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Feb 8, 2020, 02:10 AM 507 read

Boss Invasion Advanced Tips 2

Boss Invasion Tips & Guides

Now that the content had been out for a while, I have some advanced tips for those who want to clear F4 and above. I am going to assume you know the general gist of what type of tanks and DPS you want to bring as as well as spd down, def ignore potentials and etc. 1. Look at each of the phases in the start screen. Notice how in the 1st and 3rd phase Ignis is a tank? If you want to deal more damage, get increased dmg to tank in pvp potentials for your ignore def and atk DPS. As for the 2nd phase, she is a melee DPS. Go and add increased dmg to DPS potential on your def DPS. 2. If you have a really well built ignore def unit, you can try to kill her 1st phase manually before her ult counter reaches zero! This way you don't necessarily need to build a super high HP tank to survive the ignore def ult skill she pulls out in phase 1. 3. AOE atk based DPS honestly aren't needed that much for phase 3 despite there being minion mobs. A single target DPS will work fine if your Def DPS is tanky enough. 4. In the case where you may need emergency heal before the boss uses their big skill, use a healer with overheal shield potential. This could potentially help you tank that damage because this type of shield is typically very strong, especially when you bring water heylel with you. Alright good luck, I try to not be too cliche about it compared to other posts... IGN: Asian Server: Global Player ID: 10000803088

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