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This Lougne is really not needed anymore. The beta is no longer here. Why was this here in the first place?

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Roller champions

Never heard of this game is it cool?

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Is this game only for Xbox?

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Rollar Champions- Your First Review!

The people who were posting others just posted "First! or Fourth!" and does not say what the game is about. So I downloaded Uplay, made an account, and played a few matches.
To Play, you need the Uplay app, which I did, and add online to your account. It should add fast. Then you have to roll around with the ball a couple laps. One lap is this amount of points. But if you lose the ball, you reset the points. The laps you did is wasted.
The games go until 5 points, with a max time of 7 minutes + 3 overtime minutes. This means either the game goes 10 minutes, or around 4 minutes.
Xbox Gamers: Your in for another perk. Xbox controllers are allowed to be used on the game! It works out fine, but some things you need to get out the mouse.
The game makes you earn fans. I earned a total of 43 fans. Ha just kidding, only 8. But that is your final Review! See Ya!
-Easy to play
-Free to play
-Nice Graphics
Cons (it is a alpha so don't harrass Ubisoft!):
-Controller support needs a fixin'
-Loading Time, so it takes a while to play.

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If this game good and does anyone recommend playing it

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First Post

If you guys have not heard of this game, Roller Champions is a game that game out recently. RC is a racing style game in teams.
It is an alpha until 6/14/19, where info will be posted. This is a Ubisoft game. This was first viewed at E3 2019, and later will become a real game.
More Infomation on this game: Rumors say this will be a free game with add ons. And also, this game kinda gives me Rocket League Vibes. That is it for this game now, if you have more information on this, hit me up and I will get to you later.
If you are new to the lougne:
Welcome! If you do play this game, this could be for you. Right Now (4:12pm 6/10/19 PST) there is no mods yet, soon there will be soon.
Thanks For Reading!,

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