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Guild War
※Guild War is currently in the beta-testing phase.
It will officially launch after 1-2 months of live-testing in order to scout for potential issues.
Battle balance and rewards are subject to change without prior notice during the beta-testing phase.
You will receive minimal rewards during the beta-testing phase, and any Guild War Points you earn will be erased once Guild War officially launches.
The Guild War Points Shop will not be available during the beta test. The Guild War Points Shop will be added when Guild War officially launches.
[Guild War Update]
: Guild War is finally here to pit guilds against one another!
: A guild may participate in Guild War only if it has 15 or more DEF Teams deployed.
: Matchmaking is held among guilds that have completed deployment. Guild Wars are held every Wednesday and Sunday at the following times:
■ Basics of Guild War
: You can enter Guild War through Guild Mark in the World Map or through Guild UI.
: Only the Heirs that joined a Guild can participate in Guild War. (You cannot join Guild War Attack or place DEF Team on the day you join a Guild.)
: Each Member has three Attack attempts. Guild Members will earn badges based on the result of Guild War Attack.
: Result of Guild War is determined by the sum of Badges obtained through Attack and Badges remaining in the DEF Team.
: Guild War Rank will be determined by Victory Point that changes according to the result of Guild War.
: Participation Rank within the Guild is determined by the number of Badges obtained by Guild War Attack.
: Heirs can earn Guild War Reward based on Guild War Rank and Individual's Participation Rank.
■ Guild War Preparations: Defense
Step 1: Managing DEF Teams
: All members are required to manage their own DEF Team. (MON/TUE, THU/FRI/SAT)
: You can manage your DEF Team in Guild War → DEF Team Settings.
Step 2: Deploying DEF Teams
: Guild officers must deploy 15-30 DEF Teams to battlefields between 12:00 AM to 11:00 AM on days Guild War takes place.
: Guild Officers must check special effects per battlefield to place the most effective DEF team.
Tip 1: It's important to understand each battlefield to come up with the most effective DEF Teams.
Tip 2: You cannot deploy a DEF Team without Servants or a DEF Team of a member who joins the Guild on the same day as the current Guild War.
Tip 3: Guild officers should encourage members to manage their DEF Teams effectively and deploy them strategically.
Step 3: Matchmaking
: Once Guild War requirements are met, matchmaking will automatically begin between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM.
: You will be matched against a Guild with a similar Guild War rank.
※ Since there is no Guild War ranks initially available, matchmaking will be held after distributing points to all guilds based on their previous week's Guild Dungeon ranks (THU - SAT).
※ A Guild that is not matched with an opponent due to an odd number of participating Guilds will win by default.
Tip: You can view records of your guild members' battle results and Badges earned in Guild Log.
Step 4: Start of Guild War
: Once matchmaking is complete, Guild War will begin at 12:00 PM.
■ Guild War Play: Attack
Step 1: Entering Battlefields
: Tap "Join Guild War" in the Guild War main menu to enter battlefields.
: Upon entering battlefields, you may be able to see the opposing guild's DEF Team positions.
Step 2: Selecting and Attacking an Opponent
: Each member gets 3 chances to attack. Losses will also consume an attempt.
: Like Guild Dungeon, you cannot battle an opponent who is already fighting against someone in your guild.
: If the game is left idle for more than 9 minutes during the battle, it will count as a defeat regardless of the outcome.
Tip 1: Opposing guilds receive the same battlefield special effects. Be sure to check their deployment on each battlefield.
Tip 2:When all guild members take part, everyone can participate in the attack and earn Badges even if they lose.
Tip 3: Be sure to check the current battlefield, available Badges based on Stars Earned, special effects, etc. in the Battle Prep menu.
Step 3: Badges Acquisition According to Result
: You can earn Guild Badges based on your attack results.
: The number of stars is determined based on the number of Servants fallen in battle. Revived Servants will still count as fallen.
Step 4: End of Guild War
: The latest a Guild War can start is 10 minutes before closing time (11:20 PM).
: Guild War rank calculations begin at 11:30 PM.
- Guild Wars that begin and end between 11:19 PM-11:22 PM will be included in rank calculations.
■ Guild War Rewards
: Once rank calculations are complete, enter Guild War to earn the following rewards:
① Rewards based on Guild War Ranks
② Rewards based on individual contributions
③ Guild Purifying Grounds (Winners Only)
: Winners will be able to access "Guild Sanctuary," a guild-exclusive mode in Purifying Grounds.
: Guild Sanctuary is only accessible through Purifying Grounds.
: Servant requirements and Valor cost in Guild Sanctuary:
: Guild Sanctuary is available during the designated time.
■ Misc.
: Servants deployed in DEF Team cannot be dismissed or used as material.
: Leaving or disbanding a guild or kicking out members are not available while Guild Wars are underway.

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Guild War Guide
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