Go there to see 3 team floor 4


Go there to see 3 team floor 4
Avaricia Gaming
Avaricia Gaming Avaricia Gaming
LV.7 Nomad 3years

Raid 5

EU Server
We just started to farm 5F. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)

Raid 5
Raid 5
KyaPavil KyaPavil
LV.5 Lurker 3years

BOSS floor4th


BOSS floor4th
春风如雪 春风如雪
LV.2 Lurker 3years


Tank def30000+
Atk speed1, DefAtk1 , Atk all unit wave3 1,
Heal 1 sup2 want skill-def


Cat D Dark Cat D Dark
LV.2 Lurker 3years


IGN: 0晶化结界误伤80
PID: 10001314405
奶:推荐被动为 使用连携技的时候恢复50%体力血量 的治疗。当然,最好的是暗伊米利亚(暗新娘)。火瓦其实也不错,就是已经绝版,不知道以后会不会出。
潜能:如果你觉得打得慢,那么输出洗 增加讨伐伤害15%*3 ,基本就好。如果不太稳,偶尔会失败,那么盾洗讨伐减伤就好。

老黑 老黑
LV.17 Sage 3years

In-Depth Tips for Party Raid

1. The recommended tank def shown on each floor does not necessarily have to be followed exactly (can be under slightly), however just know that anything under the tank def recommended will likely be inconsistent, and bound to fail on occasion. As a result, try to reach that threshold.
2. Have at least 3 DPS, spd-based, def-based, and atk-based (preferably AOE-atk). These types of DPS deal much more damage in certain phases of the boss, allowing for quicker clear times.
3. In order to maximize efficiency, bring healers/supports that combo into your DPS. These healers/supports should in total have a def-break on combo skill, have some sort of enemy buff removal skill on combo skill (or a DPS such as Water Blav has to be present), and there should be a team cleanse upon combo skill as well. As long as you have all three of these skills, party raid will be very fast.
4. Try to keep your DPS at either neutral or strong element to the enemy. Unless you have a weak-element tank on one of your teams, never bring a DPS at an element disadvantage (except maybe a really good def-DPS). These DPS will pull aggro onto themselves, and more often than not the boss will just 1-shot them.
5. "World Raid" potentials will help in either increasing damage to the boss or decreasing damage received from the boss. Make use of them!
6. Things NOT to bring: DPS based on ignore def, enemy max HP. A high HP, low defense tank.
IGN: Asian
Server: Global
Player ID: 10000803088

In-Depth Tips for Party Raid
AsianLife AsianLife
LV.7 Nomad 3years


玩家ID: 10000828703









boss派对5层攻略 +8
面对疾风吧 面对疾风吧
LV.7 Nomad 3years

F4 speed runs 🙃🙃

Hey guys, so I’m sure everyone knows about the basic stuff , ie what’s needed, from the 3 tanks which need 15 k def, phase one needing a speed dps, phase 2 a def dps and phase 3 an attack dps.

Now the tips I will be sharing is more for those who want to do it in one minute flat certainly less than two mins.

What are some of the best servants ?
Water Blavatsky is probably the best speed rgb servants there for this raid, she strips and is a great servant for the first phase.

For def stage, any of the arch angels are good here, Ideally a fire or water for those who need that extra heal.
In terms of specifically a speed run, I have noticed there isn’t a def dps for raid better than the fire AA, he gives immunity which is insane for raids, plus an additional 20 percent of combo boost to dps on a crit which again is insane for those who look for speed runs.

For the attack phase, any aoe servant is the best, ideally it would be ignis or Mildred.

There is no need for more than one healer, you can vary it between fire a lucien which gives relation to ignis or either forest heylel which cleans debuffs on allies. Another great shout out is the fire valky in which I didn’t get during the collab 😢she gives additional skill gauge to dps servants on her active skills. plus she gets rid of debuffs

As for support , the remaining two spots should used for supports which give off additional relation to your dps servants.water a sphinx is probably the most used servant on raid, she gives additional 20 percent skill gauge for dps ..
Another great servant is the blue heylel.. she cleans.

