Collection Effect

Want ALL of your Servants in the same class to get stronger together?
Say no more - Collection Effect has you covered!
You'll receive different Collection Effects based on the Awakening and Transcendence levels of your Servants.
These Collection Effects are applied to all of your Servants that share the same class.
The more Servants you obtain and raise, the more Collection Effects you'll get!
And you know what that means? Stronger Servants all around!
■ Collection Effect
: Passive stat boosts can be obtained based on each Servant's Awakening and Transcendence levels. These are known as Collection Effects.
: Collection Effects are divided into 8 classes: Tanks, DPS (Attack-based), DPS (Defense-based), DPS (Speed-based), DPS (Enemy HP-based),
DPS (DEF Ignore), Support, and Heal. Each class shares its own Collection Effects among its Servants.
: If you obtained a Collection Effect for only 1 Servant of a class, all Servants of that class will receive that identical Collection Effect.
(Ex.) DPS (Attack-based) Fire Mildred Lv. 0, Obtained +5 ATK ▶ All DPS (Attack-based) Servants, Obtained +5 ATK
: The Awakening and Transcendence levels of Servants you own will all be reflected in Collection Effect. Your Collection Effect will not disappear even if you use up your Servants.
■ Menu
① Classes
: This tab shows all the Servants in their respective classes.
② Collection Effect Level
: Collection Effects can range from Lv. 0 to Lv. 10.
(However, Origin ★1 - 2 Servants who cannot be Awakened/Transcended can only reach Lv. 0, and ★3 Servants that can only be 1st Awakened can only reach Lv. 6.)
: Icons of Servants you have not obtained yet will not be activated and will not have levels.
: When you Awaken or Transcend a Servant once, your Servant's Collection Effect level will be raised by 1 as well.
: Each Servant's Awakening level + Transcendence level = Collection Effect level.
(Ex.) 5th Awakening + 3rd Transcendence Servant = Collection Effect Lv. 8, 0 Awakening + 0 Transcendence Servant = Collection Effect Lv. 0
③ Increases per Level
: Shows a list of passive stat boosts that can be obtained at each Collection Effect level for the selected Servant.
: Passive stat boosts that were obtained for the current level will be activated. Ones that have not yet been obtained will be inactive.
: When the Collection Effect level of each Servant increases, the passive effects you can receive will also accumulate.
(Ex.) For Collection Effect Lv. 3, all passive effects from Lv. 0 to 3 are obtained.
④ Total Collection Effect
: Shows the sum of all Collection Effects of one class.
: This sum is applied to all Servants of the same class.
: When you obtain the same passive stats multiple times, all of them will be added to the sum.
⑤ Collection (Go Now)
: This icon moves you from Collection Effect to Collection immediately once tapped.
: The Servant you selected in Collection Effect will be then shown in Collection.
■ Applying Collection Effects
: Obtained Collection Effects will be added to the stats of your Gear in "Servants."
■ See All Applied Collection Effects
: You can see the total sum of all Collection Effects for all classes in Servant > Collection Effect tab.

Collection Effect +2
Collection Effect
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
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Good news, Heir. We have found a new way to level up your Servants faster!
It's called the Bond system!
Make good use of this system to form a more powerful Crusade!
[Bond System]
By using the Bond system, you can transfer abilities of your more highly upgraded Servants to a weaker Servant.
1. Basics
- You can form a Bond between 1 primary Servant and 1 secondary Servant.
- When a Bond is formed, your secondary Servant can receive the following effects:
- You can form up to 4 pairs of Bonds. When activated, the Bond effect lasts for 30 days.
2. Forming Bonds
Preparing Primary & Secondary Servants
- Only the Servants that meet the following requirements are eligible:
- If your selected Servant is deployed to the contents listed below, they cannot form Bonds even if they meet the above conditions.
Choosing Primary and Secondary Servants
- When you're ready, select your primary and secondary Servants.
Form a Bond
- When you have selected a primary and a secondary Servant, you can use a Bond Ticket to establish the Bond.
- Bond Tickets can be obtained from Events or purchased from the Shop.
Bond Effect Activated
- When Bonds are formed, the secondary Servant will be immediately boosted and will remain so for 30 days.
- You can use Bond Tickets to extend the Bond. (30 days per Bond Ticket)
3. Canceling Bonds
- You can cancel existing Bonds by tapping on the [Cancel] button.
- When Bonds are canceled, the secondary Servant will return to its original state.
※ When a Bond is canceled, your Avatars and Multi-Hit Combos will be restored to their original state as well.
- A Secondary Servant in an expired Bond cannot be used in any contents until your expired Bond is canceled.
- A Secondary Servant in an expired Bond can be used once you extend or cancel the Bond.
- Bonds can be canceled before they expire. Once canceled, the remaining time of the Bond disappears.
4. Important Bond Details
- Primary and secondary Servants can be used in all contents, but they cannot be used in the same content together.
- When a primary Servant's Transcendence or level increases, the secondary Servant's abilities will also increase.
- If a secondary Servant's Potentials have been unlocked, the Potential will not be randomly changed. The unlocked Potential will be used as is.
- The Potentials that are unlocked through the Bond can be changed without using any materials (Requires 0 Potential Change Stones).
- The Growth Score of your secondary Servant who has been boosted through a Bond will not affect the sum of the Growth Score of your 6 highest Servants.
- Collection Effects will not increase for your secondary Servant who has been boosted through a Bond.
- Primary and secondary Servants cannot be used as materials or moved to Barracks.
- Secondary Servants cannot be set as Main Servants.

Bonds +4
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Purifying Grounds

Heir, we've discovered a new area that hasn't been touched by Dark Blood!
You can Purify your corrupted Servants here and get Shards.
The Servant undergoing Purification may go berserk, so we need to send a team with the Servant you want to Purify.
The deployed team can carry out the Purification even when you're away,
so let's pack up and send them out!
■ Purifying Grounds - Basics
① Crusade Level: Higher than Lv. 36
② Entry Fee: Valor
③ How to Enter: Tap [Purifying Grounds] from the World Map
■ Purifying Grounds - Overview
① Select the Servant you wish to Purify
② Deploy 4 Servants to carry out the Purification
③ Purification Details:
 - Time Remaining: Time left until all Purifications are complete
 - Purification Speed: The time it takes for a Purification process to complete
 - Purification Attempts: The number of Purifications that were attempted
 - Growth Score: The sum Growth Score of the 4 Servants that will carry out the Purification process
 - Success Rate: The probability of earning rewards for completing a Purification process
 - Valor: The amount of Valor required for Purification
④ Set the number of Purifications desired
⑤ Start Purification
⑥ Recall most recent Purification records
■ How to Open the Purifying Grounds
: The Purifying Grounds are divided into 4 areas.
: Purifying Sanctum is open to all Heirs.
: Other areas will be opened upon purchase of the Purifying Grounds Expansion or All-in-One Packs.
: Different types of the Purifying Grounds Expansions will vary in how long they last.
■ How to Play
Select the Servant that you want to Purify.
- Select the Servant you want to Purify. Each area has specifications as to which Servants can be Purified where, based on the Servant, Transcendence, and element.
- If you have purchased an All-in-One Pack, the required Transcendence level will decrease by 1.
Deploy 4 Servants to carry out the Purification.
- [Purifying Speed & Success Rate] depends on the sum Growth Score of the deployed Servants.
- If your Success Rate is 0%, you cannot start Purification.
※ Protips for your Crusade ※
- If your deployed Servants have elements that are stronger against the Servant being Purified, your Purification Speed will increase.
- If there are no DPS Servants in the deployed team, your Purification Speed will decrease.
- If there are no Tank Servants in the deployed team, your Purification Success Rate will decrease.
Set the number of Purifications you desire.
- The minimum amount of continuous Purifications required is 10, and the maximum is equal to the number of your Repeat Battles.
- Repeat Battle cap will differ based on the Repeat Battle Pack you purchase.
- Tapping MAX will set attempts to the maximum amount of Purifications possible.
Check the required Valor and tap Start.
- 1 Purification requires 6 Valor. Check the amount of Valor required and tap Start.
- Check the Success Rate, as your Valor will be used upfront!
※ The amount of Valor used in the Purifying Grounds is not affected by the Valor discount effect of Repeat Battle Pack II or the All-in-One Pack.
Read over the instructions and tap [Yes].
- When you stop Purification, you will get your Valor back based on the number of remaining tries.
■ Rewards
- When the Purification process is complete, tap on the Servant icon on the relevant area of the Purifying Grounds to claim rewards.
- Stopping the Purification process before it's completed will only grant rewards from the Purifications that were completed before it was stopped.
- Rewards from Purification are randomly granted from the following:
* You can obtain T. Shards of the same element as the Servant you Purify.

Purifying Grounds +11
Purifying Grounds
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Guild War

Guild War
Guild War is currently in beta-testing phase.
It will officially launch after 1-2 months of live-testing in order to scout for potential issues.
Battle balance and rewards are subject to change without prior notice during the beta-testing phase.
You will receive minimal rewards during the beta-testing phase, and any Guild War Points you earn will be erased once Guild War officially launches.
The Guild War Points Shop will not be available during the beta test. The Guild War Points Shop will be added when Guild War officially launches.
[Guild War Update]
: Guild War is finally here to pit guilds against one another!
: A guild may participate in Guild War only if it has 15 or more DEF Teams deployed.
: Matchmaking is held among guilds that have completed deployment. Guild Wars are held every Wednesday and Sunday at the following times:
■ Guild War Preparations: Defense
Step 1: Managing DEF Teams
: All members are required to manage their own DEF Team. (MON/TUE, THU/FRI/SAT)
: You can manage your DEF Team in Guild War → DEF Team Settings.
Step 2: Deploying DEF Teams
: Guild officers must deploy 15-30 DEF Teams to battlefields between 12:00 AM to 11:00 AM on days Guild War takes place.
Tip 1: It's important to understand each battlefield to come up with most effective DEF Teams.
Tip 2: You cannot deploy a DEF Team without Servants or a DEF Team of a member who joins the Guild on the same day as the current Guild War.
Tip 3: Guild officers should encourage members to manage their DEF Teams effectively and deploy them strategically.
Step 3: Matchmaking
: Once Guild War requirements are met, matchmaking will automatically begin between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM.
: You will be matched against a Guild with a similar Guild War rank.
* Since there are no Guild War ranks initially available, matchmaking will be held after distributing points to all guilds based on their previous week's Guild Dungeon ranks (THU - SAT).
* A Guild that is not matched with an opponent due to an odd number of participating Guilds will win by default.
Step 4: Start of Guild War
: Once matchmaking is complete, Guild War will begin at 12:00 PM.
■ Guild War Play: Attack
Step 1: Entering Battlefields
: Tap "Join Guild War" in the Guild War main menu to enter battlefields.
: Upon entering battlefields, you may be able to see the opposing guild's DEF Team positions.
Step 2: Selecting and Attacking an Opponent
: Each member gets 3 chances to attack. Losses will also consume an attempt.
Tip 1: Opposing guilds receive the same battlefield special effects. Be sure to check their deployment in each battlefield.
Tip 2:When all guild members take part, everyone can participate in the attack and earn Badges even if they lose.
Tip 3: Be sure to check the current battlefield, available Badges based on Stars Earned, special effects, etc. in the Battle Prep menu.
: Like Guild Dungeon, you cannot battle an opponent who is already fighting against someone in your guild.
: If the game is left idle for more than 9 minutes during battle, it will count as a defeat regardless of the outcome.
Step 3: You can earn Guild Badges based on your attack results.
: The number of stars is determined based on the number of Servants fallen in battle. Revived Servants will still count as fallen.
Tip: You can view records of your guild members' battle results and Badges earned in Guild Log.
Step 4: End of Guild War
: The latest a Guild War can start is 10 minutes before closing time (11:20 PM).
: Guild War rank calculations begin at 11:30 PM.
- Guild Wars that begin and end between 11:19 PM-11:22 PM will be included in rank calculations.
■ Guild War Rewards
: Once rank calculations are complete, enter Guild War to earn the following rewards:
① Rewards based on Guild War Ranks
② Rewards based on individual contributions
③ Guild Purifying Grounds (Winners Only)
: Winners will be able to access "Guild Sanctuary," a guild-exclusive mode in Purifying Grounds.
: Guild Sanctuary is only accessible through Purifying Grounds.
: Servant requirements and Valor cost in Guild Sanctuary:
: Guild Sanctuary is available based on the following:
■ Misc.
: Servants deployed in DEF Team cannot be dismissed or used as material.
: Leaving or disbanding a guild or kicking out members are not available while Guild Wars are underway.

