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Simple guide 💎💎

Karat Tips & Guide

Hey all, by now probably knows how to get karats, so to sum up what everyone has mentioned - For daily...Best way is fusion . 10 per day each with 10 karats each, total per day is 100 karats . - Log in rewards offer 30 karats for login time - Also completing daily missions earns you 40 and another 10 for doing five campaign runs - Party raids offer slim chance of getting karats the higher the raid floor the higher the karat give out - Also through lucky log in tickets which are given out through doing daily activities such as using pvp tokens/ gold/ valor - As for weekly, then you have 5 modes,tower invasion, boss invasion pvp ipvp global pvp. Can accumulate up to 1000 per mode Very easy just log in half hour before the end and accumulate karats 😂 - And weekly mission gives 100 karats very easy to do Also there’s two more methods , first being progressive, as some tiles allow you to earn karats, the other method is by spreading awareness of the game and you can earn karats for every friend you get on this game using the “invite friend tab” 30 is the limit and it earns you 300 karats per friend. That’s the most reliable way of getting them, now moving on to events, certain events give out random amount of karats, also whenever CM_ heylel plays and gets a new servant he gives us 1000 karats too.. well he used to and it’s been a long time since he has, which means he isn’t as active or he isn’t getting any luck 😜 To conclude best way is to pay 🙃 but thankfully you can accumulate as a f2p player. Tried to be simple since it’s very simple to figure out too. Ps.. how can I forget, another way is by competing in these sharing guide events which offer 1000 karats 😅🙃 Callof123 Server Sea 10009289869

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