New events, contain karat.

Dont miss every events on heir of light.
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New events, contain karat.
New events, contain karat.
ঐariewayq ঐariewayq
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Ultimate Tips for getting Karats

1.By Login
2. By using PVP tokens or Valors, you have a chance to get Karats
3 Spending gold and Karats, you also have a chance to get Karats. But is better to use gold if you wanted to save Karats.
LOL, got really lucky for this time though. XD
4. By Special Events and mission
5. By doing Daily, Weekly, and Cumulative mission
Simply follow the instructions written on the mission.
6. By clearing Map
7. Weekly Rank Rewards of Tower Invasion
8. Weekly Rewards of Boss Invasion
9. The Floor Rewards and the Seasonal Rank Rewards of abandon tower
10. By Party Raid
You have a chance of getting Karats by completing each floor with a 20 limit of times each day.
You need to build a good team to reach the upper floor, but there are many good tips on moot already XD
11. By World Battle each day
You have a change of getting Karats for each rank.
It is difficult to win all the battles even if you are playing this game for a long time. The main point is to win as much as you can. You don't need to beat the whole team, maybe some of their teammates can do.
I got extremely lucky this time. Usually, I could only win the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd team. Maybe the Dev can lower the difficulties of World battle.
12. By weekly PVP rewards
13.By weekly Infinite PVP rewards
14.By weekly Global Infinite PVP rewards
15. By check-in of the Guild in 3 days in a row
16. By fusing
You can get 10 Karats each time for fusing with a maximum of 100 Karats each day.
17. If you are a free-to-play player, you may stop reading here. Of course, there are lots of packs you can buy in the shop. In case the new player doesn't know, there are usually special events called Special Payback each month.
You can get point form buying things in the shop and exchange for Karats. So it is better to wait until the events started you purchase an item in the shop.
This is the end of my tips for today. Thank you for reading. Hope this information can help you. Enjoy playing Heir of Light and have fun! XD
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Ultimate Tips for getting Karats +39
Ultimate Tips for getting Karats
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Simple guide 💎💎

Hey all, by now probably knows how to get karats, so to sum up what everyone has mentioned

- For daily...Best way is fusion . 10 per day each with 10 karats each, total per day is 100 karats .
- Log in rewards offer 30 karats for login time
- Also completing daily missions earns you 40 and another 10 for doing five campaign runs
- Party raids offer slim chance of getting karats the higher the raid floor the higher the karat give out
- Also through lucky log in tickets which are given out through doing daily activities such as using pvp tokens/ gold/ valor

- As for weekly, then you have 5 modes,tower invasion, boss invasion pvp ipvp global pvp. Can accumulate up to 1000 per mode Very easy just log in half hour before the end and accumulate karats 😂
- And weekly mission gives 100 karats very easy to do

Also there’s two more methods , first being progressive, as some tiles allow you to earn karats, the other method is by spreading awareness of the game and you can earn karats for every friend you get on this game using the “invite friend tab” 30 is the limit and it earns you 300 karats per friend.

That’s the most reliable way of getting them, now moving on to events, certain events give out random amount of karats, also whenever CM_ heylel plays and gets a new servant he gives us 1000 karats too.. well he used to and it’s been a long time since he has, which means he isn’t as active or he isn’t getting any luck 😜

To conclude best way is to pay 🙃 but thankfully you can accumulate as a f2p player.
Tried to be simple since it’s very simple to figure out too.
Ps.. how can I forget, another way is by competing in these sharing guide events which offer 1000 karats 😅🙃

Server Sea

Simple guide 💎💎
~ Callof123 ~
~ Callof123 ~ ~ Callof123 ~
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Shiny Purple Stones

Whats up Doc! So you wanna talk about Karats? What are Karats? They are your premium currency equivalent to “Gems” or “Ruby” in other Gatcha games. And like other Gatcha games, it is most commonly used for summoning and refilling your valor. However unlike most other Gatcha games, you will quickly realise that Heir of Light is extremely generous with this premium currency when it comes to gathering them in the form of rewards and events like this guide I am posting.