Guild War +14
Guild War
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Mass Invasion

Mass Invasion
An invasion can take place at any time.
Watch out! Origin ★5 Servants have invaded!
Choose 1 Servant you want to battle,
and when you win, you'll get their Servant Shards.
But remember, you only have a set number of battles available.
That's why it's a good idea to focus on the Servant you want the most!
■ Mass Invasion
1. Basics of Mass Invasion
① How to Enter: Tap on the "Mass Invasion" tile on the World Map or its icon.
② Entry Fee: Valor
③ Number of Invading Servants: 5 (This number is subject to change during the Mass Invasion Event.)
④ Invading Servants: Fire/Water/Forest Origin ★5 Servants (This is subject to change during the Mass Invasion Event.)
⑤ How to Play: Select 1 out of 5 invading Servants that you wish to battle.
Battles will follow the rules of PvP, and you will be guaranteed the opposing Servant's Servant Shard upon victory.
⑥ # of Battles: Up to 10,000 battles are available during the Mass Invasion. (Total number of battles for all 5 Servants) Only the battles you've won will count.
⑦ Special Reward: Servant Shards that you CANNOT get from Explore. Heirs using the Double Shard Pack or All-in-One Pack will earn double the Shards in Mass Invasion.
Heirs using the Repeat Battle Pack II or All-in-One Pack will receive a 30% Valor discount in Mass Invasion.1 Servant Shard guaranteed when you win a certain number of battles.
Repeat Battle becomes available when you finish a battle with 3 stars.
Lv. 60 Bosses are easier to beat, but you will only get a small number of Servant Shards.
Lv. 100 Bosses are harder, but they will give you more Shards than Lv. 60 Bosses.
2. How to Enter
: When Mass Invasion happens, you can tap on the "Mass Invasion" tile on the World Map or the Mass Invasion icon to enter.
: For one Mass Invasion, you will see a list of five Origin ★5 Servants.
: Don't worry about the order of the list. Just tap the Servant you want to battle.
① Invading Servant Info
: View the Elements, levels, Awaken status, and battle rewards of Invading Servants.
: When you tap the "Battle" button, you can use Valor to fight the Servant of your choice.
② Available Time and Battles
: View how much time you have remaining until the current Mass Invasion ends.
: View the number of battles available for the current Mass Invasion. (Remaining Battles/Total Available Battles)
③ Reward Info
: View the rewards you can get from battles.
3. Battle
: Deploy 4 Servants and select your desired Team Passive.
: Team Passives and Potentials will be applied based on PvP rules.
: Tap the "Battle" button once your preparations are finished.
: You can battle 10,000 times in Mass Invasion.
: When you win a battle, the total number of available battles will go down by 1. Battles that you lose will not count.
4. Clear Rewards
: You can receive the following rewards when you win a battle in Mass Invasion.

Mass Invasion +2
Mass Invasion
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Boss Invasion

The once-peaceful Hinterlands is now shrouded in dark and ominous energy...
This could mean only one thing... A Boss Invasion is upon us!
We need to form a team that will fight as one.
Refer to the guide Eleonora left us, and let's stop this invasion!
■ Boss Invasion
1. Basics of Boss Invasion
① Crusade Level: Lv. 42 or higher
② Invasion Time: Invades a liberated Estate once per day (resets at midnight)
③ Entry Fee: PvP Ticket
④ Total Number of Floors: 5 (1F open to all. Clear previous floors to access higher floors.)
⑤ How to Play: Form a team of 4 Servants. 2 teams (8 Servants total) will take part in Boss Invasion.Boss Invasion will be an 8 on 1 battle that follows the rules of PvP.
⑥ Re-entry Limits: Play Boss Invasion as many times as you want. You can also play again on the same day even after you've completed it.
2. How to Enter
: Tap the Boss Invasion tile on the World Map or the Boss Invasion icon.
3. Boss Invasion Menu
1) Enter Boss Invasion
① Check Rank/Records
: View your Rank and other records, such as your Overall Rank for the current/previous week here.
: Tap a player to view his/her Boss Invasion Info and User Info.
Boss Invasion Info will display the player's last 8 Servants that participated in Boss Invasion.
② Battle Prep
: Select the floor you'd like to play, then enter the fray.
: The 1st floor is open to everyone, but access to higher floors requires the previous floors to be cleared.
: Tap the [+] and [-] buttons (located next to the Battle Prep button) to choose a floor.
: The number of PvP Tickets required varies by floor.
③ Reward Info
: View Daily Rewards and season rewards here.
4. Boss Invasion Battles
1) Battle Prep
: Boss Invasion consists of 2 teams with 4 Servants each.
: Tap the slots to assign Servants to each team, then select your Team Passive.
You can set 1 Team Passive per team.
: Identical Servants of the same element cannot be used when deploying Servants.
: Refer to recommended strategies located in the bottom left when deploying your Servants to gain the upper hand!
: Once all slots (8 Servants total) have been filled, tap [Battle] to begin.
2) Battle
: Battles last 5 minutes. You will lose if you cannot defeat the boss before the timer reaches 00:00.
: The 8 Servants participating in battle will share all effects (AoE buffs, debuffs, skill effects, etc.).
: Team Passives and Relation Effects will also be shared. (This does not include Secondary Combo skills related to skill usage and cooldown times.)
: The boss you'll face in Boss Invasion is a Neutral Boss, meaning it is not of a specific element.
In addition, Neutral Bosses are neither strong or weak to any element.
5. Clear Reward and Daily Rewards
: Once you have defeated the boss, you will receive rewards for clearing the floor. You will also be granted access to the next floor.
: Earn Gold and Honor Points for clearing floors.
Daily Rewards are based on the number of floors you've cleared and how quickly you cleared them.
6. Season and Season Rewards
: A single season of Boss Invasion lasts 1 week.
: Records will be calculated at the end of each season, and rewards will be based on your final rank.
: Season rewards will be automatically sent to your Mailbox when you enter the Boss Invasion lobby after season results have been calculated.
Daily Rewards will be sent when you tap [Collect] after participating in Boss Invasion.
> Week: Sunday 12:00 AM - Saturday 11:30 PM
> Calculation: Saturday 11:30 PM - Sunday 12:00 AM

Boss Invasion +3
Boss Invasion
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Global Infinite PvP

Q. How is Global Infinite PvP different from Infinite PvP?
A. Global Infinite PvP matches you with other Heirs from around the world, and allows you to engage in 4 vs 4 battles.
In addition, since battles are on a global scale, the rewards you earn will be better than the ones from Infinite PvP!
For Global Infinite PvP...
1) You'll need Invitations to enter.
2) You'll enter with your country flag and battle your opponent.
3) Battles will be two teams of 4 Servants in AUTO mode.
4) Team Passives and Co-Destruction will be applied. Repeat Battle can also be utilized.
5) You'll earn Honor Points upon victory and defeat.
6) You'll earn bonus Honor Points for consecutive victories.
1. Entry
: Your Crusade must be Lv. 17 or higher to enter.
: Global Infinite PvP requires 2 Invitations to enter. Invitations can be obtained in the following manner.
How to Obtain Quantities
: Once you have more than 20 Invitations, you will stop getting an Invitation automatically every 60 minutes. When you have less than 19 Invitations, you will start getting an Invitation automatically every 60 minutes again.
: You can still get Invitations by spending your PvP Tokens, even when you have more than 20 Invitations.
: You can have up to 9,999 Invitations.
2. Location
: You can find the Global Infinite PvP tile on the World Map, or tap on the Global Infinite PvP icon.
3. Menu
a. Rank List
: You can view your Rank, PvP Log, and the total Rank for this week/last week.
: Rank List for this week/last week will only display up to #300.
: The Rank List is refreshed every minute.
b. Crusade Info
: You can view Rank, Country Info, Flag, League, and Points.
: Your Country Info and Flag will be determined by your IP address when you first enter.
: Your saved Country Info and Flag will not be automatically changed, but you can manually change it in [Options] - [Game] - [Country/Region].
c. Season
: You can view how much time is left until the season ends.
d. Rank/Winning Streak Rewards
: View rewards you can obtain based on your Rank/Winning Streak.
e. Battle Prep
: Enter the battle prep screen for Global Infinite PvP.
4. Changing Country Info and Flag
: Tap the "Change" button on the right side of [Option] - [Game] - [Country/Region].
: The available countries will be shown in a list next to your current Country Info.
: Tap on your preferred country and play Global Infinite PvP once.
: Your edited Country Info will be saved only after you play Global Infinite PvP once following the change. (Battle result does not matter)
5. Battle
1) Battle Prep
: Deploy 4 Servants that will participate in Global Infinite PvP, then select a Team Passive. (You cannot deploy identical Servants with identical elements)
: Team Passive will be applied based on PvP rules.
: Co-Destruction will also apply in the exact same way Infinite PvP works.
: Repeat Battles will be 10 battles by default. If you have purchased Repeat Battle Packs, your max Repeat Battle count for Global Infinite PvP will increase.
: Once you're ready, tap on the [Battle] button to start the battle.
2) Battle
: All battles in Global Infinite PvP are played in Auto mode.
: Tapping on the Pause button during battle allows you to view your Crusade info as well as that of your opponents'.
3) Battle End and Rewards
: You will earn Honor Points when the battle ends, regardless of battle results.
: Earn a Winning Streak Bonus (Honor Points) for consecutive victories.
4) Battle Results
: When the allotted time is up, the sum of the HP ratio of remaining servants (excluding revived Servants) will be calculated. The Heir with the higher sum wins.
6. Season
: One season of Global Infinite PvP lasts one week.
: Weekly & Season calculations will take place on KST time for all servers. All servers will have different calculation periods.
Ex: North American Servers ▶ Every Friday 09:30 - Friday 12:00 (CDT)
: Global Infinite PvP Leagues are as follows.

Global Infinite PvP +6
Global Infinite PvP
CM_Heylel CM_Heylel
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Pack Shop

Welcome to the Pack Shop! It offers a wide array of items!
I'm sure you'll find something you like.
Check out the great items in the Pack Shop!
■ Menu Guide
a. Pack List
: Shows a list of available packs.
: [NEW] will be displayed on packs with a limited time offer. New arrivals will be indicated with a red dot.
b. Purchase Limit
: Some packs are limited-time or have a purchase limit. Make sure to check!
c. Pack Description
: Shows the contents of a pack.
d. Pack Price
: Tap this button to purchase.

Pack Shop
Pack Shop
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Tired of fighting these battles all alone?
Well, your friends are here to help! Chat with your friends and exchange Friend Points!
Protect the Hinterlands together with your comrades!
■ Friend
: Now, you can befriend other Heirs!
: Exchange friendship points with Heirs that are added to your friend list.
: The Friend System unlocks for users after Level 1.
: The Friend Menu is located at Lobby > Shortcut Menu > Friend Menu.
■ Adding Friends
: Make new friends by sending users friend requests.
: If a user deletes you from their friend list, he/she will be also deleted from your friend list.
: You can add up to 50 users to your friend list and send up to 100 friend requests.
: You can delete up to 10 users on your friend list per day.
■ Friend Points
: You may exchange Friend Points with a friend once per day.
: You can send Friend Points to 50 friends a day."
: Use Friend Points to purchase Entry Tickets from the Shop.
■ Friend Menu
1. Friend List
: View your current list of friends here.
2. Add Friend
: Check the recommended friends list and send users friend requests.
3. Requests Sent
: You may view your previously sent friend requests and delete them as well.
4. Requests
: View the friend requests you have received, and you can either accept or decline them.
5. Search User
: You can search for other users with their Crusade name and send them friend requests.
■ Invite Friends
* Share your Invite Link on Facebook to invite your friends.
* When you tap on the "URL Link Invite" button, a list of available apps will be displayed.
* When your invited friend logs into the game for the very first time, you will receive 300 Karats and ★3-5 Summon Stones x 5.
* You can receive Invitation Rewards up to 30 times.