Now the key tips for speed runs has to be, all of the dps servants needs to be able to kill each phase with one proc of their combos ..
Also having two aoe servants is great incase one misses

So gearing up is a must! And increase world raid damage is a must too when it comes to speed runs.

Happy partying in raids , would love to see other speed runs from other servers ! My best is 55 seconds flat!

SEA server
ID 10009289869

F4 speed runs 🙃🙃 +1
F4 speed runs 🙃🙃
~ Callof123 ~
~ Callof123 ~ ~ Callof123 ~
LV.25 Beast 3years

Floor 5th without nat5 dark/ light dps

1 request tank def 30000+
you can boost def with team leader Ex. lucrecia
nat 4 dark/light tank hero can use to clear request
Ex. D/L executioner D griselda . there def is more than some tank nat 5
gear set = iron slot 2/4/6/8 with def % and slot 7 flat def
2 request for clear debuff/ enemy buff or block buff
can make u too easy to live and win
3 request dealer damage with normal potential increases damage boss
In my opinion the best dealer nat 5
stange 1 request spd
water blavatsky it easy to get she with quest or party point
and she can remove enemybuff
stange 2 request def
forest ezebell he have leadteam def % can boost def tank
and he can remove enemybuff
stange 3 request aoe/ atk
water rem it easy to get she with quest or guild point
Thx for reading
cs name: iolost

Floor 5th without nat5 dark/ light dps +4
Floor 5th without nat5 dark/ light dps
iolost K
iolost K iolost K
LV.22 Happy 2020! 3years

Floor 2

Hello Heirs! I'm here to give you some tips about defeating Forest Shadow of Wrath, Odette.
This boss is quite easily done with a full team of Nat 5 lvl 60's with the exception of your tank, which is preferred to be at least level 64 with a full gear set lvl 15's.
As you can see in the damage tab it's mostly a guild mate carrying me and that's okay. They're way further in the game than I am and that said it may be profitable for you to join a guild with some level 60 members! Which helps you defeat PR on even higher levels (trough their support teams).
If your reading this most likely your biggest nuance will be Odette's (AoE) annihilation skill. Easily countered is to have 2 debuff skills since they bring down the total damage. In the screenshot above you see 2 debuffs that come in very handy: 'Def down' and 'Increased damage received'. Those simultaneously also lets your DPS do allot more damage!
Easily obtained 'Increased damage received' would be the servant Xita which can now be found in the shop. Which also happens to be fire! You shouldn't have any problem with def down servants (I hope).
Attack down on the boss is also nice if you have a low level tank.
As for your damage dealers a mixture of SPD/DEF/ATK would be preferred. Like it says in the menu ;) A servant with AoE would also be nice when the boss summons minions but for F2 not necessary, it just speeds things up and most likely there will be less burden on your tank.
2 tips if you're playing with live players:
1. 1 tank is enough (for f1-2) if its 64+, even if you don't have another DPS servant, a healer or support -even low level- would be better. Look for extra buffs to put on other servants and/or debuffs on the boss (note that the boss has a very high resistance against damage over time (Also Petrify, Stun, Silence, Fear and Skill Gauge Down but these won't help against the annihilation skill anyway)).
2. If you're low level don't be scared to join in with others. I wouldn't mind someone in my team that dies in the first 3 seconds. Although some people prefer to do things quick and will kick you, like i said before you'll always have one in the team that seemingly caries you thanks to a much stronger servant. As i have a strong tank myself that can easily tank F2 I never minded weaker Heirs.
Thanks for reading and happy holidays!
Player ID: 10012451480
Crusade Name: elkekeerweer
Sercer: EU

Floor 2
Floor 2
elkekeerweer elkekeerweer
LV.21 So Scary 3years

Raid 4

I tried many combos for stage 4 but the following is the best way imo.

To clear successfully stage 4 you need
3 tanks that reach a total of 15k def (they also need some hp)
1 spd based dps
1 def based dps
1 atk based dps (aoe)
2 healers
1 support (Water Heylel is absolutely made for this)

The higher the servants awakened the safer it is. But max awakened (purple) preferred.

