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Gear Dungeon Tips

Gear Dungeon Tips & Guides F16

Name: 静水深流Zip Server: SEA ID: 10002407775 The fundamentls: 1. the tower can be poisoned. After the tower is poisoned, there is no big bang. The rest is a matter of time.     Shield: 20% HP tank. The blood is as little as possible, the defense is as high as possible, and the equipment is given priority to the wind chain set. The reason is simple. If the tank has a HP of 50,000 for a period of time, then the maximum damage of the boss is 50,000, and then the boss does not have the ability to ignore the shield and eliminate the shield, so use a fire Teresia or a light Heyle to set a blood overflow shield, and this The shield is generally more than one million HP, that is to say, the boss has to fight 20 times to break the shield. In my opinion, this mechanism is very stupid... Healer: Have to have healing with combo skill. And special pot 4 to be shiled after over healing. This makes sure no one can die. Supporter: Skills with poison. Forest Xiaomeii is prefered. Just to kill tower. DPS: Any defense based dps is fine.   Stratege: Target tower first, and kill it with poison. Then redirect to boss... Then Loot!!!

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