Friend +3
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Special Reward

Wow! What are these amazing gifts?
"The Headquarters must have sent them to support us on our missions!"
Don't miss out on ongoing events and daily rewards!
Special Reward Screen
: Tap the Reward icon in the Lobby to view the special rewards.
What Rewards Are There?
1. Login Time Reward
: Get rewards based on the amount of time you've logged in. The longer you've logged in, the better the rewards!
: Login times will reset at 12:00 AM daily.
: Rewards are reset daily as well. Be sure to claim them before they're gone!
: Rewards will be sent to your Mailbox.
2. Ticket Use Reward
: Obtain Ticket Coupons by spending Valor and PvP Tokens starting at 12:00 AM daily!
: Receive 1 Ticket Coupon each time you spend 30 Valor or 5 PvP Tokens.
: Use your coupons to obtain a variety of rewards at random.
: You can receive up to 3 coupons a day.
: Unused coupons and the amount of Valor/PvP Tokens spent will be reset to 0 at 12:00 AM daily.
3. Currency Use Reward
: Obtain Currency Coupons by spending Gold and Karats starting at 12:00 AM daily!
: Receive 1 Currency Coupon each time you spend 50,000 Gold or 50 Karats.
: Use your coupons to obtain a variety of rewards at random.
: You can receive up to 3 coupons a day.
: Unused coupons and the amount of Gold/Karats spend will be reset to 0 at 12:00 AM daily.
4. Event Guide
: You can check on-going events in the Special Reward page.
: For more details about all on-going events, click on "Event" tab in the lobby.

Special Reward +3
Special Reward
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First Achievement Reward

Evolve your characters to 5★ and 6★ for the first time and receive a series of special rewards!
Receive First-Time and Repeat Rewards based on your achievement.
■ First 5★ and 6★ Evolution Login Rewards
Rewards will be sent to your Mailbox for 7 days from the day you evolve a character to 5★ and 6★ for the first time.
■ Repeat 6★ Evolution Login Rewards
Rewards will be sent to your Mailbox for 7 days from the day you evolve a character to 6★ (not including the first time).
■ Notes
- Event will end after 10 days or after the final reward has been received.
- Rewards will not be sent if you achieve 5★ or 6★ by any means other than Evolution.
- First 6★ Evolution Login Reward and Repeat 6★ Evolution Login Reward cannot be earned during the same period.
Ex 1) If you evolve a character to 6★ while receiving the First 5★ Evolution Login Rewards, the First 6★ Evolution Login Rewards will start concurrently.
Ex 2) If you evolve a character to 6★ while receiving the First 6★ Evolution Login Rewards or Repeat 6★ Evolution Login Rewards, you will not receive multiple Repeat 6★ Evolution Login Rewards during the same period.

First Achievement Reward
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Game Guide

Feeling lost? Do not fear, your guide is here!
Hidden secrets and knowledge await you, Heir.
Complete the missions and you'll be an expert in no time!
[Game Guide]
: The Game Guide will be unlocked once you complete Cult Estate 12-2.
: Game Guide is located in Lobby -> Quest tab.
[Game Guide Mission List]
Tap the Game Guide tab to see all available missions!
Tap on the left menu to view the full list of missions in the Game Guide screen.
Tap on the i (info) button on top of each mission to see more details.
[Mission Rewards]
Obtain great rewards for completing each mission! What are you waiting for?

Game Guide +4
Game Guide
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Guild Dungeon

A new invitation has arrived from Headquarters!
They're holding a fellowship hunting competition for all Guilds! Though, it just sounds like an excuse to wipe out the Kindred...
The rewards are worth it, right?!
Hunt the Kindred together with your Guild members in the Guild Dungeon and earn Guild Points!
Exchange Guild Points for various items at the Shop!
1. Guild Dungeon Basics
: Both members and apprentices can participate in the Guild Dungeon.
(Guild Members who joined the Guild in the middle of the Season cannot participate.)
: Guild Dungeon can be accessed from Guild or World Map.
: Valor is required to enter.
2. Start and End
: The Guild Dungeon is made up of 2 Seasons: 1st and 2nd Half.
: The Guild Dungeon is not available on Sunday.
: The Guild Dungeon will be replaced with a new one at the end of a Season.
3. How to Play
[Guild Dungeon Menu]
a. Time Left/ Battle Entries
b. Refresh: Refreshes the battle status on the map.
c. Boss Reward
d. Dungeon Reward
e. Notification (Guild Master only): Enables participation messages to be sent to Guild Members.
f. Log: View Guild Dungeon Play Log
g. Rank: Shows all Guild ranks and individual ranks.
h. Guild Record
i. Guild Points
j. Boss Tile: Displays boss icon and time limit.
[Battle Entry]
Each member is given 3 battle entries to fight in the Guild Dungeon daily.
You won't be able to play the Guild Dungeon if you have insufficient battle entries or Valor.
When all battle entries are used, you may purchase 3 additional battle entries (3 battle entries in one purchase).
Purchased battle entries are reset at 00:00 AM daily.
[How to Battle]
: When the Guild Dungeon is cleared, it will become inaccessible .
(Re-entry is possible if the Guild Dungeon Boss has not been defeated.)
: Guild Members cannot fight in a single stage at the same time.
A Battle in Progress icon will be displayed over a stage where a Guild Member is currently fighting.
: You won't be able to revive when you're defeated in the Guild Dungeon.
[Stages in Guild Dungeon]
Guild Dungeon is made up of normal tiles and boss tiles.
The boss tiles will display a boss icon and time limit.
If you clear the boss within the time limit, you can receive Guild Points and a Damage Bonus.
4. Rewards & Guild Points
: Guild Points can be acquired from battles in the Guild Dungeon.
: Only Guild Members who have participated in Guild Dungeon battles at least once during a Season can receive Guild Dungeon rewards.
: Guild Points can be used to buy items at Shop -> Guild.
a. Stage Clear Reward
Earn EXP and Gold by clearing Guild Dungeon Stages.
b. Guild Dungeon Stage Clear Reward
Guild Points are given based on the number of stages cleared.
c. Boss Kill Reward
Guild Points are given to all Guild Members when the boss is defeated.
d. Rank Reward
Guild Points are rewarded based on your Guild's rank and your individual rank within your Guild.
The Rank Reward will be sent to your Mailbox.
5. Guild Dungeon Ranking
Guild Dungeon rankings are determined by the amount of damage dealt by players.
Upon victory, the damage score will given based on the overall damage dealt to the Boss.
(ex. When you deal 40,000 damage to a 50,000-HP boss and lose the battle, then 40,000 is your damage score.)
6. Managing Your Guild
* Guild Masters can have up to 4 Guild Officers.
* Guild Masters and Guild Officers can check Guild Dungeon Participation Status of Guild Members as well as battle logs in Guild Dungeon > Log
* Current Participation Status shows the Guild Dungeon participation counts of all Guild Members,
and the battle log shows Guild Dungeon Tiles that have been cleared, as well as the damage score per tile cleared.

Guild Dungeon +11
Guild Dungeon
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Party Raid

Frequently Asked Question:
Q. What is Party Raid?
A. Party Raid is a raid mode where 3 players, each with 3 Servants, join forces in real-time
to form a 9 Servant Crusade.
■ Party Raid
1. Basics of Party Raid
① Crusade Level: At least Lv. 32
② Opens: Daily at 12:00 - 14:00 and 20:00 - 22:00
③ Ticket: Valor
④ Total Floors: 5F (You are automatically authorized to enter the 1st floor. Once you clear your current floor, you will be allowed to move on to the next floor)
⑤ How to Play: Battles will be fought on full auto, just like Infinite PvP. You are free to enter as many times as you want while the raid is open.
2. How to Enter
: Tap on the Raid tile on the World Map, or the Party Raid icon at the bottom of the screen.
3. Menu
1) Entering Party Raid
① Creating a party
: You can create a party by tapping on [Create Party] at the bottom right of the Party Raid screen.
: The user who creates a party is automatically the party leader.
: Party leaders can make their parties public/private, promote their party, invite/accept/kick party members, and start the Party Raid.
② Quick Start
: Join a party that has already been created for the floor of your choice.
If there are no parties found, then you will be teamed up with other users who are also using the "Quick Start" feature.
③ Managing Support Teams
: On your current selected floor, you can manage your team that will support other Heirs (friends and Guild Members).
: Info for the very first time your friends and Guild Members have played any floor will be automatically saved as the support team.
: After info for the initial participation has been saved, support team info will no longer be automatically saved or refreshed.
You can manually change the saved Support Team info by accessing [Manage Support Team] on the bottom right corner of the Party Raid screen.
: If you have access to the current floor, even if you have not played it yet, you can save your Support Team manually using [Manage Support Team].
④ Rewards
: View available rewards that you can receive upon clearing a floor.
: Party Points are guaranteed, and you will also get one random reward out of the ones remaining.
2) How to Invite
: The Party leader can tap on an empty slot then the [Invite] button to invite friends, Guild Members, and other Heirs, or receive support from the saved Party Raid teams of other Heirs.
: Invited friends can accept/reject your invitation. They can also accept your invitation through the invitation message in the chat window.
① Inviting Friends
: Invite an Heir who's already friends with you.
② Inviting Guild Members
: Invite your Guild Members.
③ Support Teams
: You can receive support from Party Raid teams that your friends and Guild Members have saved.
: You can receive up to 10 teams per day, and this resets at midnight daily.
④ Promoting Party Raids
: The party leader can tap on the [Promote] button in the battle prep screen to promote their party in their current chat channel.
: Promotional messages can only be viewed in the [Normal] chat.
: You can join the promoted party by tapping on the [Join] button in the message.
3) Managing Party Invitation Pop-ups
: You can turn on/off party invitations at [Quick Menu] - [Options] - [Notifications].
4) Mini Chat
* When you enter the Party Raid prep screen, Mini Chat will be displayed in the Boss Info window.
* You can only communicate with your party members in the Mini Chat. Tap the [▲],[+] buttons on the right side to open or close the Mini Chat.
4. Battle
1) Battle Prep
: 3 Heirs will each deploy 3 Servants to a slot and then select a Team Passive.
: Team Passive for "All Areas" and "World Raid" will be activated.
: Team Passive that's been selected per slot (max 3) can be applied to all party members.
However, if you have two or more identical Team Passives, only the highest Passive will be applied.
: You can deploy identical Servants of identical Elements for 1F - 4F,
but you will be unable to deploy identical Servants of identical Elements for 5F.
: Relation Effects will be activated among all Servants in the party.
: When all slots (9 Servants in total) have been filled and all party members are [Ready],
the party leader can tap on the [Battle] button to start the battle.
2) Battle Details
: Party Raids will last for 5 minutes. The timer will start at 05:00 and count down.
If you cannot defeat your enemy before the clock reaches 00:00, you will lose.
: The damage meter on the left of the Party Raid screen displays the top 5 damage-dealing servants in real-time.
: The 9 Servants in the party will share all effects such as AoE buffs, debuffs, and skill effects.
: Team Passives and Relation Effects will be shared by all as well.
However, skill-related secondary Combo Skills and Global Cooldown Times will not be shared.
: When a Combo Skill is used in Party Raid, the standard special effects will not be used. Instead, Combo Skills will have motions exclusive for Party Raid.
: When a Combo Skill is used, other Servants in your party will not use active or Combo Skills until the current Combo Skill has ended.
3) End of Battle
: If at least 1 party member manages to survive and win the battle, all party members will receive individual reward and will be allowed to proceed to the next floor.
: After a battle, if party members leave the party before the next battle starts, the party will be disbanded.
: Once you return to the battle prep screen after a battle, other party members' statuses will be shown as LOADING.
* LOADING is only shown when the party member is still in battle or checking their rewards.
4) End Battle Vote
* If you have to end a battle early, you can tap the Pause button on the right side of the battle screen and start an End Battle Vote.
* Only the party leader can start the voting process, and the battle will only end when every party member votes in favor of it.
* Even if just one of the members vetoes or does not participate in the vote, the battle will resume.
* If some of your party members are in Support Teams, they will be excluded from the End Battle Vote.
5. Rewards
: Party Raid Rewards consist of Party Points and a random reward.
: Each party member may receive different rewards for their random reward.
: Party Points can be used to purchase items at [Shop] - [Party].
※ Party Raid will be run as beta until it officially launches.