The event calls for how to gather Karats in Heir of light. I however, will take a slightly different approach by giving out a few pointers on how to SAVE Karats. For every Karat saved, is a Karat farmed. But before we jump in, let me give you my general summary on how to gather Karats in the game so as to qualify for the event requirements because I really want them vitamin A!

Gathering Karats in Heir of Light is as easy as playing and progressing in the game, period. As a beginner, you probably have to play the game manually more often in all the activities available daily to earn better rewards but if you are able to auto then more power to you. All of the available activity icons are found in the World Map screen. Heck! Even the world map tiles themselves provide Karat rewards as you accumulate more stars. There is really no excuse not to participate in any of the daily activities for the rewards. Heir of Light rewards participation, so even if you are a new player like I am, you can try to clear the minimum requirement of each activity which is usually very beginner friendly. The game is already celebrating its 2 year anniversary in its next update. However, the recent updates seems to be in the direction of helping more beginners and new players to integrate with the existing “Senior Heirs”. With that said, it's a good time to be an Heir of Light!

We all know Karats can buy you valors so never leave valor at max cap because you can regenerate 1 valor every 2 mins while uncapped. You are actually generating Karats indirectly if you look at it that way. You can refill your valor using Karats at a rate of 35 Karats:250 valors. If you do the math, roughly 7 valors is worth 1 Karat. It is not a ton and I wish the devs increase the valor cap because participation of most activities in this game cost tons of valors. This is very tedious but hey if you are F2P every Karat counts right?

Since my first point is about utilizing valors to earn Karats, Friend Points can also save you some valors. Firstly, friends in Heir of light is great because if they setup a great support team(yes I am looking at you Heirs who did not setup your support teams yet), you can utilize them in party raids to help you clear higher party raid levels for better rewards. Friends also help to generate a currency known as Friend Points(heart shaped icon). You can do this by sending out your love once per day to all your friends with just 1 click of a button. You can also receive all the love from your friends when they send it, effectively doubling your gains. You can refill your valor at a rate of 700 Friend Points:250 Valors. So it is really beneficial to have your friends list at max capped 50.

The “funnel” in this game seems to be Supreme stones which brings me to my next point. For guaranteed drop of supreme stones, you will have to farm Awakening Dungeons 11F/12F. These levels can only be farmed once a day and refreshed once using Karats. Even after stating how precious Supreme stones are, it is generally not worth it to spend the Karats to refresh them, but the option is there. You can however, consider to refresh the Magic Dungeon for two reasons. One is Supreme Magic Stones are the highest in demand among all the other “coloured” supreme stones and Two being the cost to refresh it is halved compared to other dungeons.

When it comes to Summoning in Heir of Light, Heirs generally use Summoning Stones to summon. The option to use Karats is also available at a cost of 100 Karats to summon one 3 to 5 star servant. However, you can save 100 Karats by using the “bulk” summoning option. For example, in Rate+ banners you can get an additional summon when you choose the 10+1 summon option. If the servants on the banners do not entice you(they are usually really useful servants), the other method is to purchase “10 +1 Three to Five star Summon Pack” in the Special Shop. This option also nets you some extra goodies which sweetens the deal if you decide to use Karats for summoning.

My final point is related to purchasing Karats or any items in the game using real life money. This point is not about saving but I really want to bring this point up because Heir of Light always provides bonouses to your purchases. Sometimes even bonuses on top of bonuses! Its cRaZY~! My advice when thinking about making any purchases is to simply wait for the right time. Like for example, currently there is an ongoing Special Payback event that rewards players most commonly in the form of Karats for purchasing any ingame items or currency. This is a bonus on top of the already existing bonus and rebates you get from the mileage shop. Talk about value for money!

Hope these pointers help.

