Dheo Agbuya LV.2 Lurker
Apr 29, 2020, 02:58 PM 84 read

Straightforward Guides to Earning Good Gears

Gear Dungeon Tips & Guides

1. Grind missions that reward you with valor(because you'll be needing many) 2. Complete Quests/Missions/Guides that reward you with good tier gears 2. Complete Regions with gears as possible drops. Also make sure to 3 star all floors to get star count rewards 3. Grid Gear Dungeons using auto battle options 4. Grind missions and quests that reward you with gears 5. Keep an eye on the black market for good gears once in a while 6. Make to sure to follow heir of light social media pages to be updated of events that reward players with gears after completing certain tasks Why grind gears you say? Hero-appropriately equipped gears greatly boost a hero's potential as well as leveling up, awakening, and transcendence. This will help you easily defeat higher level dungeons. PID: 10021970049 Crusader Name: dheoxic Server: SEA

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