Its important to take off the debuffs on your teams and strip the buffs on raid boss. Thats why water Heylel does a very good job here. She cleanses and gives a def wave buff + def break on boss. Because without def break, it takes too much time. If your gear is decent, not any servant will be able to use skill 1 or 2. So you need a def break on a combo skill.
To strip the boss you can use Water Blavatsky. As a spd based dps she is needed anyway and she strips for every critical hit on combo skill.

AoE dmg is definitely needed for the minions. The phase between def and atk phase. They're killing your tanks fast if you can't kill them first. In case your aoe dmg wont kill all of them in one hit, you have a second healer. Also if boss does too much dmg with his aoe. Trust me, you better have two healers :)

Btw def ignore doesnt work on boss, so let your def ignoring dps at home :)

Most effective is to have one dps class in each team. And they should be faster than your tanks. The servant with highest spd will use its combo skill first. With decent spd, the combo skill gauge should be maxed on every second turn which means one turn your dps using combo skill, then your healer/support, then your dps again. You support/healer should combo with your dps.

Most tanks dont have a combo skill that will help much here, so its not important to let them move.

One last tip for faster clear: if you reach 15k def with two tanks, you can remove one tank for another dps.

Im running in 2min or less with following teams
Water Blavatsky, Vanessa (Fire Valk), Fire Ignis
Water Ankou, Ariel (Water Archangel), Water Heylel
Water Lucrecia, Water Mildred, Forest Heylel
(Thanks to Pirogeth and Gubén)

I'm using following with my own servants
Fire Ignis, Water Blavatsky, Vanessa
Water Lucrecia, Ariel, Water Heylel
Camilla (Water Valk), Water Mildred, Forest Heylel

Name: KyaPavil
ID: 10010882768
Server: EU

Raid 4
KyaPavil KyaPavil
LV.5 Lurker 3years


To Clear floor 4 u should use 3 Tanks (all of them should get 15k def)

2 good Heals

And some beastly dmg Dealer for every Stage ;)

A Support who spells Defbreak on Boss is very important, if u havent one your dmg on Boss isnt enough and u will be Not in time..so in the End u die.

All of your Team should be use Servants who have max.potential, max. skills, full awaken and max. transcendent. The gear should be At least +15 or higer.

We use this Heals: Camila red, heylel green(u can also use other Heals. Good is one who can dispel Debuffs from your Team and u should gear them to trigger dps comboskill.

***For example..in our Team i use Water Ankou Tank, Water Arcangel dps and Water Heylel for Support. Heylel uses her Combo and trigger my Arcangels Comboskill. This is very important to make more dmg.***

Tanks:we use Lucretia Water and Ankou Water.(u can also use other Tanks, but look out to use the Relation effect of your Servants.

***For example Water Ankou->Water Blavistky gets her Relation effect, Fire Heide-> carmila etc.***

Dmg Dealer :

*Water Blavitsky for Stage 1( Stage 1 u allways need a dmgdealer who make SPD based dmg)

*Water Arcangel for Stage 2 (def based dmg Dealer)u can also use other def based dmg Dealer like Carmila, Ezebel or Simone..but i prefer the Water Arcangel, because he can heal the Team with his Skills.

*for AoE and Stage 3 water mildred and Water or Fire ignis ( Atk based dmg Dealer)..u van also use A Sphinx..but u need AoE Dps.

Support: our Team use water heylel for def Break.

Thx for reading my Post, i hope i can help.

