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Jan 8, 2020, 10:02 AM 356 read

Farming skill buns

Skill Bun Tips & Guide

Skill buns for me are the most difficult to farm. Since there is no designated drops for skill buns I'll just list a few ways of getting them, I've been doing. 1. Make sure you do all of your pvp (arena, global, and infinite pvps) to acquire honor points. Every week in the shop you can buy 3 skill buns for 150 honor points each. I make sure to have at least 450 honor points every Monday (start of the week). 2. Boss raids is another place to get skill bun pieces (need 10 to summon 1 skill bun). Keep trying to get more dmg on the boss and hopefully you're strong enough to get a skill bun piece as a reward. 3. Crafting is another way to get skill buns. You can extract the greater soul crystal using an original 5* fire, water, forest servant. The other things needed to craft it usually drops from lvl farming to quests to gear farming. I personally wouldn't do this method unless I had extra 5* but I would usually use it for fusing. 4. Abaddon is a tower of battles on every 10th floor you'll get different rewards. There is 3 difficulty levels (normal, hard, and hell) on floor 70 after clearing, you'll get a skill bun as a reward. 5. Final method I know of would be mileage. Mileage you get when you do in game purchases. You would need 120 mileage points to get a skill bun. These can be purchased 3 times a week and of course you can simply purchase packs with skill buns. Hope this helps anyone. I'll keep an eye out on this topic hopefully I'll learn new ways to farm skill buns. Ign: snoopkr Guild: rehab Lvl 60 Main Char: forest lucien

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