Party Raid +6
Party Raid
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
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Boss Raid

> A new darkness encroaches upon our diocese. No...! It's the World Boss!
> The World Boss won't be taken down easily, Heir. Please work with other Heirs to defeat the World Boss!
> Defeat the World Boss to earn rewards and buffs. Victory awaits you!
■ Boss Raid
Face the World Boss and its Tower with a 5-Servant Crusade in Boss Raid.
There are a total of 3 World Bosses. You will face a different World Boss each season. A single season lasts for 7 days.
Earn rewards based on the damage you inflict on the World Boss.
■ Entry
You can enter Boss Raid when your Crusade level reaches 15.
Enter Boss Raid by tapping the "World Raid" icon on the World Map or the bottom menu.
Valor is required to play Boss Raid.
■ Boss Raid Menu
1. Selection Menu
: The boss's Element, HP, and time remaining until the current season ends can be viewed here.
2. Individual Menus
: Select the boss you want to view to see related details.
Menu details
a. Season Ranking
b. Boss Info
c. My Info
d. Daily Rewards and Season Rewards
e. Battle Preparation
■ Ranking / Rewards
1. Ranking
: Enter World Raid and attack the World Boss. The amount of damage you inflict will become your Damage Points.
: Damage Points are a record of the damage you inflicted before your Crusade died, or within the time limit of 5 minutes.
: Daily Rewards and Season Rewards are distributed based on your best Damage.
2. Rewards
[Daily Rewards]
: Rewards will be determined by the highest amount of Damage Points you reach each day.
: You can claim all rewards up to the highest level reward you can claim.
: Daily Rewards can only be claimed once per day and will be reset at midnight every day.
[Season Rewards]
: Season Rewards will be distributed based on your Rank.
: Ranking is determined by the highest amount of Damage Points reached for that season, not the total amount.
■ Boss Raid Buff
: When the World Boss's HP drops to a certain amount, a buff will activate. All users in the server will receive the buff.
: Activated buffs vary depending on the World Boss's HP. (Refer to the table below for details.)
: Boss Raid Buffs will be in effect from the moment they activate until the end of the season.
: Boss Raid Buffs are not exclusive. They can be stacked with Bonus EXP Events and EXP Boosters.

Boss Raid +3
Boss Raid
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
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World Raid

Boss Raid + Party Raid = World Raid!
World Raid is comprised of Boss Raid and Party Raid.
Boss Raid is a seasonal raid where the World Boss changes each season (Ragna, Lucien, or Bastille). Your objective is to defeat the Boss with a 5-Servant Crusade.
(Starting with the Ver 3.3 Update, this mode's name has been changed from "World Raid" to "Boss Raid")
In Party Raid, create a party of 3 Heirs in real time. Each of you must form a team of 3 Servants, creating a 9-Servant Crusade in total, and fight alongside each other to defeat Odette.
Tap on the "Enter" button to enter Boss Raid. Check out the upper left corner for a helpful tip or two!

World Raid
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LV.17 GameManager 4years

Infinite PvP

> Different from the 3 vs. 3 fighting of PvP battles!
> Non-stop fighting in a 4 vs. 4 format! Welcome to Infinite PvP!
Frequently Asked Question:
Q. How is this different from the current PvP battle format?
A. The difference is in Infinite PvP's matchmaking and fighting structure, and the rewards.
In Infinite PvP...
1. You will be automatically matched with an opponent, instead of choosing an opponent from a list.
2. You will enter a 4 vs. 4 battle which will be fought on full auto.
3. Repeat Battle is available, with the option [Continue Repeat Battle even upon defeat.]
4. You will receive Honor Points whether you win or lose.
5. You will receive bonus rewards when you get consecutive wins. (Additional Honor Points)
Read on to find out more!
1. Unlocking Infinite PvP
: Infinite PvP unlocks when your Crusade reaches Lv. 13.
2. Entering Infinite PvP
: Tap the Infinite PvP icon at the bottom of the World Map, or the Infinite PvP tile.
3. Infinite PvP Menu
a. Check Rank / PvP Log: View your Rank, Infinite PvP Log, and overall ranking for the week.
b. My PvP Record: View the time remaining for the Season, your wins and losses, and Winning Streak Bonus.
c. Rank / Winning Streak Rewards: View the rewards you can obtain for your rank and consecutive wins.
d. Battle Prep: Enter the battle preparation screen for Infinite PvP.
4. Infinite PvP Battles
1) Battle Prep
: Select the 4 Servants to use in Infinite PvP.
: Your defending team is formed automatically using the Servants you used immediately prior.
(Infinite PvP defense characters cannot be used as growth material or fuse material.)
: You can check your winning streak and bonus info to the right side of the screen.
: Your opponent will not be revealed until the battle starts.
2) Battle
: All Infinite PvP battles will be conducted in AUTO BATTLE mode, meaning you cannot manually control your Servants' skills.
: Unlike PvP, you will lose if you cannot defeat your opponent within the given time.
: Pressing pause during battle allows you to view your opponent's and your own Crusade info.
3) Repeat Battle
: When you tap the Repeat Battle button in the Battle Prep screen, you will see a Repeat Battle pop-up message.
: You can select the [Continue Repeat Battle even upon defeat.] option in this pop-up screen.
: Repeat Battle has a default number of tries (10), and additional tries can be purchased through the Repeat Battle Packs. Repeat Battle Packs give you an extra 150 tries each, giving you a maximum of 300 extra tries.
: Repeat Battle will end automatically if you set it to stop upon defeat, or if you run out of PvP Tokens.
4) Co-Destruction
: If there are identical Servants of the same element on either side, the passive skills of both will not activate.
: However, if they are at different Transcendence stages, only the lower level Servant’s passive skill will not activate.
: If Co-Destruction is activated, the icon shown below will be displayed in battle.
: When Co-Destruction is activated, the statuses of passive skills will be as follows:
5. Infinite PvP Rewards
: An Infinite PvP Season lasts for 4 weeks.
: You will receive Weekly Rewards for Weeks 1 - 3 and, depending on the results of Week 4, you can receive Season Rewards.
: Infinite PvP Seasons and calculation periods are as follows.
: The Honor Points you can receive upon victory per league are as follows.
: Details regarding Weekly Rewards and Season Rewards can be viewed by tapping the [Rank Rewards] button in the menu.
: Rewards will be sent to your mailbox when you enter Infinite PvP after the calculation period has ended. (Rewards will expire in 7 days.)

Infinite PvP +5
Infinite PvP
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
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Abaddon Tower

> Ever wondered what lurks in this dark and chilling tower?
> Each floor of this towering spire is ruled by one or more powerful bosses.
> The higher you climb, the more powerful the they get.
> Conquer your fear and discover what lives at the top of the tower – if you dare!
■ Abaddon Tower
: It requires Valor to enter the tower.
: Amount of valor required to enter each floor increases as you progress higher though the tower.
: Access the Abaddon Tower by clicking "Abaddon Tower" in the World Map
■ Battle
: Tap each floor to prepare for battle. The amount of Valor required varies by floor.
: Powerful bosses will appear one after another to challenge you as you make your way through the tower.
: Choose characters that counter the skills and elements of the bosses appearing on each floor in order to defeat them.
: You can choose the difficulty of the battle, between Normal and Hard.
■ Rewards
: Victory in battle will earn you rewards.
: Each floor gives basic rewards as well as a special reward for the first time you clear a floor.
: The harder and higher the floors, the better the rewards.
■ Ranking
: Rankings are calculated weekly based on the highest floor cleared and the fastest clear time.
: Rewards are awarded every week based on your rank.
: Each Season is composed of 4 weeks. Season Rewards are distributed based on your League.
■ Repeat Battle
: When you choose Repeat Battle, your Crusade will continue battling up the floors.
: Repeat Battle will continue for 10 floors. (When you use Repeat Battle, your Crusade will go up 10 floors then stop.)
: When you purchase the Repeat Battle Pack II, Repeat Battle count will increase up to 100 times.
: Repeat Battle ends upon meeting the following conditions.

Abaddon Tower +4
Abaddon Tower
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
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World Battle

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What is World Battle?
A. It's a new team PvP mode where you'll take on a random opponent using 5 teams of your own against the opponent's Infinite PvP teams.
Rank is determined based on the amount of damage dealt and the number of kills in each battle. Rewards are given based on the rank.
Q. How do you play in the World Battle?
A. In the World Battle, you'll...
1. Face an automatically matched opponent ranked 1 - 300th in previous Infinite PvP season.
2. Use 5 teams to fight against the opponent, each made up of 4 Servants.
3. Fight 5 times in a row. All battles are played automatically.
4. Have the same battle rules as Infinite PvP. Co-Destruction is also applied.
5. Receive the rank between SSS - F depending on the number of kills in each battle.
6. Receive a random reward based on your rank.
1. Unlock Requirement
: World Battle is unlocked when you reach account Lv. 19.
: Battle is available once a day and requires Valor to enter.
: Battle attempts are reset at 12 AM daily.
2. Enter
: World Battle can be accessed through the button in World Map.
3. Menus
a. Team Settings: Assign Servants to Team 1 - 5.
b. Servant Info: View the opponent's Servants info.
c. Refresh time: Displays the time left until refreshing opponents.
d. Rewards Info: View rewards available in each reward rank.
e. Battle: Enter the World Battle.
4. Battle
1) Battle Preparation
: Select 20 Servants to fight for you in World Battle.
: Each Servant can be used only once.
: Select Servants and tap [Complete Deployment] to save team information.
※ If you select a Servant already assigned to a different team, that Servant will be removed from the previous slot.
: Tap [Battle] to engage in World Battle once all 5 teams have been set up.
2) Battle Progression
: World Battle is progressed in the order of Team 5 - Team 1.
: Skills in World Battle cannot be controlled manually.
: Tap the magnifier button to see the battle progress.
3) End of Battle
: Battle results and reward rank are available at the end of battle.
: Tap [Claim] at Rewards Info -> Reward List to receive a random reward based on each rank.
5. Reward
: Rewards are given based on the reward rank determined by the number of kills. (See the table below)
: Reward rank will be graded as F if the battle is abandoned due to disconnection or exit.
: Rank rewards can be viewed upon tapping [Rewards Info] in the World Battle screen. 1 random reward is given based on ranks.
6. Season
: World Battle is season-based and runs from Monday to Sunday during the week following the end of the Infinite PvP season.
: World Battle calculation period is as follows:
: When a new season begins, opposing teams will be arranged randomly based on new Infinite PvP rankings.

World Battle +4
World Battle
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
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Resource Inventory

> This is where you can see all the resources you have, at a glance.
> You can also upgrade elements, and recharge Gold, Valor and Karats here!
1. How to enter
: Tap on the backpack icon on the upper right from the lobby, between the Karat and the Mystery Dungeon icons.
2. Features
View current resources: see your Gold, Karat, Valor, PvP Tokens, Honor Points and Mileage.
View and Upgrade Elements: check and upgrade Elements.
Crafting materials: view types and amounts of owned crafting materials.

Resource Inventory
Resource Inventory
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
LV.17 GameManager 4years


> Collect materials and you can create the items you can with your own hands!
> Hello, welcome to the world of crafting
1. How to enter
: Crafting can be accessed through [Lobby > Menu > Crafting].
2. Menu
: Choose which item you want to craft from the tab (Soul Crystal, Summon Stone, Servant, and Elements).
: Choosing the item you want to craft will show you how many materials you will need.
: There's a limit to how many items you can craft during a set period of time. Choosing the item will show you the designated period and the crafting limit.
3. Crafting
: When you have all the necessary materials and enough Gold, the "Craft" button will be activated.
: When you tap on this button, the crafting will be completed. A pop-up message will the show you how many items were crafted.
: Crafted items can be accessed through your Inventory
: However, Servant Select Summons will be sent to your Mailbox (expires in 7 days)

Crafting +1
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
LV.17 GameManager 4years

Servant Management - Modify

> How do you make your Servant cooler and even more special? Modify them!
> You can equip Avatars, choose the number of Combo Skill hits and manage Marks - all in one place!
■ Modify
- The Modify tab is divided into [Avatar] and [Mark Settings].
- In [Avatar], you can change the selected Servant's appearance and Combo Skill (motions & the number of hits).
- In [Mark Settings], you can change the appearances of the Marks of selected Servants by purchasing Avatars or equipping
Secondary Marks cannot be modified.
■ Avatars
- All Servants come with default Basic Avatars
 Basic Avatars can be equipped regardless of a Servant's Awakened status.
- To equip, the Avatar's Element must match the Servant's Element.
(Ex. A Water Belladonnas Avatar can be equipped only on a Water Belladonnas.)
- Your Avatars can be equipped on all Servants of the same type, regardless of quantity.
(Ex. A Water Belladonnas Avatar can be equipped on all of your Water Belladonnas.)
- Your Servant's appearance, portrait, and name may change based on their Avatar.
■ Avatar Management
: Lobby - Servants - Modify - You can select your preferred Avatars and Combo Skills in [Avatar].
① Avatar List
: View / select all the Avatars that your selected Servant can equip.
② Combo Skill List
: View / select all Combo Skills that your selected Servant can use.
③ Preview
: Displays a preview of the selected Avatar
④ Apply
: Tap on this button to apply the selected Avatar and Combo Skill.
■ Mark Settings
: View currently applied Marks and available Marks in Lobby - Servants - Modify - [Mark Settings].
: You can equip or remove Mark Gears.
① Currently Applied Marks
: The currently applied Mark is colored in.
② Unavailable Marks
: These Marks cannot be changed because you have not purchased other Marks or there are no other Marks available for purchase.
③ Available Marks
: These Marks are not currently equipped, but can be equipped in the Battle Prep screen.
■ How to Obtain Mark Gear
: Mark Gears allow you to change Marks regardless of Avatars.
: Use Origin ★4 - 5 Servants to create Mark Gears at Craft - Mark Gear.
: Created Mark Gears can be viewed at Resource Inventory.
■ How to Remove Mark Gear
: 1,000 Karats are required to remove Mark Gears.
: When you unequip a Mark Gear, you cannot use that Mark until you equip that Mark Gear again. When you unequip Mark Gear, your Mark will be changed to your Servant's Origin Mark.
: If you want to use the Servant who's equipped with Mark Gear as material, you must first unequip the Mark Gear.

