salumander LV.20 Dream Chaser
Jan 4, 2021, 02:47 PM 209 read

Massive Moot tribe

What if we got almost every Moot Ark player to join an official Ark? I think it would be epic. There are enough Mooties to fill a whole server with just us! Idk what tribe limit is on the reg official, but I do know that we could just ally eachother if we run out of room. I’d like to give this a try, so I’ll keep posting about it til Friday. Friday will be the day that ANYONE who wants to join this experiment is welcome. I’ll try my best to keep things organized, and I already have a bit of a plan for it (i’ve thought about this a bunch). I made a very simple Discord because I dont like Moot’s messaging system. You can join it, but don’t have to in order to participate!

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