Ultimate Tips for getting Skill Bun

1. Log in
2. Events
HOL always has many events and tasks helping new players to get skill buns.
3.By clearing map
4.Boss Raid
But you need to build a good team for doing that. You can just simply look at those high-rank team for more inspiration. LOL
5. By completing quests
Simply following the instruction.
6. Abaddon Tower
You can get some skill buns once per month if you reached a certain floor.
7. To buy skill bun in the shop.
You can buy skill bun with 150 honor points each with a limit of 3 per week.
You can obtain honor points by PVP, Infinite PVP, and Global Infinite PVP.
There are also many packs of skill buns you can buy in-game. LOL
8. By Crafting
You can obtain Greater Soul Crystal and Soul Crystal by sacrificing nat 3 and nat 5.
But it is not recommended to do so, because we usually use the spear 5 stars for fusion.
Thank you for YoshioHaruki and Pirogeth's idea. ^-^
You can obtain Ember, Ice Crystal, and Kindling by clearing Sanctuary.
9. Farming LOL
LoL, If there are still not enough skill buns for you, Here is the ultimate solution. You can obtain a specific hero's skill bun by clearing stage in Sanctuary. For example, water Xita.
You can farm even the shards with the skill bun, I think it is this is the best way to save skill bun and farm a hero. LOL
Hope this information can help you. Peace out~ =] Good luck and have fun playing HOL.
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Ultimate Tips for getting Skill Bun +20
Ultimate Tips for getting Skill Bun
SaberWing SaberWing
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How to get skill buns

1. Do pvp(ipvp,pvp, world pvp,tower Invasion, ...and more..do every pvp!!! u get Karat there too when Sesaon is ending!!u will need it),from pvp points u can get for 150 points =1 Skill Bun..so 3 buns = 450 points per week.

2. Boss Raid, u get (if u do enough dmg At boss) skill bun shards pro run 2x. Every 5th day its a skill bun u need 10 shards to summon a Bun.

3. Events, u get good rewards in hol events and Daily login events like summon stones skill buns and a lot more good stuff. So try to solve the Missions! And try to login to get the Login event rewards ...

4. Map Missions. If u Play the map solve all dungeons a 3 Star, so u get rewards there and skill buns, summon stones and more. U can solve the 3 star rewards for every Element on map and in sanctun ( Portals)

5. Guide and quest reward. U can get skill buns from doing the guide and quest Missions.

6. Do Abaddon! U have 3 modes (easy,hard and hell, each 100f). It fully resettes every 4th week..so u have enough time to try to get further. U get good rewards in Abaddon(Karat, summon stones and skill bun)dont be shy if ur new!just try u will get better every week so dont worry to be too Bad!!Start with easy and hard mode.

7. Crafting, u can also Craft skill buns...but this is no Option for me...

Use ur skill buns wise...if ure new in this game i would choose a dps servant and skill it. Best choice is water lenore for beginners..why?because u get more of her from guide...so u can transcendent her really fast at lvl 70.

U can also pay for skill buns in HOL Shop...but thats no option for me...so i explain the way to get them for free ;)

I hope i could help

Thx 😀 and have fun to catch your skill buns🥳😋

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How to get skill buns
Pirogeth Pirogeth
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Skill Bun Tips & Guide

Skill Bun is very necessary for your servants. It can make servants very powerful units with many benefits such as additional dmg,debuff/buff duration, debuff chance, also skil gauge reduction. Here are my ways to grant Skill Bun;
Once Per ID
1.Explore Stage star gathering : you will get skill bun if total stars of explore stage reach certain amount. Although it's only once per ID, you'll get many skill buns from this way since reward is separated by region element, and
***Sanctuary star gathering reward is also separated from ordinary explore stage.
2.Game Guide Mission
Game Guide Mission don't only make you get money,runes,servants, and awakening material, but it also provides you Skill Bun. Just follow the guide and grab them !!
Daily Basis
3.Boss Raid : You will get Skill Bun Shard x2 every day if you did enough dmg to Boss Raid. It needs x 10 shards to make 1 Skill Bun. If you do enough dmg to get them for 1 time, you can just click "skip battle" daily to get them easily for whole week.
With this way, you'll get 1 Skill Bun per 5 days.
Weekly Basis
4. PVP : Just PVP to get Honor Point to buy Skill Bun.
PVP includes ordinary PVP/Infinite PVP/Global PVP
You'll get 3-5 Honor Points per time up to your win spree.Even you lose, you still get honor point, so don't be shy and just fight !!
I strongly mention this way as "Must do" since it will provide you fastest Skill Bun for 3 Buns per week !!
Monthly Basis
5. Abaddon : Reward for 70F Floor is Skill Bun
Now we have Normal/Hard/Hell difficulty.At least we should get 2 Skill Buns as Hell is very hard to afford 70F.
This method will make you 2 Skill Buns per month
and my last way is ...
6.Event : This game's event is friendly even to newbie as it's very easy to be completed.
So don't forget to do any event !! They can provide you at least 1 or more Skill Buns
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Skill Bun Tips & Guide +4
Skill Bun Tips & Guide
ShakuGuN ShakuGuN
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How to get Skill Bun ?