Servant Management - Modify +4
Servant Management - Modify
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
LV.17 GameManager 4years

Servant Management - Potential

> Unlock the Potentials of your Servants and get Normal and Special Potentials!
> Make your Servants even stronger!
■ Potential
: Potential is divided into Normal and Special.
: Only Servants with Origin 4★ or higher can hold Potentials, except for Evolve Buns.
: Slots are unlocked in order starting from the left side. Each upgrade requirement needs to be fulfilled in order to unlock slots.
: Gold and Rainbow Stones are required to unlock a Potential for the first time.
Rainbow Stones can be obtained by using 1 Supreme Awakening Stone from each Element in Craft -> Element Stone.
: Unlocked Potentials are only effective on the relevant Servant.
1. Menus
a. Normal Slot: Allows you to obtain a Normal Potential.
b. Special Slot: Allows you to obtain a Special Potential.
c. Slot Info: Shows you the information of the currently selected slot.
d. Potential List: Shows you the list of Potentials that can be added to the selected slot.
e. Unlock: Allows you to unlock the selected slot.
2. Unlock Potential
1) Normal Potential
: Each Servant holds a total of 5 Normal Potentials.
: Normal slots need to be unlocked for Normal Potentials.
: Slots can be unlocked upon reaching designated upgrade requirements.
: The upgrade requirements are as follows:
: A Potential is added to a newly unlocked slot. The same Potential cannot be added to a single slot repeatedly. However, the same Potential can be added to a different slot.
: Special Slot 2 enhances a Servant's Passive skill. It does not stack on existing passive effects. Instead, the effect of this slot will be applied.
2) Special Potential
: Only Tank Servants with Origin 5★ can unlock Special Potentials. Special Potentials for other classes will be updated in the future.
: Each Servant holds a total of 4 Special Potentials.
: Slots can be unlocked upon reaching designated upgrade requirements.
: The upgrade requirements are as follows:
: A Potential is added to a newly unlocked slot. The same Potential cannot be added to a single slot repeatedly. However, the same Potential can be added to a different slot.
: Special slots of 5-star Origin Servants that are not updated are currently inaccessible.
These slots will be updated in the future.
3. Enhancing Potentials
: Unlocked slots can be enhanced to increase Potentials.
: Slots can be enhanced up to Lv. 20, which requires Gold and Potential Enhance Stones.
Potential Enhance Stones are available in World Battle.
: The amount of Gold and Potential Enhance Stones increases as the Enhance Level increases.
: Enhanced Stats from Slot #1 will be reflected in the Servant Info screen and your CP.
1) Enhance Potentials
: Upon unlocking a slot, the [Unlock] button will be shown as the [Enhance/Change] tab.
: Tap the button found in [Enhance] to enhance Potentials.
4. Changing Potentials
: Only randomly given Potentials can be changed to other Potentials upon unlocking a slot.
Fixed Potentials cannot be changed.
: Potentials already enhanced will be maintained even if you change them.
: All Potentials on a selected slot will be changed, and new Potentials will be added randomly upon Change.
: When changing Potentials of Slot #3-5, at least 1 Potential will change to a different type.
: Gold and Potential Change Stones are required to change Potentials.
Potential Change Stones are mainly available in the Shop and a small amount can be obtained from World Battle.
1) Change Potentials
: Upon unlocking a slot, the [Unlock] button will be shown as the [Enhance/Change] tab.
: Tap the button found in [Change] to change Potentials.
5. See Other User's Potentials
: You can view Potentials of other user's Servants in the user info or Potential tab in the relevant Servant pop-up.

Servant Management - Potential +4
Servant Management - Potential
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> Summon the Servants to join the Crusade.
> There are various summon types and methods.
■ Menu
ⓐ Summon
: Summon Servants here.
ⓑ Combine
: Combine materials to acquire Servants.
ⓒ Purchasing 10+1 ★3-5 Summon Packs
* Tap on the 10+1 ★3-5 Summon Pack to purchase. (Previously "10+1 Summon Pack", identical to the item sold in the Shop)
ⓓ Fever Gauge
: The Fever Gauge will fill up after each Summon, with the amount varying based on your results. You can also receive rewards based on the outcome.
ⓔ Probability
: Redirects you to the Summon probability page.
ⓕ Rate+ Summon
: This Summon provides a higher summon rate for certain Servants.
ⓖ Combine
: Use 2 Servants you no longer need as materials to obtain a new Servant.
■ How to Summon
- Servants can be summoned using Gold and Summon Stones/Summon Shards/Karats.
- Elements/Grades of summoned Servants depend on the type of Summon Stones used.
■ Summon Stone
- You can Summon 1 Servant using 1 Summon Stone.
- Elements/Grades of summoned Servants depend on the type of Summon Stones used.
■ Servant Summons Stone Shards
- Collect required amount of Shards to summon that particular Servant!
■ Special Summon
: Use 50 Special Summon Stones for a Special Summon.
: Depending on the summoning rate, ★3 - 5 Servants will be summoned. You can select 4 Servants you want for ★5 Servants.
▶Select Servant
■ Combine
: Combine Servants to create a new Servant.
: To view required materials, tap the Combine menu and select a Servant.
: In Material Settings, you can mark the Servants you wish to Upgrade as Material.
: You can see marked Servants in the [Info/Skill/Gear/Upgrade/Potential] sections of the Servants menu, as well as the Battle Prep screen.
■ Fever Gauge
: The Fever Gauge will fill up after each Summon, with the amount varying based on your results. You can also receive rewards based on the outcome.
: Fever Gauge Acquired After a Summon.
: The Fever Gauge has 3 levels total. Receive rewards for each level you reach.
: Summon results of Rare Summon Stones and Summon Stone Shards do not count towards the Fever Gauge.
: When you reach Level 3, the Fever Gauge will no longer fill up.
: When you receive your Fever Gauge level reward, your Fever Gauge will be deducted.
■ Rate+ Summon
: Is there a particular Servant you want? Then try Rate+ Summon! You will have a better chance of summoning particular characters with this summon.
: Use Karats to Rate+ summon 10 + 1 times or 1 time.
■ Fuse
: Fuse allows you to use Servants you're not using as materials to obtain a random Servant.
1. Fuse Material Requirements
: Servants that fulfill the requirements below can be used as Fuse materials.
※ Transcendent, Awakened, Skill levels, and Gears are irrelevant to these requirements.
2. Fusing
: When Fusing, the Servant you select first will be your [Main Material], and the Servant you pick second will be your [Sub Material].
: Sub Materials can be chosen freely, without having to match the element or class of the Main Material.
: To Fuse, you need 2 Servants as materials, Gold, Element Stones.
3. Fusion Results
: Fusion is always successful. You will obtain a random Servant as a result of Fusion.
: The random Servant you obtain through Fuse will have the following characteristics.
: Every time you Fuse, you will receive 10 Karats in your Mailbox. (Limited to 10 times per day.)
: You cannot use EXP Buns, Evolve Buns or Skill Buns to Fuse.
: If Origin 4★ or higher Servants are used as Main/Sub Materials, they will not show up as Fuse results.

Summon +13
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> Graphics, sound, and other setting can be configured.
> Account link option is also available.
■ Account
> Information about Crusade can be checked from PlayerID, Crusade name, server, and etc.
1. Account Link
- Utilize [Account Link] function to safely keep your account.
- There are 3 platforms available: Hive, Facebook, and Market (Apple / Google).
- Accounts may get lost from reinstalling if accounts are not linked.
* Lost accounts cannot be recovered.
* Please make sure to link account to save current data.
2. Log Out
- Log out from current account to log into another account.
- Log out function is not available for Guest Accounts.
3. Server
- Servers can be changed.
- New Crusade will be created when changing servers and current progress cannot be transferred.
4. Delete Account
- Accounts can be deleted when no longer needed.
- Deleted accounts will automatically unlink all accounts and cannot be recovered. Please proceed with care.
5. Community & Hive
- Touch the community button to be directed to [Official Forum].
- Touch Hive button to check current Hive account profile.
■ Graphic
- Graphic qualities can be changed.
- Graphic settings can be customized and details can be checked by touching [?] icon.
■ Notification
- Turn on/off the game/notice notifications.
- When push notification is not being received even when all settings are enabled, check the application setting in the mobile setting.
- Game notifications are push notifications sent automatically from the game to alert events. (Ex. Valor charged to max)
- Notice notifications are push notifications sent for events and notices
 (Ex. Event information, maintenance complete information)
- Night push notifications are push notifications sent between 21:00 ~ 08:00
- Vibration notification is an alert to notify that the battle is done.
■ Sound
- Adjust volume of BGM and effects.
■ Language
- Change the game language.
- Other languages will be updated soon.

Settings +6
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- Items from purchasing, event rewards, attendance rewards, and others can be collected from mailbox.
- Make sure to check expiration date.
■ Claim / Delete
- Touch claim button to claim that item from mailbox.
- Claimed mails or expired mails will be automatically deleted.

Mailbox +1
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Return User Event

> Return users will have a special log in rewards.
> Log in for 7 days to receive items!
■ Return User Log in Event
- Return users are those who did not log in for 14 days or more.
- Log in to receive the items in the mailbox. Log in resets daily at 00:00.
- Return user event last for 7 days. Event ends after 10 days of first log in or after receiving all 7 days of rewards.

Return User Event
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LV.17 GameManager 4years

Log In Calendar

> Log in to receive rewards!
> Rewards will be sent to mailbox.
■ Log in Calendar
- Daily check in resets at 00:00.
- Rewards will be sent to mailbox.
- Calendar consists of 28 days and resets to day 1 after 28th day check in.
■ New User Check-In
- For our brand new Heirs, check out New User Check-In!
- Resets at 00:00 AM daily. You can receive New User Check-In rewards in addition to regular Check-In rewards.
- Applies to new players that started after the New User Check-In Update.
- New User Check-In will be open for 7 days and close 10 days after it starts. Please make sure to claim all your rewards before it ends.

Log In Calendar +1
Log In Calendar
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> Barracks is an extra inventory to keep Servants.
> Barracks can be expanded using Gold.
■ Transfer
- Select the Servants in the inventory and touch the top arrow to transfer them to Barracks.
- Select the Servants in the Barracks and touch the bottom arrow to transfer them to inventory.
- Barracks can be expanded using Gold. (Max 200 slots)
- Utilize sorting function to conveniently search the Servants to be transferred.

Barracks +4
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> Shows entire list of Servants in Heir of Light by Grade / Element / Class
> Lore of Servants are also included in the Collection
■ Collection List
- All Servants are listed by Class / Elements / Grade.
- Collected Servants are activated.
- Collection can be sorted by Class / element / grade.
■ Character Information
1. Stats
- Details about the stats for the selected character.
2. Skills
- Details about the skills for the selected character.
3. Gear Slots
- Details about the Gear slots (including yellow edges) for the selected character.
4. Review
- Check reviews & ratings for the selected character or write one.
5. Story
- Background story for the selected character.

Collection +5
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> The place to visit when in need of something.
> Shop has various items including Valor, Gold, and Packages.
■ Special
- Special Packages and boosters can be purchased.
- Purchased items will be sent to mailbox.
■ Packages
- Various cost effiecient packages can be purchased.
■ Tickets
- Valor and PvP Tickets can be purchased using Karats.
■ Honor Points
- Summon Stones and Skill bun (skill enhancing material) can be purchased using Honor Points.
- Certain items can only be purchased once per week and the limit resets at 00:00 on Mondays.
- Honor Points can be acquired from PvP contents such as PvP and Tower Invasion.
■ Gold
- Gold can be purchased using Karats
■ Karats
- Karats can be purchased using Cash.
- You can buy a wide array of goodies with Guild Points earned from Guild Dungeons.
■ Mileage
- You can buy various items with Mileage points earned from in-app purchases.
■ Party
: Party Points are obtained by participating in Party Raids and can be used to buy items.

