three choices as your final reward: Transcendent Summon Stone, Fire/Water/Forest Archangel Select Summon, and Fire/Water/Forest Valkyrja Select Summon   Mission Package Sale Duration: [US Server] 6/3 ~ 6/12 [00:00 ~ 23:59 CDT] [EU Server] 6/3 ~ 6/12 [00:00 ~ 23:59 CEST] [SEA Server] 6/3 ~ 6/12 [00:00 ~ 23:59 SGT] * You can access the Mission Package once you restart the client after the sale starts.     Mission Package Mission Period: [US Server] 6/1 ~ 6/30 [00:00 ~ 23:59 CDT] [EU Server] 6/1 ~ 6/30 [00:00 ~ 23:59 CEST] [SEA Server] 6/1 ~ 6/30 [00:00 ~ 23:59 SGT] * Your gameplay record will be recorded starting 6/1 00:00 even if you do not purchase the package. You will be able to claim rewards for mission you finished before purchasing the package once you make the purchase.   June Mission Package Reward: > Mission Page Check-in 1 Day: 100 Karats > Mission Page Check-in 5 Days: 200 Karats > Mission Page Check-in 7 Days: 400 Karats > Use 3,000 Valor: 20 PvP Tickets > Use 10,000,000 Gold: Epic Summon Stone x 5 > Use 1,000 Karats: 10 PvP Tokens > Use 100 PvP Token: Skill Bun x 1 > Join Boss Raid 20 Times: Twilight Summon Stone x 3 > Win in Infinite PvP 70 Times: Skill Bun x 1 > Join Tower Invasion 100 Times: 1,000 Valor > Join Party Raid 10 Times: Rainbow Stone x 5 > Get Gear from Dungeons 300 Times: Supreme Magic Stone x 10 > Obtain Greater Element Stone or Higher 100 Times: Special Summon Shard x 100 > Join World Battle 10 Times: Potential Change Stone x 15 > Complete Daily Missions 7 Times: Legendary Summon Stone x 2 > All Missions Clear Reward: Select 1 of the 3 Items: Fire/Water/Forest Archangel Select Summon, Fire/Water/Forest Valkyrja Select Summon, Transcendent Summon Stone     Notice: > Mission Pack is an in-app purchase. Missions and rewards become available only upon purchasing item. (Sold at the beginning of each month) Mission Pack will automatically expire when the event ends after you purchase, even if you don't claim rewards. > Mission Pack can be purchased once per account during the sale period. > You may request a refund within 7 days of purchase. Used items may not be subject to refund. (*Includes all items received from the Mission Pack such as Mission Rewards, Mileage, etc.) > Make sure to tap the "Claim" button to receive rewards. > Mission Completion Reward will be sent to your Mailbox. (Once per account, kept permanently) > You must play up till Team 5 in World Battle to count as a participation. > For more information, visit:


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