1. Buy from shop
You can buy 3 Skill Bun every week, 1 Skill Bun cost 150 Honor Points. You can get Honor Points from Infinite PvP, Global Infinite PvP, or Boss Invasion.
2. Events
Heir of Light always give new events and most of it contain Skill Bun as a reward so make sure you active on the event especially for new player.
3. Quest & Game Guide
If you new player, doing Quest and Game Guide is also the best way to get Skill Bun, and by doing this quest you also get a tons of reward from both quest and map reward which also has Skill Bun as a reward. So don't miss this one.
4. World Boss & Abaddon
Another way to get Skill Bun is from World Boss and Abaddon.
- World Boss give you 2 Skill Bun Shards if you can deal 20,000,000 demage to a World Bosss, you need 10 Skill Bun Shards to be able to summon 1 Skill Bun through Summon.
- You also can get maximum 3 Skill Bun from clearing Abaddon
Normal 70F 1 Skill Bun
Hard 40F 1 Skill Bun
Hell 60F 1 Skill Bun
5. Crafting
If your servant already reach Max Level and Max Skill Upgrade but you get a copy of it and don't know what to do with it, you can craft them into Skill Bun up to 3 per month.
So it's my 5 Way on How to get a Skill Bun, for new player I really recomend 1,2, and 3.
for mid game player try to do number 4 tips also. And for number 5 is optional.
Thank you very much if you read this.
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How to get Skill Bun ? +5
How to get Skill Bun ?
Norphisor Norphisor
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The best way to get skill buns

Hello newcomer!

I'm injuredabr and I'm here to tell you all the possible ways to acquire skill buns:

In this game it is very important to have your servant skills leveled up to defeat your enemy.

First of all, I recomend you to set a time to play the training cult section so you can get honor points. You can buy 3 skill buns per week in the honor point shop, it is 150 points each one, it is a must that you buy those every week!

Make sure you log in every day since there are continuous events that require us to be active and some of the rewards are skill buns, constantly check the event section to stay tuned.

Try your best to get the maximum points in world boss because you can get 2 skill bun shards and summon one once you get 10 pieces, consult the reward section in world boss to know what score you need.

Once you have a decent team, you can adventure into abbadon because you can get skill buns once you beat certain floors, check the reward section in abbadon so you can see which floor gives you a skill bun.

Abbadon requires constant effort to beat some floors so don't feel sad if you can't beat one floor, continue progressing and you'll do it.

That's it for now I hope this information is useful for you, make sure to add me in the game and if u have any question feel free to contact me or our team, see you around!

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The best way to get skill buns
Injuredabr Injuredabr
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Quick guide to getting more skill buns!

If you're a free to play player there's a few solid ways to get plenty of skill buns to tune your servants with!
The best and most important one is to do your pvp modes every week! You need to get a minimum of 450 honor points every week to get your 3 skill buns from the PvP shop!
The next best is to make sure you have 3 teams capable of hitting the required damage threshold in boss raid (world boss), you can get 2 skill bun shards per day from that, so that's a skill bun every 5 days for you.
Events are another way too, usually you can pick up 1-2 skill buns from the various events the devs give us to participate in.
And last but not least, if you have the patience for it, you can farm a specific servant's tile in the sanctuary to get their skill bun shards (you need 100 of them and they can only be used on that one specific servant, but it's a good way to go if you also need dupes to transcend that servant).
Hopefully this quick guide helps you out if you weren't aware of any of these!

Quick guide to getting more skill buns!
Smitty Smitty
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Farming skill buns

Skill buns for me are the most difficult to farm. Since there is no designated drops for skill buns I'll just list a few ways of getting them, I've been doing.

1. Make sure you do all of your pvp (arena, global, and infinite pvps) to acquire honor points. Every week in the shop you can buy 3 skill buns for 150 honor points each. I make sure to have at least 450 honor points every Monday (start of the week).
2. Boss raids is another place to get skill bun pieces (need 10 to summon 1 skill bun). Keep trying to get more dmg on the boss and hopefully you're strong enough to get a skill bun piece as a reward.
3. Crafting is another way to get skill buns. You can extract the greater soul crystal using an original 5* fire, water, forest servant. The other things needed to craft it usually drops from lvl farming to quests to gear farming. I personally wouldn't do this method unless I had extra 5* but I would usually use it for fusing.
4. Abaddon is a tower of battles on every 10th floor you'll get different rewards. There is 3 difficulty levels (normal, hard, and hell) on floor 70 after clearing, you'll get a skill bun as a reward.
5. Final method I know of would be mileage. Mileage you get when you do in game purchases. You would need 120 mileage points to get a skill bun. These can be purchased 3 times a week and of course you can simply purchase packs with skill buns.

Hope this helps anyone. I'll keep an eye out on this topic hopefully I'll learn new ways to farm skill buns.

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Farming skill buns
Snoopkr Snoopkr
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