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Jul 6, 2019, 04:11 AM 505 read

My tier lust for krunker (my personal opinion)

1. Detective like come on gimme that aim assist 2. Trigger man easy damage and scope=free kills 3. Vince really when you have a one shot gun ut ranks highly on tier lists 4. spray and pray 100 bullets+highdamge= spam 5. Hunter no scoping is easy and high damage like come on why is it so easy to no scope 6. Rocketeer slow fire rate but high damage equals mid tier character 7. Run and gun just a worst spray and pray with a scope 8. Marksman honestly my 5th favourite character and like preety decent 9. Agent i hate agent terrible guns bad damage and overall i hate agent class And finally 10. Runner obviously this was clear cut but i still have to but runner here like come on really you thought he would go higher So there you go my tier list on all krunker classes put your tier list in the comments and have an amazing day bye

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