Jake Sayer LV.3 Lurker
Sep 1, 2019, 08:15 AM 401 read

Has anyone tried Chug Rug with milk? Is it good?

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  • mxley LV.11 Chief Sep 1, 2019, 02:04 PM

    probably wouldn’t recommend it lol

  • Thund3rTTV LV.22 Xbox Sep 3, 2019, 07:20 AM

    It’s good if you like drinking sour stuff everyday

  • xKRONOSx LV.10 Nomad Sep 8, 2019, 06:38 AM

    Better with water. Reminds me of the sour twizler lookin things that were blue raspberry, green apple and red strawberry. Only those 3 kinda tho.

    I recommend the strawberry shortcake and strawberry banana with milk as those flavors tend to be a milkshake option. I have them both and they work either way. Even a dessert gfuel lol