Username: pirogeth

Pirogeth Pirogeth
LV.24 Vampire 3years

Rock the 3rd Floor

Hey Boys and Girls,
I thought Im going to sharing a few Tips for the Party Raid.
The first obvious Tip is (i hope u all already know) that u need 3 different types of DPS servants to Clear the higher Floors effectively. For the lower Floors (1+2) u actually can take a maxed out Speed Based DPS (for example water Blav) and that will do all the work.
But for Floor 3 and higher u will definitely need a
- Speed Based DPS for the first Stage
- DEF Based DPS for the second Stage
- ATK Based DPS for the third Stage (every ATK based DPS works here but Servants with Aoe Skills are even more effective, i personally use Ignis)
For the Tank (or Tanks if u gonna use the new Add Team feature) u need as much DEF on them as Possible, so they can survive and protect ur DPS and ur Healer/Support. Recommendation from the Game is 10k DEF (3rd Floor) summed up from all the Tanks u are using, and from my experience u will need at least that much.
A good Healer will complete ur Team and help u to survive (Dont need a Healer with revive, since that wont work anyways).
For the Higher Floors all of ur Servants should be on a high transcendence Lvl (at least Lvl 66 for Nat5s) and they should be max. awakened or u wont be able to clear the Floor.
Regarding the new Add Team feature: i personally LOVE IT !
Before the Update i was just doing a few Raids a Day with Supporting Teams, cuz it was just to hard to find good Teammates, some went AFK, some had to leave after 1-2 Raids etc. etc. ...but now ?!
YOU are ur own Team !
Make sure to build up 3 Different Teams (each with the according DPS mentioned above) and u can collect them sweet sweet rewards. It will even benefit u more than once to build up more servants, COLLECTION EFFECT BABY and u can use them for the World Battle where u need even more Teams !
Finally i have to say i really do like the changes to Party Raid, i already did my 20 Raids today, i didnt had to wait for anybody and i even have the motivation to build up new Servants so i can climb higher on my own (For now i can easily do Floor 4 but Floor 5 is the new Goal).
The Teams im currently using for 4rd Floor:
Fire AA T5A5
Fire Rem T5A5
Water (A) Sphinx T2A4
Fire Ignis T5A5
Fire (A) Lucien T4A3
Water Valk T5A5
Light Bella T5A5
Forest Sphinx T5A5
Dark Ishmael T5A5
So even some L/D Nat4 servants will do the work if they are maxed out and have some decent Gear. (Tbh i think for Floor 5 they wont be good enough)
So go and build ur Servants, keep climbing and enjoy the new Party Raid !
Cya Lads
Server: EU
PID: 10011489937

Rock the 3rd Floor
LV.5 Lurker 3years

F1 Raid

IGN: Camolino
PID: 10010928940

USE only one tank 6 DPS and 2 supports

F1 Raid
Camolan Camolan
LV.2 Lurker 3years

Raid F1

Raid F1
Camolan Camolan
LV.2 Lurker 3years


ID: 10018396868
IGN: 假如我年少有为
Server : SEA
this is my recommendation for beginners because I haven't build my tanks but it still works well for me, anyway raid f1 is consider easy if you have any two well built dps servants.
1st team : put 3 of your best dps servant (preferable forest/water elements)
2nd team : put your support team from your friends (preferable good tank and healer)
3rd team : you can put another dps support team if you wish or you can make another dps team
my 1st team: 30k cp forest and water aria with 20k cp water wildred *but you need tanks from support team otherwise you gonna lose. Good Luck!

假如我年少有为 假如我年少有为
LV.2 Lurker 3years

Raid 3 team and strategy

For party raid three, I’ve found it’s best to take two tanks, two supports, two healers, and three dps.

The key is having tanks with the required hp, but also enough dps to beat the timer.

A major factor in the beating the boss in time is dealing with his armor buff. A stripper like fire ignis works well at first, but you’ll find that after the first combos start, there will be very little active skill use, except for heals and occasional taunts.

The best counter then is to take dps heroes whose combo skill also strips (potential).

Finally, since there is so much combining throughout the match, arrange your heirs so that they’ll combo into each other, even if it makes some teams look wonky.

My team:
Main: fire ignis t5a4, water Ankou t5a4, fire Valkryja t4a3
Team 2: fire (A)Sphinx t5a4, nature Lucrecia t5a4, Dark Blavatsky t0a4,
Team 3: water Mildred t5a4, dark Eimyrja t1a3, water (a) Sphinx t4a3

So as you see, non maxed and even nature heirs can fare well

Info: Starstatic, US Server, 10012350597

Raid 3 team and strategy
Starstatic Starstatic
LV.2 Lurker 3years