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Element Upgrade

> Element Upgrade is another way to get stronger.
> Stats of Servants will increase by the Element Upgrade level.
- Access the Element Upgrade by clicking Setting -> Element
■ Element Upgrade
- 5 Trials are given for each element. (Resets 00:00 daily)
- Trials are deducted per trial whether or not upgrade succeeds.
- Upgrade can be done without consuming any materials up to Lv.20 for each element.
(Light/Dark Elements are free up to Lv.40 due to the progress of Light / Dark elements are combined.)
- Corresponding Element Stones are required to upgrade beyond Lv.20 (Lv.40 for Light/Dark elements).
1. 1 time only per day! Upgrade success rate is 100%.
2. Element Stones can be acquired from Awakening Dungeons and Tributes.

Element Upgrade +4
Element Upgrade
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> Socialize by joining the guild.
> Create a guild or join other guild to enjoy Heir of Light with other Heirs.
■ Guild
- Can only join 1 guild at a time (per account, not per Masters)
- Guild consists of 60 members. (50 Members + 10 Journeymen)
*Journeymen: Those who got promoted from Apprenticeship
1. Join Guild
- Check recommended or new guilds on the list or search for a guild to apply to join.
- Cannot join or create a guild on the same day after leaving or disbanding the guild. Limit resets at 00:00.
- If the guild requires approval to join, Master's or Officers' approval is required to join.
- Request can only be sent to one guild at a time and may cancel current request to apply to another guild.
2. Guild History
- Displays latest news about the guild members
- In guild history, members joining / leaving the guild, Mystery Dungeons found, and other news can be checked.
3. Attendance
- All members can check in for attendance.
- Attendance resets at 00:00 daily.
- Daily rewards are issued upon daily check in and consecutive check in rewards are available when checking in 3 days consecutively.
- Rarer rewards can be acquired for consecutive check in rewards depending on how many members checked in on the previous day.
4. Training
- EXP can be acquired through training using NPC and other members' main characters ad trainers.
- Up to 5 characters can be selected at a time.
- Training time varies by how many trainers are selected. (1 Trainer = 20 minutes)
- While in progress, training can be canceled and trainers will be marked as used.
- Training rewards are available when using more than 5 trainers in a day. (Resets at 00:00 daily)
5. Guild Creation
- Guilds can be created by using Gold.
- When creating a guild, the guild Master can set up join type (open/approval) and requirements.
6. Guild Setting
- Master and Officers can change setting of the guild (Join type / requirement / description).
- Guild can be disbanded only when there are no members in the guild besides the Master.
7. Guild Member
- Through the manage menu, Master can ban, approve, appoint, and promote members.
- Guild Master cannot leave the guild until appoint another member as the Master.
8. Apprenticeship
- Crusades applied for Apprenticeship are joined as Apprentices.
- Apprentices can apply to become Journeymen and upon approval, they become official member of the guild.
9. Chatting
: When you join a Guild, you can send messages to your Guild members in Chat.
: Tap on Chat (upper right corner) > Guild tab to send messages only to your Guild members.
: When you send a message, it will show the time elapsed since being sent to the right side of the message. (Normal chat messages do not show this.)

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Tower Management

> Managing Tower is crucial for Tower Invasion!
> Manage Towers to defend or invade Manors.
■ Servants
- Owned Servants can be placed in the Tower.
- Touch "Auto" button and system will automatically place Servants.
- Touch "Complete" to save current setting and once completed, it cannot be changed for 2 hours.
■ Interior
- There are 4 Interiors that increase stats of placed Servants.
- Level up Interior by using Honor Points.
- Touch "expand" button to check details of stats applied and special skills for each floor.
■ Tower Enhancing
- Maximum number of floors of the Tower is based on the Crusade level.
- Towers can be expanded up to 7th floor.
■ Mock Battle
- All Crusades can attack their own Tower to test the setting.
- Mock Battle does not require PvP Tickets.
■ Invasion Log
- View record of Tower Invasion

Tower Management +5
Tower Management
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LV.17 GameManager 4years

Mystery Dungeon

> Mystery Dungeons can be found occasionally when clearing Exploration or Dungeons.
> Servant Summon Shards of the Boss can be acquired when clearing the Mystery Dungeon.
■ Mystery Dungeon
: Mystery Dungeons are open for 60 minutes upon discovery.
: In Mystery Dungeon, you can battle 400 times per day and the battle counts reset at midnight (server time).
: All Mystery Dungeons share battle counts. Every time you fight in a Mystery Dungeon, it will be subtracted from the total battle count (400).
Crusades within same guild do not need to wait for approval to enter the shared Mystery Dungeon.
Join guild and take the benefit!
Sometimes, the gates of the GM's Mystery Dungeon will open...
■ Reward
1) Clear Rewards
- Servant Summon Shards of the Boss can be acquired when clearing the Mystery Dungeon.
- Servant can be summoned when there are required amount of the Servant Summon Shards.
2) Dungeon Share Rewards
- You will gain Valor from other players that have cleared your Mystery Dungeon.
- 1 Valor will be rewarded for every clear by other players.

Mystery Dungeon +1
Mystery Dungeon
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LV.17 GameManager 4years

Gear Dungeon (Omen's Void / Heide's Void)

> Rare Gears can be acquired from [Omen's Void] & [Heide's Void].
> Conquer Omen's Void to equip rare Gears on your Masters & Servants!
> Good luck defeating Omen!
■ Gear Dungeon
- Valor is required to enter.
- Elements of [Omen] and [Heide] vary by floor, with each floor requiring a different strategy.
- Rarer Gears can be acquired from higher floors.
- Tap Reward List in each dungeon to view available Gears and items.
> Special Tips on Equipping Gears!
- Gears for slots 2, 4, and 6 come with +% Primary Stats, so it's important to consider
which Primary Stats to focus on based on the types of characters and set effects!
- Primary stats of 1, 3, 5 Gear have fixed values. Select Gears that provide
good Secondary Stats and Bonus Stats when you enhance them!

Gear Dungeon (Omen's Void / Heide's Void) +1
Gear Dungeon (Omen's Void / Heide's Void)
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
LV.17 GameManager 4years

Awakening Dungeon

> Elemental Stones are required to Awaken characters and to enhance Elements.
> Elemental Stones can be acquired at [Awakening Dungeon].
> Awakening Dungeons rotate daily.
■ Awakening Dungeon
- Valor is required to enter.
- The Boss [Iscariot] gets stronger by the floors.
- Rewards include Element Stones, Evolve Buns, Summon Stones and more!
1. Magic Dungeon
- Magic Dungeon is open at all times.
2. Element Dungeon
- Element Dungeons rotate daily.
- Defeat [Iscariot] to acquire rewards!
3. Awakening Material Dungeon 11F
: In the Awakening Material Dungeon 11F, you can obtain Supreme Element Stones needed for 3rd-5th Awakening.
: The 11th floor has its daily battle limits.
: Awakening Material Dungeon's 11th Floor has Character requirements to enter per element.
4. Awakening Material Dungeon 12F
: You can only enter Awakening Material Dungeon 12F once per day. You can use Karats to enter 1 more time.
: Awakening Material Dungeon 12F has restrictions on which Servants can enter, depending on their Elements.
5. Awakening Material Dungeon Repeat Battle
: For 11F and 12F of Awakening Material Dungeon, you can choose [Use Karats to Continue] when using Repeat Battle.
: You can enter each floor up to 1 more time upon choosing this option. It will cost 75 Karats per entry for 11F and 12F of Magic Dungeon, and 150 Karats per entry for 11F and 12F of Elemental Dungeons.

Awakening Dungeon +5
Awakening Dungeon
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LV.17 GameManager 4years


> Bring the light to the Hinterland as a Heir of Light.
> Earn various rewards and level up Crusade(Account Level) and Servants.
■ Basics of Explore
- Each tile requires 'Valor' to enter
- Each tile has multiple floors and clearing all tiles will unlock adjacent tiles.
- When you complete the last floor on all Explore / Estate, you will be moved to the first floor of a nearby tile.
■ Type of Tiles
- Normal Tiles (1x1): Grants EXP and rewards.
- Bonus Tiles (2x2): Grants higher EXP and more rewards.
- Boss Tiles (3x3 / 4x4): Encounter Boss in these tiles and possible to acquire Servant Shards.
- Joker Tile (Treasure Chest): Grants high reward for 1st time clear.
■ Rewards
1. Clear Rewards
- Rewards can be acquired from clearing tiles.
- Acquirable rewards can be checked when you click on 'Reward List' on the tile.
Tip. Need Gears?
Different Gears can be acquired from different Tiles.
Repeat specific Tiles to obtain the Gears that you need.
Fighting over and over again will not only get you the Gears, but also Repeat Rewards!
2. Repeat Rewards
- Repeat rewards can be acquired through playing same element region repeatedly.
- Repeat rewards progress count separately for each element.
- Acquirable repeat rewards are displayed in the battle prep screen.
- You can receive Repeat Rewards up to 300 times.
3. Star Rewards
- Stars are given by the clear time of each stages and Star rewards can be acquired for accumulated number of Stars.
- Stars are counted separately by each element.
- Accumulative acquired Stars and acquirable rewards are displayed when touching on the each tile on each element.
- Tap the arrow next to Star Reward to view previously acquired rewards and rewards that may be obtained when leveling up.
■ Repeat Battle for Exploration
① Servant Auto Replace
: Servants that have reached max level will be automatically replaced with a previously selected Servant.
: Choose [Auto Replace] in [Repeat Battle] > [Once a Servant reaches Max level]. Tap the [Auto Replace Settings] button.
: You can select options for Servants that will automatically replace your max level Servant in the pop up.
② Only 6★ Servants allowed to use skills
: You can allow only 6★ Servants to use skills during Repeat Battle.
: This option will allow currently 6★ Servants to use skills, regardless of their Origin Grade.

Explore +9
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LV.17 GameManager 4years

World Map

> World Map of Hinterlands.
> It's the beginning of the adventure.
> Conquer and protect your land.
■ World Map
■ Content Unlock:
Gear Dungeon: Lv.16
PvP: Lv.15
Awakening Material Dungeon: Lv.7
Tower Invasion: Lv.18
Abaddon Tower: Lv.8
Guild Dungeon: Lv.9
- Various contents such as Stages, Invasions, PvP, and others are located in the World Map and can be accessed depending on your level.
- Screen can be moved by dragging to any direction and can be enlarged or reduced as well.
■ Contents Button
- Touch Contents button at the right bottom to quickly access the contents.
1. Explore: Display the most recent stage played
2. Abaddon Tower: Enter the Abaddon Tower
3. Invasion, Tower Invasion, PvP : Move to nearest tile.
4. Guild Dungeon: Enter the Guild Dungeon (Requires a Guild)
■ Tile
- World Map consists of numerous tiles.
- Locked tiles cannot be entered and they can be unlocked by meeting requirements.
- Quest mark will be displayed if there are quests in the tile.
■ Type of Tiles
- Tiles are separated into 3 types:
■ Tribute
- Tributes can be earned as rewards for conquered Manors.
- If any tribute can be collected, it will display when entering the World Map. Tribute can be collected by touching it.
- Gold can be claimed every hour and Awakening Stones can be claimed every 24 hours and it does not accumulate over its max capacity.
■ Sanctuaries
Q. What is a Sanctuary?
A. It's the newest addition to the world map as of 2018 winter. You can use portals from each Element region to enter.
1. How to Enter
: You can move to the expanded [Gate of Sanctuary] by using portals from each Element region.
: Only one portal exist per Element region. (Water/Fire/Forest/Light/Dark)
: Obtain Star Reward Lv. 18 in an Element region to unlock the [Sanctuary], which then opens the portal to the Gate of Sanctuary.
: Only one portal tiles exists per Element region. Tap on the tile to move to each Element's Sanctuary.
2. Rewards
: Clear Gate of Sanctuary to receive Gear, Servant Shards, Servant-specific Skill Buns, crafting materials and Valor.
: Obtain Star Reward Lv. 18 in an Element region to unlock the [Sanctuary], which then opens the portal to the Gate of Sanctuary.

