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Karats, your answer to everything

Karat Tips & Guide

First: Why are karats so important? You can buy a lot with them. You can spend them for summons (especially rate up summons, double summon), you can use them to get more awakening material, you can buy boosts (exp, gold, more gold,...) in shop, etc but the most important reason to spend karats is to refresh your valor. No valor, no play. The easiest way to get karats is to fuse servants. One fusions gives 10 karats each, 100 max a day. Some days are blessed with them by daily log in. You can clear missions, daily, weekly and quests to get them. Especially if you start playing you get tons of it by clearing first time all those fields :) You should participate in events like this one but mainly inside the game. Even though they lowered karats rewards lately (yes, we recognized it!!!). Abaddon gives a lot of them, so climb up as high as you can! Most season rewards (pvp, ipvp,...) gives a lot of karats too. That's how to get karats for free so far.... But if you spend just a bit money for the small repeat battle pack and the monthly mission pack you can acquire a lot more karats and other nicely items . If you like to spend more, you should wait for karats sale packs. Also you can wait for special payback to get additional karats through purchases. What HOL , uhm, I mean.. what I like to say is: you can play for free but if you spend money you can play much more. Name: KyaPavil ID: 10010882768 Server: EU

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