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Oct 26, 2019, 11:15 AM 442 read

Reason why I should try the new bubblegum flavor

I decided to use Moot to post this as the chat in the stream would not be able to take this much and I hope it actually gets read Well as most know I am fairly a newer member to the G Fuel community but, even though I am newer to the community it doesn't take away how much I love the community. During the 48 hour stream when everyone started to be upset about the people who came on during giveaway times I was trying to help the mods keep people chill. Even though yes they were only there during giveaway times cause they wanted to win something and weren't there any of the rest of the time I don't hate. The community has helped me through some tough times and I absolutely love it. I think that each individual in the G Fuel community is important and awesome in their own way. I haven't been active lately as I've been going through some family issues and financial issues as well but, every time I get the chance I try to at least come to the streams and say hello. Cliff has built an amazing community with the support of us and his staff members. If I were to get the chance to try the new bubblegum flavor I'd give the feedback that I'd hope would be needed to perfect the flavor and it would be all honesty. So if the chance comes to me to try a new flavor in development I'd jump on the chance to try it and help.  

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