World Map +3
World Map
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LV.17 GameManager 4years

Servant Management - Enhancing

> Best way to get a stronger team is by enhancing Servants.
> Enhancing (Character Level / Skill Level), Evolving (Grade), and Awakening will grant you the power you need.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. I cannot choose the Servant I wish to use for enhancing and evolving.
A. Servants under following circumstances cannot be used as materials:
- When Locked
- When assigned as Main Character
- When assigned in Tower
- When assigned in Invasion
Q. I can't Fuse, sell, or use my Servant as growth material because they're deployed in Invasion.
A. Please remove them from Invasion content and try again.
There are two types of Invasions: [Tower Invasion] and [PvP]. You can remove your Servants from [Tower Settings] and [PvP Team Settings] respectively.
■ Enhance
- Enhancing using Servants grant you EXP.
- Servants used as materials will be gone.
- Skill level will increase if you use same Servant of any element or Skill Bun.
- You cannot enhance when the target is at its max level.
(You can only enhance Skills using identical Servants or Skill Buns.)
1. Enhance Screen
a. Target: The character being enhanced. Can be selected from the inventory and can be unselected byn clicking one more time.
b. Material: Displays characters that can be used as materials. Maximum of 50 can be selected at once.
c. Result: Expected results (Level / Stats).
d. Enhance: Gold cost and enhances when touching the button.
e. Bulk Enhance: Upgrade Servants by selecting 1~2★ Servants in bulk from your Inventory.
2. Enhancing Steps
a. Select Target: Select Servant to be enhanced.
b. Select Materials: Select materials from the inventory to be consumed.
> Selected target and materials can be unselected by touching the portrait(s) again.
c. Touch Enhance button to proceed with enhancing.
3. Enhance Material Servants
: Material Servants are called Buns. For better results, use Buns of the same element as the target character.
EXP Bun: A Servant used for character upgrades. Gives a lot of EXP.
Blazing EXP Bun: Awakened EXP Bun. Use Buns of the same element as the target character to gain even more EXP.
Skill Bun: A Servant used for skill upgrades.
1. The higher the level of the Servant being used as material, the higher EXP it will grant.
> Enhancing cost is determined by its grade, not by level.
2. Awaken Buns into Blazing EXP Buns to gain more EXP.
3. Make sure to utilize 'lock' function to prevent using important Servants as materials.
4. How to Bulk Enhance
a. Select a Servant to Enhance, then tap the [Bulk Select] button.
b. Select 1★ and/or 2★ rank Servants to use as Upgrade material.
c. Tap [OK] to use the selected rank in bulk for Enhance.
■ Evolve
- Characters can be evolved to higher grade when they reach maximum level.
- Evolving requires same grade Servants as materials.
- Characters can be evolved to 6 Stars.
1. Evolve Screen
a. Target: The character to be evolved. Can be selected in the inventory and can be unselected by touching the portrait again.
b. Material: Servants selected to be consumed as materials.
c. Result: Expected result (Grade / Stats).
d. Evolve: Gold cost and evolves when touching the button.
2. How to Evolve
a. Select Target: Select Servant to be evolved
b. Select Materials: Select materials of the same grade as the target.
c. Touch Evolve button to proceed with evolving.
3. Evolve Material Servant
- Evolve Bun: Material Servant used to evolve.
1. Skill level will increase when using same Servant of any element as evolving material.
2. Make sure to utilize 'lock' function to prevent using important Servants as materials.
■ Awakening
- Awakening will enhance both skill and stats.
- Possible Awakening is determined by the character's original grade.
- Color of the Stars will change by Awakening level.
- Awakening requires Element Stones of the same kind as the target's element.
- Out of the 3★ Servants, you can 2nd - 5th Awaken Grisette / Rhamaan / Dunkelhund / Gretel / Moira / Gwyllgi / Mordu.
1. Awakening Screen
a. Target: Character to be Awakened.
b. Material: Materials required.
c. Result: Expected result after Awakening.
d. Button: When you have all the required Elements, the button will be activated.
2. How to Awaken
a. Select Target: Select the character to be awakened. Touching other characters will change the target.
b. Awaken: When having enough materials, touch the Awaken button to Awaken the Character.
3. Added Stats Based on Awakening Level
: Supreme Magic Stones and Element Stones are required for 3rd-5th Awakening.
: You can acquire Supreme Magic Stones and Element Stones by each element type in the Material Dungeon's 11th Floor.
4. Relation Effect
: After the 4th Awakening, Relation Effect adds new Stats to certain Servants' Passive Skills.
: Relation Effect is a buff that can be activated between the Servant who carries Relation Effect and the selected Character.
: The Relation Effect cannot be stacked, even if there are multiple characters between allies / opponents with the effect.
5. How to Acquire Element Stones
a. Awakening Dungeon (World Map -> Awakening Dungeon)
- Different element Awakening Stones can be acquired daily.
b. Tribute
- Element Stones can be acquired once per day from Tribute.
: By Transcending, users can exceed their Character's growth limit and make their character even more powerful!
: The Transcend Menu is at Characters > Upgrade
1. Transcend Requirements
: Only 6★ Max Level Characters are qualified to Transcend.
: Servants (3★ or higher) are all qualified to Transcend. (Evolve Bun, Skill Bun, Servants under 2★ are not included)
: Transcend can be only done up to 5 times.
2. Transcend Effects
: By Transcend Status, Character's Max Level will increase.
: ATK, DEF and HP increases with Transcend levels and other stats will also increase depending on the Servant.
: Transcendence Effect can be viewed in [Servants] > [Upgrade] > [Transcend].
: If you Transcend a character that has a skill that is not at max-level, a random skill's level will increase by 1.
3. Transcend Material
: You can use equivalent 6★ Servants as Transcend Material that are of the same Element.
: Level, Awakening, and Transcend level are irrelevant.
: Regardless of Transcendent Level, 1 Servant Material is always required as a minimum.
: Along with Servant Materials, it also required some Gold.
■Servant-specific Skill Bun
: These Skill Buns can only be used by Servants that share the same Element or the same name.
: These Skill Buns can be used to grow (Enhance or Evolve) Servants.
: Servant-specific Skill Buns cannot be used as Main Servants.
: You can obtain Servant-specific Skill Buns as a reward when you clear [Temple Area].

Servant Management - Enhancing +8
Servant Management - Enhancing
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
LV.17 GameManager 4years

Servant Management - Gears

> Gears are equipment items that increase stats of Characters.
> All Gears have original star grade and original rarity and can be enhanced for higher stats.
■ Gears
1. Main Stat
- All Gears have a Main Stat.
- The Main Stat and stat value are based on the type of the Gear and its Origin Star grade.
- Stat value increases when enhancing and the higher its original star grade, the higher it increases.
2. Sub Stat (Prefix Stat)
- If a Gear has prefix, it will have secondary stat.
- Secondary stat cannot be enhanced.
3. Sub Stat
- All Gears have additional stats based on original grade and current grade. (Except Normal grade)
- Additional stats are added every 3 enhance levels. (3, 6, 9, 12)
4. Set Effect
: Set Effects are activated when the required number of Gears are equipped.
: Set Effects and required numbers vary by Gear type.
: Set Effects will be increased when Gears are equipped to Shiny Gear slots (refer to the image below), which increases the Main Stats of Gears by 10%.
Ex.) 51% HP increase (Main Stat) + 5% HP Increase (10% Main Stat Increase Effect) = 56% HP Increase
Ex.) 500 HP increase (Main Stat) + 50 HP Increase (10% Main Stat Increase Effect) = 550 HP Increase
■ Enhancing Gears
: Gears can be enhanced up to +15 and Main Stat values will increase every Enhance level.
: Sub stat values increase depending on Enhance level and Origin grade.
- Gear enhancing can fail at a certain rate.
: Gold is required to enhance Gears. The higher the Origin Star grade, the more Gold is required.
■ Super-Enhance
: Super-Enhance allows you to enhance Origin ★6 Epic & Legendary Gear up to +19.
: Super-Enhance not only improves your Main Stats, but also allows you to enhance 1 Sub Stat of your choice.
▶ Gear to Super-Enhance & Required Materials
1) Gear to Super-Enhance: +15 or higher Origin ★6 Epic or Legendary Gear
2) Materials
① Material Gear (Must be Epic or Legendary and same [Origin ★6], [Part], [Gear Set], [Main Stat] as the desired Gear)
② Transcending Aura (Can be obtained from Party Raid)
③ Gold
▶ How to Super-Enhance
: Once an Origin ★6 [Epic, Legendary] Gear reaches +15, go to Gear → Enhance → Super-Enhance.
: Super-Enhance requires a target Gear and Material Gear. Super-Enhance has a 100% success rate.
: Upon Super-Enhance, the target Gear will increase in level by +1, and its Main Stats, as well as selected Sub Stats, will also increase.
: When you Super-Enhance a Gear, you will get a bonus stat for your chosen Sub Stat.
If you choose to Super-Enhance a Sub Stat that already has a bonus stat, the bonus stat will be rerolled (may increase, decrease, or stay the same).
: Once the Super-Enhance process is complete, the Material Gear will disappear, and the Super-Enhanced Gear will be unable to be converted.
■ Acquiring Gears
- Gears can be acquired at a random chance when clearing stages.
- Acquirable Gears are listed when you click each tiles on the World Map.
- Rare Gears can be acquired from Omen's Void & Heide's Void (Gear Dungeon).
■ Type of Gears
1. Stats by Type
: There are 8 types of Gears and the Main Stat is determined by its type.
: Odd-numbered Gears (1,3,5,7) will have the same Main Stats per type.
: Even-numbered Gears (2,4,6,8) will have randomly selected Main Stats.
: All characters have extra Gear slots.
: Extra slots are the 7th and 8th slots. Some characters may only have 7th slot when others may have both 7th and 8th slots.
: 7th and 8th slots are locked by default and can be unlocked by 3rd or 5th Awakening, depending on the character.
: The 7th slot will unlock when your character is Awakened 3 times, and the 8th slot will unlock when your character is Awakened 5 times.
: The 7th and 8th slots cannot become Shiny Slots, unlike slots 1-6. Set effects will not be increased even after Gears are equipped to the 7th and 8th slot and connected to the others.
: 7th and the 8th Gears can be obtained through Gear Dungeon F10 and F11, or the 7th & 8th Gear Pack.
■ Equipping, Un-equipping, and Selling of Gears
1. Equipping
: All Gears can be equipped on any Character without restrictions.
: Gears can only be equipped on an empty slot of the type.
: If there is already a Gear in that type's slot, you can either unequip or replace the previous Gear (replaced Gear will disappear).
2. Unequipping
- All equipped Gear can be unequipped by using Gold.
- Gold amount varies by Gears and original star grade.
3. Selling
- Gears can be sold in bulk by touching [Sell Selection].
- Gold can be earned through selling Gears and Gold amount varies by type, rarity, original star grade, and Main Stat.
■ Gear Inventory
- Gears are stored in the inventory and can be expanded by using Gold.
■ Conversion
1. Definition
: Conversion is a feature that lets you change the bonus stats on your Gear. (Main and Sub Stats will not be affected.)
However, Sub Stats of the following Gears cannot be reset:
: When you convert, the category and the value bonus stats on the selected Gear will change randomly.
: Only 1~6★ +12 enhanced Gears can be converted.
2. How to Convert
: Tap on Convert in Gear > Enhance, and you can convert Gear using Conversion Stone and Gold.
: Required number of Conversion Stones and Gold will vary depending on the grade of your Gear.
: After converting, you can choose between the category and value of the bonus stats you had before conversion, and the randomly changed stats after conversion.
: Conversion Stone can be obtained from World Raid Daily / Season Reward.
■ Gear Settings
: You can manage all your Gears in once place.
1. Location
: Find [Gear Settings] in the [Characters > Gear] menu.
2. Menu
a) See owned Gears
: See all the Gears you have.
: However, Servants that are in Barracks are not included in Gear Settings, nor are their equipped Gears.
: You can organize Gears by type and options.
b) Manage Gears equipped on Servants
: View, unequip, or upgrade Gears equipped on each Servant.
: Have Servants try on Gear to see the effects, even when the Gear is equipped by other Servants.
: You can see the stat changes right away in the Manage Gears screen upon temporarily equipping Gears.
: The Gear you want to try on will show up in Changed, and you can tap the [Apply] button at the bottom to apply the changes.
: If you want to keep the temporarily equipped Gear, you will need pay the unequipping fees if the Gear is already in use by other Servants, or if that Servant has different Gear equipped.

