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Seraphyk's Karat Guide

Karat Tips & Guide

Karats are the micro-transaction currency used in Heir of Light. These can be easily obtain by going to the shop and buying the desired amount. While Karats do go on sale from time to time, they can be expensive and taxing on the player's wallet. Luckily, the Heir of Light staff/team are very generous in rewarding their player-base. Here are some of the ways players can farm or gather Karats without spending any money:   1. Fusing   Fusing is one of the many ways Heirs can get new servants. The process is simple: obtain two servants at max level and have the required amount of element stones and gold. Upon fusion the player will receive a new servant that's a tier above its original state (eg. 3 stars + 3 stars = 4 star servant). The player will also be rewarded 10 karats for fusing and this can be done 10 times a day. Rewards are sent to your mailbox.

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By fusing, players can get a total of 100 karats a day and 700 karats a week. That is 300 karats short of a +rate summon. The easiest way to get these rewards fast is by fusing 3 star monsters since they are very easy to obtain and level up.   2. Quests   Quests are optional objectives Heirs can complete to get various rewards. There are 5 sets of objectives based on the 5 elements. Each element (currently) has 100 objectives to complete. Karats rewards are listed below:   Chapter 1: 200 Karats Chapter 3: 200 Karats Chapter 8: 700 Karats   Completing these chapters requires patience. Players will receive these rewards over time.   3. Events   Heir of Light features several events on a monthly basis. These are the best ways players can gather resources especially Karats. The February Special Mission Event, for example, offers 500 Karats for completing the first event. That's 500 karats for just playing the game. The list of events can be found by opening the drop menu on the top-right corner of the screen.   4. Login Rewards   These are daily rewards given to the players for logging in. Players can collect a total 1,400 Karats every 28 days. Karats are rewarded on the following days:   Day 2: 200 Karats Day 4: 300 Karats Day 7: 500 Karats Day 16: 200 Karats Day 23: 200 Karats  

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  5. Daily and Weekly Rewards   Daily and Weekly Rewards are another set of objectives players can complete and obtain resources. Completing a daily reward gets you 40 karats while the weekly reward gets you 100 Karats.   6. Login Time / Ticket Use / Currency Use Rewards   Login time rewards are obtainable by playing Heir of Light for an hour. 5 rewards can be redeemed and the second reward is 30 Karats.   Ticket and Currency Use rewards require more luck as players spin a roulette/wheel. 50 and 200 Karats are offered on the prize list.   The above list are some ways players can collect Karats. Additionally players can participate in different game modes such as PVP, Infinite PVP, Tower Invasions, and the Abaddon and receive karats for completing or participating in them. Karats are rewarded as soon as the season ends.   --- Player Information --- Username: Seraphyk (ID: 10010310906) Server: US

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