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Oct 3, 2019, 12:15 AM 1,655 read

G Fuel cans: My opinion

Finally was able to get my hands on a Variety pack and they came in a few days ago. I've since had them all, and here are my thought. RAINBOW SHERBET: It was the first can I tried and my first impression was that it was really peculiar. I never had Rainbow Sherbet powder before, so this was something I went into not knowing what to expect at all. The taste was very interesting, as it had the sweet orange I expected to get, but the aftertaste was unexpected. Especially in this flavor, I could really taste the caffeine itself and with some drinking, I got more adjusted to enjoy it, but it definitely wasn't my favorite! I liked the dessert sweetness I got from the taste, and regardless of anything listed above, I do like it. With that said, I wouldn't buy it regularly in stores, and wouldn't consider purchasing it online from this point forward. But on special occasions, it might be a nice treat :) Rate - 7/10 BLUE ICE: This is the one I was most excited for. I've had G Fuel years ago from a buddy of mine, but I only recently (in February) got into buying my own. Blue Ice was the first tub I ever bought myself, and it's just iconic favorite of mine. My first thoughts when trying it were that it tastes very little like the powder I know and love. It was a really tasty drink, but had I not known it was Blue Ice, I don't think I would've made the connection on my own. Besides that, I began to like it as it's own flavor, and it is a can I would definitely get again. Additionally, I also tasted a little caffeine in this, but not nearly as much as Rainbow Sherbet. Rate - 9/10 FAZEBERRY: WOW! I did not expect it to be so good! It tasted relatively close to the flavor considering what it is, and the flavor is very powerful, sweet and fruity! It's exactly what I was looking for and wanting in the G Fuel cans, and without a doubt is my favorite of the 4! I would drink these almost regularly (but I'll always love my tubs more πŸ’–). Another thing I loved about this flavor is that it filled my mouth with fruity, sweet flavor, where as the other 2 weren't quite as successful with that. Rate - 10/10 SOUR CHERRY: Let me start this off by saying that I'm just not a fan of cherry stuff. I expected that this would be my least favorite from the second I wanted to try them. With that being said, I was surprised by how much I liked this flavor. I had the packets of Sour Cherry and I genuinely really enjoy it! Now I anticipated with the can formula that it would be way too strong and almost syrup-like. And when I took my first sip, it really knocked into me πŸ˜‚ the best way to describe it is it tastes exactly like a Wild Cherry Capri Sun but with a strong kick to it. It was ironically almost exactly what I expected, yet I still found myself enjoying it. Would I buy it again? Once in a while. Not my favorite flavor but surprisingly tasty! Rate: 7.5 Order from Favorite (1) to Least Favorite (4): 1) FaZeberry 2) Blue Ice 3) Sour Cherry 4) Rainbow Sherbet DO YOU AGREE WITH MY RATING? What's your opinion on the G Fuel cans? Which do you like the most?? πŸ”₯

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