Servant Management - Gears +7
Servant Management - Gears
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Servant Management – Skill

Form a team with Characters with different skills based on Element, Grade, and Class
to win battles!
■ Character Skills
1. Skill Types & How to Acquire Them
- Servants have [Active skills] & [Passive skills].
a. Active Skills
- Active skills are the type of skills that you use in battles.
- Servants have 2 Active skills.
b. Passive Skills
- To view the Skills that will be used during battle, tap [Characters] -> [Skill].
- Some Servants have Passive skills. (based on original Grade)
- Servants have 2 type of Passive Skills: [Team Passive] & [Passive]
> Passive: Applies to only certain team members during the battle. You can check details in [Character] -> [Skill]
> Team Passive: Applies to all team members during the battle. You can check details in [Character] -> [Skill]
c. Acquiring Skills
- Servants can have at least 2 Active Skills. They can acquire 1 Passive Skill through Awakening.
- Some Servants that have not been Awakened may still have 2 Active Skills and 1 Passive Skill.
- Depending on a Servant's characteristics, there may have different requirements for acquiring skills.
2. Skill Enhancing
a. How to Enhance Skills
: Character skills can be enhanced by enhancing/evolving using the same character of any element. One of the skills will be randomly enhanced.
: You may randomly enhance 1 skill when using Servants of the same type.
Tip. If you use Skill Buns, you can enhance skills even when you're not using the same Character to enhance.
- How to acquire Skill Buns: Shop (Honor Points)
- How to use Skill Buns: Character Upgrades (Enhance)
3. Servant Marks and Combo Skills
: A Combo Skill has a Primary and Secondary Mark. With Combo Skill, you can unleash continuous attacks at a set rate.
: When you have Characters with Secondary Marks that are the same as another Character's Primary Marks, those Characters might use their Combo Skills in succession - inflicting greater damage on the enemy.
a. Types of Marks
- Primary Mark: Activates a Combo Skill.
- Secondary Mark: Becomes available after Combo Skill is activated.
(It is possible for a Combo Skill to be activated at chance if the Secondary Mark of the Servant performing the Combo Skill matches the Primary Mark of another Servant in the same party.)
b. Activating Combo Skills
- In order to activate Combo Skills, make sure to check the Secondary Mark of the Servant.
- When the Secondary Mark of the Servant performing the Combo Skill matches the Primary Mark of another Servant in the same party, there's a chance that a Combo Skill will be activated!
- Secondary Marks are displayed on the Servant icons in the Skill menu.

Servant Management – Skill +4
Servant Management – Skill
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> Ready for the battle yet?
> Learn the fuctions to enjoy the battle even more!
■ Battle
a. Auto Setting
b. Game Play Speed Setting
c. Camera Setting
d. Damage / Heal / Support Meter
e. Status of Allies
f. Targeting
g. Status of the Opponent
■ Battle Mode
1. Auto Attack
- When the battle begins, allies attacks the enemy with normal attacks.
2. Skill
- Global Cooldown (shared skill cooldown for all skills) is applied to battle.
- Up to 3 skills can be registered to be casted when touching skill icons.
3. Combo Skill
- All servants 3★ and above have their own unique combo skills .
- Combo Skills can be casted when the skill gauge of the Combo Skills are full.
■ Battle Settings
1. Auto Setting
- Touch the Auto button to change setting.
2. Game Play Speed
- There are 3 speed settings.
- Change speed settings to choose to play faster or enjoy the actions in slower speed.
3. Camera (View)
- Touch the Camera button to change between Fixed view (N) and Adjustable View (F).
- Rotate and zoom in/out the view In Adjustable View (F).
- There are occasions where Camera view is not adjustable.
4. Target
- Touch the button to rotate the target between Boss and Tower.
■ Display
1. Damage / Heal / Support Meter
- Displays contribution of Servants
2. Damage / Heal Display
- Damage amount and Heal amount are displayed on the top of the characters.
- Types are differentiated by colors.
3. Buff & Debuff
- Buffs & Debuffs icons are located next the character portraits & under the HP of the enemy.
- Buffs are blue icons and Debuffs are red icons.
4. Aggro
- Aggro mark is displayed on the top of the character to show who's being targetted.
5. Show Secondary Combo Skill
: The Secondary Combo Skill of your Servants will be shown in the lower right corner of the Combo Skill icon.
: If the currently activated Combo Skill's Secondary Combo Skill is identical to another Servant's Primary Mark, Secondary Combo Skill will be activated at set chance.
■ Win Condition
- Win the battle by defeating the boss.
- Stars can be acquired depending on how long the battle lasted.
- Touch on the Stars (right top corner) to check details.
Earn Summon Stones and other various awards based on the total number of Stars your acquire.
■ Pause
- Touch the Pause icon on the right top corner to pause the battle.
- Details of the monster can be viewed while paused.
- Touch [Continue] to resume the battle and touch [End Battle] to quit battle.
Displays the information of monsters, Towers, and the requirements to earn Stars.

Battle +11
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Battle Preparation

> Strategize before entering battle to ensure victory.
> "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles" - Sun Tzu, The Art of War -
■ Battle Preparation
a. CP: CP stands for Combat Power. It's a numerical value that's calculated using Characters' stats.
b. Enemy Information: Touch the portrait to check name, role, and skills.
c. Battle: Displays the required amount of Valor. Tap the button to start a battle.
d. Repeat Battle (Explore Regions only)
e. List of Characters: List of characters that can join the battle. Scroll right and left to see entire list.
f. Reverse Sorting
g. Selected Characters: Characters to join battle and can be deselected by touching the portrait.
h. Mark Change: when you're equipped with Avatars that makes this feature available, you can tap on the [▼] button to change your Servant's mark.
i. Save Team: Create and use teams of frequently used Servants for each mode.
■ Character Selection
: Tap on the portrait of the characters in the list to select a team.
: Characters will be marked with Roman numerals in numerical order:Ⅰ→Ⅱ→Ⅲ→Ⅳ.
■ Details
- Tap and hold on the CP on the selected Characters, or the portrait of a Character or a Monster for 2 seconds to view detailed information.
■ Icons
1. Class
- There are 5 Classes: Melee DPS /Ranged DPS / Support / Healer / Tank
- Mixing the Classes between characters will be beneficial in battles.
2. Element
- Arrows on the left bottom of the portrait indicate the advantage/disadvantage of element relationship against the boss.
■ Crusades
1. Roles
: It's best to have a Crusade with DPS, Tanker, and Healer/Supporter Characters.
2. Elements
: Depending on the Boss' element, dominant and submissive elements will be marked on the Character icons with arrows.
■ Team Passive Skill
: A Team Passive Skill affects all party members, depending on the content you are playing and the Elements of the team.
: If your Character has a Team Passive Skill, you can tap the Team Passive Skill icon to select it.
■ Save Team
- The Save Team function can be accessed from the Servants menu and Battle Prep screen for each mode.
- Save/edit team members by tapping the gear icon located to the right of each slot.
- Tap a slot with a full Team, and they will show up in the Battle Prep screen.
However, if the slot has more Servants than the mode allows, then that slot cannot be selected/applied.
- Teams that have been deployed will maintain their members even when the device is changed or game is re-installed.
■ Repeat Battle
: You can use Repeat Battle in Dungeons you have already cleared & stages you have already cleared with 3 Stars.
: You can customize Repeat Battle Settings such as when to stop and what to sell, on the Prepare for Battle screen.
: When Repeat Battle ends, a result screen will pop up and display your acquired Rewards and EXP.
: You can increase the number of Repeat Battles up to 200 by purchasing Bonus Pack Ⅰ,Ⅱ at the Shop.
■ Power saving mode
: You can enter power saving mode during Repeat Battle through the Repeat Battle pop up message.
1. Power saving mode ON / OFF
a) Power saving mode ON: occurs only during Repeat Battles. You cannot use buttons while in power saving mode.
b) Power saving mode OFF: slide your finger across the screen from left to right to turn off power saving mode.

Battle Preparation +8
Battle Preparation
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■ Class
- There are 5 Classes: Melee DPS/ Ranged DPS / Support / Healer / Tank

Classes +1
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> Quests will direct Heirs in their jouneys.
> Quests will make game play more enjoyable.
> Complete quests to acquire various rewards.
■ Quest
- Extra reward is available upon completed all quests in each chapter.
- Quest icon will be displayed for the tiles with quests.
> Progress won't continue until completed quest reward is claimed.
> Don't forget to claim rewards after quests are completed!
1. Cult Estate Quest
: The Cult Estate quest is made up of only one chapter.
: Completing the quest will teach you the basics of how to play the game.
: The Church of the Morning Star encourages all new Heirs to complete this quest.
2. Element Quest
- Each Element Quests consist of 8 chapters.
- Extra reward is available upon completed all quests in each chapter.

Quest +2
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Black Market

> Special items are available at the Black Market.
> Black Market refreshes hourly.
■ Black Market
- Purchase items using Karats or Gold.
- Black Market is automatically refreshed when accessing the menu (1 time per hour).
- Black Market can be refreshed by using Karats.
- List of 3 items are given and can be expanded up to 10 by using Karats or Gold.

Black Market
Black Market
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Hall of Fame

> Visit Hall of Fame to meet the strongest Heirs.
> Rankers are displayed.
Challenge to be on the Hall of Fame!
■ Hall of Fame
- Displays 1st rank of each content.
- Touch the Crusade to check details.
1. Medal
- Medals can be acquired from Tower Invasion & PvP ranking rewards.
- Medal ranking is determined by the Medal amount.
2. Tower Invasion & PvP
- Previous and current ranking can be checked for Tower Invasion & PvP.

Hall of Fame
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> Fight against other Crusades who invaded your Hinterland.
> PvP Tickets are required to enter PvP.
■ PvP Menu
a. My Information: Your Crusade ranking and Victory Points.
b. Opponent: Opponent's information.
c. Ranking: View current / previous ranking.
Rewards: View weekly / season rewards
d. Manage PvP Team: Manage your team.
e. Reward Time: Time left until weekly reward can be claimed.
f. Reset All: The PvP list can be reset every 5 mins.
■ Opponent
- Other Crusades invade your Hinterland at every hour.
- Entering the tile invaded shows the invading Crusades.
- The list of invading users may be reset every 5 mins for free. Use Karats to instantly reset the list.
- Crusade may attack the opponent who won against you or have refreshed the list for up to 3 times.
- You can use Karats to Reset the PvP Opponent List.
■ Rewards
- Victory Points are acquired upon winning and are lost upon losing.
- Gold and Honor Points can be acquired upon winning.
: The Honor Points you can receive upon victory per league are as follows.
■ Ranking
- Ranking is based on Victory Points.
- Each season consists 4 ranking weeks and season rewards will be issued by the League once season is done.
■ Team
- Touch the PvP party menu to select the Servants that will participate in PvP.
- Touch Auto Formation to easily set up PvP team.

PvP +6
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LV.17 GameManager 4years

Servant Management - Information

> Check details of Servants in possession.
■ Information
1. Character Details
: Check details of owned characters.
: Base stats are displayed in white and any additional stats (from Gears, Element Enhance, etc.) are displayed in green.
: The maximum value for Accuracy is 200% and for Resist is 250%.
: If the stat value is greater than the maximum value, it will be marked in orange.
: The Origin Grade of the Servant is shown on the left side of its name.
2. Stats
3. Boast
- Information Servants can be shared with other users via link in the chat (Regular / Guild / Whisper).
4. Main Character
- Main Character is displayed in the portrait to represent Crusade and can be used as an Instructor in the Guild Training Ground.
- When set as a Main Character, the character is locked and cannot be dismissed nor used as an enhancing material.
5. Lock
- Servants can be locked to be protected from accidentally dismissing or using as an enhancing material.
6. Reviews
- Other player's ratings and reviews of the Servant can be found here.
7. Rating
- Ratings and reviews on the Servant from other players can be viewed.
- You can only rate and review a Servant if you have summoned or purchased that Servant.
8. Dismiss
- Dismissing Servants will grant Gold.
- Once dismissed, it cannot be restored. Please proceed with care.
■ Inventory
1. Sorting
- Servants can be sorted using sorting function.
2. Reverse Order
- Use Reverse Order to bring the lowest ranked Servant to the top of the list.
3. Expand
- Inventory can be expanded using Gold.
- 10 slots will be expanded at a time (200 total).
■ View Servants in better detail
: Now you can view your Servants in better detail in the Lobby.
: Tap the button in the upper right corner to change the Servants on display in the Lobby, and also get a close up view of them.
: You can tap the eye icon to enter a full-screen mode that hides all the other menus. In the full screen mode, you can zoom in and out, turn Servants, or change their positions.

Servant Management - Information +4
Servant Management - Information
CM_Flynn CM_Flynn
LV.17 GameManager 4years