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Shiny Purple Stones
Lastand Lastand
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How u get karat

1. Login rewards
2. Pvp Saison rewards from all pvps in this game( endless pvp, world battle, Boss Invasion, pvp, Server battle, tower invasion)
3. Teamraid, u can get Karat as loot from Team Raid Boss

4. Event,Missions(Daily and weekly)

5. Map 3 Star complete reward

6. Guide reward

7. Fusion 10 Karat per Fusion 10 Times ,10 Karat.. so 100 karat a day

8. Abaddon floor rewards and Saison reward
9. U can buy it in Shop(and in repeat package)
10. Guild Login

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How u get karat +14
How u get karat
Pirogeth Pirogeth
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Karats, your answer to everything

First: Why are karats so important?
You can buy a lot with them. You can spend them for summons (especially rate up summons, double summon), you can use them to get more awakening material, you can buy boosts (exp, gold, more gold,...) in shop, etc but the most important reason to spend karats is to refresh your valor. No valor, no play.

The easiest way to get karats is to fuse servants. One fusions gives 10 karats each, 100 max a day.
Some days are blessed with them by daily log in. You can clear missions, daily, weekly and quests to get them. Especially if you start playing you get tons of it by clearing first time all those fields :)
You should participate in events like this one but mainly inside the game. Even though they lowered karats rewards lately (yes, we recognized it!!!).
Abaddon gives a lot of them, so climb up as high as you can!
Most season rewards (pvp, ipvp,...) gives a lot of karats too.
That's how to get karats for free so far....

But if you spend just a bit money for the small repeat battle pack and the monthly mission pack you can acquire a lot more karats and other nicely items . If you like to spend more, you should wait for karats sale packs.
Also you can wait for special payback to get additional karats through purchases.

What HOL , uhm, I mean.. what I like to say is: you can play for free but if you spend money you can play much more.

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Karats, your answer to everything
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Seraphyk's Karat Guide

Karats are the micro-transaction currency used in Heir of Light. These can be easily obtain by going to the shop and buying the desired amount. While Karats do go on sale from time to time, they can be expensive and taxing on the player's wallet. Luckily, the Heir of Light staff/team are very generous in rewarding their player-base. Here are some of the ways players can farm or gather Karats without spending any money:
1. Fusing
Fusing is one of the many ways Heirs can get new servants. The process is simple: obtain two servants at max level and have the required amount of element stones and gold. Upon fusion the player will receive a new servant that's a tier above its original state (eg. 3 stars + 3 stars = 4 star servant). The player will also be rewarded 10 karats for fusing and this can be done 10 times a day. Rewards are sent to your mailbox.
By fusing, players can get a total of 100 karats a day and 700 karats a week. That is 300 karats short of a +rate summon. The easiest way to get these rewards fast is by fusing 3 star monsters since they are very easy to obtain and level up.
2. Quests
Quests are optional objectives Heirs can complete to get various rewards. There are 5 sets of objectives based on the 5 elements. Each element (currently) has 100 objectives to complete. Karats rewards are listed below:
Chapter 1: 200 Karats
Chapter 3: 200 Karats
Chapter 8: 700 Karats
Completing these chapters requires patience. Players will receive these rewards over time.
3. Events
Heir of Light features several events on a monthly basis. These are the best ways players can gather resources especially Karats. The February Special Mission Event, for example, offers 500 Karats for completing the first event. That's 500 karats for just playing the game. The list of events can be found by opening the drop menu on the top-right corner of the screen.
4. Login Rewards
These are daily rewards given to the players for logging in. Players can collect a total 1,400 Karats every 28 days. Karats are rewarded on the following days:
Day 2: 200 Karats
Day 4: 300 Karats
Day 7: 500 Karats
Day 16: 200 Karats
Day 23: 200 Karats
5. Daily and Weekly Rewards
Daily and Weekly Rewards are another set of objectives players can complete and obtain resources. Completing a daily reward gets you 40 karats while the weekly reward gets you 100 Karats.
6. Login Time / Ticket Use / Currency Use Rewards
Login time rewards are obtainable by playing Heir of Light for an hour. 5 rewards can be redeemed and the second reward is 30 Karats.
Ticket and Currency Use rewards require more luck as players spin a roulette/wheel. 50 and 200 Karats are offered on the prize list.
The above list are some ways players can collect Karats. Additionally players can participate in different game modes such as PVP, Infinite PVP, Tower Invasions, and the Abaddon and receive karats for completing or participating in them. Karats are rewarded as soon as the season ends.
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Seraphyk's Karat Guide +1
Seraphyk's Karat Guide
Seraphyk Seraphyk
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