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My Top GFUEL Flavors

I thought I would share the best GFUEL flavors in my experience so far.   1- Blue Ice is one of my first and best flavors that I tasted. It tastes like candy. Adding some ice cubes to it makes it a perfect choice for sunny days and summer.   2- Strawberry Shortcake is super delicious when mixed with milk. It tastes like milkshake and it's extremely delicious. While this flavor can be mixed with water, it tastes better with milk.   3- Strawberry Banana is similar to shortcake in that it can be mixed with milk as well and tastes unusually good with milk or water.   4- Peach Iced Tea is for all of you who love to drink Iced Tea, it tastes exactly similar and GFUEL is much cheaper since every Tub makes around 40 shakers.   5- Grape flavor tastes like grape drink but you will notice its more dense which makes you taste the flavor strongly. Makes a very delicious drink and you will start drinking it very often once you taste it.   6- Golden Apple Pear stands between Apple and Pear but you hardly can give an exact description for the flavor. It tastes like fresh fruits and was one of the most surprising flavors to me as I really loved it.   7- Type O is a mystery flavor that was released recently and while I have no name to describe it, I can compare it to blackberry mostly and it really is one of my favorites because it tasted very good.   8- Snow Cone tastes like a sweet blueberry drink and is perfect when it's very cold. It is such an addictive flavor as it reminds you of classic snow cone flavors.   These are my personal top flavors and you might have other preferences. You can always check their website at to see their full flavors. If you want to buy GFUEL at a discount, you can use Code 'Esportsmobile' to get 30% discount and this discount expires on December 26th. I hope this information helps you out. Thank you and I appreciate you guys reading.

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