Ultimate Tips for Purifying Grounds

First of all, I think the 4.0 Patch notes are already very clear about how to open the Purifying Grounds and also highlight some important points.
You may click into the link below or keep reading. If you have no question about it, you can jump to the next parts of the tips.
In others words, To achieve good succuess rate and high speed of purification. You simply need a team of (Tank , DPS, anyone, anyone) with the highest growth score and the right elements.
Using Water hero to purify Fire hero => increasing the speed
Using Fire hero to purify Forest hero => increasing the speed
Using Forest hero to purify Water hero => increasing the speed
Using Light hero to purify Dark hero => increasing the speed
Using Dark hero to purify Light hero => increasing the speed
Using Water tank to purify Fire hero => increasing the success rate
Using Fire tank to purify Forest hero => increasing the success rate
Using Forest tank to purify Water hero => increasing the success rate
Using Light tank to purify Dark hero => increasing the success rate
Using Dark tank to purify Light hero => increasing the success rate
For Examples, the best case of purifying Forest Lucien is using
**highest growth score = HGS
Fire Tank(HGS) +
Fire DPS(Melee or Ranged)(HGS) +
To Acrhive Higher Growth Score :
1 Highly Transcended
2 High Skill Level
If you have any problems of getting skill bun, you can go to my other tips and have a look=]
3 Good Gear
All +19 should be the best LOL, you can ignore those two +18= =|||
4 Highly Awakening
The easiest way is to farm a nat 4-star hero for purifying because it is so much easier compared to farm a T-10 forest, fire, water or even light and dark hero. You will get something like this at last. LOL
This is the end of my tips today. Hopes that information can help you. Thank You for reading. ^^"
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Ultimate Tips for Purifying Grounds +11
Ultimate Tips for Purifying Grounds
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Purifying Grounds Tip

Use your karats to buy as much valor as possible while this sale is going on.

Purifying Grounds Tip
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Tips of Purifying Grounds

First, you need to invest all in one package every month to make the most use of it.
Second, it changes the entire gaming mechanism from a griding based game to an idle game... All you need to do is buying enough valor and put your guys in purifying.. After 6 hours, you can enjoy the power of it. The benefit from it is far more than anything you do in this game now.. This is not good for this game !!~~
Last, RGBs can trens pretty fast. But please forget light and dark.. It takes forever and tons of money...I hope the developers can think about how to change it.

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Tips of Purifying Grounds
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Purifying Grounds

buy with 3000 carats, or a special package, you can open PG

try to rate it 100% so that in 40 minutes or 1 hour you get 5 shards and other attractive prizes

my advice is mine is a limited hero if you hard to buying it on the market, but if you want to quickly, mine there is a hero on the floor Sanctuaries. so you mine in two places

* might be an alternative using and build your N4, while waiting for your N5 to level up.

* try the easiest first, so you are comfortable playing

Thanks and good luck, sorry if my english not good just a sharing and participation 🙏🙏

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if you don't like this post or I'm wrong, please give your idea to us, don't just dislike thumbs but more fool than me, let's learn and share together and appreciate the work of your friends. 😁✌

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Purifying Grounds +3
Purifying Grounds
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