GodlyDualDagger LV.5 Lurker
Dec 21, 2020, 03:49 PM 188 read

Unofficial server

UNOFFICIAL SERVER 50x harvesting 25x maturation Official stats Balanced stats and ground PVP Steam and epic is crossable BUT let say steam doesn't show the server in the search bar please inform me because lately steam been needing the IP of the server and port please inform me first on discord to resolve this situation Any further questions will be answered in our discord since it be easier to answer everyone. Pc!!!! Not ps4!!!!!!!! Hi, I want to announce that I'm hosting a PC boosted server Called the RoyalGods, and furthermore will be growing the server depending on the support of the community or the amount we grow as a community to motivate me to keep extending. The PC server is balanced with drops so that it can be useful but yet not over the top since my server new I will announce an offline protection period of two weeks, and there will be tek drops but balanced even with stat so there will be ground PVP, and all tek engram unlocked, there are drop and currency and as of more it's a brand new server with also the likey to get a small kit to benefit you to build and enjoy our server as of now we have discord and will be pleased if you join for any further questions discord https://discord.gg/5SCzXJ2muG

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