🗿🗿NEW🗿🗿 It's raspberry lemonade!!

LV.21 Insomniac 2mo

Thx G fuel

I was up outside because of my g fuel addiction had me up and the ksi flavor is lit. Thx G fuel love all u guys

LV.7 You're a Bot 2mo

GFUEL Advertisement 🛠

Hey, I hope you like this GFUEL advertisement I made. HD can be found at


LV.5 Titan 2mo


Its here! And its Yummm

LV.12 Big Chungus 2mo


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LV.8 Nomad 2mo

afternoon moot

LV.11 Chief 3mo

I really want to try some!

I havent bought any yet becuase its kinda expensive✨💞 but once I have enough money what flavor should I buy?!?!

verified LV.30 Dream Chaser 3mo


Cliff! You enjoyin that vacay?

LV.12 Big Chungus 3mo

Anyone else experiencing the sweaties on BO4

LV.3 Lurker 3mo

Buy every tub

Can someone tell me what the price would be to buy every single flavour in a tub from the shop. I’m curious but also might cop?????

LV.5 Big Chungus 3mo

SB Review

My strawberry banana C box comes tues. for those who have it already. What’s ur review?

LV.12 Big Chungus 3mo

Peach iced tea

Probably my new all time flavor 😍❤️ ofc i have not tried al existing flavors yet. But holy god do i love this one. If you have not tried it yet I FUCKING HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU DO. bruh😭😌

LV.8 Haunted 3mo

Please Bros

The Gfuel cans look absolutely bomb - but I live in Australia so can’t get them. Anyone know somewhere I can buy them online, or is anyone selling any? And anyone know why they only sell the cans to the US?

LV.14 Wizard 3mo

Going to need another shelf soon

LV.3 Lurker 3mo

Has anyone tried Chug Rug with milk? Is it good?

LV.3 Lurker 3mo


verified LV.31 Zombie 3mo

Got the goods!

LV.17 GG 3mo

had the best time ever🔥

LV.11 Chief 3mo

Getchu some

LV.21 Gym Leader 3mo

peach mango taste like iced tea from the shops lol. It actually really nice, it’s a favourite now

LV.11 Chief 3mo


Package coming today! Can’t wait to try the new strawberry banana flavor

LV.17 GG 3mo

Just ordered the collectors edition ksi flavor

LV.22 Beast 3mo

After you have a seger

LV.7 Myers 3mo


LV.7 Myers 3mo


The GFUEL Energy Cans are back in store at! Visit the website to get yours before they are all sold out. You can use Code 'Esportsmobile' to get 10% discount.

LV.8 Nomad 3mo

First part came in😍

Fucked up the other post forgot to upload tye pic😂 but the gfuel part came in today👀

LV.8 Haunted 3mo

Tall boy

LV.8 Nomad 3mo

In love with GFUEL 🤘🏻💦

LV.3 Lurker 3mo


LV.3 Lurker 3mo

Who’s Copping?

If any grabs the KSI flavor, lemme know how good it is. Who’s gonna buy it or who already has it?

LV.14 Wizard 3mo