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[Notice] v3.3.5 Patch Release (Android & iOS) 5/31 CDT

HEIR OF LIGHT: Announcement - [Notice] v3.3.5 Patch Release (Android & iOS) 5/31 CDT  image 3

Greetings Heirs,   We released 3.3.5 Update to Android & iOS to fix issues identified after 3.3 Update. The issues may reoccur if you launch Heir of Light with previous 3.3.4 version. Please make sure to update Heir of Light to latest 3.3.5 version.   [Android & iOS V3.3.5 Release Notice] Release Date: [US] 5/31 12:00 AM CDT [EU] 5/31 7:00 AM CEST [SEA] 5/31 1:00 PM SGT   Details: 1) Boss Raid Damage Recording Issue > Fixed issue that prevented proper recording of damage after certain damage in Boss Raid. 2) Wind Gear Issue > Fixed issue that applied Wind Gear effect to servants without Wind Gear. 3) Several Issues Regarding Party Raid > Fixed issue with Weekly Mission that counted only up to 5 Times regarding "[Party Raid] Clear 15 times." > Fixed issue that allowed Heirs of Lv.19 and above to join Party Raid when the level requirement is Lv.32. > Fixed issue that periodically prevented usage of all skills when a servant gets hit during Combo Skill.   We have addressed multiple issues beside what we listed above. We will put up a notice regarding the details of the Update soon.   Starting following Monday, only the newest build will be supported. Please make sure to update using WIFI in advance to prevent unnecessary data usage.   We apologize to Heirs who faced inconvenience due to the issues after the previous update. We will try to respond to additional issues as fast as possible.   Thank you.   -Flynn  

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