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G FUEL - The Flavors You Can Mix

All the G FUEL flavors are delicious and unique in their own way but today let's discuss the flavors that you can mix.   To mix two flavors, simply add half a scoop of each flavor into the shaker and then add water & ice. Shake well to get the best experience.   Flavor Mix #1 – Watermelon + Lemonade   The Watermelon and Lemonade flavors are both delicious on their own and come across as familiar since you have tasted these natural flavors before. Mixing them will get you a delicious flavor that combines both worlds together.   Flavor Mix #2 – Blue Ice + Lemon Lime   Some of the best flavors are the Blue Ice and Lemon Lime. In fact, Blue Ice is quite a fascinating flavor on its own. However, mixing both of these will result in an interesting flavor.   Flavor Mix #3 – Battle Juice + Fruit Punch   If you haven’t tasted these two separately then you are missing out! However, mixing these two together will get you an addictive mix that will have you coming back for it time and again.   Flavor Mix #4 – Strawberry Shortcake + Milk   If you love strawberry milkshakes then you can concoct your own using the Strawberry Shortcake flavor and milk. This was the first flavor that was extremely delicious when mixed with milk and is definitely one of the leading flavors when mixed with milk.   Flavor Mix #5 – Strawberry Banana + Milk   The strawberry banana is a unique flavor but when you mix it with milk, you will love it even more. The flavor will taste natural with milk and is one of the best flavors on the market.   Flavor Mix #6 – Iced Coffee: French Vanilla + Milk   There is no question that the Iced Coffee: French Vanilla is a flavor that was highly requested by those who love coffee. You can even enjoy it more when mixing it with milk to get a much sweeter taste.   You can always check the G FUEL website at to see their full list of flavors. If you want to buy G FUEL at a 30% discount, you can use Code EsportsMobile which will give you a massive discount on your purchase. Hope you enjoy.

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