Paul Brainerd LV.2 Lurker
Jan 2, 2021, 11:14 AM 252 read

Looking for a fun server with events and support ! Look no further : Windows 10 / Xbox Server [US] B

Greetings !   Windows 10 / Xbox Server [US] Builder's Dream Wipe 11/28 10X Ista T Fast B   Ragnarock - ID :   I have raised the number of structures you can build, higher lvl dinos, no clip is on, speed rate for crops is on . Gather and XP is set to 10X.   If we get enough people I'll run contests for rare items and dinos. Possibly build a combat arena for even cooler prizes.   There is only my tribe of 2 at the moment , we are super friendly and looking forward to starting a community!   Here is the current event message :   Welcome! Admin drops Dino and other creatures from other maps all over the Island. Quick breed is on so watch your eggs! admin does take request, but you will have to tame them in the wild. If you have any questions pop into Global chat, if admin is on he will address them. Happy Hunting !!     This is a friendly and cooperative server.   No admin abuse.   And noob friendly.   Feel Free to send me a message with any questions, and as always happy hunting !   CK   Ragnarock - ID :    

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